DSC06519 monty blasts one on the 1st tee DSDSC06467 Pelican golf logo DSDSC06280 Kentwool socks variety DS  COLIN MONTGOMERIEhits the first fairway at the Harbor Shores Golf Club home of the 2016 Sr. PGA Championship sponsored by Kitchen-Aid tickets on sale now for the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Benton Harbor at Pelican Golf is now open at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton located in the clubhouse basement, for more information see Kentwool Socks some of the warmest, most comfortable and durable golf socks on the market, visit and order today.   ______________________________________________________________________

DSC06169 atop the lighthouse DS

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on facebook, linkedin and twitter @GogBlogGuy. At Sea Pines on the deck of the lighthouse in South Carolina.

DSC01897 Greg Martin and Oak Meadows in studio DS

Architect Greg Martin at work in his Batavia studio.

This past week architect Greg Martin of Batavia moved up the chain, and has become President of the American Society of Golf Course architects.

This took place at the associations 70th annual meeting, which was held this year in Washington D.C.

Greg was interviewed live during the May 1st broadcast of Golfers on Golf Radio – listen here:

Martin a graduate of Iowa State University in Ames Iowa, started his career under the late Jim Spear. His first course with Spear was the Amana Colonies course in Amana Iowa. In 1991 Martin formed his own company, Martin Design Partnership Ltd., Martin’s approach to golf course design has been one that expresses efficient, classic design concepts that offer unique golf experiences while promoting environmental benefits.

“I am intrigued by what inspires our membership,” Martin said. “While we are moving past the recent economic challenges, there will be aftershocks. It is a new world and the landscape has shifted. But the well-developed skills of ASGCA members are unique. Each in our own way adds value to the game, provides adventure for golfers and,most importantly, benefits our communities.”

Martin has had impact on the ASGCA Design Excellence Recognition Program, that he created in 2012. Design Excellence promotes innovation and problem-solving skills required in today’s golf course design, whether it’s a small bunkers renovation or a full-scale 18 hole design.

“Design Excellence is about problem-solving,” Martin said. ” Every golf course architect needs to address the unique challenges of a project to better the game. Ultimately, the course and and the game will benefit.”

Martin’s design work includes projects such as the Oak Meadows Golf Club in Addison (currently under renovation), upcoming projects such as River Forest Country Club and Orchard Valley Golf Club. Recently concluded projects include the Wilmette Golf Club, the Fox Run Golf Club in Elk Grove, and the Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton.

Martin won a Design Excellence Award for his work at Phillips Park in Aurora. He is currently profiled in the April issue of the Chicago District Golf Association magazine.

Greg Martin will join Golfers on Golf Radio at 9:10 AM tomorrow on WSBC AM 1240.

For more information on the ASGCA or it’s membership please call (262)-786-5960, or visit


DSC06303 Reopening July 1 DSDSC06480 McWethy's ice 2 DS  ARLINGTON LAKES REOPENS JULY 1ST, be ready to play the Chicagoland Area’s newest renovated golf course when Arlington Lakes reopens. See for more details or stay clicked in right here. MCWETHY’S Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club is now open year round. Come enjoy fine dining with full menu in a golf environment try out McWethys Tavern at Mistwood. See or today.      _____________________________________________________________________

DSC02261 Cross golf USA 1 DS

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content, in the newest all-weather outerwear by Cross Golf. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

Every once and while there is a story that comes out about golf, that is so far off base, that I can’t help but respond.

A friend of mine sent me a story written in the UK (United Kingdom), on why someone should never date a serious golfer. With my work in the golf business, and the fact I’m single, my friend thought maybe I should see this story.

The author came up with 11 reasons why not to date a serious golfer. Well just to even up the slate, I provide 11 reasons why dating a serious golfer isn’t a half bad idea. Now the suggestions seem to based on that serious golfer being a male, but this can go either way because more and more women are playing golf all the time.

My reasons in some cases contradict the reasons that are listed in the above mentioned story

  1. Golfers don’t have enough free time. Really, yes they do. If they can schedule time to play, they are smart enough to find time for you. Even if it’s on the course. Besides golf is really played in the daytime, you have your favorite golfer all night long.
  2. Golfers talk about golf all day long. Not true, but even if they did. They are talking about something. Personally I don’t like dates where you have nothing to say to the person that you are with, other than how’s your food, did you like the movie, and how’s work going.
  3. Golfers spend all day thinking about how to try and fix their swing. Which is fine, but by night they are thinking about something else. Like how they are going to fix something at your place, your car, or your dinner if they cook. If they can fix their swing, they can fix your problems as well.
  4. Golfers have set routines, so they do nothing different. They can but it’s beneficial for you. You like a restaurant, you will get taken back there again. You like roses, plan on getting more than a dozen just one time. You have sexy or hot-looking evening or swimwear. You will get gift cards to return to those stores to buy more on their dime.
  5. Golfers buy expensive stuff and lie about the price. Maybe, but if they do, just buy into it and tell them your glad they got that deal. It means there is more money they can spend on you.
  6. Golfers aren’t fashionable or cool. Wrong. They are probably one of the better dressed people you will meet. They spend money on clothes and shoes to look better, sure beats dragging out that person whose idea of new clothes is buying jeans that come with holes in the knees, or are still wearing a t-shirt from an out of business clothes manufacturer, or a college they spent a few years at.
  7. You can’t take golfers on a romantic walk. Now that’s really stupid. Golfers find all sorts of places to go on great walks, they find these locations while out playing golf. If anyone knows where a great place for a romantic walk is, they probably play golf.
  8. Golfers disappear for six hours at a time. Sure they do. But if they are serious about golf, they are probably at the golf course. Not in a bar getting toasted, or shacking up with someone else for a quick romantic twist. Loyalty with someone you are dating is really a good quality. Besides you don’t need to text your golfer every 20 minutes anyway. If you do, you are the problem. Not the the fact they play golf.
  9. Golfers like to hoard. Some do maybe. But clubs and golf balls don’t take up much space, compared to other things they could hoard. If they are keeping an old set or spare set laying around, well take a hint and pick up the game.
  10. Golfers like to be tucked in bed early on Saturday night. Only if you are with them, trust me on that one.
  11. Golfers are a washing machines worst nightmare. Okay I have been known to forget a few tee’s or ball markers in the slacks that end up on the bottom of my  washing machine. Okay, got me on that one.

Just a few other thoughts here. If you like to travel and visit nice places, date a golfer. Trips to nice resorts with golf yes, but great restaurants, spa’s, pools and scenic views are common. Tell your golfer, take me somewhere and they probably will.

Tired of thinking he or she looks nice, but needs to lose a few pounds. Well date a golfer, many of them are slimmer and trimmer because of the exercise they get.

Do you enjoy good food, wine, beer or other tasty things to consume. Several golfers have their name on foods, wine, ice cream, pizza and other goodies. Odd’s are your serious golfer will buy them for you to eat or drink. Some golfers have restaurants too, golfers will take you to dinner at Tiger restaurant, Phil’s grill or Sam Snead’s Restaurant.

So don’t ever discount dating a golfer, you might find the perks your other relationships have been missing. For those of you who date, or look for dates online, E-Harmony I hear says there are 15 good reasons to be dating a golfer. Hey E-harmony, it’s golf next time come up with a full 18. Good luck everyone. RS


E101--Drone Village Square 001 V1 1500px SS with signature DS 2AGC_golf_club_BW1200DS  ERIN HILLS GOLF CLUB in Erin Wisconsin is waiting for your call, the home of the 2017 U.S. Open is filling fast in 2016 so book tee times and overnight stays now. See for more information. Arrowhead Golf Club the home of Pelican Golf Instruction is some of the best public golf in Chicago, 27 great holes on the courses, and a fantastic 28th for when your done see for details and more.      _____________________________________________________________________

DSC06529 Rory on the flag DS

THE GOG BLOG BY Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. On the 16th hole at Harbor Shores home of the 2016 Sr. PGA Championship.

It’s been said that the third time is the charm, and for the Golf Club at Harbor Shores 2016 is the third time the course will host the Sr. PGA Championship presented by Kitchen-Aid.

For two-time defending champion Colin Montgomerie, 2016 marks an opportunity for him to three-peat at this championship.

For “Monty” the Sr. PGA was his first major on either tour, and since breaking through at Harbor Shores, Montgomerie has won a U.S. Sr. Open and a then another Sr. PGA on the Pete Dye Course at the French Lick Resort. His bid for the hat-trick is taking place the week of May 24-29th and over Memorial Day Weekend.

Many of the regular players on the Champions Tour will be back to as Monty says, “give it a go”, but one player missing will be 2014 runner up Tom Watson who wrote the club and apologized for his absence citing a prior commitment with his wife.

DSC06519 monty blasts one on the 1st tee DS

Montgomerie hitting a drive off the First Tee at Harbor Shores.

The Sr. PGA Championship has turned into a fun event in the Benton Harbor and St. Joe’s area during the Memorial Day Weekend.

As a result large galleries line the property, and it makes for a great atmosphere according to many people who attend, and from the players themselves.

During Monday’s media day, PGA of America spokesman Julius Mason and Montgomerie has a fun session about Montgomerie’s history and his lack of knowledge about kitchen products.

It a session that looked right out of the “Price is Right” Montgomerie got to try and identify various products, he did get a few correct in spite of claiming he is not a cook or a kitchen type guy.

Click here to hear PGA President Derek Sprague and some career highlights and stories with PGA spokesman Julius Mason and Colin Montgomerie.

A second part with Montgomerie on the Harbor Shores golf Club will run in the short future.

In the meantime for more information the championship, please visit for all the details.


Fujikura logoimage0052016 Sr Pga logo ds FUJIKURA SHAFTS the # 1 shaft on several professional tours, make you game better insist on Fujikura Shafts, see The 2016 Sr. PGA Championship will be held again this year at Harbor Shores Golf Club in Benton Harbor Michigan. ______________________________________________________________________

DSC02501 Harbor Shores Inn roof pic 2 DS

The GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, from the roof of the Harbor Shores Inn. Follow Rory the editor and Director of Content on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

You can tell that summer and tournament time is coming. As today is the launch of media days for many of the summers golf events.

Two-time defending champion Colin “Monty” Montgomerie meets the media at the Jack Nicklaus designed Harbor Shores Golf Club in Benton Harbor Michigan.

As the Senior PGA Championship returns for the third time in five years. The championship was played last year on the Pete Dye designed Dye Course at the French Lick Resort in southern Indiana. The championship will return to Harbor Shores in 2018.

Monty-847 DS

Colin Montgomerie holds the Sr. PGA Championship trophy.

Benton Harbor based Kitchen-Aid remains the sponsor of the Sr. PGA championship.

Harbor Shores was created by the Nicklaus design team, that saw a garbage dump turned into a beautiful golf course. It has several different themes to it. A wetland area, a dunes near the waterfront area, a more classic style Northern Michigan look, and a part of the course that has a links like feel. The housing around Harbor Shores has continued to grow and the area feels more like a community. The tournament is played Memorial Day weekend.

I will have more on Harbor Shores and the Montgomerie press conference tomorrow.

Illinois Golf Team #1

Illinois at home

I’m not sure what Mike Small said to his team after round two of the B1G Ten’s Men’s Conference Golf Championship. But it sure worked, as the Illini that led the tournament after round 1, and woke up in third place heading into the final round, came storming back in the final round to win the B1G Ten by 13 strokes.

In the final round all of the Illini players simply took off and went low at Victoria National, the streak of championships continue for Illinois.

IN EVANSTON the celebration is on for the Lady Wildcats who tied for first place with Ohio State, the Buckeyes made a late run to pass the Cats, but could only catch them. Congrats to NU Director of Golf Pat Goss and coach Emily Fletcher.

DSC04846 the 12th hole at WS par 3 DS

Whistling Straits in Haven Wisconsin.

It’s always nice when the word comes down from Kohler Wisconsin that all four of the American Clubs courses are open, then you know summer is closing in.

I am proud to report that just less than two weeks ago that press release did arrive.

There are four great Pete Dye designed courses thst make up the resorts golf operation. While Whistling Straits might get most of the publicity, the Irish Course the River Course and Meadow Valley courses can hold their own against just about anything else our country can offer.

DSC06488 jim McWethy DS

Congrats to Mistwood Golf Club owner Jim McWethy on the Grand-Re-Opening of his Mistwood Golf Club.

All three phases are complete, and they look great. The golf course, the performance center and the clubhouse.

The reopening week was capped off by a craft beer festival, and fireworks on Saturday night. If you have never been to Mistwood it’s time to go. If you haven’t been there in a while it’s time to return. Mistwood like you have never seen it before. Mistwood now joins the list of the top 3 public courses in the Chicago area.

While at Mistwood last week, it was nice to see golf course architect Ray Hearn who tells me that he will be back working the Chicago area before too long. Hearn will be involved with the Oak Brook Hills Resort that is redoing the hotel and the golf course.

ON THE PGA TOUR, it was a good week for both Chicago area players, and for the Chicago based Wilson Golf, staff players. Late in Sunday’s final round at least four Wilson players were in the Top 20, and that doesn’t count Elmhurst’s Mark Wilson.

GOG RADIO enjoyed week #2 yesterday. It was nice to catch up with Shepherd’s Crook retiring GM Larry Myers, for all of us who have enjoyed working and being around him the last 15 years, he will be missed.

ILLINOIS PATRIOT DAY founder Mark Slaby was also a guest on the show. The Illinois Patriot Day has it’s annual golf outing at Medinah Country Club on May 30th. There are still ways to get out and play if you wish, but contact the foundation quickly. Things are about sold out for golf, you can still come to the dinner or bid on prizes. for those who need more information on one of Chicago’s premier charity outings.

The Gog Blog is finally starting to feel better, and looking forward to getting back on the golf course. More on Harbor Shores tomorrow, tune into GOG Radio this Sunday at 9 Am on AM 1240 WSBC and stay clicked in here. RS.


DSC06467 Pelican golf logo DSPL hole 2-0027 DS PELICAN GOLF is now open inside of Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, lessons, fitting, training and more visit Pelican Golf. Prairie Landing Golf Club in West Chicago is remaining open and not shutting down. See the story in the issue of Chicagoland Golf coming out this week, and can be found in your pro shops and golf retail stores.              _____________________________________________________________________

DSC04467 the foursome pic 4 DS

Golfers on Golf Radio this morning at 9 AM on Am 1240 WSBC. Standing L-R Mike Munro and Ed Stevenson, seated L-R Rory Spears and Bill Berger, Chicago’s Favorite Foursome

Week 2 of Golfers on Golf Radio is on the tee box, and Chicago’s favorite foursome returns.

Last week it was just three players, but Rory Spears will make his season debut in house.

This week the show would like to welcome Larry Myers from Shepherds Crook in Zion and Mark Slaby the Director of the Illinois Patriot Education Fund, as they ramp up efforts for their annual golf outing at Medinah to help our Illinois Veterans.

We hope you will join us on the tee for an exciting hour of golf talk about the pro ranks and Chicagoland area.

553299_2881839725738_320391500_n Steve kashul

Steve Kashul in the Butler Cabin, returns again on the Golf Scene tonight at 6 PM

Steve Kashul is back again for another season of the The Golf Scene that airs on Comcast Sportsnet,

The spring edition of the show will run tonight at 6 PM and then again May 1st at 6 PM. There will be other airings of the show, stay tuned for dates and times.

Included in the first show are visits to the Highlands of Elgin and Bowes Creek of Elgin. The Links & Tee’s of Addison, and a look at the new line of golf balls that are being made by the Chicago based Wilson Sporting Goods. All of this and more on the first edition of the Golf Scene, on Comcast Sportsnet.

DSC02440 Cog Hill Barn DS

The learning center at Cog Hill.

COG HILL’s is announcing demo it’s annual demo day set for next weekend at Cog Hill.

Saturday April 30th from 9 Am to 3 Pm, come and hit for free product from the following vendors.

Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Cleveland/Srixon, Mizuno, Iron Factory, Tour Edge and Nike.

Coming up on May 14th is the Dubsdread Spring Classic, and 8 Am shotgun on Course No.4, two formats for your 4-man team, entry fee $650.00. MAY 21-22 the Cog Hill Am golf all weekend, 36 hole event, open to the first 100 players who sign up. For more information or to sign up please call (866)-264-4455 x318 or visit

THE CHICAGO CHAPTER of the NFL alumni association is running a Caring for Kids Charity Golf Classicon May 23rd at Cog Hill. For more information contact Nicole Bradley at (509)-999-5983.

NORTHBROOK BASED KEMPERSPORTS management has announced they have been retained by the Mahopac Golf and Beach Club in Mahopac, NY. 55 miles north of NY City, the club is over 100 years old and dates back to an 1893 6-hole design by Tom Bendelow. The course is par 70 and is 6,523 yards.

EVANSTON BASED Links Capital Advisors and Principal Partner Chris Charnas is now working with a national developer looking to purchase golf courses for redevelopment. This developer can purchase 9, 18, 27, or 36 hole courses for up to $25 million. They are a cash buyer who can close quickly, looking for clubs near major metropolitan areas.

LCA has also listed for sale the Turnberry Country Club in the Chicago NW Suburbs, the club has 18 holes and a 6,901 yard championship golf course designed by E.L. Packard in 1970. The clubhouse is over 27,000 square feet. For information on the purchase of this club contact Chris at or call (847)-866-7192.

ANTIGUA APPAREL President Ron McPherson announces the 2016 Women’s Performance Collection Activewear, in time for your Mothers Day gifts. the new fabrications do combine polyester and spandex, unique prints, and color palettes with jewel tones, and the continuation of successful silhouettes. The collection creates a mixture of light to mid-weight overtops, with a use of heathers through the polo and sheerless polo’s. They have all been LPGA Tour tested. Order via

DSC05755 Scott Cassin Tom Reed Denny Belcastro and Bill Calfee L-R DS

The Rust Oleum Championship

The Rust-Oleum Championship will host the first qualifier for the 2017 Drive Chip and Putt Contest.

This will take place on June 7th at the Ivanhoe Club.

The competition is sponsored by the United States Golf Association, the Masters Tournament ans the PGA of America.

Boys and Girls ages 7-15 compete in four different age categories. This year Illinois had 4 kids compete at Augusta, with Christian Kim win the Boys 10-11 age bracket. To sign up visit registration runs through June 1st. is inviting golfers to come enjoy England, home of new Masters champion Danny Willett. Why not golf historic England home of countryside’s of rolling hills and pasture lands, see the stately castles and ancient mansions on the way. A very easy day trip from London to the Garden of England, the Kent Coast is an area known as a golfing hotbed that includes a mix or parkland and links courses.

Come play courses like Royal St. George’s and Royal Cinque Ports. North of England are open course Royal Birkdale, Royal Liverpool, and Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s. For more information see the highly rated golf travel service of

NORTH CAROLINA’s OUTER BANKS has brought a trio of great courses together to create another top North Carolina Golf Destination. Courses like the Currituck Club, Kilmarlic Club and Nags Head Golf Links, all three have earned high ratings from various ranking services and the North Carolina Golf Panel.

Nearby is the Wright Brothers bridge and other area’s of enjoyment for visitors. For more information on the Outer Banks and their golf experiences, please visit on line or call (800)-916-6244.

The Gog Blog Speaks Out is back tomorrow. Stay clicked in. RS


DSC06475 Mistwood is open DSE101--Drone Village Square 001 V1 1500px SS with signature DS 2 MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB is enjoying the final day of it’s Grand Opening tonight at the golf course, over 30 craft beers and fireworks for everyone to enjoy, stop by and enjoy the fun on Renwick Road in Romeoville (815)-254-3333. Erin Hills gets ready for another season of golf before the U.S. Open comes in 2017. Book a tee time or an over night stay now, both are filling up quickly, see Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin. ______________________________________________________________________

DSC02261 Cross golf USA 1 DS

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Wearing Cross Golf apparel.

In recent years the Wheaton Park District has made several upgrades to the Arrowhead Golf Course.

It started with a brand new clubhouse and then came the renovation of all 27 holes by Greg Martin.

Finally came improvements in the practice area and the driving range.

Now Arrowhead has taken a step to get better, they have added Pelican Golf in the basement of the clubhouse and Pelican when weather permits, can move outside to the tee line.

DSC06467 Pelican golf logo DS

The Pelican Golf logo.

There are several moving parts to Pelican Golf and golfers should enjoy them all.

The two professionals who golfers should recognize have been in the golf business around town for years.

Both Mike Mandakas and Kent Sirois have dealt with golfers for years, and Mandakas still coaches college golf.

Pelican Golf is a great addition to the Arrowhead Golf Club. It helps golfers get fitted for the right clubs, from driver to putter. Club repair and lessons are also available, it is the final piece that Arrowhead needed to become a complete facility.

Click here to hear the interview with Mike Mandakas about the new Pelican Golf.

DSC06459 Mike and Kent DSDSC06463 The putting area at PG DS   Mike Mandakas (L) and Kent Sirois (R) show off one of the new simulator bays at Pelican Golf. (R) the putting area that includes the SAM Putt lab and many putters to pick from if your for looking for something new.

While SAM Putt is one of the options for training at Pelican Golf, there is also Trackman and more ways to get your game on track for the season ahead.

Mandakas says that Pelican Golf’s social media network will be coming along shortly. In the meantime you can reach Mike and Kent at their online club sales website.

So if your ready to take some lessons, get fitted for or to buy new clubs, stop and check out Pelican Golf at Arrowhead Golf Club, open most days during the year.


DSC06480 McWethy's ice 2 DSDSC06467 Pelican golf logo DS  McWethy’s Tavern located inside of the new clubhouse at Mistwood Golf Club, come see McWethy’s and everything else new at Mistwood all this week as the Grand Opening continues through the Saturday night Fireworks, or you can call (815)-254-3333. Pelican Golf located downstairs at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton is now open. Go see Mike Mandakas or Kent Sirois and check out the newest teaching and fitting facility in the western burbs, our story on Pelican Golf coming soon.  _____________________________________________________________________

DSC06374 Rory and kapalua DS

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Thinking Kapalua yet another day.

Well it’s nice to be back for another day in the golf world. It’s no fun to be sick, but I’m slowly getting back on my feet. Over the next week I’ll try to catch up with all that is going on.

IT WAS GREAT to see the big turnout at Westmoreland Country Club on Tuesday for the memorial Service for the late Gary Planos, who passed away last month in his Maui home of a heart attack.

The service seemed more like a party and that’s the way Planos would have wanted it. Planos understood the word hospitality better than anyone, Can I get you something was his standard line. He will be sorely missed by many including me. People like Gary just don’t come along every day.

DSC01387 Luke Donald DS

Luke Donald is finding his game again.

It was great to see Northwestern’s Luke Donald on top of the leader board again for most of the RBC Heritage last week, at Sea Pines Resort and the Harbor Town Golf Links.

Donald was the first round leader and was back on top after Round 3, he held the lead until early on the back nine but just couldn’t make any birdies during the back nine to stay in it. He had to settle for second place, but it’s his best finish in a few years.

Much was made of him sitting home on the couch during Masters week and not being in Georgia. Maybe it fired him up. Donald is back working with Pat Goss again and seems to be getting back on track, hopefully that next “W” will come along soon.

IT WAS NICE TO get out for the Grand Opening of Pelican Golf at Arrowhead Golf Club on Butterfield Road in Wheaton. The new training, teaching and fitting facility in the basement at Arrowhead is one to visit if your in need of those types of services. Pelican can also move out to the tee line outside when the weather permits.

I will have a full story on the opening of Pelican Golf coming here soon, stay clicked in.

LAST SUNDAY with your’s truly home on the couch, another season of Golfers on Golf Radio on AM 1240 WSBC tee’d off for the summer. Special thanks to John Ferrell the Director of Golf at Sea Pines for joining us live as the PGA Tour walked by his office. All of us are looking forward to more great guests as the season goes on.

The Gog Blog is getting back up to speed and hoping to attend the fireworks and final night of the Grand Opening this Saturday night at Mistwood Golf Club on Renwick Road in Romeoville, if the Blackhawks don’t mess that up for us.

The Gog Blog Returns on Saturday, and I’m back in studio on Sunday and looking forward to it. RS


DSC05468 Westmoreland entrance DS

Entrance to the Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette.

This afternoon at 1 PM a memorial service will be held at the Westmoreland Country Club for the late Gary Planos, who passed away on March 26th in his Hawaiian home on the island of Maui.

Mr. Planos was an Evans Scholar who attended the University of Illinois while caddying at Westmoreland Country Club in Wilmette.

Gary Planos 2

Gary Planos

Mr. Planos went on to become a Western Golf Association Director, while holding down several positions in Hawaii, including Director of Golf Operations at the Kapalua Resort, and Tournament Director of the Tournament of Champions PGA Tour golf event that normally starts the PGA Tour season in January.

Mr. Planos still worked the driving range at the BMW Championships where ever they have been conducted in recent years.

Memorial gifts can be made to the Evans Scholars Foundation. For more information on the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation, please visit


DSC06480 McWethy's ice 2 DS

The Ice Sculpture

The Grand Opening week of the new Mistwood Golf Club went shooting off the first tee like a golf ball ripped down the first fairway.

I know that Mistwood has been open for years, but as community records show, the three-phase renovation of Mistwood Golf Club on Renwick Road in Romeoville was the longest redo in the towns history.

DSC06488 jim McWethy DS

Owner Jim McWethy is staging a week long Grand Opening of Mistwood and everyone is invited.

But in spite of all the years, the hours and money spent, the finished picture is exactly what golfers and non-golfers need in terms of a great place to go enjoy life and recreation.

Yes, Mistwood is a golf course, but it’s much more than that. While the golf course and the Performance Center are mostly a home for golfers, the new clubhouse that is now the home of McWethy’s Tavern is great dining for all.

DSC06475 Mistwood is open DS

Jim McWethy and Dan Bradley on right side of picture, cut the red ribbon that officially reopened a completed Mistwood.

The clubhouse also contains the Great Hall, a new hot spot for weddings and special events. Want a day or night in the Great Hall, book early to improve your chances of getting the date you want.

While Monday had a wide mix of attendee’s including media, the next two days have private events on the business side. Thursday the doors open to the public and from 6-8 pm is the Live Cooking demonstration.

Friday night is the Scotch Tour Tasting from 6-8 PM. Finally on Saturday is the Craft Beer Festival and Family Fireworks Night from 4-9 pm.

Sunday is just a plain and simple, come play golf day, if you haven’t already done so this year or at Mistwood before.

To recap the recent history of Mistwood the five year rebuilding plan went like this.

Phase 1 the renovation of the golf course by architect Ray Hearn, that include a partial island green on the third hole and the installation of some 22 sod wall faced bunkers.

Phase 2 the building of a practice and performance area that is complete with indoor and outdoor hitting area’s and a full bar and grill.

Phase 3 the complete tear down and rebuilding of the clubhouse, now complete with a full service restaurant (McWethy’s Tavern), the Great Hall for Special events and full size locker rooms.

Click here to hear the interview with Mistwood owner Jim McWethy and the marketing golf professional Dan Phillips.

This week come and enjoy the Grand Opening of Mistwood, yes it’s been open before, but it will never reopen like this again. or call (815)-254-3333.


The new SP Clubhouse DSDSC04467 the foursome pic 4 DS  The new clubhouse at Harbor Town Golf Club at the Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head South Carolina, home of this weeks PGA Tour Heritage Classic, visit The longest running golf radio show in Chicago returns this Sunday morning at 9 Am on AM 1240 WSBC, with the first tee shot of Golfers on Golf Radio for 2016. Mike Munro, Ed Stevenson standing, Rory Spears and Bill Berger seated, welcome the golfers of the Chicago area to join us for another season. All the golf news starts this Sunday morning ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05298 Rory in booth DS

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Back in the booth this Sunday morning. Follow Rory on facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

2017 continues to be a big year for golf in the state of Wisconsin.

First up is the U.S. Open at Erin Hills, second will be the Champions Tour Event in Madison, and the LPGA Tour works it’s way into the Green Bay area.

Now comes word that in the fall, that Wisconsin’s favorite son, and University of Illinois alumni Steve Stricker has been selected to be Captain of the Team USA Presidents Cup Team.

Stricker picture

Steve Stricker will serve as Captain of Team USA in the 2017 Presidents Cup Matches.

Stricker 49, from Madison Wisconsin will captain the 12 man USA Team against the International Team, that is made up of players from several countries around the world.

The biennial competition will be held at the Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City New Jersey, from September 26th to Oct. 1st of 2017.

Nice Price was named the Captain of the International Team, Price served as Captain for the International Team in 2015, when the matches were held in South Korea.

“I’m incredibly honored to have been selected as a U.S. team captain for the Presidents Cup, and I am looking forward to it coming to Liberty national one of my favorite venues,” Sticker said in a statement. “This event has meant a lot to me and I’m looking forward to leading what will be a promising U.S. team in 2017.”

Stricker has previously been an assistant captain on the 2014 USA Ryder Cup Team and will serve in that role again this fall at the Ryder Cup, which will be played at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska Minnesota. Stricker will be the 7th man selected as captain of the USA presidents cup team.

Team USA has won seven of the previous nine competitions. Stricker was a five-time participant in the matches and he holds a career 14-10 record.