NOT A TRADING CARD. But it is the newly redone Upper Deck (L) at the Mistwood Golf Dome. Downstairs has upgrades too, see them all at the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600. Mistwooddome.com or McWethysSportsBar.com  _____________________________________________________________________  THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Welcome to Eagle Club Systems.

SPECIAL THANKS to Tyler Arnold, for an assist on the story, and introducing us to Eagle Club Systems.

So another (POS) point of sale system.

OR MAYBE NOT! Maybe ECS is something you the golf course professional, course owner or operator should take a look at.

Because according to Tyler Arnold of Eagle Club Systems, ECS is a software for golf professionals, built and based off of feedback from golf professionals.

The ECS screens

“Our software is built by feedback from other professionals,” says Arnold. “While I worked for another company, I trained owners on how to use the software. So it was easy to get feedback on what club professionals wanted or were looking for in a system. When the calls an emails came in, with questions on various features I used the feedback to create a streamlined “All-In-One” golf course management solution.”

What Arnold calls the biggest difference in Eagle Club Systems versus other software systems, is that Eagle Club Systems was able to customize features in the shortest time in history. Arnold says the ECS team develops features through a streamlined process, that other companies can’t match. The process ends up with the features you need or want, and hides the ones you don’t want.

So if your thinking newly needed hardware to run these platforms, think again. Eagle Club Systems doesn’t need your facility to buy new hardware to operate it’s platform. ECS won’t require you to pay for iPads year after year, nor do they lease you a computer or receipt printer that you can buy yourself. The ECS software is compatible with any PC, Mac, Tablet or iPad. ECS partners can access their software whether they are at the golf course, or anywhere for that matter. You can access your data anytime or anyplace.

So whether your a 9 hole-18 hole or 27 hole facility ECS will work for you. Are you a simulator facility, or just have simulators for the cold weather time of the year. Book them full for multiple hours at once, without multiple reservations.

For full pricing, and how to simplify your software systems, visit EagleClubSystems.com based in St. Petersburg Florida.

THE SIMULATORS AT THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB are now open for the winter season. Book a bay today at (847)-885-9000. Chandlers Chophouse is open right upstairs from the simulators. So bring your club and your appetite. 401 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg. Just minutes from Woodfield Mall.


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has closed it’s golf course for the 2021 season. But the three simulators on the lower level of the clubhouse are open. So don’t put the clubs away, and bring your appetite with Chandlers Chophouse right upstairs. You can pick up the phone and order from upstairs while you golf. Schaumburggolf.com (847)-885-9000  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. At Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin.


When your not up for a full 18 holes, maybe a smaller dose of golf is just fine. Because if that’s all you need, Wisconsin has the short courses for you.

It started a few years ago at the Sand Valley Resort in Nekoosa Wisconsin, when Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw created the “Sandbox”. A 17 hole par 3 course that sits in between the resorts two 18-hole golf courses.

Which will be come three golf courses when “The Lido” gets open for play in 2023.

But short courses or par-3 golf courses continue to pop-up in the Dairyland, and golfers are loving it.

While the Drumlin at Erin Hills is a 63,000 square foot plus putting green. It does offer plenty of options for speed golf. Plus it’s a way to get in some speed golf before a round on the U.S. Open course at Erin Hills. Reservations for next year already are being excepted, see ErinHills.com.

The 9th hole at “The Baths” at Blackwolf Run in Kohler Wisconsin.

AT BLACKWOLF RUN in Kohler Wisconsin, the 10 hole par-3 course called “The Baths” has opened.

If your wondering about the name, it comes from Kohler CEO Herb Kohler and sticks with the company’s product line.

But Yes! you can swim in the Baths during private events. The Bath’s opened with a massive new putting green alongside. The facility is in between the River and Meadow Valley Courses at Blackwolf Run on a patch of 22 acres. The 10 par 3-holes add a new and fun option for golf while enjoying Destination Kohler.

12 North at Trappers Turn in the Dells-This hole is co-designer and 2-time U.S. Open Champion Andy North’s favorite hole. Look close, someone almost made an ace.


12 North is the latest addition to Trappers Turn, and it’s a good one. But in the opening season of 2021, tee shots came off mats.

In 2022, it’s called hit it from where you want. Because the tee boxes will be a little more grown-in and golfers can walk around the tee, and pick their spot.

The addition of the 12 par-3 holes, and a new massive putting green with lights makes Trappers Turn the top golf destination in the Wisconsin Dells.

I will fully breakdown in more depth the par-3 courses as the week moves on. But if you missed it, see Sunday’s story on the Drumlin at Erin Hills.

GREAT NEWS FROM DUPAGE GOLF the holiday gift card is back again this year through December 20th. Because if you buy $100.00 or more worth of gift cards, you get a holiday bonus. Learn more at Dupagegolf.com.

MORE GREAT NEWS from the golf equipment industry. Honma Golf is a hot growing equipment company in America. So hot that sales jumped over 40% in the last year. Learn more at Honmagolf.com.

BUT THERE IS SAD NEWS as golf lost a true gentleman and great golfer, with the passing of Lee Elder. Elder was the first African American to tee it up in the Masters. Elder had been having respiratory issues, he was 87.

SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has joined us as winter sponsor to Golfersongolf.com. It’s one of the best area locations to enjoy simulator golf all winter. RS


UPPER DECK-LOWER DECK same experience at the Mistwood Golf Dome for the winter ahead. Several new upgrades have been installed. So bring your clubs and bring your appetite enjoy the food & beverage at McWethy’s sports bar. Mistwooddome.com    ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. At the Drumlin putting Course at Erin Hills in Wisconsin. Photo by Rich Tock.


Along with par-3 courses, short courses, its that massive putting green, that’s now at some clubs or destination properties.

Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin is no stranger to championship golf. They have hosted three USGA championships (including the 2017 U.S. Open won by Brooks Koepka), and will host two more, including the 2025 U.S. Women’s Open.

But the latest addition to Erin Hills other than some really neat beverages, is the Drumlin putting green.

The drumlin is a big putting green in fact it’s over 63,000 square feet. So big that tee boxes on the first hole were moved, to give the Drumlin all the space required.

But while the Drumlin is a putting green, it’s really more than that. It’s a green that allows golfers to have games between one another. The Drumlin is not a par-3 course. But plenty of golf can be played when you have a need for speed.

Erin Hills PGA Ambassador Rich Tock created much of what is the Drumlin, including the tee markers and cup flags.

There are plenty of humps and bumps in the Drumlin.

But the challenge for good putters, is to use a little more creativity on just how to attack every hole.

Because the holes move around, there is no regular distance for holes on any day. The scorecard comes with places to write in your score. But there are no regular score of par for any hole. Feel free to make up your own par for any routing you play.

The Drumlin putting course at Erin Hills.

The Drumlin is a big putting green, about 2 acres.

But it is a short course that allows golfers to create a short round, or fast round of golf.

So when you arrive at Erin Hills later in the day, with a tee time for the next day. The Drumlin is a great way to be ready for one of the six U.S. Open courses in the country that anyone can play. Erin Hills has created a few beverages of it’s own that are great to enjoy while playing the Drumlin. Yes it’s Wisconsin, and while in the Dairyland State, you must a have a beer.

GOOD NEWS is that’s not too early to start planning ahead for 2022, Visit ErinHills.com and schedule your visit for next year. Where you take on the Drumlin, and enjoy another quick and fun putting round of golf.


ALL OPEN-McWethy’s Tavern at the Mistwood golf Club IS OPEN for the winter months. So is the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, with a newly upgraded dome for the winter season ahead. So book a hitting bay today Mistwoodgolfdome.com. ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Salamander Spa-are you ready. Golf and gift cards, are now waiting for you.

Tis the season for Salamander Resorts and hotels.

So are you ready ?

Because it’s getting colder up north, and you need a break.

With Salamander, you have options. Florida, South Carolina, New Orleans, Virginia.

Right now gift cards have your name on them, you need to order now. Because when you do, you get a deal. $300-add $30 for you. Spend $500-add $50 for you. Give $750-$75 for you. Salamanderhotels.com Innisbrook Resort, home of the PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship. Plus one of the most relaxing spa’s anywhere.

LAB Putters-Lie Angle Balance, improve your putting, find it in the LAB.

So do you need a holiday saving on your new putter.

Because right now you can save $300.00 on a slightly blemished LAB putter.

You can view photo’s to see exactly what your buying in advance.

So do search Labgolfoutlet.com.

Because the sweet imperfections are ones you might not notice, even if you are looking closely.

More info on LAB golf putters, at Labgolf.com.

VOLVIK GOLF BALLS has some interesting golf ball packages for the holidays, that include logo’s balls with the Volvik connection to Marvel Comics. See more Volvik.com.

Welcome to Cog Hill in Palos Park.


Because golf season at Cog Hill never ends, outdoors or under the roof.

So you still want to play outside, no problem.

IT STARTS next weekend on December 4th, with the 3-Club Frosty open. This 2-person scramble starts at 9:30 on Course #3.  The Toptracer event starts on Saturday December 11th on the range. Sunday January 2nd, 2022 the first outing of the year, the Eskimo Open. Sign up now CogHillGolf.com

Club Champion expands fittings again.

CLUB CHAMPION is getting bigger.

Because now it’s 87 locations across America where you can go, and get fitted by Club Champion fitters.

So now you can add locations like Dallas Texas, Columba South Carolina, and Little Rock Arkansas to Club Champions list of locations.

So visit ClubChampionGolf.com to find out where you can fitted before and after holidays. Start 2022 with the new clubs you need to take your game to the next level. See Club Champion Golf.

SO DO YOU ENJOY WATCHING the Pebble Beach pro-am on the PGA Tour. Because it does look like fun. So would you like to go to the final round, then start your own pro-am at Pebble Beach. But there are now limited options to do this, through Garmany Golf. Your 3-day event starts the day after the AT&T ends. 54 holes to be played on Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay and Spyglass. Details at experience@garmany.golf.com each team has 1 professional and three amateurs.

BELVEDERE GOLF CLUB in CHARLEVOIX Michigan will host the 2023 Hickory Grail matches, date TBD. Currently Europe has the Cup after winning it this year at St. Andrews in Scotland. The series of these Ryder Cup style matches is tied at 6 wins for both side. For more information see Belvederegolfclub.com.

SHORT GOLF in WISCONSIN series starts tomorrow. RS


  MISTWOOD GOLF’S YEAR ROUND GOLF SEASON now continues in the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600. So book your hitting bay online, then bring your clubs and your appetite, and try McWethys Sports bar for your favorite beverage and foot items. Lessons and fittings now at the dome. Mistwooddome.com.      ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Brooks Koepka with new equipment deal.


He is also the winner of the latest edition of “The Match”.

Because early in the week, 4-time major champion Brooks Koepka, announced an equipment deal with Cleveland/Srixon.

So here is the breakdown on what Koepka is playing, and what’s in his bag.

The Driver is a Srixon ZX5 with a 9.5. His Irons are Srixon ZX7 irons 4-PW.

Wedges are the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack 52 degree MID, 56 degree MID, 60 degree LOW. The golf ball is the Srixon Z-Star prototype. Koepka will have a Srixon Tour Staff Bag.

“I am very excited to join my good friends Shane Lowery, Graeme McDowell and Hideki Matsuyama as a Srixon and Cleveland Tour Staff member,” said Koepka. “I’ve been an equipment free agent for the past few years, so it will be fun to be involved with a company on a daily basis and be able to contribute to the development of their future equipment. So I put the ZX7 Irons in play in January and it is the best iron I have played on tour. I look forward to kicking off our partnership in Las Vegas.”

Koepka did use the Srixon ZX7 irons during his win at the Waste Management-Phoenix Open this February.

“We’re extremely proud to have Brooks come on board as our newest staff member,” said Rodney McDonald Vice President of Tour Operations at Srixon. “He’s one of the best players in the world and brings his major championship pedigree and validation to our brands. We’re excited for Brooks to join the Srixon and Cleveland Golf family and look forward to supporting him on tour.”

For more information on both Srixon and Cleveland visit both companies websites, and multiple social media platforms.


  Happy Thanksgiving from Golfers on Golf- Ed Stevenson, Bill Berger, Rory Spears and Len Ziehm.

FROM OUR FRIENDS AT MISTWOOD GOLF-the Black Friday Sale Opens at 7 AM, are your ready. Some items at 75% off.

The Mistwood Golf Black Friday Sale on the tee at 7 AM tomorrow.

The sale is at the golf course and not the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook.

But there is better news for the golfers headed to the sale.

MISTWOOD and McWethy’s Tavern has landed one full keg, of the specially brewed Brickstone Brewery’s Dark Secret Vanilla-Woodford Imperial Stout.

This barrel gets tapped at 11 AM, and it will go quickly as it has in past years. So hit the Black Friday Sale and stay for the brew.

Everything at Mistwood Golf Course on Renwick Road in Romeoville. (815)-254-3333.

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MYRTLE BEACH BLACK FRIDAY WEEK SALE. MyrtleBeachGolfTrips.com visit now through Sunday night, and find great golf deals to visit Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Visit the grand Strand of Golf-Myrtle Beach SC.

THE GOG BLOG returns on Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving. RS


THE WINGS ARE GREAT at McWethy’s Sports Bar at the Mistwood Golf Dome located in Bolingbrook on Rt. 53. But the both McWethy’s are closed on Thanksgiving Day. So get back over to the dome, or McWethys Tavern on Renwick Road in Romeoville on Black Friday, when the BF sale is happening in the pro shop. Details at (815)-254-3333  ______________________________________________________________________

ZIEHM & SPEARS at Kelpies Corner at the Mistwood Golf Club (L). (R) with IPGA pro Chad Johansen at Blackberry Oaks in Bristol, this past summer.

ZIEHM AND SPEARS ARE BACK with Podcast Series 2021-Volume 34. Sponsored by our friends at Mistwood Golf and McWethy’s-both in Romeoville and Bolingbrook.

This week Len and Rory discuss  the 5-year BMW sponsorship extension with the PGA Tour and the Western Golf Association (WGA). How many years in Chicago, is always the question, where else could it drive off to.

Bryson and Brooksie are on the tee in Vegas this Friday. Bring on the Phil Mickelson commentary says Len Ziehm.

Rory recaps his hike around Nickol Knoll Park and Walter Payton’s Hill in Arlington Hts. with architect Mike Benkusky-can you say Ren-o-Vation.

Improvements at Pine Meadow Golf Club in Mundelein-all this on Ziehm and Spears.

CLICK HERE to hear the Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series-Volume 34.

Thanks for listening-Len and Rory.


UPPER DECK or LOWER DECK your choice. But the experience is now the same on either level at the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Try out the upgraded putting and chipping greens. Book a hitting bay at MistwoodDome.com (630)-739-7600  ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook. At Nickol Knoll Park in Arlington Hts. on Payton’s Hill.

I WOKE UP TO 29 degree weather. But things are running hotter in the world of golf.

Yes even here during a holiday week.

IT STARTED YESTERDAY with an announcement from the PGA Tour, BMW and the Western Golf Association (WGA) about it’s five year sponsorship extension.

BMW is now on board through 2027 to sponsor Chicago’s PGA Tour stop. Which is more like an In and Out burger, as the championship moves in and out of town under the agreement with BMW. This year it was Baltimore Maryland, and next year it’s Delaware.

BUT PART OF THE NEW ANNOUNCEMENT was that in 2023, the BMW drives back into Chicago, and the Olympia Fields Country Club. Because Olympia Fields deserves a mulligan, since they hosted a BMW that almost nobody saw due to crazy Covid rules that were still in place.

It was one of the great finishes the championship has ever had. Because Jon Rahm holed a 66 foot birdie putt to defeat Dustin Johnson in a playoff. It was another great chapter in Olympia Fields longtime golf history. I wish more people and some fans had been let in. Even a 1,000 a day would have been nice.

This year had another incredible finish, with Patrick Cantlay edging out Bryson DeChambeau on the sixth playoff hole at Caves Valley Golf Club, in Owings Mill Maryland. So there hasn’t been a lack of fantastic finishes surrounding this championship.

BUT THERE WAS SOME QUESTION about the timing of this announcement. But maybe it is just time for the PGA Tour to start showing it’s hand. In response to the other challenges from the Greg Norman-Saudi series within the Asian Tour and another start-up tour. Golfweek magazine reports a series of money upgrades from the PGA Tour. These are based on tournament winnings, tournament participation and off course activity. Stay tuned.

THE FOLKS at the WGA will tell you what a great partner BMW has been. In many ways they are correct. There is one drawback-it’s the championship moving in and out of Chicago every other year. But after taking a first hand look at Caves Valley, how they executed their year of hosting the championship, and the financial support they invested in the WGA-ESF. It’s easy to see why the BMW ended up in Maryland this year.

IN FACT SOME OF THE one and done markets have really stepped up to support the Evans Scholars Foundation. In ways that aren’t always seen in the Chicago market. Because back when BMW was first getting involved, there was some 800 caddies a year headed off to college. The goal was to hit 1,000. Well now that mission has been accomplished as the number now sits at 1,070. That increase likely doesn’t happen, without the support of BMW, and great clubs in places like Denver, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Baltimore stepping up to the tee and crushing it down the middle.

SO WHAT HAPPENS AFTER 2023 AT OLYMPIA FIELDS. My guess is 2024 is out of town, at yet another Top 100 rated course, in a market where BMW wants to grow it’s share of the car market. 2025 could be a return to Conway Farms, where renovation work has been underway this fall. 2026 is out of town, especially with the Presidents Cup in town that September at Medinah Country Club. 2027 back in Chicago, with options like Butterfield and Kemper Lakes in the mix. Sleepers could be Stonebridge Country Club that would love a BMW, and Butler National if their membership policies ever change. It wouldn’t be surprising if a few courses in Wisconsin get into the mix of landing the BMW in 2024 or 2026.

LEN ZIEHM & I discuss this more on our weekly podcast that runs tomorrow. So do stay clicked in.

Architect Mike Benkusky is pondering how to improve the par-3 course at Nickol Knoll Park on Payton’s Hill in Arlington Hts.

MIKE BENKUSKY the Lake in Hills based golf architect is wrapping up one project in Sarasota Florida at the Palm Aire Country Club. But he appears to be ready to head back to work in Arlington Heights. Benkusky did an outstanding job with the Arlington Heights Park District on it’s recent renovation of Arlington Lakes G.C..

THIS TIME the project would be the other golf course in the Arlington Hts. Park Districts portfolio. The famed par-3 course on top of Nickol Knoll Park on the north-end of town. The park known as Payton’s Hill, since the former late great Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton, would train on the hill when he lived in Arlington Heights.

With the Bears eyeing a move to Arlington Heights, at the Arlington Park race track part of town. NOW would be a great time to get Nickol Knoll back on track, and with a stronger connection to Payton, and his history with the hill.

Last week Benkusky was kind enough to let me tag along with him, and we walked the entire property together. I put-in more than my 2-cents worth of idea’s, of what Benkusky could do as he readies a master plan to the AHPD. Among the idea’s I suggested was a drink called “Sweetness” only sold at Nickol Knoll. What’s in it, is still TBD. There is still plenty of discussion to be had, before any renovation work will get underway. But I’m hopeful that by fall of 2022, it could.

This past week, Benkusky announced he’s been retained for renovation work by long time Western Amateur host site, Point O’ Woods Golf & Country Club in Benton Harbor Michigan. I already suggested to Benkusky to take out more trees at “The Point”.

IT’S HAPPENING AT THE PINE-Pine Meadow in Mundelein is open.

GREAT NEWS Pine Meadow is still open for outdoor golf. At least for maybe another a week or two, GM Dennis Johnsen tells me. But once the course closes it will stay closed.

The paving of the parking lot at the Pine Meadow.

My recent visit to Pine Meadow found the parking lot and area around the clubhouse getting repaved. But even better was the building of a new patio for outdoor dining. Just in time for the holidays LOL. More likely in time for the 2022 golf season. The holiday sale is underway at Pine Meadow.

Golf shoes, bags, apparel, clubs, gift cards and more. So call Pine Meadow at (847)-566-4653 (GOLF) or look online at Pinemeadowgc.com.

MORE PHOTO’S of Nickol Knoll and Pine Meadow will appear on Facebook, and Twitter @GogBlogGuy or Rory Spears-pages. RS.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily, and with several new improvements this year. Including the upstairs hitting bay area, plus the chipping and putting greens. So bring your clubs and your appetite and enjoy some indoor golf along with the great food and sports action in McWethy’s Sports bar (630)-739-7600.      _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

The BMW Championship trophy (R) with the historic JK Wadley trophy (L).

BMW has driven back into the picture with the PGA Tour and the Western Golf Association (WGA), for years beyond the 2022 championship.

The current sponsorship deal expired after the 2022 championship, that will be played in Wilmington Delaware.

So this new extension that runs through the 2027 championship. It will tee off in 2023 back on the Olympia Fields Country Club’s North Course. Dates are TBD.

This gives the PGA Tour and the WGA, a solid sponsorship agreement moving forward for the next six years.

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to BMW. For their continued support of the PGA Tour and the Western Golf Association through 2027,” said PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan. “The BMW Championship played an incredibly impactful role in launching the FedExCup in 2007. BMW’s commitment to presenting a best-in-class event each year continues to elevate the FedExCupPlayoffs. We are also very appreciative of BMW’s dedication to fulfilling the mission of the Evans Scholars Foundation. It has impacted thousands of lives over the last 15 years.”

The BMW Championship has named the PGA Tour’s Tournament of the Year four times (2008, 2012, 2013 and 2014). It will continue to be the middle event of the three FedExCup playoff series, with a field of 70 players, that determines the the final 30 players that move on to the Tour Championship.

“For the past 15 years, we have worked with our partners at the PGA Tour and the Western Golf Association to host the top 70 players in the world. At what now has become one of the best and most exciting, events on the golf calendar,” said Sebastian Mackensen, president and CEO, BMW North America. “The BMW Championship is not only a great way to showcase our brand and engage customers. But also an opportunity to raise money for the Evans Scholars Foundation. Plus help so many young students to follow their dreams.”

Over the last 15 years, BMW has helped raise over $40 million dollars on behalf of the ESF. Those proceeds have helped more than 3,000 students attend college. In 2021 a record amount of 1,070 caddies are attending major colleges and universities on Evans Scholarships.

“Since 2007, BMW has been our valued partner and steadfast supporter of both our championships and the Evans Scholars Foundation,” said John Kaczkowski, WGA President and CEO. “As title sponsor, BMW has fully embraced our mission, helping us transform the Evans Scholars Foundation into a truly national program. We’re excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue working together to change the lives of youth caddies nationwide.”

Dating back to 1899 when the current BMW Championship debuted on the PGA Tour as the Western Open. It continues today as the third oldest tournament on tour (only behind the two open championships).

The 2020 BMW Championship was held at Olympia Fields in front of almost nobody, due to strong Cvoid-19 restrictions. Jon Rahm’s 66 foot birdie putt beat Dustin Johnson on the first playoff hole.

“We are thrilled and honored to welcome the 2023 BMW Championship back to Olympia Fields Club and our North Course,” said William McErlean, President of Olympia Fields Country Club. “Our membership looks forward to sharing our facilities with the golf community, and the best players in the world.

The Gog Blog Speaks Out returns tomorrow. RS


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB on Roselle Road has closed the golf course for the 2021 season. But the clubs simulators are now open. Book your hitting bay and play one of many top courses, and of course the Schaumburg Golf Club. (847)-885-9000 or online visit Schaumburggolf.com. Chandlers Chophouse is open for food and beverage _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. The wings are great in McWethy’s Sports Bar in the Mistwood Sports Dome in Bolingbrook.

CHECK OUT the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook for both golf and football.

So bring your clubs and your appetite and enjoy a day of fun. The Bears and the Baltimore Ravens Kick off at Noon.

So book your hitting bay on line at MistwoodDome.com, then watch the Bears do the hitting.

Call the dome for more information on golf and special events at (630)-739-7600. Including the Birdies and Brews tournament on Saturday night December 11th at 7:30. Because teams will play Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course that hosted the 2021 PGA Championship.

Mistwood golf is now a year round operation. But the Mistwood Golf Course in Romeoville is closed for the 2021 season. But McWethy’s Tavern at the club is open year-round, details at McWethysTavern.com.

The New Fox Run Clubhouse in Elk Grove will open in December.

THE FOX RUN GOLF LINKS in Elk Grove, are getting ready to open it’s new clubhouse in December.

Golfers will be able to enjoy the bar setting, with multiple televisions to watch all the sports action.

The clubhouse now has three new FullSwing simulators, so golf can be played all winter long at Fox Run.

All six of the slot machines will be moved over to the new clubhouse. More details at FoxRunGolfLinks.com The course will be open this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

SCOTTSDALE BASED TROON GOLF a leader in golf and golf hospitality has announced a new agreement with TPG Capital. TPG and Symphony Ventures the investment fund of golfer Rory McIlroy. This new investment gives Troon more additional capital, resources and expertise to build on it’s market leading industry expertise. Details at Troon.com.

GOLF360 is back on NBC Sports Chicago.

GOLF360 hosted by former Chicago Bear Patrick Mannelly, is back with it’s winter edition show.

One segment has Golf360 at Chicago’s leading indoor golf facility, the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook.

More features include Northbrook’s Nick Hardy making the jump to the PGA Tour, and a tour of some of the best golf in the nation of Portugal.

GOLF360 TV can be seen on NBC Sports Chicago tomorrow on November 22 at 12:30 PM, Wednesday November 24th at 1:30 PM and Friday November 26th at 7:30 Pm on NBC Sports Chicago-Plus.

Blackberry Oaks professional Chad Johansen at Blackberry Oaks with Rory Spears and Len Ziehm.


Because Blackberry Oaks Golf Club’s GM/Professional Chad Johansen says come out and play golf instead on Black Friday.

So join the Blackberry Oaks Black Friday scramble, limited space is still available.

Johansen is also offering 2022 Blackberrys Oaks memberships at a discount if you purchase before the end of the year. Blackberry Oaks “The Oaks” in Bristol. (630)-553-7170.

THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS and head Men’s golf coach Mike Small announces the addition of Ryan Voois (Ladera Ranch Calif.) to the Fighting Illinois program, Voois has signed his national letter of intent, and will join Illinois for the 2022-23 season. Voois led Tesora High School to several titles and won several tournaments in California.

KENOSHA COUNTY WISCONSIN and Petrifying Springs Golf Course now has a simulator set up for winter play. Simulator times are from Monday-Saturday except for Dec. 24-25 and January 1st when the clubhouse will be closed. There will be a 14 week simulator league starting December 6th, that costs $50 to join. For more information call the clubhouse at (262)-925-8000.

GOLFTINI Women’s Golf Apparel has announced ALL-ITEMS are now back in stock. Just in time for Black Friday and you holiday orders. Details at Golftini.com.

THE SHACK an indoor golf club with simulators has opened at 1717 Chestnut in Glenview (near the Glen Club). So for more information call (847)-904-2905.

GTECH-APPAREL is running out of it’s famed hand warmers. Because of supply chain issues, will run out of some of it’s fastest selling items. So order now at GtechApparel.com.

THE SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES pre-Black Friday sale is on. Sqairz.com. Better traction and better distance. Swing hard without fear of slipping. Endorsed by Sir Nick Faldo.

THE NEW Inn at Sentry World is almost complete. But it will be ready in 2022.

SENTRY WORLD in Stevens Point Wisconsin is gearing up for an exciting 2022 golf season. You can make your plans and tee times now.

The golf course has improved it’s conditions and other aspects of the golf course, as it readies for to host the 2023 U.S. Senior Open.

TEE TIME intervals have now been pushed back. So you will feel like you have the entire golf course to itself, when you and your group are out playing.

But don’t wait for 2022, start planning your golf play and stay now. So visit SentryWorld.com for more details and information.

TINELY PARK BASED BETTINARDI Putters has announces it’s new lines for 2022. The BB Series and the INOVAI 6.0 and 8.0 lines are coming soon. See Bettinardi.com for more information. You can pre-order now.

IS IT TIME TO SELL YOUR GOLF COURSE. IF THE ANSWER IS YES, speak with Chris Charnas at Links Capital Advisors. Call Chris at (312)-543-7192. New buyers are entering the market and looking to invest and buy. So if you haven’t made the money you expected at your golf course, especially during the last 2 years during the pandemic golf boom. It’s a good time to call Chris Charnas, and make back investment on you property you have always expected. Linkscaptialadvisors.com.

Welcome to Sand Valley in Nekoosa Wisconsin.

SAND VALLEY RESORT is holding an online retail sale.

But right now if you purchase online you can save 25% off, on all orders that are over $150.00.

So why wait until your trip to Sandy Valley in 2022, to load up on Sand Valley apparel and golf products.

So visit Sandvalley.com and make sure to include the promotion code at check out to get your discount. Don’t forget to see the delivery deadlines in December. So your gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

BUT TO SEE PICTURES of more of the products listed here. Visit Rory Spears Facebook page, or on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. The Gog Blog returns on Monday. RS