WELCOME TO BLACKWOLF RUN in Kohler Wisconsin-where views of the Seboygan River are being reopened along the River and Meadow Valley golf courses. But nestled in between the golf holes of the Meadow Valley Course, comes the latest from Kohler.    ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook or LinkedIn. On the 3rd hole at Whistling Straits in Haven Wisconsin.

EVERYTHING in the Kohler Wisconsin area is not happening at Whistling Straits.

Yes the Ryder Cup is still coming, and will in late September of 2021. But before the matches tee off, the will be even more to enjoy, as the warmth of summer arrives in Kohler come next June.

“The Bath’s” are coming. Well of course they are, and they will be found but where-else, on the golf course, which is now par for the course when it comes to Kohler Golf.

There have been many inspired creations at Destination Kohler in recent decades, and not just located on the plumbing side of the company. If one wants to keep the hospitality side of Kohler in modern times, you need a little inspiration.

Work continues on The Baths middle holes on the Meadow Valley golf course.

Director of Golf Dirk Willis had a plan that never made it to the first tee before he left Kohler for a Short-while, and worked the golf business in California. When Willis got a mulligan and returned to Kohler, once again he tried to sell Kohler Chairman Herb Kohler on the idea of a par 3 golf course. A concept that was growing at golf destinations around the world. This time he succeeded. But Kohler suggested to Willis that they take the plan another step further, Kohler’s vision was to keep with the history and tradition of Kohler’s plumbing products, and include the concept into a new golf course.

How does one do just that. Simple. Build “The Baths”. Kohler’s current four championship golf courses were all built and designed by the legendary Pete Dye. How the late Dye, who passed away earlier this year would have worked Kohler’s “Baths” idea into a planning of a new par 3 course, might have even left Pete scratching his head. Dye likely would have said,” now I’ve seen it all.”

Rock walls along the Baths are a part of the new par 3 course.

Over the years it’s not been uncommon to see golfers have their golf balls or clubs go for a swim, or even golfers themselves take a swim trying to retrieve a golf ball. Now Kohler golf takes the idea of going for a swim on a golf course to a new level.

Instead of looking for new land to create the project on, Willis suggested getting more use out of land that Kohler Company already owned. So a search began, but the idea was to keep this project as close as possible to the resorts hotels, and the clubhouse at Blackwolf Run. When some acreage was discovered in between two holes on Meadow Valley Course last summer, where the project could be fit, things got rolling.

Willis admits the project has turned into more than he planned in the beginning, but he loves Kohler’s idea, and is anxious to see the entire project when it’s up and running next June.

CLICK HERE to hear the interview regarding “The Baths” project with Kohler Director of Golf, Dirk Willis.

While the two baths are in action with both swimmers or bathers, the 10 golf holes can be shifted so that those in the water won’t have to be ducking bad golf shots. The sandy bottom should provide comfortable walking area’s through the water, that will vary in depth in different area’s of the baths.

The 10 new par holes are strong enough says Willis that they “could get fit into any of our current championship Pete Dye golf courses.” Working with Willis and Herb Kohler Jr. is long time Dye associate design Chris Lutzke, who reads Kohler’s idea’s just like Dye would have done is his day, according to observers.

The new putting green can entertain numerous golfers all at once. Photo reflects only part of the overall size.

The par 3 holes and the baths are just part of this project. Groups can reserve part of or the entire area for several hours of the day. The area will have a “Northern Wisconsin style” log cabin that’s being purchased and relocated to the property, for guests to get food and beverage, or needed golf supplies. As night sets in, the entertainment options can change.

Near the first tee and as one walks from the 10th green, is the massive putting green that gives golfers plenty of room to putt, and putt, and putt. Golfers of all-ages will enjoy the big practice green, that does not yet have a name.

Willis says that junior golfers can play for free when accompanied by a paying adult, and it’s likely that plenty of junior golfers will enjoy the chance to putt around this green, that’s much bigger than any miniature golf course hole they have played before, or the putting green at their home course. A daily rate that will be under $100 dollars, can be a part of any golf package guests might purchase once area opens.

The picturesque views along the Sheboygan River from the River Course and Meadow Valley Course, along with the Blackwolf Run clubhouse are returning. After letting trees and the natural flavor of the river valley grow and mature for years, Herb Kohler has decided to re-open the views along the river that he felt were an important part of both courses. These views were visible shortly after the original course construction was completed in the late 1980’s.

For more details on “The Baths” regarding golf, swimming, putting and booking your group into “The Baths” for a private event, visit Or view additional photo’s on Facebook-Rory Spears Page, or on Twitter @GogBlogGuy.


THE RYDER CUP STANDS at Whistling Straits behind the 18th green. The 7th green on Whistling Straits, with a daring pin that will test the world’s best players in 2021.#Cup ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on Facebook or LinkedIn. Behind the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits.

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN an exciting week of golf in the small lakefront town of Haven Wisconsin last week, was a week that turned into many a resort guest coming to play Whistling Straits.

A Top 100 golf course designed by the late Hall of Fame architect Pete Dye.

Former European Team Golfer and former World #1 for 55 weeks, Luke Donald was there, so was Phil’s former caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay. Both have spent a little time around the Ryder Cup and at the Straits Course, during PGA Championships in 2004-2010-2015. There is no doubt some people in Kohler land were disappointed with the postponement of the 2020 Ryder Cup, but with the matches clock now ticking at less than 1 year to go. The excitement is returning. Even though I’m not excited about captain Steve Stricker having 6 captains picks. The 2020 Ryder Cup will still be the 2020 Ryder Cup presented in 2021, and don’t look for 2021 Ryder Cup merchandise, there won’t be any. But some with no year attached to the logo.

What could have been played, was a Ryder Cup with no fans. After playing the Straits last week, I must say it would not have been the same, and I’m not sure the players or anyone else for that matter would have enjoyed it.

The Baths are coming together at Blackwolf Run.

All the action at Destination Kohler is not confined to Whistling Straits.

The Baths are coming-June 2021.

I can’t wait, an you should feel the same way. Herbert Kohler-Dirk Willis and architect Chris Lutzke a long time associate of Pete Dye, have been for over a year bringing the “Baths” together. A full feature on the Baths comes up later this week, do stay clicked in for details, and to hear from Willis on the project that has turned into more than just a 10-hole par 3 golf course.

Tour Edge World Headquarters in Batavia Illinois, is set for a big equipment rollout in October.

ARE YOU READY for the latest and greatest on the equipment scene.

Word is that Batavia based Tour Edge Golf has it’s biggest ever equipment launch coming in October.

So if you have enjoyed Tour Edge and it’s Exotics line in recent years, hang on to your hats, the best is coming and it’s coming soon.

The launch appears that it won’t be all in one day, so be ready for multiple days of new announcements next month. Stay clicked in here for more details.

The first hole on the Tournament Nine at Schaumburg Golf Club is done and open.

SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB is up and fully running, Yes ! all 27 holes have opened.

I will write more about Schaumburg Golf Club in the days ahead. Today was 27 hole day at Schaumburg, and it was a fun day.

After golf I spoke with GM & Head Golf Professional Jon Parsons, who was very proud to say, “the project is done and I’m very glad how it turned out.”

Parson’s should be proud, the course renovation done by architect Todd Quitno is really good. Schaumburg is something every park district golf course should be, well conditioned and a great facility for the public golfer to come and enjoy. The greens are in MINT condition. You would never know how many golfers the three nines are seeing every day. The superintendent should get employee of the year from the Schaumburg Park District. The greens are rolling at “about 11” and will test that part of your game. The taxpayers sure got their money worth on this course renovation.

I’m trying to twist Parson’s arm into some-sort of 27 hole event “The Schaumburg Shootout” perhaps, it would be a great day of golf for all who sign up.

I’LL HAVE MORE about White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville shortly. I have played both the East & West Courses in recent weeks. Here’s hoping that Mistwood Golf and the Bensenville Park District can put together a solid plan for the future.

SOME SIGNS ARE OUT THERE that the golf business is on the comeback, and one of them is that plans are moving forward for the 2021 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January.

EQUIPMENT SALES were down from July, but still strong at $331 million, with an 33% increase over August sales of 2019.  Sales did drop around $50 million from July of 2020.

The Gog Blog will return all week, so do stay clicked in. RS


  WELCOME TO BLACKWOLF RUN & The Baths-Opening in June of 2021-Stay tuned.    ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or Facebook and LinkedIn. With the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits.

WHAT A WILD FINISH-CAPTAIN Steve Stricker’s Team USA has marched through Whistling Straits and…like the rest of us, will have to wait until next year to pop corks on the bottles of champagne.

Yesterday was supposed to be the final round of the 2020 Ryder Cup, maybe the most exciting, and wildest event in golf.

Whistling Straits, part of Destination Kohler, was all ready to host the 2020 Ryder Cup. Then came Covid-19.

After months of debate if the Ryder Cup could be played this year, it was finally decided to postpone the matches to late in September of 2021.

Team USA Captain Steve Stricker (L) and Team Europe Captain Padraig Harrington (R) hold the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in early October of 2019.

Kohler officials were prepared for a long time in case the Ryder Cup was cancelled, or postponed because of the pandemic.

By the time the official announcement was made that the Ryder Cup would be pushed into 2021, because fans would not be allowed in to the Ryder Cup if it was played this year.

Golf participation around the U.S. and the world was way up, and courses were filling up quickly every day and everywhere.

So with four resort golf courses now empty and free of both Ryder Cup play, and corporate events scheduled for championship week, there was plenty of tee-times to be sold to those golfers who wanted to come golf at Kohler’s courses, at both Whistling Straits, and Blackwolf Run. The good news is that a vast majority of those tee-times sold quickly and September remained a busy month for Kohler Golf.

This past week, the Ryder Cup stopped in to visit Whistling Straits, on what was supposed to be Ryder Cup week.

Better news is that there are a few, but very few tee times still remaining if you wish to play Whistling Straits in 2020.

Michael O’Reilly the head golf professional at Whistling Straits says that, “everyone was disappointed about the postponement at first, but we’ve hit the reset button and are now back on clock, and less than one year away from Ryder Cup week.”

For O’Reilly and his golf staff, that clock has started moving forward again, and people are getting more upbeat about the 2021 Ryder Cup. Which for the record will still be called the 2020 Ryder Cup, presented in 2021. Golf fans should not look for 2021 Ryder Cup merchandise because it’s not going to be made. But some newly created merchandise might have the current logo, but without any year attached on the design.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Whistling Straits head golf professional Michael O’Reilly.

A stiff breeze blows the flagstick on the par 3, 7th hole at Whistling Straits, this past week.

This past week’s “Ryder Cup week” turned into a great experience for golfers who got to play Whistling Straits during what was Ryder Cup week, but better yet is that golfers will still be playing Whistling Straits next year up until the course gets closed for Ryder Cup week (part 2) in early September.

Course maintenance will continue for another year to have “the straits course” ready for the best players in the world and the Ryder Cup matches. Work is continuing now on some area’s of the course to improve spectator viewing, and to clean up and secure some erosion area’s on the beach front that sit below some of late architect Pete Dye’s designed holes on the golf course.

For golfers that wish to test their game, and or maybe a have Ryder Cup style match against the other members of their group on Whistling Straits, Please visit

ZIEHM & SPEARS Podcast Series 2020-Volume 28

  LEN ZIEHM and RORY SPEARS have teamed up to present Chicago’s most informative weekly recap of the golf in the Windy City and beyond. With our weekly podcast series, we hope you will join us every week until December for all the news and the opinions that golfers want to hear on the game and golf industry #Ziehm&Spears

CLICK HERE to hear Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 28.

This week Len and Rory cover what would have been Ryder Cup week at Whistling Straits, what’s happening in Kolher Wisconsin. A U.S. Open wrap up, what’s next in golf after the way Bryson DeChambeau won the U.S. Open. The USGA without Mike Davis and his next venture with Tom Fazio II. Big Cedar’s big launch of the new Payne’ Valley Golf Course.

Batavia based Tour Edge is getting for something big in October in a product launch. All this and more. Thanks for listening, Len and Rory.


  WCPT AM 820 was the home of Golfers on Golf Radio for it’s 30th season. Golfers on Golf Radio is (L-R) Rory Spears-Ed Stevenson and Bill Berger-Contributor Len Ziehm.    ______________________________________________________________________

BY: RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Show creator Mike Munro (L)-dropped in for a 30th Anniversary special of GOG Radio.

ALL IN ABOUT 6+ months work, during a pandemic.

What started out as such a promising year in 2020, turned into a tough one with a pandemic racing across America.

It forced a lot of changes to everyone’s planning and ways of thinking. Most importantly for our golf show, how the industry was handling the pandemic of 2020.

Tim Clarke President of Chicago based Wilson Golf joined us as an in studio guest.

Our team of hosts and contributors had it’s issues as well. I got crushed in a car accident in late May in route to the studio, and ended up on the air by phone only.

Ed Stevenson injured a shoulder that required surgery, and was limited for several weeks. Bill Berger missed a few shows while traveling, and Covid restrictions at the station, kept him out of the studio for the season finale.

2019 Illinois Golf Hall of Famer Len Ziehm, was a weekly contributor in 2019.

Our 2-time hall of fame inductee Len Ziehm (Illinois Soccer and Illinois Golf Hall of Fame) couldn’t even return to Illinois this year with the crazy quarantine restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois.

But it was great to have him co-host twice from PGA Village in Florida, jump in as a guest, and hear from him weekly in shall I say-Memorex form.

It was strange this morning not to get get up and head for WCPT Am 820, as 22 weeks raced by quickly.

Susan Hess of Prospect Heights based Golftini joined us live in studio.


A SPECIAL THANKS to our guest hosts who showed up in person and added to the show.

Tim Clarke President of Chicago based Wilson Golf, who rounded up some of the Wilson Golf Staff to join us on-air.

Susan Hess of Prospect Heights based Golftini brought all us guys up to speed on the growing world of women’s stylish golf apparel, and how Golftini is quickly becoming a household name with women golfers.

Jon Claffey the Vice President of Marketing for Batavia based Tour Edge Golf, showed how Tour Edge’s line of Exotic’s is growing by leaps and bounds, especially on the PGA Champions Tour.

It wasn’t easy, but we tracked down our show’s founder Mike Munro, got him off the golf course, and out of the Green Street Grille in Bensenville, for a 30th anniversary edition of our program. Without Mike, Golfers on Golf would not exist.

Jon Claffey VP of Marketing Tour Edge Golf (R) shows off a new Tour Edge Iron.

We wish we could have put all the people who wanted to be on the show this year, on the air.

But with a late start to our broadcast season (3 weeks late) thanks much Covid. Plus the need to have guests to bring golfers up to speed, on how Illinois would reopen for golf season this year, we could simply not accommodate everybody. We do need a mulligan in this area.

IF YOU MISSED our show at times this year, do visit WCPT Facebook page and watch a replay, or visit

All of us at Golfers on Golf would like to thank the management at WCPT-General Manager Mark Pinski, Operations Manager Matt Comings. Our production team of Devin Andrekas and Paul Chivari.

We thank our sponsors, The French Lick Resort of French Lick Indiana, Erin Hills Golf Club-Erin Wisconsin, Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville, DuPage Golf, Mt. Prospect Golf Club, Arlington Lakes, and Nickol Knoll Golf in Arlington Heights, Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, Jakes/Bills Pizza on Grand in Franklin Park, the Schaumburg Golf Club.

Thanks to all of our guests, and various public relations and marketing folks who helped line them up. This years show might have been work then ever before, but it was certainly worth it in the end. All of us at Golfers on Golf are aware the show is growing among golfers and those in the golf industry.

In the meantime, is the only Chicage area based year round golf news source. So stay clicked-in all winter long. Len Ziehm and I will continue the podcasts through early December before taking a break, and returning in early January.

Finally on behalf of Ed Stevenson, Bill Berger, Len Ziehm and yours truly. Thanks for listening all year long, and we hope 2021 is a longer straighter drive down the fairway to the green. RS


GM AND HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL CHAD JOHANSEN greets you at Blackberry Oaks where fun and golf mix together. Play “The Oaks” and enjoy post round food and beverage in Kennedy Pointe restaurant. The Chad Johansen golf academy where “KidsRule” is one of the best junior golf locations in the Chicago area. Stay tuned for updates on the CJA winter indoor golf at the Go For It Dome in Yorkville near Blackberry Oaks. Chad is the inventor of the FOURStepProcess. Details at    _____________________________________________________________________

PRODUCT REVIEW by RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation at Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The new RZN golf balls, what was once Nike.

RZN golf balls, you know the name right ?

Well maybe you don’t, because what was a RZN Golf Ball in the past, came under a different name-NIKE.

What RZN did was make golf balls for NIKE from 2011 through 2016, when NIKE dropped out of the golf equipment business.

RZN HS Tour ball

During the time RZN made Nike golf balls, the ball won over 50 times on the various professional tours. That included four major championships.

It’s Resin Core has helped produce a lighter and faster golf ball, that come complete with a Micro-Dimple surface (13,558 dimples).

Since 2016, RZN has been researching technologies and looking at ways to make a better golf ball. Since NIKE is out of business in selling golf balls, RZN instead of painting a “Swoosh” on the golf balls they make, they are now putting their own name on the balls they make.

I tested out the RZN-MS and the RZN-HS golf balls in recent rounds, as I tried out several brands of balls while settling in with my new golf clubs, while looking for the right combinations. Here are my findings.

THE RZN-HS Tour Ball is longer than the RZN-MS ball. But it’s supposed to be. Against other brands of balls I have played of late, I thought the RZN-HS came out on the short-end distance wise. It’s not lagging far behind, but while playing it, when I was in between clubs, I always hit more club to get the distance I needed.

But the HS ball has a good feel when you hit, it’s a ball that I think would not leave you with a stinger in your hands on the cool days that are coming in the fall golf season. I did well hitting fairways with the HS ball, so it gets good marks for control. Some distance balls can rocket off the putter face when your on the green, but I did not experience that with HS.

OVERALL-RZN-HS is a good ball, but it could use a little more distance when being hit by the big sticks in your bag.

RZN-MS is for all swing speeds. Again my fairways hit count was good when using MS, it doesn’t have the distance of HS, but it’s very easy to control. Where I saw some interesting results, was on greenside bunker shots. I hit not one but two flagsticks from greenside bunkers. Unfortunately neither of those shots dropped into the cup, but spun away from the hole in crazy fashion, and left long par putts. But if your looking for spin around and into the green the MS ball should work for you.

MS has a great feel on the green. I had one of my better putting rounds (27 putts) of the year while using RZN-MS. I hit my new A-Wedge on four occasions during my recent round with the MS ball, I hit all four greens and held them.

If you played RZN-Nike from 2011-2016 and liked the ball, you should like the new edition RZN ball. It’s price point is better than most major top of the line golf balls. On-line reports say it’s available through Walmart’s website.

For more information see


BRYSON DECHAMBEAU has won in Illinois twice, they were both big wins in his career, but none as big as winning the U.S. Open this past Sunday at Winged Foot.        ______________________________________________________________________

Bryson DeChambeau with the U.S. Open trophy.

BY: RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. You can follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, or friend him on Facebook, and connect with Rory on LinkedIn.

I didn’t know much about Bryson DeChambeau when he arrived at Olympia Fields in 2015 for the U.S. Amateur.

DeChambeau had already won the NCAA Championship that year while playing with his SMU team. As a result he was one of the top choices to win at Olympia Fields. But instead of attracting attention for his NCAA win, Dechambeau started getting noticed for the fact all his irons were the same length. Seriously kid-why.

But he had answers, and explanations, he majored in engineering, and was known to study about anything that could make him a better golfer. Even more interesting than the length of his clubs, was that he was putting new golf balls in the boiling pot, to see which ones floated the right way. The ones that didn’t were taken out of play, because they were not perfectly round.

DeChambeau explained how 4-5 new golf balls in every dozen, weren’t perfectly round. Yes even in a $50.00 dozen of Pro V1’s. I don’t know if he still does that, but I’m sure he made the R&D departments at places like Titleist and Callaway do some thinking.

DeChambeau was such a neat story, people started rooting for him to win his matches at Olympia Fields just to keep him around. The media liked him too, because you never knew what he was going to say. He attended SMU in Texas because his hero Payne Stewart did. Once that was known, his apparel was the next question because in some ways he resembled how Stewart dressed, Hogan cap and all.

DeChambeau always walked faster than his opponents all week long, he wanted them to feel like they had to catch up to him through the entire match. Nobody did, and he took home the Havemeyer Trophy, and was a USGA Champion.

Being an NCAA and USGA champion earned DeChambeau an exemption into the John Deere Classic courtesy of Clair Peterson and the JDC Championship committee. He made the most of it, and then he turned professional early when SMU’s teams got put on NCAA probation, and could not play in the the post season.

DeChambeau rolled in a big putt on 18 at TPC Deere Run, and then he waited to watch the groups behind him finish. When it was over Dechambeau had finished first. At the trophy celebration John Deere CEO Sam Allen told DeChambeau his hero Payne Stewart’s first win on the PGA Tour was in the Quad Cities too, it almost brought DeChambeau to tears when the emotion caught up with him.

What makes Dechambeau such a unique player is his scientific approach to the game, if you have a question he has an answer. His actions are well thought out.

Which brings us to his recent plan to put on 40 pounds and bulk up to Hulk size. His drives are longer and he hits them straight for the most part. The question now is how many golfers might try to follow his path to bigger and stronger.

If you have spent any time around DeChambeau as I have, you’ll find he is a good guy at heart. I know he said and done a few things that have upset the weak-minded ones on Twitter. Guess what-who cares. I really like his genuine approach to the game, his thoughtful answers in media sessions, and his down-to-earth personality. His work ethic is non-stop, he puts the time in to get better and he will do just that.

Whether you like his plan to hulk-up or not. Give Bryson a chance, he is a champion worth rooting for. He might not win 18 majors in his career, but I’m sure he will win more than one. Who else has won the NCAA Championship, the U.S. Amateur and the U.S. Open besides DeChambeau, it’s a very short list-Jack & Tiger.

I can’t wait to see his approach in Augusta-it should be a fun Masters at Augusta National come this November. RS


WELCOME TO BLACKBERRY OAKS-Chad Johansen GM and Head Golf Professional. Play the Oaks, one of the Chicago area’s most fun golf       ____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on Facebook or Linkedin. With USGA CEO & Executive Director Mike Davis (M) and Tim Cronin of the Illinois Golfer.

USGA CEO & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Mike Davis announces his departure from the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Davis who started with the USGA in 1990, and worked his first U.S. Open at Medinah later that year, has announced that 2021, will be his final year in Liberty Corner New Jersey.

Davis, 55 has announced he will become part of a golf course design team, with Tom Fazio II, named Fazio & Davis design.

In 2011 Davis became the USGA’s seventh executive director and in 2016 the USGA’s first CEO.

“Leading the USGA has been such an honor, and I’m grateful for the many wonderful years I have had with this great organization,” said Davis. “While I am excited for my next chapter, my work here is not done, and I look forward to furthering our mission to better the game over the next 15 months.”

Davis will spend those 15 months helping the USGA through the Covid-19 times, the USGA operational move to and creation of Golf House-Pinehurst. Davis will assist the organization in the selection of the new CEO.

USGA CEO & Executive Director Mike Davis

“Mike has been a transformational leader in golf and his actions to move the USGA forward have been numerous and decisive,” said USGA President Stu Francis. “These accomplishments include leading global rules modernization, the new world handicapping system, the ongoing Distance Insights project and the creation of the new USGA Foundation. In addition, Mike’s vision helped create four USGA championships, while ensuring a renowned line up of golf courses for all of the USGA’s championships. He is has been a strong advocate for the selection of public golf courses as U.S. Open sites.”

“During his tenure as CEO, Mike has assembled a strong, experienced leadership team, and worked collaboratively with our board to modernize and streamline the internal governance structures for the USGA, which created the space for the management team to lead the way and the Executive Committee to function primarily as a strategic board.”

The USGA Executive Committee will soon begin a search for the next CEO, with a candidate in place prior to the the 2021 U.S. Open in June.

Davis said he has had a longtime interest in golf course architecture, and decided this was the time to explore a career move to work more in course design and renovation.


  ED STEVENSON (L) and RORY SPEARS (R) wrapped up the 30th season of Golfers on Golf Radio this past Saturday morning at WCPT Am 820, with guest host Len Ziehm. If you missed it catch the replay at or watch on the WCPT Am 820 Facebook page seen under the weekend show listings. #WCPT ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

THE WATERVIEW PUB at the Great Waters Golf Course at Reynolds Lake Oconee in Greensboro Georgia. The golf course was designed and recently renovated by Jack Nicklaus.

Great Waters has now been selected to host a recently added LPGA Tournament called the Drive-On Championship. It’s one of the tournaments added to replace LPGA events this year in both Japan and Korea. Championship week is October 22-25. For details on visit, membership or homeownership see

TOPGOLF has announced they have added Monterrey Mexico to it’s list of newly opened facilities, as Topgolf continues to expand it’s global footprint. See

CHRIS CHARNAS and the Wilmette based LINKS CAPITAL ADVISORS have closed the deal on the sale of the Whispering Woods Golf Course in Whispering Pines North Carolina. If you are looking to buy or sell a golf course or golf courses, contact Chris at 312-543-7192.

2021 Senior PGA Championship at Southern Hills in Tulsa Oklahoma.

AFTER BEING CANCELLED in 2020 due to Covid-19, the Senior PGA Championship sponsored by Whirlpool is back in 2021.

Next yea’s championship will be played at the famed Southern Hills Country Club, in Tulsa Oklahoma from May 25th through May 31st.

You can now sign up to be a volunteer at the championship.

You can sign up through the links at

Do be aware that positions are going quickly, so if you would like to be a volunteer at the 2021 Senior PGA Championship do register before long. For everyone who plays the game.

The 34th Illinois Senior Amateur Championship was not an easy finish for champion Tim Sheppard (East Peoria-Pekin Country Club).

Sheppard held a three shot lead heading into the final day at Mt. Hawley Country Club in Peoria.

Sheppard a two-time CDGA Senior Player of the Year, and past champion in the senior amateur, didn’t get out to a great start in the last round.

Emotions caught up with him after his dog passed away unexpectedly early that morning. Sheppard admitted he was having a hard time focusing, and after he started +2 over the first seven holes. At the turn he told himself he needed to make some birdies. On the back nine Sheppard carded 4 birdies to hold off David Feder of Lincolnshire (Conway Farms), and four-time past champion Dave Ryan of Taylorville/Illini CC. Winning the championship in his backyard of Peoria has special meaning for Tim Sheppard.

NORTHBROOK based KemperSports Management has released information on it’s newest property additions. The team at KSM worked with Bandon Dunes during the recent men’s USGA Amateur Championship. KSM property Chambers Bay will host the 2021 USGA Four-Ball Championship. More details at

V1 Sports-helping you hit it longer.


V1 Sports tomorrow Tuesday at 7 Pm EST, will bring you a webinar on Zoom September 22nd.

Jamie Sadlowski the long drive champion of the 2008-2009 RE/MAX, gets a lesson from BodiTrak founder Terry Hashimoto to discuss the benefits to using “ground forces” to the golf swing. Including feet pressure and weight transfer.  Learn more about the seminar and V1 Sports at

Cleveland Golf’s newly finished zip-core wedges.

CLEVELAND GOLF has added two new finishes to it’s line of ZipCore wedges.

The new finishes include the “T” mark, and come in Black Satin and Tour Rack.

“It’s got great lines and that classic look you’d expect from Cleveland,” said Graeme McDowell. “I love the way it feels. I love the way the ball comes off the face, and it’s exciting that you will be able to play the same wedges we play on tour.”

The Black Satin Wedges are priced at $149.99 MAP and the Tour Rack comes in at $169.99. More information at


WCPT AM 820-CHICAGO home of Golfers on Golf Radio in it’s 30th season. Golfers on Golf is (L-R), Rory Spears-Ed Stevenson and Bill Berger. season finale today at 10 AM.

TODAY AT 10 AM is the season finale of Golfers on Golf Radio, you can catch the show on WCPT Am 820 Chicago,, watch the show on Facebook Live at the WCPT Facebook page. You can use the Tune-In Radio APP on your phone, please search at WCPT820. If you need a mulligan visit the stations website and the facebook page and watch the replay. Or listen in at

Illinois Golf hall of Fame Inductee Class of 2019, Len Ziehm joins us as co-host from Florida for the finale

Our last show for the year includes guest host Len Ziehm from the main studio of, in Port St. Lucie Florida, and the PGA Village.

We will hear from WFAN Radio in New York Ann Liquori, who checks in from Winged Foot and the U.S. Open.

We’ll add some comments from Illinois PGA Match Play Champion Jonathon Duppler, who won the championship on his home turf Elgin Country Club, and runner-up Garret Chaussard.

CLICK HERE to hear our U.S. Open interview with WFAN’s Ann Liquori.

It’s been a crazy year, so join us for the end of the round and what lies ahead. thanks for listening, Ed, Billy, Len and Rory.