THE WHITE EAGLE GOLF CLUB-remains the host of the 71st Illinois Open August 3-5, but the championship will see a reduced field and only four qualifiers will now be held.    ______________________________________________________________________

GOLFERS ON GOLF by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, or on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Defending champion David Cooke won his second Illinois Open in 2019.

The good news is that the 2020 Illinois Open will happen. The bad news is that the field has been shrunk to only 156 players. The eight qualifiers that were scheduled, have been decreased from 8 to 4.

As a result of the smaller field, the entire championship will be held only at the White Eagle Golf Club in Naperville. The second course Stonebridge Country Club in Aurora, that was to serve as the companion course, will not be used this year. The first qualifier will be held on July 14th at the Flossmoor Country Club. That field is limited to 56 players.

The third hole on White Eagles Red Nine.

“Despite having to make a difficult decision to change the format this year, White Eagle Golf Club is extremely excited at the opportunity to showcase our newly renovated facility and provide a high-end experience for those playing in our state championship of golf,” said Curtis Malm, Director of Golf at White Eagle Golf Club and Illinois PGA Opens Chairman. “The Illinois PGA and White Eagle Golf Club will be working diligently to provide the best, and safest Illinois Open as possible.”

The 8th hole at Stonebridge Country Club in Aurora.

Stonebridge Country Club in Aurora was to be the second course (or companion course) for the 2020 Illinois Open.

As a result of Stonebridge having to be dropped for this year, Illinois PGA officials and Stonebridge are already working to bring the championship back to the club at a future date.

“The Stonebridge Country Club members and staff are disappointed not to be able to host the 71st Illinois Open this year, but amidst everything happening with Covid-19 we fully sport the decisions that have been made by the Illinois PGA Section and it’s Tournament Committee,” said Andrew Stevens, Head Professional at Stonebridge Country Club. “We are hopeful to bring the event to Stonebridge in the future.”

“We are thankful to the Stonebridge membership and Head PGA Professional Andrew Stevens, for their understanding as we work through this unprecedented time to stage the best possible Illinois Open Championship. We are hopeful to bring the event back to Stonebridge in the near future,” said Carrie Williams, Executive Director of the Illinois PGA. “We are confident this revised format will provide a competitive test for players and continue the tradition of crowning a champion of Illinois golf.”

The players that previously held exemptions, do remain exempt. The IPGA will now have four qualifiers. July 14 at Flossmoor Country Club-56 spots available for that day. July 16th-Deerpath Golf Course-90 spots available that day. July 22nd The Hawk Country Club-88 spots available that day. July 29th-Willow Crest Golf Club-89 spots available for that days field.

The deadline to register for a qualifying event is, Wednesday July 8th at 11:59 p.m. All qualifiers that were scheduled prior to July 14th have been cancelled. if a player signed up for one of the qualifiers that was cancelled, please contact the tournament director by July 8th, so you can transfer to another location.

More details at IPGA.com


WELCOME TO JOHN DEERE IN MOLINE ILLINOIS, John Deere Classic Tournament Director Clair Peterson speaks on media day 2019 at TPC Deere Run in Silvis IL.           _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, or Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The Deere at TPC Deere Run in Silvis Illinois.

This past Thursday the John Deere Classic was cancelled for 2020.

The JDC had been promoted as the first tournament that could have had fans in attendance. Even though all along there was still a chance there might not be any fans at TPC Deere Run at all.

Coming up the week of July 6-12, everyday golfers will now have the rare chance to play a PGA Tour golf course, primed and ready for PGA Tour players, that won’t be stopping by.

Once the tournament was cancelled, the questions came in about why, and how the tournaments 50th anniversary could be called off. Golfers on Golf spoke with Clair Peterson about what happened, how it happened, and what’s next.

CLICK HERE to hear our interview with John Deere Classic Tournament tournament director Clair Peterson.

For details on the tournaments future, refunds and the charity arm Birdies for Charity, please visit JohnDeereClassic.com


  THE STEEL IS COMING OUT OF THE GROUND at the new Preserve at Oak Meadows clubhouse in Addison. Golfers on Golf Radio Am 820 WCPT, your hosts are (L-R) Rory Spears, Ed Stevenson and Bill Berger. This morning’s tee time is 10 AM.       _____________________________________________________________________

Golfers on Golf Radio this morning at 10 AM on Am 820 WCPT or listen live online at Wcpt820.com watch at Facebook Live at WCPT, if your on the course or now even the range, put on your Tune in Radio APP on your phone and search WCPT820. If you miss the show and need a mulligan try Soundcloud.com/Chicagosprogressivetalk.

John Deere Classic Tournament Director Clair Peterson at the podium.

This morning the show will focus on the cancellation of the John Deere Classic, we will hear from JDC tournament director Clair Peterson.

Quad Cities area golf writer Tom Johnston joins us live from Moline on the loss of the tournament in 2020.

We will hear from Illinois Golf Hall of Fame inductee Len Ziehm on the return of Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena.

Wisconsin Golf professional and Mr. Erin Hills Rich Tock joins us live from from the Milwaukee burbs, with more on the full reopening of Erin Hills on Monday. 10 Am WCPT Am 820. Join us.


THE JOHN DEERE CLASSIC Scheduled for July 6-12 has been cancelled. For more information see Johndeereclassic.com or listen to Golfers on Golf Radio tomorrow Sat. at 10 AM on WCPT Am 820 or Wcpt820.com or watch on Facebook. THE PRESERVE at OAK MEADOWS is welcoming golfers back in full today, as the clubhouse goes up.    _____________________________________________________________________

  Preserve at Oak Meadows in Addison new clubhouse architect Dan Wohlfeil along with DuPage County Forest Preserve District executive director Ed Stevenson, in the pro shop at the new clubhouse ground breaking in September of 2019 (L). Daniel Hebreard, DuPage County Forest Preserve District board president addresses those in attendance at the ground breaking ceremony (R).

Last September 17th the DuPage County Forest Preserve District held a ground-breaking ceremony at the Preserve at Oak Meadows. Crews have worked all fall, winter, and this spring through the Covid-19 virus times, to continue moving forward with the construction of the new clubhouse.

This past week, steel beams started to rise in the air, and construction started on the new starters shack by the first tee, and the new bag drop between the clubhouse and the pro shop building.

This past Wednesday, steel beams started to go up, as the Preserve’s clubhouse construction moved forward.

Golfers who arrived to golf at the Preserve this past Wednesday, got to see clubhouse construction start to come out of the ground.

The steel work started mid-morning as the new clubhouse work above the ground started moving-upward.

There had been hope at the ground breaking last September, that with some luck from the weather the new clubhouse might be able to open by the end of August this year. But due to the weather, especially a wet spring, projections are now looking more towards late October.

THE NEW STARTER’S SHACK is starting to take shape next to the first tee (L). The new bag drop and welcome area in front of the clubhouse and pro shop, is now under construction (R).

More good news for the Preserve at Oak Meadows golfers, is that the golf course renovations by architect Greg Martin held up during the recent heavy rains and flooding. Combine that with limited play from Covid-19 restrictions and the Preserve at Oak Meadows is in great condition as foursomes and carts return. The practice area’s are in mint condition, as today will be the first day anyone has hit shots from those areas.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR the interview with Preserve at Oak Meadows head golf professional Jamie Nieto.

For more information on the Preserve at Oak Meadows, Maple Meadows or Green Meadows visit DupageGolf.Com


EAGLE RIDGE RESORT REOPENS TOMORROW-EagleRidge.com GOLFERS ON GOLF RADIO AM 820 WCPT-10 Am Saturday Mornings With your hosts, (L-R) Rory Spears, Ed Stevenson, & Bill Berger. Listen live at Wcpt820.com or view Facebooklive  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy LinkedIn and Facebook or Instagram. THE DEERE at TPC DEERE RUN in Silvis Illinois, the home of the John Deere Classic.

This afternoon tournament officials of the John Deere Classic announced that this years John Deere Classic (JDC) has been canceled. This stunning news was not expected because the JDC was supposed to possibly be, the first PGA Tour event that might have had fans allowed in to see live action.

How many fans that could be allowed in by the second week of July was not clear, because of the fact that the tournament is played in Illinois. Illinois is a state that is lagging behind, in the reopening curve taking place across America.

Even without holding the 50th anniversary of the Quad Cities PGA Tournament, that has been known as the John Deere Classic for the past 20 years, the charity arm of the tournament “Birdies for Charity” will operate this year. Last year 543 organizations in the Quad Cities area, benefited from the tournament that raised $13.8 million for local Quad Cities area charities.

Clair Peterson is the tournament director for the John Deere Classic played at TPC Deere Run, in Silvis Illinois.

“Because of the ongoing health and safety concerns related to the corona virus pandemic, the difficult decision was made to cancel the 2020 John Deere Classic,” said tournament director Clair Peterson. “While we considered several alternatives for the Classic, this was the choice that made the most sense for our guests, the players and the Quad City community at large.”

John Deere Vice President, of Global Brand and Communications, Mara Downing added this statement,” We know this announcement will come as a disappointment to the Quad Cities area and the to the broader golf community. We look forward to celebrating the 50th playing of the tournament in 2021.”

Anyone needing a pledge form to donate to the tournaments Birdies for Charity program, can get a pledge form off the championship’s website. Donor’s will be eligible to win random and traditional prizes, including the grand prize of the 2-year lease on a Lexus NX SUV.

The tournament was scheduled for the week of July 6-12, with Dylan Frittelli as the defending champion. Golfers on Golf will provide more details on the canceling of the 2020 JDC, as they emerge from the tournament or the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour may attempt to put another PGA Tour tournament in the dates of the John Deere Classic.


   LEN ZIEHM (L) at PGA Village in Port. St. Lucie Florida, and Daily Herald Golf Columnist , (R) RORY SPEARS host of Golfers on Golf Radio at WCPT Am 820-Chicago Saturday Mornings at 10 AM. Continue our 2020 Podcast Series with Vol. 11.    ______________________________________________________________________

CLICK HERE to hear Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 11.

Hear 2019 Illinois Golf Hall of Fame 2019 Inductee Len Ziehm, along with long Chicago area golf journalist, reporter and broadcaster Rory Spears, talk the state of golf in Illinois with a touch of sunshine from Florida added in.

Among our topics include the larger scale reopening of golf in Illinois, that has struggled behind the curve in recent months. The TV charity golf events from Florida, the reopening of the flagship golf destination property in Illinois, Eagle Ridge in Galena.

The full reopening of Blackberry Oaks in Bristol after flooding. Plus an update on the Preserve at Oak Meadows and the new clubhouse that is coming out of the ground. All this and more, listen in. Len and Rory.


CBD AND CB5 PRODUCTS are now making an impact in golf, for golfers at all levels.    _____________________________________________________________________

RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf, and host of Golfers on Golf Radio. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, LinkedIn and Facebook or Instagram.

IT BECAME OBVIOUS at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, that CBD or CB5 products were here, and they are here to stay.

There were several booths around demo day, and more in the convention center.

All it took was one of our website posts about CBD products, and Golfers on Golf started to hear from more CBD-CB5 outlets, to try products from their line.

After getting time off due to the Covid-19 Virus, it allowed me time to start testing these products. If things didn’t go well, at least I was at home and could take the actions needed while recovering. I do have Hayfever and a few food allergies, so I did not know how my body would react to any CBD or CB5 products that I would try. After testing a variety of hemp pills, gum, tincture and roll-on products, here is my report. Do remember that like most products you consume or apply to your skin, your body might react differently than somebody else’s. What worked for me, might not work for you, and vice-versa. Hopefully any CBD or CB5 products you try, will work for you-RORY SPEARS.

WHAT IS CBD and CB5, it’s short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that come from the cannabis (marijuana) plant, but it’s not marijuana. It’s a substance that gets used in products like oils or topical’s that can address pain issues, anxiety, sleeplessness or seizures.

HOW IT OPERATES-CBD companies say that CBD opens receptors in your body’s own endocannabinoid system. When it works properly, CBD should help you relax and improve your focus, body and mind. Helping reduce anxiety, and working as a sleep aid. It reduces muscle fatigue, soreness, and injuries. It should reduce joint pain, and improve your motor functions.

My first venture into usage was with CB5 Boomer Naturals, that now has a partnership with Tommy Bahama, comes after pulling or straining rib cage muscle while moving furniture in my home. Two weeks of Advil, Aleve and rest helps, but doesn’t end the discomfort. So I switch to a roll-on CB5 of Boomer naturals and after 48 hours there is progress. To try more products for this review, I then switched to two treatments per day, for two days. One with CB5, and one with CBD Activate Balm by Muscle MX. 48 hours later I am pain free, and feel the best I have felt in some 2 1/2 weeks.

Clark Bateman works in sales and marketing for Muscle MX.

My pain free health is short lived as the corona virus is shutting down the country. So to get exercise during our governors “stay at home” order, I take to running the stairway in the building of my condominium.

Day 3 of my running the stairs-plan, I strained a calf muscle. After starting immediately with the Muscle MX Recovery (cooling) roll-on, that night I apply Muscle MX Activate (heating) roll-on. The next day I feel better already. So I also roll on CB5 Boomer naturals twice. By the next day my calf feels good, and I’m back on the stairs after applying Muscle MX Activate, and post run I apply Muscle MX Recovery. I have had no issues or pain since, and having been back running my stairwell everyday.

CLICK HERE to hear our 2020 PGA Merchandise Show Interview with Clark Bateman of Muscle MX.

I must give both Muscle MX and CB5 naturals roll-on’s and outstanding rating for recovery from muscle strains, or pulls. They are not greasy and easy to apply, but the Muscle MX products do give off some “balm like” smell.

AFTER WORKING WITH BOOMER natural, they sent additional CB5 products in the form of gummies and tincture.

CB5 Gummies for better sleep and to start your day.

The CB5 gummies do really taste great, but I’m not sure if they are less filling. You must remember they are not just candy, and you should not eat them by the handful, no matter how tempting it is.

I started with the PM gummies in Blueberry for a relaxing sleep, and that’s exactly what I got. What I like’d the most is after taking one, was that I could still finish watching a program or movie without falling asleep. I slept through the night and woke up refreshed. I would then take a Raspberry AM gummie with breakfast, and it brought me into the day at a good pace. It won’t hit you like a sugar rush and then crash you into the need of a nap 4-5 hours later. After using up the gummies, I started using the CB5 tincture with the eye-dropper putting drops under my tongue. I felt like a gained a little energy using it every day for over a week. The Cinnamon flavored tincture is the best tasting tincture I have tried so far. Straight tincture doesn’t taste great. So when you can, try to get tincture in some variety with flavor.


Medterra Gel Caps, for the morning, and Tablets for the night. The Medterra good morning gel caps were a winner for me. When I took them, it pushed me into the day at a good pace. There was no feeling of a sugar-rush, but in under an hour I went from feeling sluggish, to alert and focused and ready to move forward into my day. I give them a very good rating. Unfortunately I did not have the same success with the good night tablets. I would find myself waking up at 3 to 4 Am, and sometimes with a very slight headache. I never settled into a good routine with them, and stopped using them after taking 5 tablets in five nights.

Parform CBD Gum looks like a small white cheese block on cheese platter. The gum itself comes in several flavors ( I tried Grape)  and it tasted very good. If there is any disappointment, it’s that the flavor evaporates quickly, and faster than the taste of regular gum. But it did provide enough energy that when I would chew it after lunch, it would keep me from having that mid-afternoon energy crash that can hit when you’re having a full or demanding day.

CLICK HERE to hear to the interview with Rick Weissman from High Falls Hemp.

Rick Weissman of High Falls Hemp.

High Falls Hemp comes from High Falls New York. Owner Rick Weissman was honest at the merchandise show when he said that tincture doesn’t taste very good. Weissman was correct, it doesn’t taste great when it’s not flavored.

The High Falls tincture I received was not flavored and while it wasn’t really bad tasting, it didn’t taste as good as the cinnamon flavored tincture from CB5. I can’t say that I really felt any positive effects from the High Falls tincture, but I didn’t have any adverse effects either. I stopped using it after a week.

What I did like from High Falls, was their lotion and the soft gel capsule options. The soft gels left me feeling good, while focused and alert through out the day. The lotion on my knees and hamstrings worked wonders after a few long walks around golf courses. 

Summing up my trials with CBD and CB5, most of the products helped me when I needed them to. Do remember that these products will have different effects on everyone. But I would recommend them to golfers looking for better health, both on and off the golf course. Stay healthy-play more golf.

CBD and CB5 are starting to be sold in many pro shops and golf retail stores, several tour professionals are starting to do endorsement deals with CBD and CB5 companies.

You will hear more about them, as the bigger names in golf sign promotional deals. In the meantime, read the products websites for more information. The companies that sent me samples, did not send me their full line of products to try. So other products by these listed above companies could have had good or bad results for me. Some of them I might try in the future. You still must determine what works best for you, but if your looking for something that can improve your wellness program. I would try a variety of the CB5 and CBD products currently on the market.


  GOLFERS ON GOLF RADIO (L-R) Rory Spears, Ed Stevenson and Bill Berger, at our new home for 2020, WCPT AM 820-Saturday Morning’s at 10 AM-you can listen live at Wcpt820.com or watch us live on Facebook. The Tune-In APP search WCPT-820. if you miss the show, the replay is found at Soundcloud.com/Chicagosprogressivetalk.       _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf and host of Golfers on Golf Radio. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

NORMAL-does anyone really know what that is anymore. These days it’s been called the “new normal”, what is that. What I do know is that, it’s a term most folks want removed from the daily vocabulary. I can’t blame them.

I’m done with the virtual this or that or having a meeting on Zoom or Skype. Watching people in four different video boxes on the side of my computer screen. That is until they cut-out, or try talking and you can’t hear them.

Mask’s, are they worth it ? The construction workers video was informative, the one that said your mask isn’t helping you from getting Covid-19. Dust particles are bigger than Covid-19 virus germs, and masks don’t keep all the construction dust out of the mouths of the crews building that new home, road, business or clubhouse. Consider that for moment.

Which leaves us looking ahead to this Friday May 29th, when golf starts to get back to normal in Illinois. Not totally, but a good sized step in the right direction. Foursome’s are back, carts can go out with minor restrictions, ranges are open at 50% capacity. Lessons can happen and it sounds like fore-caddies are an option. There is progress with a few customers being able to enter the pro shops, you won’t have to pay on-line. Need food or a cold-one of choice. That will happen on a smaller scale, but it will happen. Even more bathrooms should be available. With such little play so far, your favorite course or club, should have close to mint-like fairways, with very few divots.

THAT IS if the grass, greens, tees and bunkers aren’t recovering from last weeks floods. Several courses were hard hit, in many cases it’s the courses that always flood, and never do anything to improve the situation. Even if your course was built in a flood-plain, there are options for improvement.

BY THIS WEEKEND-there should finally be enough tee times to go around. Just keep your hands off the flag stick. It’s time to support our golf courses and that have been stuck behind the curve, and watching their business drive across the border, and not drive down the fairways on courses in Illinois.

LEN ZIEHM of LenZiehmongolf.com and the Daily Herald has posted a column on the charity match from this last Sunday. It did raise $20 million for charity, and that’s great, but pace-of-play was over 5 hours for 1-foursome with nobody in front of them. Where was the ranger ? Hopefully that pace is not some form of “new normal” and won’t set golf back 20 years.

The foursome of Tiger Woods and partner QB Peyton Manning, jumped out to a quick 3 UP lead after 5 holes, and then did nothing for the last 13 holes in holding off Phil Mickelson and partner QB Tom Brady to win 1 UP. Played on Tiger’s home course the Medalist, did you know it is Tiger’s home course. Sure you did, the audience was only reminded of that almost every hole.

THE PROFESSIONAL TOUR’S return in just a few weeks, and fans or no fans, they can’t return soon enough.

IT WAS tough having to hear that the Radix Cup at Oak Park Country Club scheduled for June 10th has been cancelled. Too bad, it could have been a great event used to raise money here in Illinois for Covid-19 relief. Are the only Covid fundraisers going to take place in Florida. There are enough causes here in Illinois that could use some bucks right about now. A golf fundraising event here, might score the industry a few points with the local politicians in the Land-of-Lincoln going forward. Think about it.

IT SOUNDS LIKE many of the golf destination properties are starting to fully reopen, golf, rooms, ranges and restaurants. Visit the websites of your favorite resorts for updates on your golf travel for some point this summer. But again, lets help out our Illinois courses for a while first, before we cross state lines. There has been enough of that going on for the last two months.

I KNOW social media gets crazy at times, especially Twitter. But it was really sad to see the amount of people that complained on Saturday about President Trump playing golf on social media. Is your life that pitiful that you have nothing better to do on a holiday weekend, then to go on Twitter or Facebook and complain about President Trump playing golf. The amount of Covid-19 cases or deaths won’t change, whether the president is in the White House meeting with Doctors, or on the tee at one of his golf courses for a few hours. This past weekend, the sun was out most of time, except for when the storm blew through on Saturday. Plus the temperatures were in the 80’s, some folks even had to put on the A/C in their clubhouse for the first time in 2020.

The Gog Blog will return all week, Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 11 comes out on Thursday afternoon. In the meantime, lets get ready to fill-up the tee sheets and ranges at our local golf courses.

Golfers on Golf Radio is back on the tee at 10 Am, on WCPT-AM 820 this Saturday. I hope you can join us, even if your on the golf course. Get the APP. RS


  THE GOODYEAR BLIMP flies over parts of America on Memorial Day Weekend. LEN ZIEHM of Lenziehmongolf.com has posted a recap of the Champions for Charity event  _____________________________________________________________________

GOLFERS ON GOLF-The Gog Blog by Rory Spears. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

THE BIG TEN CONFERENCE has announced it’s All-Conference Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams, after a vote of the coaches.

ON THE MEN’S SIDE from our local Illinois based schools. Freshman of the Year from Illinois Jerry Ji.

FIRST TEAM-Michael Feagles Illinois, David Nyfjall of Northwestern. SECOND TEAM-Jerry Ji of Illinois, Giovanni Tadiotto of Illinois, Eric McIntosh of Northwestern. SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD HONOREES-Adrien Dumont de Chassart of Illinois, Everton Hawkins of Northwestern.

ON THE WOMEN’S SIDE from our local Illinois schools.

BIG TEN FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR-Irene Kim of Northwestern.

FIRST TEAM-ALL BIG TEN, Kelly Sim of Northwestern and Tristyn Nowlin of Illinois. SECOND TEAM-Irene Kim and Brooke Riley of Northwestern, Kornkamol Sukaree of Illinois. SPORTSMANSHIP HONOREES- Reena Sulkar of Illinois and Kelly Su of Northwestern.

Congrats to everyone from Golfers on Golf, and Happy Memorial Day. The Gog Blog Speaks Out returns tomorrow.


THE GOOD YEAR BLIMP flies over Florida today and televised golf match for charity. Golfers on Golf Radio at WCPT Am 820-L-R Rory Spears, Ed Stevenson and Bill Berger. 10 Am on Saturday mornings, listen live or Wcpt820.com or watch on Facebook ______________________________________________________________________

Illinois PGA Professional Chad Johansen “The Man With the Golden Jacket” invites junior golfers to play the Kids Course at Blackberry Oaks in Bristol IL.

Blackberry Oaks in Bristol IL., General Manager and head golf professional Chad Johansen, who is also the inventor of the Perfect Putting Aid, that has been used by 150 PGA Tour professionals, has created a 9-hole junior golf course on the driving range at Blackberry Oaks.

The longest hole is just 86 yards, with the shortest hole being over 20 yards.

If your junior golfers need something to do during the virus shutdown, get them out to play the kids course at Blackberry Oaks.

Follow the reopening progress at Blackberry Oaks from both the virus State of Illinois guidelines, and flood issues from our wet spring. By visiting online Blackberryoaks.com or calling (630)-553-7170.


Late on Friday afternoon both the Illinois PGA and the Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) announced that the 59th annual Radix Cup has been canceled for 2020, due to the Covid-19 virus.

The Radix Cup that pits the top Illinois PGA professionals, vs the top amateur players in the Chicago District Golf Association has seen both sides come up with victories in recent years, on the Donald Ross designed Oak Park Country Club golf course. Efforts were made to find an alternative date, but in the end that was not possible. More information at CDGA.org and IPGA.com.

The Million Dollar Hole on Slick Rock Golf Course at the HorseShoe Bay Resort near Austin Texas.

May 29th is the date, when the famed Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin Texas, will reopen.

Horseshoe Bay is home to four golf courses, and three of them have recently undergone renovations. So have some of the pro shop grill areas.

Horseshoe Bay is not only one of the finest resorts in Texas, but one of the best resorts in the Southwest.

The most recent course Summit Rock was designed by Jack Nicklaus. For more details see Hsbresort.com.

RAINSUITS FOR RESPONDERS program that was launched by KemperSports Management, the Illinois PGA and FootJoy, has now entered into a partnership with the Illinois VFW. For more information on this program, watch the Champions for Charity Match this afternoon, or visit RainSuitsforResponders.com.

THE BGT (Breakthrough) Golf Putting Lab has reopened in Richardson Texas. The BGT putting lab is not just a putting lesson, but a full evaluation of your putter. Your putter gets a full analysis and gets fined tune right on site.

BGT Putt Lab does recommend that all clients use their best judgement during these times. BGT will provide face masks, hand sanitizer, and each club will be thoroughly cleaned an disinfected after the fitting. Details at Breakthroughgolftech.com.

LINKS CAPITAL ADVISORS and Chris Charnas are involved with the auction and sale of two golf properties the week of June 8th. Heddles Hideaway Golf Course is designed by George Cobb, who designed the Augusta National Golf Club’s par-3 course.

BANEBERRY GOLF RESORT in Eastern Tennessee is up for auction the week of June 8th, the price includes the motel, villa’s and over 100 lots. More details by visiting Linkscapitaladvisors.com or call Chris Charnas at (312)-543-7192.

Club Champion’s store in Willowbrook Illinois.

CLUB CHAMPION based in Willowbrook Illinois, has announced a FREE fitting with an equipment purchase of over $500.00 for a limited time.

Club Champion has already reopened 42 of their 74 stores with 12 more stores reopening by Memorial Day and the week ahead.

This promotion runs for 6 weeks after a store reopens from a Covid-19 shutdown. “We want to make it easier to play your best golf,” said Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion. “We know our customers are itching to get out there and play. This promotion is a great way to tee off your best season yet with better equipment.”

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS