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ZIEHM & SPEARS-IT’S the final edition of Ziehm and Spears for Podcast Series 2021-Volume 37.

RORY SPEARS (L) and LEN ZIEHM (R) bring you the final edition for 2021 of the Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series.

ZIEHM & SPEARS PODCAST SERIES 2021, VOLUME 37-the season finale.

So to wrap up the year, Len and Rory talk a look back on golf in 2021, and look at the year ahead.

Because there was plenty of good golf stories in 2021, and we know there will be more in 2022.

Because one thing is for sure, golf rarely ever disappoints both it’s audience or its players of the game.

Where did the Ryder Cup stack-up on the list of the years TOP stories. What about 50 year old Phil Mickelson lifting a Wanamaker Trophy, Jon Rahm bouncing back from Covid to win the U.S. Open. A second major for Colin Morikawa and a U.S. Senior Women’s Open for Annika Sorenstam.

What about Chicago-will it be over looked again by the major tours and golf associations. Maybe-So.

CLICK HERE to hear the season finale of the Ziehm and Spears podcast series.

Have a Happy New Year and a better 2022. Thanks for listening, Len & Rory.


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THIS IS THE FIRST OF THREE PARTS-In 2021 I visited or revisited three courses designed or renovated by architect Keith Foster, who I first met in 2000 at my former club Shepherd’s Crook in Zion Illinois. What I saw showed me that Foster is still as good as they come, in the golf architecture field. Parts 2 and 3 will follow in early 2022.-RS.

Welcome to The Harvester Club in Rhodes Iowa.

SO IF YOUR the No. 1 rated public course in the state of Iowa, what do you for an encore.

BUT IF YOUR Dixon Jensen the owner of the Harvester Club, you shut down your top rated golf course, and you call your architect Keith Foster and ask him to come back, and take your No.1 rated golf course in Iowa and make it better.

WHY ? Because you’re now ready to go private, and you want your members pleased with the product that you are selling memberships to. But as the Harvester, became “The Harvester Club”, it wasn’t just the golf course that changed. Because a newly upgraded clubhouse was built, that was styled to fit with a private club. Overnight villas were added next to the clubhouse. Practice facilities were improved, and Foster returned to work his magic over the Harvesters 18 holes.

When Foster was done, Jensen had Iowa golf’s version of “Field of Dreams”.

The new Harvester Club-Clubhouse.

Where The Harvester Club will rank among the private courses of Iowa, and in the nations Top 100, is still a work in progress.

But the word is getting around, that the new Harvester is not the one that golfers flocked to after the clubs opening in 2000.

Because the renovation project that started in 2018, and finished in 2019 elevated the golf course to a new level. Foster’s bunker work, that many say is the best in the business, added a flair to the Harvester. In some ways this club that is just barely more than 20 years old. Now looks like a classic that would be closer to 100 years old.

The par 3 third hole at The Harvester Club.

The first two holes are par 4’s that show the golfer, that Iowa is not a simply flat Midwest property.

Both run side-hill, downhill, up hill, and the second hole has a second shot that doglegs right. Before the second hole finishes by going uphill to a green, with interesting bunkers guarding the approach.

If you hit it in the right bunker, you might want to say your prayers. But you are in a good place to do that. Because the right bunker is Iowa’s idea of the “Church Pews”.

The sloped fairway on the par 5 4th hole.

The par 3-third hole plays 202 from the tips. But as one stands on the tee box you have to wonder if architect Pete Dye gave Foster some inspiration on this island green.

Placement with your drive off the tee is the key to success on the par 5-fourth hole. Because from the tips the hole sits at 595 yards.

No the fairway is not flat, and your ball even in fast and firm conditions, does not run forever here.

The par 3-8th hole from 236 yards.

The green on the par 5 sixth hole slopes right down to the water, and the hole is named “Holy Cow”. Longtime baseball broadcaster Harry Carey would approve.

Putting to a front pin from above the hole, gives one an opportunity to putt their ball into the pond in front of the green.

So how did the decision to go from public to private come about. Jensen decided to upgrade his golf course to a level that golfers with an appreciation of the game would really enjoy. Unfortunately there were too many previous occasions where golfers may have showed up to play a No.1 course.

But their actions made it appear they were only here for beer. Aretha Franklin said it the best, when she sang R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and Jensen felt the Harvester could use a little more respect from the golfers playing it. At that point Jensen decided everything about his club could be better. How to do that ? Call Foster and start with the golf course. Jensen’s idea was to create a more than just a better golf course, but a golf destination that the more serious golfers would enjoy, and travel to Iowa by any means possible to play there.

CLICK HERE to hear the interview with The Harvester Club’s General Manager Mason Jensen (son of owner Dixon Jensen) on the rebranding of The Harvester.

The par 3-17th hole plays only 188 yards, but water comes into play right-with deep bunkers left of the green.

The back nine at the Harvester is no picnic either.

Number 1 handicap hole is the famed “Big Hog”, the 650 yard monster par 5 the 15th. Parts of the hole play uphill, and like any of the Harvesters holes, it offers even more of a challenge on windy days.

Which in central Iowa come along more than one would hope, especially if your out on the golf course.

The par 5 18th hole is called “Promised Land”. The hole almost plays a like a reverse of the famed 18th hole at Pebble Beach. But when you putt out on the 18th green, you do feel like you’ve played 18 holes of golf on some promised land. Right in the heart of Iowa, who would have though that.

The Harvester Club now private, does have membership opportunities for non-Iowa residents. If your interested, contact the club at (641)-227-4653 or learn more online at Harvesterclub.com.

See additional pictures on Facebook-Rory Spears page. On Twitter @GogBlogGuy.


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I HOPE you had a great Christmas.

It’s always great when you have your family trained to buy you top notch golf balls for Christmas.

Because now I’m all set for the Florida trip, in spite of how many water hazards their are in the Sunshine State.

It’s the final week of 2021, and my podcast partner Len Ziehm will be along mid-week to record the final edition of the Ziehm and Spears podcast series for 2021.

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There are other clubs that have recently added indoor simulators, so playing some golf this week is not out of the question.

What’s happening at World Woods Golf Club

WORLD WOODS Golf Club in Brooksville Florida (about 1 hour north of Tampa) has always had 36 good holes.

Two courses Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks, comprise the clubs 36 holes. There is a big circular driving range, and massive putting green.

For years the two Tom Fazio designed courses have been favorites to plenty of golfers. Pine Barrens years ago, was nick-named the public version of Pine Valley. For years in the winter months getting a tee time there was really hard to do.

But the sad thing was that in the recent years, word on World Woods golf is that the courses had gotten run down, and are in need of some up-keep.

Well help might be on it’s way. IF YOU HAVE HEARD of Cabot Golf Links in Canada you may have heard of owner Ben Cowen-Dewar. But his partner at Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs is one Chicago based Mike Keiser (Bandon Dunes-Sand Valley). Yep, and the word is that earlier this month, Canadian company Cabot Company LLC has bought World Woods and two other near by clubs in Homosassa Springs Florida.

STAY TUNED, plenty of acres at World Woods. Because two fix-ups and maybe more golf holes could be on their way.

IN THE MEANTIME work in some golf if your off this week. It’s a great way to end the year, and get ready for next year. Your winter trip south or west, is right around the corner. The Eskimo Open at Cog Hill is this Sunday Jan. 2nd, be ready.

THE D-LUX Budget Inn down the street from Cog Hill is for sale. Rumored price is $1.5 million. This would be a nice addition for over night lodging by Cog Hill. I can see it now, the Cog Hill Inn or the Dubs-Inn.

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS


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TOPGOLF has announced several sports stadiums that will be turned into golf venues through April of 2022. Nothing listed up north yet. But down south and out west have a few options. For the current list see Topgolf.com.

Cog Hill under the lights. Practice under the lights at Cog Hill.

COG HILL has golf season all lit-up.

Plus now golf season goes year round, during the day or even at night.

Under the lights at Cog Hill, hit balls or get a round in on Toptracer. Because now you better start practicing.

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***Both facilities are closed on Christmas Day***

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Award Winning Golfers on Golf Radio WCPT820 AM and from Chicago’s favorite foursome, Ed Stevenson, Bill Berger, Rory Spears and Len Ziehm.

THE GOG BLOG returns on Sunday December 26th.


MCWETHY’S TAVERN OPEN FROM 11-3 ON CHRISTMAS EVE have a holiday lunch on Renwick Road in Romeoville. The MISWTOOD GOLF DOME is open tomorrow from 8 to 4 PM and closed on Christmas Saturday. So you can book your hitting bay by visiting Mistwoodgolfdome.com or calling (630)-739-7600. #McWethysTavern.com

ZIEHM & SPEARS-Len Ziehm and Rory Spears have recorded their 76th podcast in the last two years. They will close out with a final edition mid-next week, that looks back at 2021 and ahead at 2022.

Rory Spears (L) and Len Ziehm (R) enjoying a day at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville.

THIS EDITION OF ZIEHM & SPEARS looks entirely at the recent announcement by the Medinah Country Club that will renovate it’s Course #3 championship venue.

The $18.5 million dollar renovation is likely the largest one in recent years in the Chicago area.

But could be the most significant one as well, looking forward to major championship in the Chicago area. Even beyond the 2026 Presidents Cup that is already scheduled at the club.

CLICK HERE to hear the latest edition of Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2021- Volume 36, with discussion on the Medinah Course 3 renovation. By Australian firm OCM, headed up by 2006 U.S. Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy, and architects Mike Cocking and Ashley Mead.

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas from Len and Rory.


IN THE DOME or in the SIMULATOR. The golf season is now never ending in the Chicago area. So if you have some free time around the holidays, and want to test out your new clubs. Do you need to get ready for the winter trip down south. MISTWOOD Golf Dome with McWethy’s Sports Bar is the Chicago area’s premier golf dome located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Open daily until 10 PM, see Mistwoodgolfdome.com or call the dome at (630)-739-7600. The SCHAUMBURG Golf Club one of the first area clubs with three simulators & home to Chandlers Chophouse. Is located at 401 N. Roselle Road, minutes from Woodfield Mall. Learn more at Schaumburggolf.com or (847)-885-9000.

THE MEDINAH CLUB HOUSE recently rated by Golf Digest as one of the best clubhouses in America.

BY RORY SPEARS: Director of Content and Creation, for Golfers on Golf.

Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

THIS PAST SATURDAY the Medinah Country Club voted to renovate it’s famed Course #3. Course #3 has been a long time America’s Top 100 golf course, and major renovations aren’t always seen on courses of this nature.

The master plan for the Medinah Course #3 renovation, created by OCM golf of Australia.

So why is Medinah #3 under-going this renovation.

As the 2019 BMW Championship unfolded on Course #3, and 70 of the best players in the world were shooting low scores not always seen in major championships at Medinah. It did not take long before talk started.

Whether it was on social media, in the media tent or galleries on the golf course, comments were heard that Medinah members will be talking renovation within days of the championship ending. The need to toughen the course up before another championship comes to Medinah, would need to be done. Justin Thomas won the trophy, and took home the first place check with the winning score of 25 under par.

25 under par, on Medinah #3 ? really how. With the 2020 BMW Championship already scheduled for the Olympia Fields North Course, which is no push-over. Word was that some Olympia Fields members saw the Medinah scores and predicted scores would hit 30 under par at their club. But U.S. Open style deep rough at Olympia Fields last year, kept scores higher than expected.

Justin Thomas with the BMW Championship, won the 2019 BMW Championship with a 72-hole score of 25 under par.

But when you give the best players in the world near perfect weather and courses conditions, they are going to go low, and at Medinah they did just that.

Regardless of the low scores during BMW week, it didn’t take long for Medinah to review what happened.

Joe Gattone who was serving as the club president at the time, brought together the clubs board and committee chairman to discuss the future of the golf course. The discussion led to the decision, that is was time for Course # 3 to get better. But also tougher for the professionals, and more enjoyable for the members and their guests. With that, the search began for the right firm and right architects to handle the project.

To lead the search, a committee was formed to present the club with the right architects who could design a master plan to move course #3 forward. That committee became former Medinah past president Brian DeAngelo, who led the Course #1 and Course # 2 renovation committees. Michael Scimo, another past president of the club who led the club’s 2020 transformation project. Scimo will also serve at the clubs chairman for the 2026 President’s Cup. Gattone, who Scimo said was extremely helpful on the financial side of the planning for the project. Ryan Potts a former Division 1 college golfer at the University of Illinois, currently Potts is a board member and chairman of the greens committee.

AFTER THE VOTE PASSED it was Scimo, who first spoke with Golfers on Golf back on December 20th of 2020, to explain the series of events, that led the selection of Australian golf architecture firm OCM to handle the project. Scimo was kind enough to speak with us again after last weekends vote passed.

FIRST ON THE TEE, who is OCM, and why would a historic club like Medinah, bring in Australian firm like OCM with a limited background in the USA, to work on Course #3.

OCM-GOLF is former U.S. Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy, who won the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot when Phil Mickelson and a few others didn’t. Two other key members of the OCM team are Mike Cocking and Ashley Mead. What surprised the Medinah committee was the great initial presentation that OCM made, through video’s, emails and Zoom calls, since Covid-19 started just months into the search, and travel restrictions affected the OCM team from at first coming to Medinah.

In fact while Ogilvy played at Medinah during the 2006 PGA Championship, he hasn’t made it on property during the entire recent renovation process leading into last weekends vote. But Cocking and Mead have been to Medinah, only to have issues getting back home this fall when increased travel restrictions were added to Australia.

The OCM Golf logo.

BUT LATE In 2020, when OCM first emerged as the front runner in the renovation project, you can guess the reaction that some people and club members had.

Why an Australian firm ? Would Medinah #3 a classic parkland course, soon be cutting down all it’s trees and going to a linksy look with dunes and styles found on famed courses around the United Kingdom (UK).

There was plenty of thought that heavy architect hitters like Gil Hanse, Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw, Medinah Course #1 renovation architect Tom Doak, Keith Foster, Jack Nicklaus, or the new team of former USGA CEO Mike Davis and the Fazio Group would get the nod. But while Scimo wouldn’t say who the other finalists were, he did say that OCM Golf “beat out the other four finalists they were competing against.

THE VIDEO sent to the Medinah membership for review is now posted online at the OCMgolf.com website. It’s really worth a look if you want to see how Course #3 will look after it reopens for play in late spring of 2024. The OCM website also has the master plan approved by the club (pictured above). That plan includes a five-hole short course, and a large new putting green near the first tee of Course #3.

THE VOTE according to Scimo brought a record turnout to the club on a Saturday in December. Scimo explained Medinah’s voting procedure on a capital project. First up voting members must be present (there are no mail-in, email-in or zoom votes), and that junior members (basically under the age of 40) do not have voting privileges.

But that group was heard. A group that includes 2021 Illinois Open Champion T-K Kelly. Kelly’s mom Blue Kelly, a Medinah women’s club champion read a statement the group drafted. Reports are that Kelly aced her speech.

The par 4-18th hole sets up for the 2019 BMW Championship. 18 will now play as a par 5 for the members.

THE VOTE needed a 2/3 majority to pass. It received an over 80% approval.

Scimo could not give exact numbers on the vote total. But some reports have the totals at just over 300 yes votes, with the no count somewhere around 80. With that the vote passed.

A press release sent out yesterday, said the cost of this amazing new project, would be $23.5 million dollars.

But the cost is broken down in this manner. $10.5 million on the golf course, $8 million for infrastructure, and $5 million in lost revenue while the course is shut down.

With that Medinah #3 originally designed by Tom Bendelow, and past host of three U.S.  Opens (1949, 1975, 1990), U.S. Senior Open (1988), two PGA Championships (1999, 2006), the Ryder Cup (2012), the BMW Championship in 2019, and future site for the 2026 Presidents Cup will be changed. Course play in 2022 will be through the end of September, with the course closed in 2023.

“It is with great excitement that I can announce that the members voted with overwhelming approval of the Course #3 Master Plan,” said club president William Kuehn. “This renovation is especially timely as the club looks forward to hosting the 2026 Presidents Cup.”

“We feel incredibly humbled and honored that the Medinah Country Club membership voted in favor of our plan, it’s a huge sign of confidence that the members are as excited with our concept as we are, and we can’t wait to get planning started in 2022,” said Ogilvy.

Geoff Ogilvy of OCM Golf

So what issues are getting addressed in the renovation.

How did OCM Golf become a front runner in the clubs renovation process.

During the renovation three new holes will get constructed. Is it true that the main body of work will be on the back-nine.

But what changes could happen on the front nine. What about par, will it change. Is it true that the 18th hole will become a par 5. Will the three par 3’s that all play over water, be any different. How comfortable is the PGA Tour that runs the Presidents Cup, with this project. What will be the tree removal plan, and how much longer will the course play when the renovation is complete.

Golfers on Golf spoke with Michael Scimo, about the renovation project.

PART 1 of our interview with Medinah Course #3 committee member Michael Scimo. Running time 19 minutes.

THE SECOND PART of the interview with Scimo covers more of the proposed changes to Course #3, with what could happen down the road on the professional tournament side.

PART 2 of the interview with Michael Scimo, on the Medinah Course #3 renovations. Running time 13 minutes 36 seconds.

IT’S NOT just the cost that makes this renovation one of the most significant projects in golf architecture. But the future opportunities it could present for major golf championships in the Chicago area.

Because this renovation could bring a U.S. Open back to the Chicago in the window of years 2030-2032, which would be the first in 27-30 years. Might a Ryder Cup return around 2042, some 30 years after the first one at Medinah in 2012.  Might the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs return, and could that event be the Tour Championship.

WHAT WILL IT MEAN for OCM Golf, will it cement them as one of the major golf architecture firms in the world. Might OCM become a bigger player in course design on projects the United States.

FOR ADDITIONAL information and historical details on the Medinah’s Course #3. Visit Illinoisgolfer.net and see Tim Cronin’s story on the project. Cronin authored Medinah’s 100 year centennial book.

ILLINOIS GOLF HALL of FAME Class of 2019 inductee Len Ziehm, will co-host this weeks Ziehm & Spears 2021 Podcast Series. That will feature the Medinah #3 renovation.

Golfers on Golf will continue to follow this story as it develops. RS


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has it’s simulators open, SchaumburgGolf.com to see holiday hours. But you can also shop for golf gifts in the pro shop. (847)-885-9000.

The wings are outstanding at McWethy’s Sports Bar in the Mistwood Golf Dome. Open daily until 10 Pm. Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600.


So have you finished your holiday shopping, if not here are some thoughts.

Because if your looking for a golfer, golf balls are a great place to start. But a gift card towards a club fitting or some lessons are not a bad idea.

But new golf shoes, golf gloves and shirts are winners as well.

With possible golf ball shortages next summer, it’s never a bad time to get some new balls for the season ahead.

CONGRATS TO THE DALY’S John and John II, the WINNERS of the Father & Son scramble in Florida this past week. In case you missed that, and you might have based on where all the coverage went. Sad-really sad, so many great stories there and many of them never got told. Wait until next year ? well maybe. The media needs to step it up on this event, this years coverage earned the press-corps a double-bogey.

PLAYERS OF THE YEAR. The Illinois PGA Section confirmed that Skokie CC’s Garrett Chaussard is the winner of the 2021 Bernardi Player of the Year award. Blackberry Oaks GC, Roy Biancalana is the winner of the Errie Ball IPGA Senior Player of the Year award. Mauh-Nah-Tee-See club’s Kevin Flack wins the IPGA Don Drasler IPGA Assistant Player of the Year award. Congratulations to all three players well deserved.

IN WISCONSIN the 2021 WPGA Players of the Year are: Member Player of the Year Mick Smith-New Berlin Practice Station. Kurt Mantyla Senior Player of the Year-Naga Waukee Golf Course. David Bach of Whistling Straits, The Assistant Player of the Year. Congratulations to all three Wisconsin professional’s on their fine year.

CHICAGO GOLF SHOW TICKETS are on sale NOW. Holiday savings if you buy now. Details at Corcexpo.com. Feb. 25-27. AS OF NOW it’s likely ALL-show goers will need to wear a mask-Be prepared. At the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

GREAT NEWS FOR THE JOHN DEERE CLASSIC in 2022, June 27-July 3. Because of the Classic getting moved up 1 week this year. The JDC will be allowed to offer not one, but three exemptions into the British Open or Open Championship. This should add even more exciting drama in the final rounds that always produce great finishes at TPC Deere Run.

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THE GOG BLOG is back later this week on the approval by the Medinah Country Club membership to renovate it’s championship Course #3. My current story does not include todays interview with renovation committee member Michael Scimo. Do stay clicked in for that, it’s a must listen.

FOX RUN in Elk Grove has opened it’s new clubhouse. So stop by for a beverage, a bite to eat and some simulator golf action. FoxRungolflinks.com.

THE NEW PRACTICE CENTER on the range at the Bridges of Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates is really good. Golfers will really enjoy this when the weather pops next spring and summer. The facility has Toptracer and more.

Happy Holiday week everyone. RS


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Mistwood Golf Dome is Chicago’s premier dome, and a Top 100 national club fitting destination. (630)-739-7600. But now registration is open for the ICE BOWL Saturday night January 8th, in the dome. So register now before the event sells out at MistwoodGolfDome.com. $300.00 per team.

EDISON WEDGES is running a year end holiday sale through December 31st. Because any order placed by December 31st, gets a 10% discount. EdisonWedges.com

Pine Meadow apparel is available during the holiday Christmas sale.

PINE MEADOW GOLF CLUB in Mundelein is running out of 2022 Ambassador passes, only a few remaining. Reserve yours at PineMeadowgc.com or call the pro shop at (847)-566-4653 (GOLF).

THE USGA and the Pine Needles resorts in Southern Pines are running a holiday special on 2022 U.S. Women’s Open tickets. So order yours today. Because time is running out. USGA.org or visit PineNeedleslodge.com.

Welcome to the new Pfau Course at Indiana University

INDIANA UNIVERSITY has announced that after 17 seasons women’s head golf coach Clint Wallman has resigned. The university has announced that assistant coach Emily Kuhfeld will take over as interim head coach for the remainder of the year. Plus IU has announced that a national search for new head coach is now underway. No reason for Wallman’s mid-season resignation was released by Indiana University.

THE GOLF HERITAGE SOCIETY will host the Columbus Ohio golf collectibles show Jan. 7-8 in Dublin Ohio, near Muirfield Village. So for more details see GolfHeritage.org.

CHICAGO BASED GOLFTINI has announced it’s spring of 2022 line, called Universe. For more information see Golftiniwear.com

BOLINGBROOK GOLF CLUB has announced a successful first season under new golf programs director BJ Paul. Over 250 golfers from juniors to adults were part of the programs. But after working with Paul this past summer, over 30 golfers say they carded their career best golf score. For more information contact Bolingbrook Golf Club or Paul at (630)-771-9400-ext 4500 or bjpaul@bolingbrookgolfclub.com.

Cleveland Srixon has announced the 6th generation of the Q-Star golf ball. Now available.

SRIXON one of leaders in the golf industry when it comes to golf ball technology, has announced the launch of it’s sixth generation Q-Star golf ball.

The colors available are Pure White and Tour Yellow.

Q-Star is now available as of December 15th.

“This latest generation of Q-Star golf balls offers great all-around performance,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager at Srixon. “With a lower overall compression compared to previous generations, the new Q-Star delivers better distance off the tee and enhanced feel when approaching the green.” The 338 dimple pattern returns to increase distance due to less drag. But now comes with an improved alignment line. Price per dozen $27.99 But for more information visit Srixon.

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