MISTWOOD GOLF DOME and MCWETHY’S SPORTS BAR are now rolling with both golf and football for the indoor season. YOU CAN book your hitting bay online or stop by for food and drink to watch the big game-like Packers & Bears this Sunday. So why not bring your appetite and your clubs to enjoy it all in the Mistwood Golf Dome. Which is located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Call (630)-739-7600 online

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Bettinardi Queen B Putters are here.

The 2023-24 line of Queen B putters is here from Tinley Park Illinois based Bettinardi Golf.

You can pre-order the Queen B’s now.

But better yet, is that Bettinardi has introduced a line of new wedges (back to wedges in a bit), in addition to the NEW Studio B Reserve, and a special 100th win edition putter.

So much to pick from-so little time with the holidays approaching.

Bettinardi Studio B Reserve


The Studio B Reserve is a special production of a collection of putters taken to a higher level.

The group off putters will be released by Bettinardi in small batches. There will be altered face millings, finishes, necks, colors schemes and more.

Bettinardi calls it’s INOVAI 6.5 the headliner of the group that has flown the hive. Visit the website and see Long Neck BB1, a soft carbon QB8, and SS28 with a Flymill face milling.

HAPPY 100-Fred Couple won the SAS Championship on the PGA Tour Champions recently giving Bettinari it’s 100th win on tour.

The special edition 100th win putter.

WITH FRED COUPLES winning the SAS, it gave Bettinardi it’s 100th win.

So Bettinardi responded with a special edition small release (available now) batch of SS28 putters, done in a Gold Flame Finish.

The SS28 has a Welded Flow neck and a Floating FIT over Flymill face.

This special release also includes a commemorative blade headcover, that features 100-T-Hives stitched in golf thread on midnight black leather.

The 100th win custom head cover.

THE QUEEN B is ready to fly the hive.

Bettinardi calls the new Queen B Series something that pushes the boundaries in both beauty and craftsmanship. saying the companies most popular line of putters is continuing to evolve.

But the line is favored by golfers who want a fantastic finish, sharp contours, and heavier head weight.

The timeless 303 Stainless Steel line includes four models that have an all-new Caramel Copper PVD finish and a Mini-Honeycomb face milling. The 2023 Queen B line is Queen B 6-Queen B 11-Queen B 14- Queen B 15. But you can learn more at

The Bettinardi 5.0 HLX Forged Wedges.

ROBERT J. BETTINARDI has taken his line of wedges to a new level of splashing out of the sand, and getting some stoppage and lift in getting out of the rough.

THE NEW HLX 5.0 Wedges are not only here, but are ready to help the golfer succeed in any conditions.

Forged from Carbon Steel, the HLX 5.0 provides a softer feel wedge. Then add the High Helix Cut Grooves, and you have the softest forged wedge face to date.

The milling technique allows for more weight on the flange, this raises the center of gravity and helps allow for a lower trajectory flight of the ball. So this shot can improve your golf game.

Bettinardi products are of course-Made in the USA. Visit to learn more, and see the Bettinardi holiday gift guide. But orders need to be in by December 8th.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME ON RT. 53 IN BOLINGBROOK is open for the winter golf season. Lessons, club fittings, play or practice on Toptracer. mcWethy’s Sports bar in the dome is your home for all the sports. So visit or call the dome at (630)-739-7600. EAGLE RIDGE owner Mark Klausner shows off the NEW StoneDrift Spa now open. See the new spa and 63 holes of golf at

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LIV GOLF 2023 International locations announced

THE LIV GOLF schedule for 2023 is starting to come together. But the remainder of the schedule will be out in the coming weeks.

But the first announcement came last week, with the new Australian site that from April 21-23, the Grange Golf Club in Adelaide will host the Liv Tour. The Grange Club hosted the 1976 West Lakes Classic where LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman, recorded his first professional victory.

But today comes word that other scheduled stops include Mayakoba’s El Camaleon golf course will host from Feb. 24-26 in the first LIV event played in Latin America. One major golf publication calls the course one of Mexico’s finest. Golf Singapore-The Serapong at Sentosa Golf Club April 28-30. Golf Valderrama-at The Real Club in Spain June 30th to July 2.


“LIV Golf is truly a global league dedicated to expanding the sport throughout the world, and these destinations for the league’s 2023 launch showcase our commitment to tournament play at the highest level,” said LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman. “These venues have played host to signature moments in golf, and we’re excited to build new traditions for the sport while delivering a first-class fan experience at some of the world’s best courses.”

But you can purchase grounds passes for these events that are already on sale at so don’t wait.

The Real Club hole 15 a Valderrama Spain.

THE SERAPONG at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore.

Former Singapore open champions and now current LIV Golf players, Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia have won here.

THE REAL CLUB in Valderrama Spain is has been ranked as one of Europe’s top golf courses since the late 1980’s. But the Real Club’s crowning achievement was playing host to the 32nd Ryder Cup won by Europe in 1997, and hosted World Golf Championships in 1999 and 2000. Ireland’s Graeme McDowell and Garcia have won at Valderrama.

But the full 2023 LIV Golf schedule will be released in a few weeks, with the 2023 teams announced early next year. The expected prize fund for 2023 in LIV Golf will be $405 million dollars.


COMING SOON TO WILLOW HILL in Northbrook (L) ALREADY NOW OPEN Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook on Rt. 53-Book your hitting bay at So practice on Toptracer, get fitted for new clubs, take a golf lesson- (630)-739-7600.

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The Cog Hill Golf & Country Club Practice Center will be closing several days for some scheduled maintenance.

Welcome to the Cog Hill Golf & Country Club.

COG HILL has announced it will be closing its practice range coming up in December for several days.

One of the great things about Cog Hill, is that it has always remained open year round-even in the winter.

Because Courses 1 & 3 are open for play during the winter months.

The practice area, with heaters blowing down over the hitting area’s, have kept golfers warm when the temperatures drop.

But starting December 7th, the range area will close for 9 days through December 16th for maintenance. Cog Hill will notify everyone if the range can reopen sooner than the 16th.

OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS include the Frosty 3-Club tournament on December 3rd is on. Additionally on the 3rd will be the holiday open house in the 2-4 building. 10-3 Pm.

THE ANNUAL ESKIMO OPEN will take place on Sunday January 9th, 2023. Sign up today at or call Cog Hill at (866)-264-4455 Played on Courses #1-2-3.


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME will be holding it’s annual Birdies and Brews Tournament on Toptracer Saturday night December 10th at 7 PM. Sign ups are now underway. But you can book a hitting bay a week in advance. See (630)-739-7600

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RORY SPEARS in the Mistwood Golf Dome located in Bolingbrook. With a Callaway Rogue Iron.


So if your looking to do your shopping online, today is the day to do it.

There are plenty of online deals that are now available which vanish tonight at midnight.

So don’t be afraid to jump online and get a present for yourself, or your favorite golfer.

There are plenty of deals on golf gifts and not just on golf clubs. You can find just about anything golf wise-on sale today-online.

THE NEW STONEDRIFT SPA is now open at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa in Galena. See the Cyber Monday deals today at

BUT IF YOU ARE STILL LOOKING for golf ideas for the holidays, I will have plenty more coming up the rest of the week.

So do stay clicked in right here.

Its good to see that the new Stonedrift Spa at Eagle Ridge is finally open. The spa was supposed to have opened in July, but supply chain issues that have plagued so many industries, pushed opening day for the spa back over 100 days. But to see more about the spa and Eagle Ridge, visit and see the Cyber Monday deals.

ON THE RESORT SCENE-one of my favorite places is Innisbrook Resort in Tarpon Springs Florida. Home of the Valspar Championship on the PGA Tour, today it has discounts of up to 40%. But you must book your stay by tonight. Play where the pro’s play-on the Copperhead Golf Course home of the snake pit.

Sqairz Golf Shoes owner Bob Wiskowicz invites you to try Sqairz-the best golf shoes on the market. Cyber Monday specials today, maybe the best deals of the year.

SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES are now the best golf shoes I have ever used on the golf course.

My list of brands I have previously used, is a long one. It started when I took up the game playing in gym shoes.

But then I got spikes, real metal spikes, remember when you could wear them-those were the days.

My list continued with Hush-Puppy golf shoes, then Dexter golf shoes, from there I moved on to FootJoy and wore them for years. But after the years of the waterproofing failing, and the shoelaces repeated untying, not to mention the blisters especially on newer pairs. Enter New Balance and Adidas. New Balance is really comfortable and the traction is good, so it would take something special for me to quit using New Balance.

While I am an everyday Adidas guy, their golf shoes are lacking. The pair of Boost Shoes I got, I wore for 1 day. The sole was too thin for me, and the spikes felt like they were coming through the bottom of the shoe. So I need to make another change.

But then came Sqairz, and at first Sqairz was solid, but they were a heavy shoe, with a toe that looked like I was an NFL place kicker in the 1970’s. That’s all changed. While the original Sqairz shoe had promise, such as traction, much better shoelaces, and my feet stayed dry inside the shoe on wet days, style and weight needed some adjustment.

SO EARLY THIS YEAR it did. Sqairz 2022 is not your Sqairz of 2020. Style and weight changed, and the new Speed style is what I’m wearing now. They have more comfort than my previous pair, are a little more sleek and stylish. So if you need new golf shoes in 2023, try Sqairz and visit they will make a difference and your feet will enjoy them.

ACE Indoor Golf’s line of Gimmie Simulators.

IF YOUR THINKING about a simulator for your home or business, now is the time to do some serious shopping.

BUT BEFORE YOU BUY, make sure you visit

Because right now though the end of the 2022 calendar year, you can save over $7,100 on the GCHawk complete golf simulator package.

At $26,799 this is the years best price. So if a simulator is an option for you, it’s time to do your research before 2023 gets here. Gimmie Simulators, of ACE Indoor Golf, and SkyTrak IN-A-BOX-PACKAGE comes with great savings now through the end of the year. See for when you need to bring your game home.

OLYMPIA FIELDS COUNTRY CLUB is fixing up it’s 11th hole on the South Course by moving over a tree from the 6th hole on the South Course.

This is not a surprise but. Word on the street the club spent in the neighborhood of $250K to make the move. One tree-$250,000 that’s interesting.

During most renovation projects I am a supporter of taking out trees. The number removed depends on multiple factors. Are trees, sick, damaged, in danger of coming down, or really infringing on the fairways, obstructing tee shots, or deflecting approach shots into the green.

When tree branches hang over the fairways, there needs to be major trimming or a removal. When trees are very close together and are choking each other, for water or soil nutrients, one or two trees need to come out. Because when you have grass area’s where you can never grow grass. Take out some trees, let in the sun and increase the air-flow. When parts of your tee boxes can’t be used because of branches hanging out in the hitting corridor, cut them down. It’s not really fun hitting through the uprights to find the fairway.

OLYMPIA FIELDS SOUTH COURSE is really good old time Parkland classic golf course. It’s 11th hole is a short par 4. IT HAD 1 massive tree right in the middle of the fairway, that brought strategy into the tee shot. But after a storm damaged the tree, it had to come down. The result= a very easy and nothing hole. So now a tree has been moved into the prior position of the former tree, apparently at the cost of around $250,000. OUCH!

I won’t judge the move just yet, I want to see it in person next year first. But perhaps a bigger tree topic on the South Course is, the massive removal of the trees that are coming down on numerous holes. Plenty of members seem upset that the character of the South Course is being ripped out by the roots. I’ll have more to say when I see things firsthand-likely at some point in 2023.

THE 2023 BMW Championship will be played in August on the clubs North Course.

SPEAKING OF TREE’S several people who have driven past Medinah Country Club in recent weeks tell me there have plenty of tree’s taken down as part of the renovation on Course #3. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what’s happening at Medinah as well.

OVER A MONTH BACK there were reports of Augusta National Golf Club being under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ). But then not much since other than some photo’s of the new look to the Par-3 course and the lengthened 13th hole.

THE GOG BLOG Returns all week with more stories and holiday gift ideas. RS


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME IS NOW OPEN for your winter business. So do you need to keep your game sharp, practice your game in the dome and use the Toptracer golfwear to keep track of your numbers. Lessons, club fittings, play Top 100 golf courses, or just practice. Did you get new clubs-try them out. or (630)-739-7600

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The Callaway Golf Solana TRX v2

The holiday season is here. So start shopping for the 2023 golf season now. Because December 25th will be here before you know it.

CALLAWAY-so you thought they just made golf clubs. Not exactly.

The Callaway Solana TRX v2 is a front runner in lightweight, waterproof golf shoes. This style of shoe is built with an Opti-Dri waterproof microfiber leather upper. But add the outsole which utilizes the Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleat to improve power and enhance your swing stability. A 5mm PLUSFoam insole works with the arch of your foot to give a natural and comfortable walk around the golf course. Solana TRX v2 comes with a 2-year water proof warranty. Retail is $99.95.

The Callaway Coronado v2 SL

CALLAWAY has also created the Women’s Coronado v2 SL.

Because this shoe is a combination of comfort with a technology mix, the end result being a sporty, spikeless waterproof golf shoe.

This microfiber leather upper has Opti-Dri protection, for when you play those early morning rounds, or are first-out after the rain showers have a gone away.

A 5mm PlusFoam insole adds comfort in every step you take, and Coronado v2 SL comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty. But with a retail price of only $89.95. So for more information see


NEW Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Contend

THE NEW BALANCE FRESH FOAM CONTEND is a top level walking shoe. But it’s Fresh Foam midsole provides a strong medial arch & heel support to deliver a proper alignment & stability while walking the course. The data-driven concave geometric shapes on the lateral side of the shoe for a soft, cushioned feel.

But the Fresh-Foam Contend upper combines waterproof microfiber leather and mesh with a welded forefoot water guard. The spikeless golf shoe features a rubber outsole that incorporates pressure mapping colors, highlighting the key performance zones.

Fresh Foam Contend retails at $99.95 and has a 2-year waterproof warranty.

NEW BALANCE GOLF SHOES-with 2-year water proof warranty.


NEW BALANCE has created the Fresh Foam LinksSL v2 for women.

The new high performance golf shoe for women, utilizes the softness of Fresh Foam in a spikeless golf shoe.

The new technology builds a softness into the midsole.

The Fresh Foam LinksSL v2 retail price is set at $89.95 and backed by a 2-year waterproof warranty. So learn more at

Welcome to Sand Valley Golf in Nekoosa Wisconsin.


RIGHT NOW save %25 percent, on any online order over $175.00.

But you must use the promo code.

Sand Valley continues to evolve not just as a golf resort. But now as community, as the options of what you can do increase over the next few years.

There is more golf coming online in the next two years, See for more information.

Spencer Hadelman with a Talon Golf hoodie-one of the most comfortable hoodies on the market.


A rising star in the golf market with variety of products, is currently running a 50% site-wide sale.

Talon Golf has one of the most comfortable hoodies you will find, and the T-shirts feel pretty good as well.

Talon Golf has a line of golf products including hats, gloves and more.

So learn more about Talon Golf at So keep warm this winter in a Talon Golf hoodie.

The Bloodline Golf NEW putting matt.

BLOODLINE GOLF has introduced a new putting mat, which is designed help you improve your putting.

This is done by having a series of targeting drills.

Bloodline which has partnered with Big Moss, a golf industry leader in putting surfaces.

The new bloodline putting mat is 8-feet long and 12-inches wide. But the mat comes with a standard cup, so golfers get feedback like they would on the golf course.

“One of the things we do here at Bloodline is help golfers make more putts,” said Brad V. Adams, Bloodline CEO. Bloodline Putting Mat is normally $159.00. But now there is a holiday special through December 31st, the mat is only $119.00 Enter Code Giftguide40 at checkout for the deal.

THE BLOODLINE VALE PUTTER normally $299.00 is now on sale for $239.00 through December 31st. Enter the promo code Giftguide60 But learn more at

DALLAS BASED TOPGOLF has announced that it’s first venue in the State of Idaho will open tomorrow November 28th. Topgolf will open in the Boise area-10miles from the downtown area. The new venue will bring more jobs to the area. But you can learn all the details at

EDISON GOLF WEDGES has announced a $40.00 off sale on all wedges through Midnight November 28th. So get the details from

SKYGOLF has announced a year-end sale on Skycaddie ranger finder devices. So right now save $50.00 on rangefinder devices that also includes Skygolf watches. So learn more at

THE GOG BLOG SPEAKS OUT-Returns tomorrow. RS


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME is open for the winter golf season. The Dome is Home to McWethy’s Sports Bar and the NFL Ticket every week. So bring your clubs and your appetite. Book a hitting bay online at or call (630)-739-7600.

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Cassy Tully with her 2022 BMW Championship poster at Wilmington Country Club in DEL.

WHEN IT COMES TO an industry leader in golf art, look no further than Florida based Cassy Tully.

Because Tully not only does art work for the Western Golf Association (WGA), the PGA of America, Kohler Company, she creates the art work that both public and private clubs are looking for, when increasing the style and look of their clubhouses.

Tully started her golf art years ago while creating art work for the American Club in Kohler Wisconsin, with her first championship being the 2021 U.S. Women’s Open at Blackwolf Run.

So now as the holidays approach does your favorite golfer need a poster from the 2022 BMW Championship or art from other golf courses. But if your looking for holiday ornaments or ideas, see

When you visit the website, you will find promo codes for discounts. See to see the designs that golfers and private clubs and resorts are raving about. Golf art by Cassy Tully, a national leader in golf art and golf design. or visit


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME is open for the winter golf season. So is McWethy’s Sportsbar in the dome. So bring your clubs and your appetite and enjoy all the sports before and after golf. The wait staff will bring your food and drink right to your hitting bay. Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, is where the golf season never ends. or call (630)-739-7600. #AwardWinningChickenWings

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The Mistwood Golf Club pro shop-home of todays Black Friday Sale. Doors open at 7 Am, Andy Mickelson and Frank Hohenadel will be there to greet you.


Holding it’s annual Black Friday sale. There is plenty of up to % % % % % % % off on items.

Yes, golf clubs, golf shirts, golf shoes, golf gloves and more.

THIS IS the blowout sale you golfers have been looking for.

So head over to the Mistwood Golf Club pro shop-NOT the dome to find all the deals you have been looking for.

MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB is located on Renwick Road in Romeoville. (815)-254-3333.

BUT RIGHT NOW BUY $100 dollars in gift cards and get a 6 OZ. bottle of Honey-FREE at Mistwood Golf-Mistwood Farms. McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club.

Club Champion in Willowbrook.

RIGHT NOW GOLFERS can enjoy the best fitting deal of the year from Club Champion, the nations leader in club fittings, with more locations across America than any other fitter.

Because normally a full bag fitting can run for almost $400.00, now you can for short time get that fitting rate for only $100.00 with the purchase of a club. So do you need a driver, fairway woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges or a new putter. So get yourself fitted with several Chicago area locations including Willowbrook and Schaumburg. But don’t waste time, this offer won’t last for long.

Welcome to Settlers Hill in Batavia, now reopened from renovation.

THE SETTLERS HILL 2023 memberships are now up for sale, or you can now get the 10-Play Pass.

Settlers Hill which reopened back in early August, is a rare Chicago area course with spectacular elevation change.

The new driving range will open in 2023, the short course area is already and fun and quick to play.

But Golfvisions Player Pass is on sale now as Black Friday Sale. So purchase by this Sunday, and the price drops 50%.

CALLAWAY GOLF-special prices on the Rogue ST drivers, woods and hybrids. But even more are the sales for Callaway Golf Apparel.

SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES-the best shoe on the market has a Black Friday sale. You can learn more at

Bettinardi Putters and the Queen B line.

Bettinardi is having a Black Friday Black release.

But now underway the Black Hive release features plenty of black finish items.

Bettinardi is the Chicago area leader in putter design and one of the top putter design companies in the country.

So learn more about the Tinley Park based putter company.

The Gog Blog Returns tomorrow. RS


THE HONEY IS READY at Mistwood’s McWethy’s Tavern-The Mistwood Golf Dome is open for the indoor golf season. Plenty of sports to view in McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome in Bolingbrook.

The Mistwood Golf Course is closed for the 2022 season. But McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club on Renwick Road is open all winter.

THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE in the Mistwood Pro Shop starts early tomorrow. So head out to Mistwood Golf Club early tomorrow to get the best deals. Questions call the pro shop at (815)-254-3333 or visit

THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME is open normal hours tomorrow, so brings the clubs and bring your appetite. The games will be on in McWethy’s Sports Bar. The dome is located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600.

L-R Ed Stevenson-Len Ziehm-Bill Berger and Rory Spears.


From all of us at Golfers on Golf.

Ed Stevenson, Len Ziehm, Bill Berger and Rory Spears.

We wish everyone who supports our work a great holiday season.

Ziehm and Spears will podcast before the end of the year.

So do stay tuned or clicked in for details.

Rory will be at the Mistwood Golf Dome next week testing clubs and working on even more stories. There is plenty to put out before 2022 ends. Enjoy the news.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE and enjoy the holiday season. It’s underway, Black Friday is here tomorrow. Think golf. RS


THE MISTWOOD HONEY is back. Just in time for the holidays. So pick up your bottle at McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville-Black Friday Sale is back in the pro shop at Mistwood Golf Club-not the dome. or (815)-254-3333.

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The dome is getting ready to be inflated.


The Willow Hill golf complex in Northbrook, is about to become a year round golf destination.

Currently the dome is down, and not yet up and inflated.

But there is hope that within ten days it will be up and running. Golfers in the Northshore area sure hope it will be.

The cables are ready to be put in place (L) while the front door is up and ready to get pressurized.

Stay tuned for more news as the Willow Hill Golf Dome gets ready to open. But in the meantime, enjoy the holiday light show that is currently set up on the hill and opens daily at 5 Pm. The outdoor golf course and driving range are now closed for the 2022 golf season.


THE NEW STONEDRIFT SPA at Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena is NOW OPEN. So find out everything the spa has to offer by visiting or call (815)-777-5000.

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Golf professional Mike Mandakas is the Founder of Elevation Golf-now in Burr Ridge IL. and Carmel Indiana.


Because if you are, it might be time to visit Elevation Golf now located in Burr Ridge Illinois after a move from nearby Willowbrook.

Mandakas and Elevation Golf are part of a facility in Carmel Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. Located close to the famed Crooked Stick Golf Club.

Mandakas speaking at a recent grand opening event at his Burr Ridge facility said,” we needed more space and wanted to offer our customers more than we could at the other location.”

Golfers tee it up at Elevation Golf.

Mandakas has installed six simulators in Elevation Golf, but number seven is on the way. The seventh simulator will be added to the fitness area.

Elevation Golf offers not just golf instruction, but golf club fitting, golf fitness, and golf preparation to go through a recruitment process for high school players looking to play golf in college.

NEED MORE-how about golf simulator leagues or just golfing against a top golf course in America or outside the country. Elevation Golf makes a perfect setting for special events, or corporate parties.

Mandakas who spent time working at Olympia Fields and some other clubs before moving into his own venue, is not afraid to keep adding things to Elevation Golf that will help the customers who come through the door.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Elevation Golf Owner Mike Mandakas

The indoor putting green at Elevation Golf

But while simulators can be great for learning information about your longer clubs, how much they add to your putting game is another story.

But great news for those who want to work on their putting, the indoor putting area is perfect for that. Because it’s large enough to practice any length of putts you want to work on.

Elevation Golf has a great fitness area for those who want to work out before or after golf. But if it is a massage or an adjustment you need, there are both massage therapists and a chiropractor who work with Elevation Golf. You can do your session right there in a private room.

Do you need club repair or adjustment, both options can be done while you practice or workout. Elevation Golf is located at 810 Village Center Drive in Burr Ridge, and surrounded by shopping and dining options. Learn more at