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Rory Spears with his Callaway Rogue ST-Driver, with the Brava Driver shaft at Heritage Oaks Golf Club in Northbrook. Photo by Ryan Corfield.



ARE YOU READY TO FIND more yardage off the tee. Well who isn’t.

This week I found how to do that, it’s called the Brava Driver Shaft. IT WILL put a little more pop in your drives.

Good fitters and equipment specialists will tell you that one way, you can really improve your equipment. Is to get better shafts. With the USGA tech force putting limitations on most area’s of your clubs, the one way to have some freedom on making your clubs better, is to explore and insert a better shaft. Some shafts can be costly, but they are worth the money if your looking for better results on the course.

Supply chain issues because of Covid-19 were causing delays in getting shafts, and some companies or fitters were trying to get shafts, any shafts from where ever they could, to get new clubs in the hands of their customers.

But those issues are starting to fade says Fitting Specialist Matt Carter at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville Illinois. But Carter along with Mistwood Sr. Fitter Eric Russell, have helped get customers the best shafts on the market in tough times over recent months.

Mistwood Fitting Specialist Matt Carter, inserts the new Brava shaft into the Callaway Rogue ST Driver.

So upon arriving at Mistwood, I set up in the hitting bay and warmed up hitting about 30 balls.

THEN COMES the fun part, as Carter and I start to test my current driver and shaft, before switching my driver the Callaway Rogue ST, into the new Brava driver shaft.

My current shaft is good shaft, it’s the Project X Cypher Black Graphite. A shaft that tested well against my longtime shaft of choice, Fujikura. So it will take some doing by the BGT Brava Driver shaft for me to make a change. But with Carter running the numbers, I’ll see what the data gives us.

The new BGT-Brava Driver Shaft.

BGT says the thinking put into in it’s putter shaft, went into creating Brava.

The Brava Driver Shaft was built as a lightweight shaft. It delivers power and consistency to perform shot after shot, regardless of the golfers swing speed or model of driver. But is built to deliver maximum ball speed, smash factor, reduce spin and produce more center strikes from a better face angle.

While testing head to head, BGT’s results found Brava was up to 10 yards longer than two of the top performing shafts on the market.

BREAKTHROUGH GOLF CEO and Founder Barney Adams added these thoughts. “This shaft was in development for a while, so we are thrilled with the performance. What golfer doesn’t want to hit more good shots. We started best performance attributes in our Stability shafts and let that inspire us to develop a world class driver.”

The Brava shaft is designed with Speedflite NRG technology, and built with premium Toray carbon fiber. This is 10x the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight. So this becomes less energy required when swinging, with better results into an exceptionally stable driver head. For more distance and a tighter ball dispersion.

So Carter and I started to see if BGT-Brava could back-up it’s claims.

Mistwood fitting specialist Matt Carter points out the improvements to my drives using the new Brava driver Shaft.

After Carter put the Brava into my Callaway Rogue ST driver, after a good series of drives my current shaft, the results became apparent quickly.

My drives started landing in places, I wasn’t used to seeing on the Mistwood range.

I had one of those Uh-oh moments where you don’t quite believe what your seeing. So I realized right away that I was gaining distance. But how much distance, and why were my numbers looking better. So after some 10-15 more drives, I stopped hitting and joined Carter at the computer screen to see what the numbers said.

I could tell Carter seemed surprised by what he was seeing. So was I, when I heard the numbers. Because 20+ yards gained in carry alone was stunning. I had more roll-out. But my spin-rate was also way down, my ball speed and smash-factor were trending-up in the right direction. This all done on well used range balls. Not with new Callaway, Titleist or Bridgestone golf balls, fresh out of the sleeve.

But if there was one thing I still have to dial-in, it is my dispersion. Because the new gains had me hitting the ball a little further left than normal. So my set-up might need to get altered. But the new Brava shaft won so many categories, I can say this. The shaft has a new home, in my Callaway Rogue ST-driver.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR Mistwood Golf Club Fitting Specialist Matt Carter break down the numbers, for results by Rory Spears using the new BGT Brava driver shaft.

Mistwood Fitting Specialist Matt Carter when asked about what he saw from the BGT Brava driver shaft.

I asked Carter if the new Brava shaft could be and option for customers at the Top 100 ranked in the country by Golf Digest, Mistwoood Performance Center in Romeoville. Stay tuned, I’m sure Carter and Russell will discuss the idea moving forward. In the meantime, if your a golfer looking into buying a new driver, or improving the one you have.

Then check out and test the new BGT Brava driver shaft. It will make a difference in your game. BGT is coming out with new shafts for wedges, so stay tuned. The Brava driver shaft is $399.99 at