MISTWOOD GOLF DOME will be the place to be tonight and tomorrow with some bad weather expected. Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook and it’s home to McWethy’s Sports Bar. IT IS Final 4 weekend, and opening weekend for baseball (630)-739-7600. Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville opens for outdoor play Thursday April 6th (815)-254-3333. The Schaumburg Golf Club opens today for outside golf. So do play before the weather does get worse. Schaumburggolf.com or call the pro shop, tee times (847)-885-9000.

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Heritage Oaks on Dundee Road in Northbrook Illinois.


THE Second full season at Heritage Oaks in Northbrook is here.

Heritage Oaks that now has it’s GRAA Top 50 Range award from 2022, has had the range open this past week.

But the 27 holes at Heritage Oaks open tomorrow, regardless of weather. So come out and play some golf. Because the outdoor season will fly past before we know it.

The New Heritage Oaks Club House-with the Acorn Bar and Grill. This year complete with a new menu. Featuring $3 dollar taco Tuesdays.

Heritage Oaks driving range is now complete with Trackman, which allows the golfer to gather data on their practice session.

The 2023 season is expected to be even better than last year when the facility was first reopening from renovation. Because not only is the Acorn Grill improved, but so are the golf carts with a better GPS system. Several new push carts have been added, with a third wheel and basket for storage.

The Acorn Grill has both indoor and outdoor dining when weather permits.

The Trackman Range brings a new element to the now double sided practice range.

The 18th hole on the Heritage Oaks Classic 18 course.

But the park system also operates the 9-hole Anetsberger golf course, which is located in Northbrook.

Heritage Oaks does have 27 holes, along with the Classic 18 course there is the Legacy Nine hole course.

Heritage Oaks offers lessons and club fittings, group classes and more.

So check out online HeritageOaksgc.org. But you can call the pro shop at (847)-291-2351 for more information. The clubs Brook-room is perfect for meetings and luncheons.  So if you have not been to Heritage Oaks since the club reopened from renovation. This golf season is the time to come out and see the course golfers were flocking to last summer. You can play 27 holes in one day. The outdoor golf season is here.


INDOOR TODAY-OUTSIDE OPENS FRIDAY, with weather coming in, it’s not too late to try out the Schaumburg Golf Club simulators. But the course is opening for outdoor play on Friday the 31st. See Schaumburggolf.com or call (847)-885-9000. THE MISTWOOD Golf Dome is open for golf. So with some wet and windy conditions coming in, the dome could be the place to play. Toptracer golf and March/April Madness in the McWethy’s Sports Bar-Best wings in town. Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook-visit Mistwoodgolfdome.com.

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The building at Bandon Dunes Continues.

“THE BABY BOOMERS ARE GETTING OLDER”           Mike Keiser during an interview with Golfers on Golf.

Bandon Dunes owner Mike Keiser has said for a few years now, that the Baby-Boomer generation, still likes to play plenty of golf.

But maybe not as much as they did ten years ago. So 18 holes is always fine, plus a few more. But not maybe another full sized 18 holes.

Long before the Cradle 9 at Pinehurst really helped par-3 golf take off, there was the Preserve-13 at Bandon Dunes and The 17 hole Sand Box at Sand Valley. The three par-3 courses are becoming a must at destination properties across the country.

Because now many resorts if they don’t have one, they are building one-or have one on the drawing board.

Bandon Dunes located on the Oregon coast of the Pacific Ocean, the 13-hole Preserve will soon no longer be the only par-3 course on property.

  Mike Keiser and architects Rod Whitman, David Axland and Keith Cutten walk the land of the new golf course at Bandon Dunes (L). The pin is in, do you have that blind shot.

So while progress is coming along, everything is not yet in place. Because this new course will have 19 holes.

But what it doesn’t have is a name-coming soon were told. The logo is under construction, and opening day is TBD.

So just when it seemed the new sheep course would be the last course built at Bandon Dunes. There are more new golf holes on the way. You can follow the news as it becomes available at Dreamgolf.com.


SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB the simulators are open, it’s in the 30’s-great place to golf today. The Mistwood Golf Dome is open on this cold day-so keep it inside until next week. SchaumburgGolf.com and Mistwoodgolfdome.com this week it’s the way to play.

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LIV GOLF is back-and returns to Rich Harvest Farms.


THIS WEEK THE LIV GOLF TOUR preps for Masters week in Orlando, at Orange County National Golf Club.

It’s the third stop on tour this year, and the second in the United States. After this week there will be eight more stops before LIV Golf returns to Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove-Sept. 22-24.

Cam Smith with the trophy at Rich Harvest Farms.

There will be 18 LIV Golfers playing in the Masters next week. LIV tour golfer and reigning British Open champion Cam Smith is one of the favorites to take home the green jacket.

Charles Howell III won the first tournament at Mayakoba in Mexico, with a final round 63 a 16 under par total score.

Howell’s team the Crushers that is comprised of Anirban Lahiri, Bryson DeChambeau, Paul Casey and Howell won the team title. But the margin of victory was 9 shots over the 4Aces team headed up by Pat Perez.

BUT PRIOR TO MAYAKOBA-LIV GOLF announced it’s first global partner in the company Easypost, an industry leader in Ecommerce, shipping logistics and software development.

THAT WEEK LIV GOLF announced the launch of LivgolfPlus and LivGolfPlus.com the leagues new streaming App and website. So combined with LIV Golf’s TV partner the CW Network. So it’s now easier to follow all the LIV Golf action on multiple media outlet platforms.

DANNY LEE won his first LIV Golf tournament with a win in Tucson, on the third playoff hole. Lee’s last win in 2015, was in a playoff. But the winning team was the Fireballs-headed up by Sergio Garcia.

THIS WEEK IN ORLANDO the players and the teams are heating up for a solid week of competition. Because some of the teams still need to get off the starting block. Check out all the action on the CW-or the LIVgolf streaming App or website.

RICH HARVEST FARMS during the first season of LIV Golf last September. This year from September 22-24 LIV Golf will return to Sugar Grove.

“I am thrilled to welcome LIV Golf back onto my golf course,” said Rich Harvest Farms owner and chairman, Mr. Jerry Rich. “They brought the best male golfers in the world to Chicago, which often gets over looked when it comes to professional golf tournaments. It was my hope in hosting them the first time, that they would see the potential of Illinois golf fans and return year after year. This announcement brings Chicagoland one step closer to achieving that dream and becoming a true mecca for golf.”

Cam Smith won the title and the team 4 ACES GC won the team title. Smith said,” I loved the energy out there, everyone was watching. The day was awesome.”

The 2023 LIV series is from February to September, and does not compete with the major championships, international events or heritage tournaments.

Tickets are on sale now for the return of LIV Golf to Rich Harvest Farms at LIVGolf.com. LIV Golf has donated to several area charities and the Kids Golf Foundation founded at Rich Harvest Farms.

BUT THIS WEEK the LIV Golf tour heads to Orlando, catch all the action on the CW Network and other online platforms this weekend. So for information see LIVGolf.com.


MANY OF OUR AREA COURSES will open next week. So get ready this week while the weather isn’t so great inside at the Schaumburg Golf Club 401 North Roselle Road, that has 3 simulators-which include the chance to play the Schaumburg Golf Club. Book your time at SchaumburgGolf.com or call (847)-885-9000. MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open-so is McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome. Catch the start of baseball-the Final Four-while you tee it up. Mistwoodgolfdome.com or call the dome at (630)-739-7600. Mistwood Golf Club will open soon for the outdoor season.

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The 2023 PGA Show in Orlando Florida-the Buzz is not coming back-it’s already here.

THE BUZZ is here.

So here come’s another golf season for the folks up north. Will golfers explode back out on the courses around town all summer long.

Was the golf boom just something one could do, while Covid was at it’s peak.

So what do the numbers say, what are signs of a good solid industry. IS GOLF in a good place-what do the numbers show us for 2023 and the immediate future beyond. Let’s take a look.

Golfers on Golf has reviewed the numbers from two studies, and seen plenty of signs of positive growth for golf, here’s what they are.

THE 2023 KEMPERSPORTS GOLFER INSIGHT STUDY-Teeing up the Future of Golf, showed the follow numbers. The data came from over 16,000 golfers from across the country who were polled.

89% of those polled are still playing as much or more golf, than they did back in the height of the pandemic. 78% percent will play as many as 16 times a year or more.

WHY PLAY GOLF ? 70% of GEN-Z (ages 16-25) say they play for a stress relief outlet. 54% just want to unplug for a while. Older generations says they need the exercise and just want some outdoor time.

WHAT ROLE DOES TECHNOLOGY PLAY IN GOLF-The KSM survey showed that golfers of all ages are enjoying the technical improvements in golf. Using technology to improve one’s game, while making their rounds more enjoyable. 75% said they like GPS systems on their golf cart. 50% like tracking their numbers while they practice on the range. 54% are interested in finding easy ways to book their next tee time online.

GEN-Z NUMBERS SHOW that 55% of younger players are hitting the course more often, as a result. They are getting to be better players. 81% say the social aspect of the game helps make it more fun. 70% say they are interested in social events or a league. But 83% currently are not in a league.

NEW PLAYERS who took up the game in the last three years, 85% of them still want to play 18 holes most of the time, but are open to shorter rounds or short courses, such as par-3 courses.

THESE RESULTS were done in December of 2022-by KemperSports management and their partners.

GOLF DATATECH announced at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando the results of their World Golf Report-that produced the following numbers.

Golf is now a $20 Billion dollar industry. $11.1 Billion on the equipment side, with $8.9 Billion on the apparel side. The numbers from 2021 equipment and apparel, sold in record numbers with an increase of over $ 5 Billion Dollars. But while the figures remained strong for most of 2022-4th Quarter numbers were down due to economic issues.

While the golf industry has remained strong for the last two years, it could have been better without the factor of three issues. Supply Chain issues keep companies from producing enough product. Shipping and transportation of goods are still hampered by Covid-19 restrictions. The strengthening US Dollar, frequently negated positive sales trends within local markets.

The United States and Korea have driven the growth in the equipment and apparel sales. Korean increases include growth of 93% (+549 million) with US growth at +43% ($1.6 billion dollars).

The United States #1 and Korea #3 are strong markets. But the top 5 world golf markets include #2 Japan #4 United Kingdom #5 Canada. The USA and Japan comprise 66% of the worlds golf equipment market.  But it’s Korean golfers that spend more per-capita on their equipment than any other country.

GOLFDATA TECH works with Yano Research on collecting it’s data, for this study.

MORE STUDIES SHOW that golf heavy states are drawing population growth.

Numerous studies and state census studies show the top five states for population growth since the start of the pandemic are, 1. Florida 2. South Carolina, 3. North Carolina, 4.Tennessee and 5.Texas. The reasons for these changes in growth are not just golf alone, but better weather-better golf season weather, lower taxes, better cost of living, plus the political climates of the states. The new residents of the five states listed above come from primarily California, Illinois and New York.

THESE STATISTICS were provided to Golfers on Golf from various golf bodies-that get numbers from state and national data bases and research institutions.

GOLFERS ON GOLF OBSERVATIONS from the 2023 winter golf trip. New golf course construction is climbing. Golf architects from both down south and in the Midwest say they are all very busy. Tom Doak is currently working on Pinehurst No.10, because Coore and Crenshaw were too busy at the current time to start the project. Several other southern states destination properties are building new courses, or adding holes and par-3 courses to keep up with demand. Bandon Dunes in Oregon is the latest to announce the addition of new golf. A 19-hole par-3 golf course will be Bandon’s newest golf course.

But the same thing happened in Brooksville Florida. At the new Cabot Citrus Farms where architects Riley Johns and Keith Rhebb stepped back from the redo of the Rolling Oaks golf course, due to a strong workload with much of it overseas. Several Chicago area, Michigan and St. Louis area architects tell Golfers on Golf they are very busy.

The demand for golf all winter long in the Chicago area, has not only public courses, and private clubs adding simulators. But various golf companies are setting up golf simulator businesses with food and beverage services in strip malls. Because these days, it’s almost as easy to find golf simulator operations as it is to find Walgreens or McDonalds.

ONE STUDY says the demand for new golf products in early 2023 is slightly down. But up in northern states, winter months are not strong times of year for golfers to make equipment purchases.

Spring and summer are almost here, things are starting to heat up. Stay tuned and here’s to a great 2023 golf season, hopefully things keep trending in the right direction for golf.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME in Bolingbrook is still open for golf, with opening day at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville coming soon. So go check out Toptracer and the food at McWethy’s Sports Bar-Mistwoodgolfdome.com or (630)-739-7600. SCHAUMBURG Golf Club at 401 N. Roselle Road has three simulators open, and you can golf the Schaumburg Golf Club on them. The outdoor version is opening soon. (847)-885-9000 .

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RORY SPEARS in front of the Orange County Convention Center and the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show.



Because when you sum up the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show this past January, you see the industries latest trade show-almost back to where it was pre-Covid-19.

Which is a good thing. In fact some show goers liked the attendance where it was at this year, instead of where it was in 2019 and 2020. Because the feeling was that this years show-was back 85% of what it was 3 years ago. The feeling was the range at demo-day and the isles in the convention center were busy. But not too busy you couldn’t move around, or had long waits to hit balls and try clubs at demo day.

KUDO’S to Reed Expositions and their team for getting things back on-track. Here’s looking ahead to 2024 in Orlando.

NOTES FROM THE SHOW- Over 30,000 attended the show, industry leaders in various categories from 86 countries attended. More than 800 companies were represented. What showed was the growth of golf-now a $84 billion dollar industry.

When the show started in 1954 people sold items from the trunks of their cars, now over 7,000 PGA and LPGA professionals attend. More than 800 media members cover the show. PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh said,” the energy on the floor was fantastic. If the show is a barometer for the year ahead, it’s going to be a great year for golf.”

Demo Day opened at 9 Am, by 9:05 the hitting bays at Toptracer were full, and stayed full all day, remarked Alex Goodman, National sales Director for Toptracer. The major equipment companies released parts of their product line, creating a buzz among those in attendance.

THE BUZZ WAS BACK in Orlando at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show-major golf equipment companies such as Callaway were right in the middle of the action, but were joined by Ping, Titleist, Cleveland/Srixon and others. IF ANYONE tells you attendance was down again, look no further than the picture on the left.

THE GOLFERS ON GOLF-PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW WINNERS FOR 2023 ARE (after much review-some serious thought-and walking up and down the convention floor for two full days).

BEST NEW EQUIPMENT (CLUBS)-Callaway Golf, the Paradym Clubs are really good. HM to Makefield Putters.

BEST NEW GOLF BALL-Titleist Golf-the new version of the old Pro-V1 golf balls has been an industry leader (and still is) but the gap is closing.

BEST NEW GOLF PRODUCT-The remote trolley-Stride By Zero Friction. One of the best things that Zero Friction owner John Iacono has ever developed.

BEST APPAREL-MEN- Con.Struct apparel (New), made with and by recycled products and energy. They feel so good, you would never know how they are made. So they are both very colorful and comfortable.

BEST APPAREL WOMEN-Golftini for Women. Founder and Owner Susan Hess and her lines of designs never disappoint and stay ahead of the current season. Sharp looking, great for women on and off the golf course.

BEST GOLF FOOD or BEVERAGE 4ORE Golf Nutrition-the powder in a packet, with more healthy ingredients and comes without the high sugar or the crash that comes after consumption. But now in 4 tasty flavors including our favorite, Berry.

BEST GOLF SHOES-Sqairz. CEO Bob Winskowitz has hit another home run with the line of Sqairz called “Bold”. The pro’s are wearing them, you should too. I stand behind them, and in them when I play and practice.

BEST TECH PRODUCT-Bushnell range finders, they get the correct in every condition and slope.

BEST GOLF GLOVES-Thera-Tec by Zero Friction Golf, HM Copper Tech Gloves.


THREE MEMBERS of the Illinois PGA Section distinguished themselves on the golf course this year. Congratulations are due to the following professionals.

Brian Carroll (The Hawk Country Club) won the IPGA Player of the Year award for 2022, the first time he has won the award. His key victory was winning the IPGA Section Championship at Makray Memorial, in a 3-hole playoff over University of Illinois golf coach Mike Small, a 13-time past champion. Carroll wins the Sam Bernardi Award for being the Player of the Year.

Roy Biancalana (The Hawk Country Club) is the 2022 Illinois PGA Senior Player of the Year. This marks the second straight year winning the Errie Ball award for Biancalana, who has now won the award, 4 of the last 5 years (18-19-21-22). Biancalana finished in the top 10, in almost every senior event he played in. Plus 4 times in events that were open field to players of any age.

Paul Schlimm Jr. (Chicago Highlands Club), for Schlimm it’s his first win of the Don Drasler Award. Perhaps Schlimm’s biggest win of the year, was winning a weekly stroke play event at the full-field Chicago Golf Club. But Schlimm and his partner were also a perfect 3-0-0 at the Royal Cup matches (vs Wisconsin professionals), in helping the Illinois PGA team take home a 8-7 victory.

NEWS OF THE DAY-Major League baseball MVP Mike Trout announces plans to build his own golf course in his home state of New Jersey. Less than a 100 mile south of Pine Valley. Trout will have Tiger Woods golf design build the club, that’s expected to open in 2025.

OPENING DAY for Heritage Oaks Golf Club in Northbrook, will be this Saturday April 1st. So come out and tee it up-RS.


MATT CARTER (L) AND ERIC RUSSELL (R) make up the highly rated Mistwood Golf Club Fitting Team-the outdoor season will be here soon. Get your clubs ready to go for outdoor play on this 30+ degree morning. Mistwoodgolfdome.com (630)-739-7600.

THE GO BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Not much snow left-time to visit the Schaumburg Golf Club. The outdoor course will be opening soon-stay tuned for an announcement on opening day. three simulators now open. Schaumburggolf.com (847)-885-9000

STILL PLENTY OF NEWS LEFT to hit down the fairway, so stay clicked in to Golfers on Golf.

THE Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) has announced a new event for 2023.

The Inaugural Family Classic, build your team of related family, for a 1:30 shotgun tee time at the Prairie Landing Golf Club, in West Chicago.

The event is sponsored by Zero Friction Golf Products-of Oak Brook Terrace-to sign up visit CDGA.org.

  THE COTTAGES at Cabot Citrus Farms in Brooksville Florida now on sale starting at $1,995,000. Golf on the property expected to open in late 2023. Phase 1 with 36 cottages (nestled into the golf courses) to pick from-See CabotCitrusFarms.com.

LIV GOLF ORLANDO coming this week. Buy your tickets now.


The LIV Golf Tour comes to Orlando Florida this week.

So get your tickets now. This will be the strongest field in golf this week.

Year 2 for the LIV Golf tour is underway and playing it’s second event of the year in the USA. Located at the Orange County Golf Club-site of demo day during the PGA Merchandise Show. LIVgolf.com for more details.

THE BB 41 by Bettinardi Golf


The BB 41 by Bettinardi is here.

It’s the third edition of the companies 25th anniversary series.

The limited edition has a special insert for a small amount of limited purchasers.

Bettinardi putters are made in the Chicago area suburb of Tinley Park, and played on tour by the reigning U.S. Open champion. So learn more about the putter line at Bettinardi.com.

The L’auberge casino hotel and golf-Lake Charles Louisiana.

THE L’Auberge Casino Resort and Golf has announced it will join with the Women’s All-Pro Tour (WAPT) in holding a tournament during the week of April 11-15.

The tournament will help raise funds for the Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana.

This is the second event of the year for the tour, and is part of the PXG race to Stage II. The field will be 108 professionals from around the world. Tournament purse is $55,000, with the winner taking home $10,000. Details at Dirercareinc.com or autismservicesswla.com.

THE PRESERVE at Oak Meadows is expected to be open next weekend (April 1st) weather permitting. Dupagegolf.com


Opening day is almost here. So DuPage Golf wanted you to know it’s time to be ready for golf.

Monday March 27th-Maple Meadows is open.

Thursday March 30th-Green Meadows is open.

The Preserve at Oak Meadows-should open next weekend April 1st, weather permitting. So watch for details at DuPageGolf.com and enjoy food and beverage at the now award winning Greenway Tap in the Oak Meadows clubhouse. Check DuPagegolf.com for days and hours at the Greenway Tap.

THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS has announced that 5th year senior Matthis Besard was named the B1G Ten Golfers of the Week. Besard finished 9th at the NIT Tournament. Besard’s scores led the Illini to a 4th place finish in the extremely strong field in Tucson Arizona. The field included 9 of the nations Top 30 ranked programs.

The Oaks Grille opening soon at Blackberry Oaks, operated now by Blackberry Oaks.

NEW At Blackberry Oaks in Bristol IL.

Coming soon to Blackberry Oaks Golf Club-home of the Chad Johansen Golf Academy, is the new Oaks Grille. The name the Oaks Grille won out in close vote over the name-**Chads**.

Blackberry Oaks has announced the new manager will be Ryan Auberry. The club is now hiring all positions in the Grille and needs cart attendants. The Spring scramble is sold out, but spots remain open for the summer scramble. See BlackberryOaks.com

Welcome to Sea Pines Resort-Hilton Head Island South Carolina.

SEA PINES RESORT is offering a Spring Great Escape.

The Escape Vacation Package can be attractive to families with adults and children of all ages, and with variety of interests.

Golf is a strong activity at the resort and is home to the RBC Heritage, the only PGA Tour stop in the state of South Carolina. The package is not available during the RBC, which runs from April 10-16.

Two airports serviced by Delta-American and united make it easy to get to the resort. So for more details see Seapines.com/offers-and-packages/escape-vacation-packages and enter the promotion code ESCAPE or call (866)-561-8802 and mention the offer.

The Stewart Apex remote trolley.

STEWART TROLLEY has announced the latest addition to it’s line of products.

The NEW Apex Remote Trolley is a pioneer in the world of “follow technology”.

Stewart Golf is calling the new trolley the “ultimate remote machine”, because it gives golfers control over their trolley from up to 100 yards away.

The new Apex trolley comes with Active Terrain Control (ATC) so golfers remain in control in spite of how difficult the terrain can be. The SmartPower Lithium batter gives the trolley enough energy for 27 to 45 holes of golf.

“With the forward-thinking the technology applied to Apex, we believe we have a machine that not only looks fantastic, but performs at a level that sets it apart from anything else out there,” says Mark Stewart CEO of Stewart Golf. So for more details visit Stewartgolfusa.com The Black or Carbon editions retail at $1,899.

PXG announces the release of Gen6 clubs.

GEN6 is here.

PXG Golf has released the Gen6 clubs as of this past week.

PXG CEO Bob Parson’s says,” Our irons that people said could not get any better, are faster, longer and more accurate. They might be the best iron on the market. Our new driver we feel is the best driver on the market.”

Parson’s adds, “we have pushed the limits in technology, while creating these clubs.”

PXG Golf has two locations in the Chicago area, one in Northbrook, and one in the western suburbs of Oak Brook Terrace. A more in depth story will be featured here in the day ahead. So until then visit PXG.com which now has almost 40 touring professionals on it’s golf staff. PXG has announced the release of it’s 2023 Spring Apparel collection, see more at PXG.com/apparel.

PINE MEADOW GOLF CLUB in Mundelein has announced Titleist fitting days with fitter Brad Nelson-starting April 13th. There is a $100 per hour fitting fee, that is applied to any purchase. But you must book an appointment in advance-NO Walk Ups. To schedule please call (847)-566-4653 (GOLF).

Con Struct Apparel-new and made from recycled products.

CON.STRUCT has launched.

First seen at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando Florida.

Con.Struct has launched it’s 2023 line of men’s clothing. But the line is made from recycled products and renewable solar powered energy.

The line of Polo styled shirts-quarter styled zips and more has a UV 50 rating of protection. So Con.struct is the Golfers on Golf Best Men’s Apparel winner from the golf show. Conxstruct.com.

The New XXIO Prime line of clubs.


The official launch date will be April 14th of 2023. But the Prime Line will offer improved power, control and speed performance. These features come in a lightweight design set of clubs.

In addition to Prime is the Prime Royal Edition in Men’s and Ladies editions.

The key additions to Prime are a Rebound frame, Weight Plus Technology, ActivWing, Super-TIX 51 AF Titanium Face, SP-1200 Shaft. Cost XXIO Prime Driver $899.99 Fairway Woods $599.99, Hybrids $419.99-Irons 7-PW $1,199.99, Single Iron $299.99. XXIO Prime package Set $4,499.99.

PRIME ROYAL EDITION Men’s and Ladies. Driver $1,199.99, Fairway Woods $799.99, Hybrids $499.99, Six Piece Irons 7-SW $2,099.99, Single Iron $349.99. Package set $5,299.99. XXIOusa.com. “These clubs are created for golfers who have lost some speed over time, but are still looking to add distance and maintain accuracy,” said Chuck Thiry, Vice President of XXIO.

Srixon/Cleveland launch partnership with Arccos


Arccos is know for being a pioneer of automatic shot tracking, big data and artificial intelligence for golf.

Currently these is a special offer for Srixon/Cleveland player to receive a free set of Arccos Smart-Sensors, plus a 45-day free trial of the Arccos Caddie Platform.

“Capturing and analyzing on-course data has long been an essential tool for the world’s top players,” said Scott Carlyle, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “Through this partnership with Arccos, we are making the same opportunity to play smarter golf to our community of golfers.” To redeem the promotion visit Srixon’s website.

The Donald Ross course at the French Lick Resort.

FRENCH LICK RESORT continues to see growth in golf play.

So with golf rounds growing by over 22% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, pre-bookings for 2023 have increased.

Pre-booking for golf at the resort, are up over 300% already.

“With growth and popularity of the game since the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our golf courses, both in regular tee times and with golf packages,” said Dave Harner, French Lick’s Director of Golf. “Traditionally, golfers would wait to book packages in the spring or last minute in the summer thinking they might get a greater value. But since the pandemic-golfers have been booking in fall for the next year, to assure the best times possible.”

Harner said rounds are up 58% since 2020 on the Pete Dye Course. Even with price increases on French Lick Resort Golf, demand is still high. So for more information on the French Lick Resort or FLR-Golf, see Frenchlick.com. Nearby course Sultans Run golf club, has been named home of the 2024 Senior LPGA Championship. Which was previously held on the Pete Dye Course.

GOLFFOREVER has announced 2023 Ryder Cup Captain Zach Johnson as a new brand ambassador for the stretching and training aid. Because at age 46 Johnson continues to wanting to compete at a high level. Johnson joins fellow ambassadors Scottie Scheffler and Jordan Spieth current product ambassadors. But for more information see GolfForever.com.

Callaway Golf’s full face-full toe grooved wedges. So learn more at Callawaygolf.com.


So it’s time to mark your calendar.

Because the 40th Annual World Golf Amateur Handicap Championship will be played from August 28 through Sept. 1.

But entries are already being accepted. So don’t delay, over 3,200 players are expected this year. Entry fee is now $699.00, which includes at least four rounds of golf, night admission into the World’s Largest 19th hole and a gift bag. The tournament gets played on over 50 Myrtle Beach golf courses. Because golfers have 12 different age divisions to fit into, you won’t be playing against players half your age. There are divisions for both men and women.

So get signed up at MyrtleBeachWorldAmateur.com.

Jacob “Jake” Mendoza returns to Rich Harvest Farms as the clubs new Superintendent.


Jacob “Jake” Mendoza is back at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove. The announcement was made by RHF owner Jerry Rich.

Mendoza previously worked at RHF from 2005 to 2008, after wrapping up an internship at Winged Foot.

But then Mendoza left for Medinah Country Club, and was the lead superintendent on Course No.3 for the 2012 Ryder Cup.

After Medinah, Mendoza went to the Detroit Country Club, and prepped the course for the PGA Tour’s Rocket Mortgage Tournament. So now he gets the task of getting RHF ready for the 2023 LIV Golf Tournament in September.

THE INDOOR GOLF SHOP and the INHOME GOLF form an Exclusive North American partnership.

DALLAS TEXAS-The Indoor Golf Shop the largest U.S. distributor, manufacturer and online retailer of residential and commercial indoor golf simulator equipment, and InHome Golf, Canada’s leading custom golf simulator design and installation company, have created a partnership to build the best indoor golf experiences in North America.

So for more information on this partnership please visit Shopindoorgolf.com or Inhomegolf.com.

The U.S. Senior Open the Francis D. Ouimet trophy. June 29-July 2 at Sentry World.

THE USGA has announced the qualifying sites for this years U.S. Senior Open.

This years Senior Open will be held at SentryWorld in Stevens Point Wisconsin, from June 29-July 2.

Qualifiers are 18 holes and will be held at 33 locations. Defending champion Padraig Harrington will defend his title.

Expected to play are Wisconsin natives, 2019 champion Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly. The only qualifier held in Illinois, will be at the Flossmoor Golf Club on Tuesday May 23rd. So for more information please visit USGA.org.

Cantigny Golf Learning Center-Wheaton Illinois.

KEMPERSPORTS Management and Cantigny Golf have announced the addition of Trackman to it’s practice facility.

All 10 indoor climate controlled hitting bays, have 27 inch screens for golfers to view the data from from their shots.

“This is an investment in our future and our customers,” said head golf professional Matt Tullar. The practice facilities are open various hours from Tuesday through Sunday. But for further information please call Cantigny at (630)-260-8199, or visit Cantignygolf.com.

FINN SCOOTERS for when your round of golf has a need for speed.

TO YOU LIKE TO MOTOR when you play golf ?

Well now you can, just find a course that has Finn Scooters for you to rent for your day on the golf course. There are now over 160 courses in 40 states that allow golfers to use the Finn Scooter.

Because the Finn Scooters come complete with coolers, cargo baskets, golf bags, seat covers and more. So if you need your music-the Blue tooth speakers are an option. Their speed is the same as a golf cart-about 15 mph. So if you want one for personal use Finn Scooters sell for the price of $3,499. Learn more at FinnScooters.com.

The Sun Mountain Baron stand bag-$319.99.


The Baron-stand alone golf bag.

This new bag comes with a velour-lined pocket for rangefinders.

There are full length dividers, and six pockets. They include a beverage pouch, apparel pocket, and velour lined pockets for valuables.

A plush-lined shoulder strap gives the golf comfort while carrying the bag around the golf course. But the chrome plate can be used to customize your name or initials. So learn more about “The Baron” at Sunmountain.com.

Cleveland Golf Releases the new full-face CBX Wedges.


Cleveland Golf has released the new full-face CBX Wedges.

They are now available in pro shops and retail outlets.

The wedges are designed to be even more forgiving, with both a larger face, and added Hydra Zip, Zipcore and UltiZip technologies. Cleveland says it’s the perfect wedge for golfers wanting to get creative around the green. “With the biggest face ever on a CBX wedge, golfers can strike the ball anywhere on the face and get more forgiveness,” says Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. So for more information see online us.dunlopsports.com Cost is $169.99 per wedge.

NOW RELEASED the Zip Core wedges in Tour Rack and Black Satin finishes. USDunlopsports,com/clevelandgolf.


For 2023 Titleist has upgraded the famed Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls. But for Titleist to release a new version of the Pro-V golf ball, the company says it must be better than the previous version. So as in past upgrades-there are changes to the cover, the core and the dimple pattern. The new version of the Pro-V golf ball is now available at a cost of $54.99 per dozen. But for more information see Titleist.com.

The NEW PuttView glasses.

PUTTVIEW X has made it’s debut at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

This Augmented Reality system has raised the level of golf technology. The PuttView X can instantly read greens, calculate distance, break, slope and speed.

So once you put on the glasses, the green becomes a learning platform. PuttView is a training aid to help players practice their putting in ways like they never have before. Learn more about PuttView at Puttview.com This line will start shipping in June-Cost is $14,480. A $500 dollar deposit is required for pre-orders.

THE ILLINI Women’s Golf Team has a winner. But while the team finished in 11th place at the Clemson Invitational-Crystal Wang with a final round 3 under par 69. But Wang tied for first place with three other players, getting her first. Details at FightingIllini.com.

Duca Del Cosma SS23 line is now released.

UNTICKit and Fair Harbor.

UNTUCKit.com and Fairharbor.com

NEW performance polo’s, with a golf style. Great fit for both on and of the golf course.

So are you looking for a new style, something a little different but stylish.

Do visit the websites or Rory Spears on Facebook for photo’s.

G-TECH heated golf apparel. For when you really need to keep your hands warm.


So if your on the golf course, and you need more than rubbing a bean-bag in your hands.

Look at G-Tech. Because it’s the warmth your hands and fingers need.

The new additions to the G-Tech line include heated hoodies and vests for men and women. These vests allow golfers to golf in comfort all year round.

The new G-Tech 3.0 series that made their debut at the PGA Show in Orlando, now include Waterproof Zippers to increase water resistance. 3M Poly fill insulation to increase heat retention. Upgraded rechargeable battery to increase battery life. Dual head wall charge for faster charging. Used by athletes or various sports including members of multiple professional golf tours. Gtechapparel.com Keep your hands warm this spring on the golf course.

THE WEEK AHEAD includes further wrap-ups on equipment by multiple companies. Statistics on the golf industry, awards for Players of the Year by the Illinois PGA Section.

Our look at LIV Golf as it starts it’s second season and it’s run of tournaments leading into it’s second Chicago event at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove-this September. So who has won the first tournaments this year, and a look at this weeks event in Orlando-at the Orange County Golf Club. The final tuned up for the 16 players from the LIV Tour headed to Augusta National Golf Club.

Thanks for reading the longest Sunday Morning Short Game-ever done by Golfers on Golf-RS.


THE COLD AND SNOW ARE BACK-38 degrees and snow on the ground. So it’s a great weekend for indoor golf. It’s time to visit the Schaumburg Golf Club and it’s three indoor simulators, downstairs from Chandlers Chophouse. Book a simulator and play the indoor version of the Schaumburg Golf Club. 401 North Roselle Road, call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000. MISTWOOD GOLF DOME open daily until 10 Pm, and home to McWethy’s Sports Bar, Top Tracer and more-Mistwoodgolfdome.com (630)-739-7600

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The Chicago Foursome headed to Augusta National.


The finals at Augusta National for Drive-Chip & Putt are April 2nd.

This year Illinois has 4 finalists taking part in the competition.

Emory Munoz of Lockport in the Boys 7-9 age group.

Martha Kuwahara of Northbrook in the Girls age 14-15 group.

William Comiskey of Hinsdale in the Boys ages 10-11 group. Ben Patel of North Aurora in the Boys 12-13 age group.

Kuwahara will be competing for the last time, since she will be too old by the competition in 2024. Munoz and Comiskey play their golf at Cog Hill, Patel at Black Sheep Club. But Kuwahara plays at the Glen Club.

A majority of the clubs used by the four-players use some version of TaylorMade Clubs, mostly the Stealth line.

                      Emory Munoz                                            Martha Kuwahara

William Comiskey (L) and Ben Patel (R)

The four Illinois finalists met the media at the Medinah Country Club recently as they made final preparations to head to the Augusta National Golf Club.

Kuwahara competed at Augusta last year, and admits she didn’t do very well, because she was nervous and her hands were shaking.

This year she feels she will do better now that she knows what to expect. But for someone who owns a round of 66 at the Glen Club, she can play top level golf.

CLICK HERE to hear the four Illinois Drive Chip and Putt finalists, heading to Augusta National Golf Club. So its in order, Emory Munoz, Martha Kuwahara, William Comiskey and Ben Patel.

So watch the DCP finals from Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday April 2nd, on The Golf Channel.


THE COLD AND SNOW ARE BACK! Domes and Simulators are open. So with all the talk of courses opening. Winter just won’t leave. So take your golf season preparations indoors for a few more days. The Mistwood Golf Dome on RT. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily to 10 Pm, (630)-739-7600. SCHAUMBURG Golf Club 410 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg has three simulators open daily. So call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000.

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        JAMIE NIETO                         KEVIN WEEKS                     NICK PAPADAKES

THE 2023 PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW in Orlando Florida saw the announcements of national award winners from the PGA of America. 2023 became a special year for the Illinois PGA Section-as three IPGA professionals were honored with awards from the national office.

JAMIE NIETO-Head Golf Professional at the Preserve at Oak Meadows in Addison. Nieto won the Deacon Palmer Award for the second time. Because Nieto also won the award in 2020 at the local IPGA level. Now Nieto was honored again with the 2023 award at the national level.

The PGA of America has over 28,000 professionals across America. But only 13 of them won national awards this year.

So for Nieto who was lighting a firepit in his backyard on his 20th birthday, his ordeal began when a can of accelerant exploded. Nieto suffered 3rd degree burns to 65% of his body and spent 6 weeks in the ICU at Loyola University. Three of those weeks in an induced coma, while surgeons performed skin grafts to save his life.

Four years after working with doctors to rebuild his injured right hand so he could golf again, Nieto earned his PGA membership in 2012. Nieto’s motto in life is-Never Give Up. Nieto says winning this award at both levels has left him speechless. Nieto feels grateful that he can both inspire and work with fellow burn survivors.

NICK PAPADAKAS-Head Golf Professional at the Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest. 2023 winner of the Player Development Award. The award recognizes professionals who have helped younger members advance in their career. Papadakas has served on numerous committees for the Illinois PGA section, including being Past President of the section. But Papadakas awards list includes the Professional Development Award 5 times at the local level.

Papadakas said he is “Beyond excited to win this years award. Because education and mentoring have always been important to me. So I’m proud to share the stage this year at the national level with fellow IPGA professionals Kevin Weeks and Jamie Nieto.”

KEVIN WEEKS-Director of Instruction at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Palos Park. National Teach of the Year Award. Weeks has long been a member of the Golf Digests 50 Greatest Teachers list since 2012.

Weeks has been honored by other national publications, and has won the IPGA Teacher of the Year three times (2005-2007-2009). The other Illinois PGA teacher to win this award at the national level was former Cog Hill instructor Jim “Doc” Suttie. Weeks has especially been known for his work in the area of putting. So his putting work includes more than just teaching, because Weeks has created putting stroke-form equipment with lasers to measure putter face at impact.

“So to be honored this way is truly humbling. But I have had a lot of help getting here and my family has sacrificed so much. So I thank Cog Hill Golf and Country Club for allowing me to do what I do.”

Weeks has a list of students who include PGA Tour winners, and junior golf champions. His teams at Cog Hill have gone to the PGA Junior League championships six straight times. But Weeks is the only coach in the country to accomplish that feat.

Glen Oaks Country Club head golf professional Danny Mulhearn is the 2022 Illinois PGA Professional of the Year.


PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR-Danny Mulhearn-Glen Oak Country Club-Glen Ellyn.

But the other IPGA Special award winners are:

Joe Sheren-SMART Golf & Fitness-Teacher of the Year.

Kyle Donovan-Oak Park Country Club, Assistant Professional of the Year. Tim Krouse-Effingham Country Club, Youth Player Development Award. Ryan McGwyer Cog Hill Golf & Country Club-Player development Award. Terry Russell-Cantigny Golf, Bill Strausbaugh Award. T.J. Sullivan-GolfTec, Oak Brook- PGA Professional Development Award. Juan Espejo-Maryville Academy-Bill Heald Career Achievement Award.

MARK LABIAK-Ruth Lake Country Club-Merchandiser of the Year-Private Club. Frank Hohenadel-Mistwood Golf Club, Merchandiser of the Year-Public Course. Don Pieper-Merit Club, Distinguished Service Award. Dino Lucchesi-Grayslake Practice Center-Deacon Palmer Award. Robert Powers-PGA Life Member-Patriot Award Tony LaFrenere-Schaumburg Golf Club-PGA Executive of the Year.

But for more information on all Illinois PGA Awards-visit IPGA.com


THE DOME IS OPEN-THE SIMULATORS ARE OPEN. Because it’s still a bit chilly on the outside, and some rainy days are coming. The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 inn Bolingbrook is open daily until 10 pm. Mistwoodgolfdome.com. The Schaumburg Golf’s three simulators are open daily. Book a tee time at Schuamburggolf.com. The start of outdoor season is right around the corner. Many courses are opening April 1st-No Joke.

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Does your course need help for the season ahead.

***EDITORS NOTE*** As someone who has checked out the golf course hiring process the last couple of years, there are some aspects of the “we need help” process that need to go.

Golfers on Golf has received plenty of emails from clubs that are hiring for the season ahead. But it’s amazing how some courses have so many open positions.

Year-after-year, after year, after year.

GRANTED THERE will always be some openings, when it comes to part-time seasonal jobs. Because this happens in all industries.

From the golf world it’s not uncommon to see need for bartenders, cart attendants, rangers, starters, bag stand, pro shop and course maintenance. But for some reasons, finding good help can be hard to do. Wonder Why ! Lets look at the reasons.

THE HIRING PROCESS: Do you tell perspective employees they can ONLY apply online at your website. MISTAKE. Do not take for-granted everyone has computer, and trying to do applications on a cell phone is impossible. If you can’t provide a simple paper application that can be filled out in person, close your doors and close the facility. Websites are not always the best way to get anything done.

Golf courses do hire a fair share of seniors, some of them are old school. They don’t use or have computers-don’t discriminate against them. Some of them could turn out to be your best workers, if given a chance. There is no reason to put people through a 45 minute online application process, unless the job is for the General Manager or Director of Golf/head golf professional, or Food and Beverage manager.

1 TO 3 pages is enough to gather the information you need. There is no need to ask about someone’s last six employers, why they left and can you contact their current or previous supervisor. Here’s a Hint-the people who leave those area’s blank-are the smart employees you should hire. No reason for background checks going back 20 years, your wasting your time and money.

DO NOT send a perspective employee 15-20-pages they need to download and print out on their home printer, before filling out. IT IS NOT their responsibility to provide the copy paper and ink for your mountain high pile of needless information pages.

ONCE A PERSPECTIVE EMPLOYEE has done the work online or paper application. DO NOT then do a follow up phone interview, to see if someone qualifies for a in-person interview. One interview should be enough, for a PT-seasonal job.

APPAREL FOR EMPLOYEES: do you provide enough FREE shirts-short and long sleeve- a warm enough jacket, and a hat. One shirt when somebody works 3-4 days a week is not enough. You can’t expect employees to wash the one staff shirt they have everyday they work.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: A great discount is needed for employees while they work, or immediately before or after a shift. One Director of Golf told Golfers on Golf, we want our employees eating here. NOT standing in the pro-shop or the starters stand or bag stand with wrappers from the Jersey Mikes or McDonalds down the street that customers see. We don’t want our staff telling guests who ask about the food in the clubhouse to say, we don’t know if it’s any good. We can’t afford to eat here.

DO NOT TAKE THE SIMPLE PROCESS of punching in every day, and turning it into a train wreck with a brutal time management system like Paycom. The list of issues with systems like this read like war and peace. Because your staff will waste countless hours cleaning up the mess systems like Paycom create, while trying to keep track of their hours. A simple time-clock and punch card still work great.

WHEN YOU SAY-we are building a team here. REALLY-explain how you mean that. Do you offer more than just free golf on Monday’s or after 3 Pm, when there is not an outing. Do you actually limit your employees to the amount of range balls they can hit every week, or are employees only allowed to hit off mats, and not the natural grass area’s. BECAUSE ALL OF THE ABOVE are mistakes. Show your workers you want them back next year-from Day 1.

DO YOU offer raises to returning employees, it’s the smart idea. Don’t lose good workers to the Taco Bell down the street that’s paying two dollars an hour more than you are.

Do you cut employees hours that have carried the load since opening day, when the college kids come home for the summer-or when high school lets out. Then expect those people to work more hours from late August through November, when the kids go back to school. SAME goes for when the seniors roll-in from Florida on May 1st and expect their job back, then bail for the south or southwest in the fall once there is 2-3 days of temps in the low 50’s.

SOME COURSES do a great job of letting employees bring guests for golf, either free or for a greatly reduced rate. Either way keep up the good work here.

YOUR PART-TIME HELP might work at a golf course because they love golf. Do you have an employee shopping rate. A sale where the staff can buy apparel, shoes, golf balls, bags and clubs for a great rate. If your own staff won’t buy from you, why should anybody else.

BAD WEATHER DAYS are great days to catch up on projects you might not normally have time to do. Nothing worse than having people show up to work, only to get sent home an hour later. Because rain is on the way, and the cell phone weather App crowd panics and cancels because they can’t handle the possibility of getting hit by a few drops. That might or might not happen during their round.

There is more I could add. But from here-try using some common sense. It can lead to great working environment all season long, and employees who want to come back next year.-RS.


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB 401 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg, just minutes from Woodfield Mall. The simulators are open, the golf course outside will be opening before too long. Stay tuned for details on opening day. So book a tee time at Schaumburggolf.com or call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000 #ChandlersChophouse

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Welcome to the Bonita Bay Club, one of Florida’s largest golf clubs.

TOP PRIVATE CLUBS these days keep getting better. They make improvements for the enjoyment of their members and guests.

THE BONITA BAY CLUB in Bonita Springs Florida and it’s second campus in Naples, are one such facility.

The clubs west campus in Bonita Springs, home to three Arthur Hills championship golf courses. Took a solid punch from Hurricane Ian last fall but things are quickly getting back to normal.

Tom Marzoff Senior Design Associate take a group of recent guests through the changes and upgrades to the Cypress Course.

The process to do so, has been well done, which is what happens when a club pulls together to make things right. Bonita Bay is one of those clubs. Spend any amount of time on either of the clubs campus locations, and it’s easy to see why operations have returned to top manner so quickly.

But it wasn’t just club and it’s golf courses that had clean up to do. Their were members who had plenty of damage to their homes, or cars that ended up under water in their garages.

The par 5-4th hole on the clubs renovated Cypress Course.

One of the club five courses the Cypress course was just reopening from renovation, when Ian arrived.

But with some recently added 450 drainage catch basins, the course didn’t take long to dry out. Tom Fazio’s senior design associate Tom Marzoff’s work was tested, and stood up to the best punch Ian could throw. The Cypress course along with the other Fazio designed Sabal course, are in Naples. The 36-hole campus sits more inland off the gulf waters.

Marzoff’s work was about getting the golf course up to speed, making it play faster and firmer with fairways raised 18 inches.

The par-3 5th hole on the Cypress course.

The bunker liners were redone and USGA Bermuda greens were built. With run off collection areas around the greens.

Green complexes, look more like Augusta National than South Florida. The bunkers have some Augusta feel in them as well.

But there won’t be any confusion about the look, because the Cypress Course is surrounded by Palm trees and not Pine trees.

The par-4 9th hole on the Cypress Course.

Around the greens-the complexes are referred to as a “low-mow” collection area’s.

As a result the mowing patterns are different than many other Florida courses.

But make no mistake about it, once the golfer gets out on the golf course the feeling and style resembles that other famous golf course.

Green complexes around the golf course-give the players options to create shots. As seen here on the par-3 11th hole.

Marzoff then built seven sets of tee boxes, so the Cypress Course is playable for all skill levels.

The back yardage is 7,437 yards, with the front tees set at 4,583 yards. Par is 72.

Some Florida golf courses can have to much water, or too much sand.

But on the Cypress Course the mix is perfect, golfers won’t feel overwhelmed by too much water or sand. The Cypress Course is simply a straight forward design, that leaves the golf course right in front of the golfer. What you see is what you get, golfers can’t ask for more than that.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Tom Fazio design Senior Design Associate Tom Marzoff.

The par-3 8th hole on the Original Marsh design, has both a water carry and sand traps to avoid.

Bonita Bay’s east campus is home to three Arthur Hills golf courses. The Marsh, Creekside and Bay Island.

But in late January the club was using a combined layout of multiple courses, to complete an 18 hole course. The current course open on the East campus, is the original Marsh layout.

By mid-February to early March, two of the courses were to be back and fully operational, but some areas affected by salt water are still being restored.

EJ McDonnell is the Bonita Bay Clubs Director of Golf, he has worked at the club for over 20 years.

EJ McDonnell, Bonita Bays Director of Golf says the club is in the middle of a 5-year plan to upgrade the clubs five golf courses. Those upgrades to the clubs practice facilities, including the short game areas and putting greens.

McDonnell says, “The clubs board of directors is forward thinking, and always is looking to improve the club. Bonita Bay is such an exciting place, even after all the years I have been here. I still look forward to coming to work at the club every day.”

McDonnell says the days of the membership mostly leaving in the summer are over, more and more members now stay year round. McDonnell and staff make sure the pro shop is full in summer. There are more members that are becoming year round. The club now has over 2,000 members and there is a waiting list to join, but with five golf courses there are no issues getting out to play golf (when all five courses are up and operational).

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Bonita Bay Director of Golf EJ McDonnell.

While golf is the mainstay at the Bonita Bay Club, there are plenty of other options and activities for the members to take part in. There are numerous food and beverage options, from lite snacks up to fine dining. The Sunday brunch is among the best you will find at any club. It includes plenty of options and a full Omelet station.

So for more information please visit Bonitabayclub.net.