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2023 PGA Show_Day 3_Thursday
The Image Courtesy of the Impact Images/Kevin Allen. Innisbrook Resort GM Mike Williams, Innisbrook PR Ramona Herald, and Rory Spears Golfers on Golf. At the Rocks Bar-Hyatt Regency Orlando.

Writing from the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor Florida.

THE PGA SHOW IS OVER but the golf season for 2023 has now started, and by all looks it should be a good one.

Because the PGA Show, it’s vendors plus attendance are way back up. So no it’s not back to pre-Covid numbers quite yet, but it’s getting there.

I would say it’s back to 85% of what it was. But that’s good in some ways, because while isles are busy, they are not over crowded.

I will have plenty of stories on the products from the show coming soon. There is still more from Pinehurst, and I am heading back there before getting home.

The Schaumburg Golf Club located at 401 North Roselle Road-has three simulators open daily. Play top 100 courses from the world, and enjoy great food from Chandlers Chophouse right upstairs. See or call (847)-885-9000 on how to book your simulator time.

I did stop at Cabot Citrus Farms in Brookville Florida, the former World Woods golf complex.

Cabot Citrus Farms will have many less trees than World Woods. There has been some changes on the teams of architects, but the project is in good hands with Kyle Franz and Mike Nuzzo leading the way. So stay tuned for more on Cabot Citrus Farms.

After the show the Gog Blog traveled to Bonita Springs and the Bonita Bay Club. The club is getting recovered from the last falls hurricane, and now has 72 of it’s 90 holes open for play.

Tom Marzoff’s (part of the Tom Fazio group) work on the Cypress Golf Course is nothing short of outstanding. The Cypress Course could be Augusta National if it had Pine trees instead of Palm trees.

IT WAS GREAT to get in a round with Golfers on Golf partner Len Ziehm at his Palm Aire club in Sarasota earlier today. The Champions Course at the club was recently renovated by Lake in the Hills (IL.) architect Mike Benkusky. I’m hoping Benkusky gets the call from the club to redo the Lakes Course. Because over 80 trees were torn out during the hurricane, and the bunkers are showing their age.

SO NOW I’m at Innisbrook challenging Copperhead tomorrow, home of the Valspar Championship on the PGA Tour. There will be some news made here. Which includes the tearing down of the Copperhead Clubhouse after this years Valspar. Stay tuned for more news.

That’s it for now. The winter golf trip continues. RS


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 North Roselle Road is open for the winter golf season. Three simulators downstairs from the pro shop can keep you golfing all winter long. Book a tee time and play the Schaumburg Golf Club indoors. Call the club at (847)-885-9000 or visit THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open for practice on Toptracer, club fittings or golf lessons. The dome is home to McWethy’s Sportsbar, or call (630)-739-7600.

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Tour pro Brad Faxon explains the new Titleist Bob Vokey wedges on Demo day at Orange County National Golf Center.


If you work in the golf industry, as a pro, as someone with a golf company, in the media or otherwise.

The PGA Merchandise Show is the “Most Wonderful time of the Year.”

Because you meet in normally sunny Florida, you see your friends and golf industry connections. But most of all it’s like teeing off on the first hole, to start another golf season.

The demo day held at the Orange County National Golf Center was back to full swing, well almost. The numbers of companies in attendance was more than last year, but not quite pre-covid numbers. Attendance was way up from last year, but not quite back to the numbers seen in 2020.

So what will it be like in the Orlando Convention Center over the next three days. That’s hard to say, but many people who did not attend last year are back. The convention center floor is expected to be much more crowded than last year.

There are companies that are making new releases of products this week, on the equipment side and in other parts of the game. The apparel side seems really ready to go, based on the number of announcements in press releases I am already receiving. The next few days should be interesting to say the least.

MONDAY I ATTENDED a press briefing at Cabot Citrus Farms in Brooksville Florida, home of the former Worldwoods Golf. The biggest change came in the form of two architects dropping out of the project, and a reshuffling of who is doing what on site.

But I will have more on that over the next few days, along with photo’s that show there have been plenty of trees removed.

SO THERE IS MORE to add about the Pinehurst 10 project, so stay clicked in for that.

OFF TO THE convention center floor. RS


IN THE DOME or IN THE SIMULATOR golf season continues all year round. Mistwood Golf Dome is open daily until 10 Pm and located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. The dome is home to McWethy’s Sports Bar. Practice with Toptracer or be fit for clubs. Book your hitting bay at or call (630)-739-7600. SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has three simulators open daily, with golfers having the option of playing Schaumburg Golf Club indoors. THE PRO SHOP is loading up 2023 golf season, and Chandlers Chophouse has great food options. or (847)-885-9000.

ANGELA MOSER-Tom Doak’s lead design associate for the Pinehurst 10 project, spoke with Golfers on Golf in her first interview, six days after arriving on site, about the newest course under construction at “The Home of American Golf.”

Angela Moser drives all the equipment needed for golf course building or renovation work. Photo

TOM DOAK has been tapped to design the 10th course at Pinehurst.

But then Doak selected Angela Moser to be his top design associate for the project.

Moser is a rising name in the golf design business, who’s star will get brighter once the 10th Course at Pinehurst opens.

Born in Germany where she took up the game of golf at age 10. Moser soon found herself traveling to amateur tournaments as her game improved. While practicing at her local club, all Moser had to do was look a few spots down the line at the range to see a great definition of work ethic. Bernhard Langer who Moser calls “a really nice guy”, would be hitting balls and getting his game tournament ready.

Moser’s play in amateur tournaments had her both trying to shoot a low score and win, but studying the golf courses she was playing. Why greens rolled a certain way or had the break they did. How golf courses were built.

(L-R) Kevin Robinson Pinehurst GCM Operations Manager, Oscar Lazaro LaBar Golf Construction, Angela Moser, and Bob Farren Director of Grounds and Golf Courses for Pinehurst Resort & Country Club on the Pinehurst 10 site.

There is an old saying about golf course architects, which is that they like to play in the sand. So a German media outlet that ran a story on Moser, spun the title of “Enter Sandwoman” off the Metallica song “Enter Sandman”. Working in the sandhills country of Pinehurst, Moser will have plenty of sand to play with.

As Moser’s interest in golf course design grew, she sent an email to Doak asking how to get started in course design.

Doak gave her an internship on his reversible design called “The Loop” at Forest Dunes in Michigan, and things expanded from there.

Moser has had a few idols besides Doak to look up to in golf course design, Marion Hollins and Alice Dye. But with so few women working in the industry, Moser charts a career path, that some have recommended her against. But that just makes Moser work harder and keep pushing forward. There was a time when Moser sat in the office working on drawings, but there was always a desire to get out in the field. Now she is on site, driving around all the heavy equipment and shaping golf holes.

Moser says she is having so much fun in her current job. That she’s not even thinking what her work on Pinehurst 10, will do for her “career-wise” going forward. But the stars are aligning in her corner.

Wherever Moser goes, there is usually a dozer not far away. Rory Spears (L) and Angela Moser (R).

Moser has a growing fan club that includes all the right people within the golf course design industry.

Tom Doak, Gil Hanse and now Bill Coore. When Moser met Coore for the first time, she added his cell number to her speed dial list. She admits she was pretty excited about that.

But currently she really appreciates the opportunity Doak has given her on the Pinehurst 10 project. “Everyone in the golf course architecture field knows Donald Ross,” says Moser when asked what she knew about Ross before coming to Pinehurst. “When I played Pinehurst No. 2 for the first time, it was a very cold day in January or February. The only thing missing was snow. But the course was so good, I would have gone back out again.”

Moser says the land on the Pinehurst 10 site is really good, and the terrain makes for a lot of options. Moser wants the course to have it’s own identity.

“People have been asking Tom and myself, will it look like Tom’s other designs at places like Streamsong, Bandon Dunes, or Sand Valley.”

A new golf hole has been cleared next to where old Pit Course holes had been built.

“The plan is not to make this course look like any others. But to give this course it’s own style,” says Moser.

Moser says that Doak and the team will take what the land gives them, and work with that.

So while the land is great to work with, there are other pieces that come into play.

Moser says with Pinehurst wanting the course done before the June of 2024 U.S. Open, “there is some pressure.” But she adds that with a confident sound of it’s nothing that she, Doak and the team can’t handle.

When asked if she has a message for the golfers who will anxiously follow the build-out of the project, Moser says,” I hope they will come play the course, and enjoy what we have built.”

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Pinehurst 10 associate course designer Angela Moser.

But for more details on the Pinehurst 10 project. See Golfers on Golf’s upcoming story about the Pinehurst 10 project to be posted later this week or


MISTWOOD GOLFDOME ON RT. 53 IN BOLINGBROOK IS OPEN daily until 10 Pm. the dome is home to McWethy’s Sports Bar so bring your clubs and your appetite, and enjoy all the sports action after golf. Practice with Toptracer or get a lesson from pro’s like Nicole Jeray (R). Club fitting’s with Eric Russell and Matt Carter. You can book your hitting bay on line at or call the dome at 9630)-739-7600.

THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 N. Roselle Road has three simulators open daily. The stocked pro shop and Chandlers Chophouse are right upstairs. Play the indoor version of SGC on the simulators. See or (847)-885-9000.

THE GOG BLOG’S SUNDAY MORNING SHORT GAME is written by Rory Spears, on location this week at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. The Short Game Column will return next week with news from this weeks PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando FL.

The Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst is currently closed.

PINEHURST EDITION of the Sunday Morning Short Game News Column.

Writing from Pinehurst-NC.

Stop No.1 of the winter golf trip for Golfers on Golf in route to the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, is the “Home of American Golf.” The Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

But this year was a little bit different. Because it didn’t take long to see some of the project that are currently going on. When one arrives at the historic Carolina Hotel to check-in and finds the hotel is closed, Plan B kicks into effect.

The final steel beams are now in place at Golf House Pinehurst.

But before on can even pull into the parking lot at the main Pinehurst clubhouse, it’s evident that the USGA project is in full swing, last Thursday the final steel beam was set in place at USGA Golf House Pinehurst.

The two new USGA buildings include the Golf House Museum and the new equipment testing facility. A place where visitors will be able to watch the USGA team test the new products that want to be “fairway legal” in the game of golf.

The USGA fence is up in Pinehurst.

Pinehurst is a USGA U.S. Open “anchor site” and the USGA buildings are now getting anchored down, right in front of the main clubhouse.

So when you spin around and do a 180 heading back to the Carolina Hotel. What you find is the workman and the contractors hard at work, with hotel and room renovations.

For those of you familiar with the hotel, the lobby is different. Starting at check-in through the Ryder Cup Lounge- that is no longer. While the rooms get a freshening up as well.

The main lobby in the Carolina Hotel is still being upgraded, and so is the Carolina’s main dining room-home to “The Best Breakfast in Golf.” The hotel has been closed for two weeks, but is expected to be reopened for guests this coming Thursday the 26th of January. So until then the Holly and the Manor Inn are doing the heavy lifting on housing overnight guests.

Pinehurst 8 the golf course is now open from it’s turning 25 tune-up. But the clubhouse still has some area’s of work going on.

IT’S NOW OVER at Pinehurst No.8, when it comes to the golf course. Tom Fazio’s design got a 100 day brush-up after being closed last summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Real credit to the crew for getting everything done in that time window.

The golf course had it’s bunkers and drainage redone, which allow for the course to play firmer and faster. The white sand is “a little whiter” and some views around the course that disappeared over 25 years, were brought back. The greens are still firm, but they are rolling really good. A recent visitor said he enjoyed making three putts over 30 feet, and one more over 20 during a recent round.

INSIDE THE CLUBHOUSE work continues. ecause only the pro shop is finished and open for use. The bar and grill, locker rooms and wash rooms still have teams workers putting things back together.

THE OLD PIT CLUBHOUSE (L) is still there and maybe anxiously awaiting to see if it will reopen. (R) A new hole carved out by Tom Doak’s team on land near where the Pit’s front nine once saw golfers.

Tom Doak’s Lead Design Associate Angela Moser did her first interview on the project with Golfers on Golf yesterday. Hear from this amazing talent tomorrow right hear at GOG.

Plenty more coming from Pinehurst over the next few days. See Rory Spears Facebook/Twitter for more pictures.


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME IS OPEN DAILY until 10 PM. The dome located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, is also home to McWethy’s Sports Bar. So bring your clubs and your appetite and catch the NFL and NHL action all weekend long. Book a hitting bay online at or call the dome at (630)-739-7600 #Toptracer #ClubFittings

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Titleist TSR 2 & TSR 3 Hybrids.

TITLEIST has now added it’s TSR Hybrids to the launch of it’s TSR Drivers.

Presale begins on Feb. 2 and the clubs will be in golf shops world, wide by Feb. 23-2023.

THE TWO TSR models are the TSR 2 hybrid, that offers forgiving speed and performance, and the TSR3 hybrid which delivers next level precision and workability.

The clubs made their debut on the PGA Tour at the American Express tournament.

“TSR2 and TSR3 hybrids offer players options at the top end of the bag,” Tom Bennett, Principal Product Manager-Fairways & Hybrids. “Players can choose between the more classical shape and high launch of the TSR2 or the refined profile and adjustability of the TSR3. Both clubs provide a fast forgiving, and high-launching long-iron alternative that gives the golfer the confidence to pull off the shot.”

TSR2 is a high launching, mid-low spin, forgiving iron replacement club. But is best suited for players with a sweeping motion swing. TSR2 has an extended blade length and a deeper CG. It has a adjustable head weight, RH and LH lofts available at 18-21-24 degrees.

TSR3 is a flatter trajectory and refined shape, inspired by some of it’s predecessors. Because it’s highly adjustable and features a a 5-position SureFit adjustable CG Track System that allows golfers to dial in their perfect setup. But TSR3 is built for players who need workability and precision.

RH and LH lofts are 19-21-24 degrees. There are four shaft options that include a mix from both Tensei and HZRDUS Black or Red. Lengths at 39.5, 40, or 40.5. The grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Flat Cap-No Paint Fill.  So for more information see


IT’S TIME TO VISIT THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg. Three simulators, and stocked pro shop are open daily. Call the course at (847)-855-9000 to book a time or see #ChandlersChopHouse

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The Srixon Soft Feel Golf ball.

SRIXON has launched a new generation of soft feel golf balls.

They will be available for purchase on Feb. 16th, in the colors of Brite-Brite Red, orange and Green.

Golfers playing this golf ball will be confident standing over a ball with a soft feel at impact.

The FastLayer Core, Speed Dimple Pattern, and a soft spin cover for enhanced greenside spin. So golfers can enjoy strong ball speeds, mixed with distance and feel.

The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Open daily until 10 PM and home of McWethy’s Sports Bar. Lessons, club fitting, practice with Toptracer. or call (630)-739-7600

“The consistent love for SOFTFEEL has been tremendous with each generation. This being our 13th, we’ve tried to incorporate new ways of providing golfers a softer feel that’s unmatched in a low-compression option,” said Amelia DeLazzer, Product Manager at Srixon. “This is one of our softest FastLayer Cores to date. It’s a core that is soft in the center and firms up on the outside giving golfers equal parts of distance and feel.”

Because the dimple patter is set at 338, it provides provides a solid performance even in the toughest and windiest conditions. But there are other options which include SOFT FEEL LADY and SOFT FEEL BRITE.

So learn more at


IN THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME or the SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB SIMULATORS golf season in Chicago never ends. Tune your game up for the season ahead, get new clubs, get lessons, practice for the winter getaway trip. The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600. Schaumburg GC 401 N. Roselle Rd. (847)-885-9000

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The Srixon ZX MK II Irons.


ARE THE latest equipment launch from the Cleveland/Srixon golf family.

But following up on the launch of the ZX MK II Woods, are the ZX MK II Irons.

“The technologies driving the exceptional performance of the ZX MK II Irons are really exciting to launch and get into the golfers hands,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager of Srixon. “Longer distances, improved feel, more control and greater consistency in each iron set.”

Srixon ZX MK II irons are designed for good ball strikers, but they are a players iron with a incredible feel. The PureFrame improves the feel by limiting unwanted vibrations. But it brings an 80% thicker portion of 1020 carbon steel. So the end result is a solid feeling at impact.

But the line of irons includes ZX4, ZX5, ZX MK II and a Z-Forged II muscle back blade iron.

THE KEY TECHNOLOGIES are PureFrame Forged into ZX7 MK II. But it’s placed where you strike the ball, but while delivering an impact feel.

MAIN FRAME: MainFrame is the variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities milled into the backside of the iron face. MainFrame is on ZX4 MK II, ZX5 MK II, and the ZX MK II Utility Irons.

TOUR V.T. SOLE: takes turf interaction to a new level of detail. But with a combination of sole widths, bounce angles, and notches that encourages a smooth glide through fairway, rough and sand to strike the ball solidly without losing clubhead speed.

PROGRESSIVE GROOVES: The 3i-7i feature wide grooves for longer shots needed in all conditions. The 8i-AW have deeper, but a closer set of grooves that cut through the grass and debris to enhance spin on approach shots.

FORGED MULTI-PIECE CONSTRUCTION: ZX MK II Utility forged SUP10 faces are strong yet light-increasing face flex at impact. But designed for enhanced speed and distance.

PRICING: ZX7 MK II Irons $1,199.99 7-piece steel. ZX5 MK II Irons $1,199.99 7-piece steel. ZX4 MK II Irons $1,199.99 7-piece steel. Z-Forged II Irons $1,199.99 7-piece steel. But ZX MK II Utility Irons are $239.99

U.S. Launch date Jan. 20, 2023 ZX MK II Irons. But Z-Forged II available spring of 2023.


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily until 10 Pm. You can practice with Toptracer, get a lesson or club fitting. But don’t just bring your clubs, bring your appetite and enjoy the food and drink at McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome. You can have food and drinks brought directly to your hitting bay.

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Architect Tom Doak will design Pinehurst 10, with design associate Angela Moser.


Finally the long talked about Pinehurst #10 is moving forward.

Because four miles south of resorts main clubhouse that borders courses 1,2,4, and the Cradle. Is the land that will become Pinehurst 10.

Architect Tom Doak has a a long list of credentials from creating course with plenty of sand and sand dunes.

Pinehurst #10 will be at the site formerly known as “The Pit” golf course.

The new course will be built on land formerly known as “The Pit” golf course that closed some 10 years ago.

But what’s not clear, is how much of “The Pit” course, will be used in the Pinehurst 10 design.

A previous routing by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, included up to 4 holes from the Pit course. Remaining holes constructed on adjoining land recently purchased by the resort.

Work on Pinehurst 10 is underway and the golf course will open for play, before the 2024 U.S. Open which takes place on Pinehurst 2, in June.

Rugged dunes that were mined at the turn of the 20th century have built-in natural ridgelines. That include landforms, towering longleaf pines, stream and ponds, with Doak envisioning a course that compliments Pinehurst’s other courses through contrast.

“The site is topographically distinct and drastically different from anywhere in Pinehurst,” said Doak. “It’s bigger, bolder and more dramatic. Because there’s about 75 feet of elevation change. We will work our way up to it around the mid-point of the layout. So you’ll have expansive views from this apex over the rest of the course. It will be an unforgettable experience for the golfers.”

Doak recalled his first visit to Pinehurst more than 40 years ago, calling Pinehurst No. 2 the famed Donald Ross design a “10” in his book, “The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses.”

The Schaumburg Golf Club has three simulators open daily. Come play the Schaumburg Golf Club indoors all winter long, or pick from other nationally recognized courses. 401 North Roselle Road or call (847)-885-9000. Home of Chandlers Chophouse.

“Tom Doak builds incredible golf courses on sand, and we’re excited to see what he’ll create in the North Carolina Sandhills, says Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley.

“We’ve worked with some amazing golf architects who’ve embraced our natural aesthetic. But we believe Tom will do something fantastic on the site.”

Landscape architect Angela Moser will be Doak’s lead designer on the project. Moser’s past projects include LACC-North Course and Streamsong Black.

“The number one thing that excited us about the project is working with the beautiful sand that’s native to the region,” says Doak. “The sand, the wiregrass, the bluestem grass, and the other native grasses that grow around the Sandhills create a fabulous texture for golf. Because it’s something that most places just don’t have.

Tom Pashley is the resort president at Pinehurst.

The Pinehurst resort visions more growth around the newest course, with having over 900 acres in the community of Aberdeen.

Pinehurst with speak with community officials with options that include more golf, short courses, a clubhouse, guest cottages and other lodging options.

So for more information on Pinehurst. Visit or call to book your next play and stay at the “Home of American Golf” at (855)-235-8507.


THE TIME IS HERE to check out the simulators at the Schaumburg Golf Club-401 North Roselle Road. Three simulators, a pro shop full or merchandise and great food or beverage from Chandlers Chophouse. or call (847)-885-9000.

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The Willow Hill Golf Dome in Northbrook.


After a few delays, the Willow Hill Golf Dome is now open for golf.

But not all day, but during the daytime hours of 7 Am to 3 Pm.

Hours could change so check-in before you go.

Owner Kent Knebelkamp is planning many different activities for the dome and Willow Hill in general. Including a new 9-hole Par-3 course designed by architect Greg Martin, with work starting this year.

Book your hitting bay online at or call (847)-736-4777.


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME IS OPEN DAILY UNTIL 10 PM. But if your ready for new sticks this year, it’s time to go see Mistwood fitters Matt Carter (R) and Eric Russell. This time of year is a great time to break-in some new clubs. Do you have a warm weather trip planned soon, to be ready get a lesson before you head out. The Mistwood Golf Dome is home to McWethy’s Sports Bar where you can catch all the action while you enjoy the food and beverage. So bring your appetite and your clubs to the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook-book a hitting bay online or call (630)-739-7600.

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy as the trip to the PGA Show is getting ready to start.


I wasn’t sure that there would be this much to talk about this early in 2023.

The PGA Merchandise Show that runs from Jan. 24-27 is where plenty of the early season news is made.

But so far, nobody seems to waiting for the big show to start.

Last Friday at 6 Am my “In-Bin” had details of the big sale of Streamsong Resort in Florida. As the folks at Northbrook Illinois based KemperSports increase their stake in the property just South of Lakeland Florida.

This a great move for the folks at KemperSports and their subsidiary Lone Windmill LLP. It became obvious to me during my last visit their 2 years ago, that since KSM had taken control of the resort and wasn’t just managing the golf, things were going to get better.

Because there were already plans in place to upgrade the shaky wireless, redesign the common area’s with new bars and social area’s. The new shuttle vans designed to make guests only have to drive, when hitting off the tee boxes. Early in 2022, former Medinah Country Club head golf professional Mike Scully arrived as Director of Golf to oversee the golf operation. The halfway houses on the three golf courses with different food themes (like Mexican and BBQ) are really good.

Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw will design “The Chain” the resorts fourth, but likely not last new golf course. Now the question is, what does LW and KSM buy next. I can’t believe the purchase of Streamsong will be the last.

Welcome to the PIT or what’s left of it.

THE PIT… now to be Pinehurst #10

This project is really interesting for me. I never did get to play the Pit while it was open, but I did hike the property a few years back when word broke that Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw would build Pinehurst #10 on that site, or part of it.

NOW comes word that will not happen. Bill and Ben are out and Tom Doak is in, building the new #10, on the land of the Pit. Coore and Crenshaw’s routing included 4 of the old Pit holes, and 14 holes on land that the Pinehurst Resort acquired that sat next to the Pit course in recent years.

Tom Doak stands on the land that was formerly The Pit Golf Course.

So the new question is how much of the land from the old Pit golf course will Doak use.

Doak says the land that is being used for #10, has 75 feet of elevation change.

My walk around the abandoned Pit Course was something like out of a Scooby-Doo mystery. I found a few golf balls, over-grown bunkers and greens. A water-cooler stand and other trinkets.

After the Pinehurst #10 story was released by the resort, pictures showed golf course work had started. I saw pictures in the local Pinehurst newspaper “The Pilot”, that showed a line of John Deere tractors already on site.

I will be in Pinehurst and go exploring again later this week. Pinehurst #10 will be no different, as yet another top rated architect gets to show his talents at the Home of-Or Cradle of American Golf.

ISN’T time to get over to the Schaumburg Golf Club and try out the indoor simulators. Which include the option of playing the Schaumburg Golf Club. (847)-885-9000 401 North Roselle Road and home to chandlers Chophouse.

The restoration side of Pinehurst just wrapped up on Pinehurst 8.

25 years after opening Pinehurst redid in record time, like just over 100 days this past summer, Pinehurst 8.

Because over than span of time, golf courses like other things show off their wear and tear.

So Pinehurst decided to give No.8 a Tom Fazio classic, a restoration with updates to what you see and what you don’t. Credit Pinehurst for pulling this off in record time and getting the golfers back on the golf course.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS-yes up here in the cold weather north. But it’s not all that cold. So courses like Cog Hill 1 & 3 are open. Pine Meadow is open today and tomorrow for a few hours anyway. (847)-566-4653 (GOLF).

CALLAWAY GOLF is off to a fast start in 2023 on the PGA Tour. Si Woo Kim’s win at the Sony Open, makes it two straight wins for Paradym clubs. Kim backed up Jon Rahm’s win at the TOC at Kapalua. So if your buying new clubs this year, hit the Callaway Paradym’s before you buy anything else.

TITLEIST has now released it’s line of TSR Hybrids for 2023. I will have details on the pre-sale and date in shops coming up this week.

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS