THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB located at 1501 North Roselle Road in Schaumburg now has a pro shop sale going on through November 30th-35% off most items. For more information on pro shop merchandise or playing all 27 holes-call (847)-885-9000.   _____________________________________________________________________

Len Ziehm and Rory Spears-The Podcast Series-Where Golf Season Never Ends. Promo-logo by Heidi Ziehm.


As always after missing a week, Len has a lot to say.

Illinois Golf Hall of Fame inductee class of 2019 member Len Ziehm, and Chicago area golf reporter Rory Spears, have teamed up to bring you the Chicago area’s most complete weekly golf report.

This week is no exception, as Len and Rory look ahead at what could be the last great weather week for outdoor golf in the Chicago area for 2020.

Beyond that topics include, former Kohler VP Jim Richerson takes the presidents chair for the PGA of America. A virtual PGA Merchandise Show for 2021, new equipment rolling out including Chicago based Wilson Golf and suburban based Tour Edge Golf from Batavia.

New clubhouses are on the rise in the area, find out where. A longtime classic golf course on the southside has been sold, is it the end of golf on the property ?

Trappers Turn in the Wisconsin Dells is moving ahead with big plans to expand over the next few years, including new openings for 2021.

The Masters is right around the corner, and some changes to the week were announced, what’s being cancelled, and what isn’t. Is a new dome shell going up at the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook. Plus the John Deere Classic wins big off the course in it’s charity arm-Birdies for Charity.

All this and more in Volume 32 of Ziehm & Spears the podcast series.

CLICK HERE to hear Ziehm & Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 32. Chicago’s best weekly golf report, of what’s going on here, and beyond that Chicago area golfers need to know more about. Fore-Go Play and Thanks for listening Len and Rory.


THE TOUR EDGE HOT LAUNCH 521 SERIES-with the Houdini Sole. Put a little magic in your game, or use your “Get out of Jail Free card” by learning more at TourEdge.com  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend on Facebook, connect at LinkedIn

The Tour Edge 521 Series 56 degree wedge

THE HOT LAUNCH 521 Series concludes with the wedges.

The wide sole puts the club weight both below and behind the ball, making it easier to get the ball in the air.

A dual-flange sole design comes with 14-degrees of bounce, this allows for the wedge to slide through the sand of grass, without digging in, and there reducing the amount of shots hit fat or skulled like line drives. This wedge promotes open faced shots for maximum loft.

The Hot Launch 521 series wedges or Iron-Wood set, come in lofts for Gap-Sand and Lob wedges.

The Houdini Sole, with it’s curved front edge, reduces turf interaction by 35% and helps with a “no dig” design, and less topped shots.

The wider sole-combined with a heavier head weight on the E521 promotes better contact and reduces miss-hits. it offers better results for all types of wedge play shots, including pitch shots, explosions shots from the rough or the sand, bump-and-run shots, flops shots or chipping around the green.

The deeper under cut cavity on the club, allows for more spin and enhanced flight, with better playability from both the sand or the rough. Grooves are maximized to USGA depth and sharpness for more spin and control.

CLICK HERE to hear the interview with Tour Edge Marketing VP Jon Claffey, who speaks to all area’s of the Hot Launch 521 Series rollout.

Cost on the E-Series wedges are $89.99 for either steel or graphite. All wedges are built in the United States. Get fit at over 850 fitting locations, and receive delivery within a 48-hour window. Lofts for both left-handed and right-handed wedges are 52-56-60.

The stock shaft on the wedges is the Mitsubishi Fubuki Graphite HD-55 gram, and on steel is the KBS Max 80 Uniflex. Grips are the Lamkin Z5 rubber in a variety of sizes. More details at TourEdge.com.


PUT A LITTLE MAGIC IN YOUR GAME-WITH THE NEW HOUDINI SOLE offered by Tour Edge Golf in it’s C & E Series 521 Hot Launch-Get Out of Jail Free TourEdge.com   ____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. At Trappers Turn Golf Club in the Wisconsin Dells.


If you have been looking for your get out of Jail Free Card, now you have it.

It’s name is Tour Edge Golf.

For Illinois golfers Tour Edge Golf is right here in West Suburban Batavia.

During the month of October Tour Edge has rolled out the largest equipment launch in company history.

You need new clubs that can put a little magic in your game, now you can and it starts next week as we welcome November to the calendar. The new Houdini Sole might just be what you need to lift your game to another level.

The Tour Edge C-Series 521 Irons.

Houdini Sole Technology, creates a super-shallow face with, slice fighting offset designs, and heel weighting for an added draw bias.

A new raised steel mass area, set on the rear of the clubhead will reduce the amount of sole area, to reduce drag and turf interaction.

The Houdini Sole adds an area of mass concentrated on the trailing edge of the sole on the clubhead, in addition to a leading edge under the clubface. The Houdini design has created a golf club that reduces turf interaction by 35%. This getting balls out of tough lies, and decreased the amount of “duffed ‘ shots, and improving ball contact.

The face on a new Tour Edge Series C-521 Iron.

The Competition Spec 521 irons are a maximum distance and forgiveness iron with a traditional cavity back design. These C521 Series Irons are made of the soft 431 stainless steel, which provides a feel for players at all skill levels.

The C521 Iron set comes as a 7-piece set with club options that include, 4-iron to 9-iron, or a pitching wedge, approach wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. The set comes in both left and right handed models.

The C-Series irons include an expanded undercut cavity to offer maximum forgiveness, power and consistent performance. The undercut cavity does provide a higher launch angle that adds more forgiveness. Other features include a 15% percent wider sole design, for better shot making. A Chamfered Face that helps the iron add even more ball speed. Advanced Toe Weighting to help with off center distance hits, and leaves the golfer a better feel on off center hits. The Power Lofted iron allows for more distance and a lower spin rate, with the same characteristics of a standard lofted iron.

Launch date to consumers is November 1st, with the E521 Iron-Wood at $89.99 per steel and graphite. The C521 Iron is $69.99 per steel or graphite. Standard shaft is the Mitsubishi Fubuki and KBS Max 80 Shafts. The Lampkin Z5 Rubber grips are available in Undersize, Standard and Midsize sizes.

Stay clicked in for our final part, that is Part 4, Tour Edge E521 Wedges, coming up tomorrow. Be ready to put these clubs in your bag next week.

More details at TourEdge.com


PUT SOME MAGIC IN YOUR GAME-WITH THE HOUDINI SOLE, new from Tour Edge. ______________________________________________________________________

   THE HISTORIC CALUMET COUNTRY CLUB has been sold to a Arizona developer.

The historic Calumet Country Club has been sold to an Arizona based developer Golfers on Golf has learned.

The sale was brokered by Wilmette Illinois based Links Capital Partners, and Chris Charnas. Golfers on Golf has reached out to LCP and Charnas for comment, and still is awaiting more details.

Over a year ago-Diversified Partners of Arizona was attempting to purchase the club at that time. It does remain unclear if Diversified was the buyer of the club, but likely is.

The plan was for retail stores, maybe some homes and a trail. It’s unknown what the current plan might be. But it does seem that the clubs long golf history, that includes a win by the famous Byron Nelson, is likely over.

Whether or not the club is open in 2021 for one final season of golf remains to be seen.

The Illinois Golfer is expected to have a story shortly, that includes more on the golf history of Calumet Country Club, that only a few years ago hosted the 87th Illinois State Amateur Championship won by Patrick Flavin of Highwood Illinois.

BY: Rory Spears-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend him on Facebook.


THE NEW TOUR EDGE GOLF C & E 521 HOT LAUNCH SERIES see TourEdge.com    _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @gogblogguy or friend him on Facebook. File photo from the 2019 PGA Show.

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC strikes again.

With concerns and the effects still lingering from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The PGA of America in partnership with Reed Expositions, that runs the annual PGA Merchandise show held every year in January, has elected to hold the 2021 show in the virtual format.

How this will effect the show, and what the overall reaction will be, remains to be seen. It appears that many regular attendee’s had concerns about coming next January to Orlando. The decision to move to a virtual format was made after feedback from PGA professionals, exhibitors, attendees, and various golf industry associations, vendor partners, and event stakeholders.

Welcome to the Major of Golf Business

The annual PGA Merchandise Show is the world’s largest meeting within the golf industry.

Around 40,000 golf industry professionals from around the globe meet to see the newest trends, updated technologies from both the biggest, and small new start up companies worldwide.

This coming year (2021) the show is comprising a plan for an inter-active virtual format, that will be comprised of exhibitor showrooms, education sessions, golf industry presentations, one-to-one meetings, group networking, special events, and golf celebrity engagement programs.

“We are thankful to the PGA of America, exhibiting companies, attendees, PGA Professionals and industry partners for their strong support and guidance that has allowed us to develop this exciting reimagination of the 2021 PGA Merchandise,” said PGA Golf Exhibitions Event Vice President Marc Simon. “This years virtual PGA Show will offer unparalleled online engagement, connecting our industry to drive business and grow the game. Technology has brought us together in amazing new ways during the , and we plan to capitalize on these innovative solutions to make the PGA Show even better moving forward. Recognizing the increased interest in the game and potential growth in 2021 and beyond, we are excited to return to Orlando in 2022 to combined the best of technology advancements with the invaluable experience of face-to-face connections. Together, we are evolving and have the opportunity to emerge stronger and better connected than ever before.”

PGA of America President Suzy Whaley added this statement.

“Working in partnership with the PGA Show team, we are pleased to continue the longstanding tradition of connecting PGA Professionals and the global golf community with a new virtual PGA Merchandise Show experience and marketplace in 2021,” said Whaley. “The interactive virtual format will allow even greater participation from all corners of the U.S. and around the world, and together, we can collectively make the most of of the surging interest in the game. We share an optimistic outlook for the future of the sport and look forward to an exciting industry reunion when we all can meet face-to-face at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.”

Regular show attendee’s, PGA professionals, golf industry leaders, media members, and product manufacturers from around the world can now attend the show from the safety of their home or work location. The PGA of America says the show’s virtual platform will be come available for scheduling in Mid-December. With full live content provided during show week January 26-29, 2021.

The decision regarding moving the 2021 PGA Show to the virtual format saw the idea receive strong endorsements from Peter Broome SVP Acushnet-Titleist & FootJoy. From Callaway EVP Callaway Golf, Anne Broholm  CEO of AHEAD LLC, and Peter Millar Golf President Todd Martin.

Golfers on Golf will follow updates on the show and pass them along as they released. Golfers on Golf and Len Ziehm on Golf will announce show plans at a later date. Stay clicked in for updates.


THE NEW TOUR EDGE 521 HOT LAUNCH C & E SERIES-with the Houdini Sole. Stay tuned more coming up with Tour Edge including Parts 3 & 4 in our series. Touredge.com ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook or Linkedin. At Trappers Turn Golf Club in the Dells.

VACATIONS are usually a wonderful thing.

But not always when they end up being unplanned.

In the middle of a busy week, last week while on assignment in the Wisconsin Dells, our site went down. But finally and fortunately after an exhaustive process with our provider, we are back up and running. Sorry for the slow play in posting, but now I plan to be back catching up at full speed for the next week.

I just caught up with architect Greg Martin, and the renovation work has started at Settlers Hill in Batavia, but the golf course is still open for play. I hope the weather does not get to cold too quickly, so all the golf courses can stay open for a while yet. Come the day we all must take golf back indoors, I’m still worried about what Gov. JB “Shutdown” will do to our state.

THE QUICK TRIP up to the Wisconsin Dells allowed me to play 36 1/2 holes of golf, before Mother Nature opened up from the heavens and stuck a fork in my final round of the trip at Coldwater Canyon Golf Club at the Chula Vista Resort. Never fun to hit that opening tee shot down the middle of the  fairway on the first hole, and before you get to your ball, a massive downpour explodes. Two hours later you head home because fairways are starting to be under water, and the temperature has dropped down to 38, when it was supposed to be 60 that day. But the 1923 golf course, one of the 5th oldest courses in Wisconsin looks great and I will have to make a return visit.

WHAT I DID LEARN while in the Dells, is that there is plenty happening at Trappers Turn Golf Club. The Roger Packard-Andy North design property is getting some serious upgrades.

IN 2021 the brand new 1-acre lighted putting green will open. In addition June will be the opening of the new Andy North-with Oliphant Golf Partner-Craig Haltom, 12-hole par 3 golf course. Haltom is the person who found the Sand Valley land, and convinced Mike Keiser to step up and buy it, and start building golf courses there, which we know Keiser did, and now Sand Valley is a major success story and outstanding golf destination property.

What else is interesting at Trappers Turn, is the addition of a new vineyard that started in late 2018. No wine is on it’s way anytime soon, but some Trappers Turn Brandy will be around in a year or so. Stay tuned.

THE 2021 PGA merchandise Show schedule for late January in Orlando, has been converted to a Virtual-Show. What-ever that means. I did reach out to Reed Exposition’s that operates the show for the PGA of America for a comment (as I would always do when necessary), and they sent me the official press release, which I will post shortly.

What affect that will have on the golf industry in 2021 remains to be seen. It does seem that the equipment companies are rolling out new things in advance of the holiday season, in fact they have been rolling out new equipment in the last 4-6 weeks. Chicago based Wilson Golf is the latest to roll out new equipment, including a new set of Irons that was spotted on Wilson Golf President Tim Clarke’s Facebook page this afternoon.

If you need some warmer weather golf clothes, the Schaumburg Golf Club has a pro shop merchandise sale going on-nice discounts to be had.

THE HOT and FALSE RUMOR Department. If you have heard the one about KemperSports and Keiser Golf being splitsville, with KSM out at places like Sand Valley and Bandon Dunes. IT’s FALSE. I reached out to both parties (as I would always do when a comment is necessary) and both Mike Keiser and KSM CEO Steve Skinner responded to me and flat out denied the story.

Next on rumor tee, is that Roscommon Michigan destination property Forest Dunes could be getting sold to the Mosaic Company that own’s Streamsong in Central Florida. I reached out for comment (as I would always do when necessary), and I am still awaiting for an official response.

WORD FROM AUGUSTA NATIONAL that the famed Wednesday Par-3 contest is cancelled this year. Probably more fall-out from the Virus, but the champions dinner is still on.

THE GOG BLOG returns tomorrow. RS


THE TOUR EDGE HOT LAUNCH- E & C series, see the wedges in this coming week.    ______________________________________________________________________

TOUR EDGE E Series 521 3-Wood with the Houdini Sole (L) The Tour Edge C521 series Hybrid. Put a little magic in your game with a new Houdini Sole. #Gamechanger

PART 2. The new Tour Edge C and E series clubs, the largest rollout in Tour Edge’s 34 year history.

BY: RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend him on Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn.

WHAT IT MEANS: The E521 Series is an Extreme Spec Game Improvement, with the C-521 Series brings Competition Spec Game Improvement models. The two lines bring different shapes, specs and shafts with separate driver, fairway metal, hybrid and iron designs. Overall there are 46 lofts of clubs in right-handed clubs, with 20 lofts in left-handed clubs.

The E-Series design has provided a super-low Center of Gravity (CG), super shallow faces, offset designs and a extremely light premium shafts to get the ball off the ground for players with a slower to mid-tempo swing.

The C-Series includes a premium, state-of-the-art Competition Spec designs with a higher M.O.I. in a standard look that sits square at address, but provide players with a medium+ swing speed the power to launch the golf ball easier, but with added forgiveness and power across the face of the club. The new look for both series comes in a sleek all-black PVC finish.

Tour Edge Marketing VP Jon Claffey (R) appeared as a guest on Golfers on Golf Radio in August.

The E-Series 521 fairway woods come with the newly created Houdini Sole.

A thinner and lighter forged steel crown, will increase ball speed for more power and ease of use by the golfer.

What is Houdini Sole Technology?

The raised steel mass area at the rear of the club head, reduces the area the clubhead spends connecting with the turf and reduces drag. When that happens it allows for more improved shots and results from tough lies.

“The Houdini Sole becomes a complete life-saver from tight and tough lies,” said Tour Edge President and Lead Design Engineer David Glod. “Either series C or E, fairways or hybrids, these are your get out of jail free cards for anywhere on the golf course.”

CLICK HERE to hear Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey explain the C and Series Clubs release by Tour Edge.

On the E-Series the CG is 23% lower and 6% further back than the previous HL4 fairway metal, which makes the E521 the highest launching easiest-to-hit fairway wood Tour Edge has ever created.

A  Control Length Shaft Technology that utilizes shorter shaft lengths for better control and accuracy. The premium Mitsubishi Fubuki Shaft is a super-light metalwood shaft that weighs in at 45-55 grams pending the flex. E-Series fairway woods retail at $149.99 and include Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty. Right handed lofts 16 degree 3-Wood, 20 degree 5-Wood, 23 degree 7-Wood, 25 degree 9-Wood. Left handed lofts-same as RH’ed except no 25 degree 9-Wood. Grips are Lamkin Z5 rubber available in various sizes.

HOT LAUNCH C521 Fairway Metals.  For players looking for optimal launch and spin rates with minima offset designs. High (MOI) that tightens dispersion and increases accuracy.

The lighter and thinner forged steel crown increases clubhead speed for an ultimate in power creation. Diamond Face technology with 29 different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face of the metals for an enhanced sweet spot.

A deeper cup face on the C-series allows for better distance off-center hits.

“To be able to take an amazing innovation like Diamond Face that changed the level of what we produced with Exotics EXS and be able to bring it over to Hot Launch is a huge deal for the performance characteristics of these clubs,” says Glod. “This is going to help a lot of golfers gain speed and power.”

Other aspects of the C-Series 521. High Moment of Inertia/Rear Sole Weighting-more weight in the rear sole, and the weighting provides a 6% increase in the M.O.I. over the previous HL4 Fairway metal.

Acoustic Engineering-Power Channel-Premium Aldila Rogue Shaft. $149.99 retail and included in TE’s 48-hour custom fitting delivery program, from over 850 fitting locations.

Right handed lofts: 15-degree 3-Wood, 17-degree 4-Wood, 18-degree 5-Wood and 22 degree 7-Wood. Stick Shaft Aldila Rogue 50-gram and 60-gram options. Grip Lampkin Z5 rubber.

The Tour Edge Hybrid 521 C-Series.

HOT LAUNCH HYBRIDS: “The Extreme Spec 521 hybrid is going to give you the ultimate in getting you out of trouble or just getting the ball up in air due to amazingly effective Houdini Sole we’ve developed,” said Glod.

Hot Launch 521 series Hybrids and Fairways are available on November 1st.

“The Competition Spec 521 hybrid is loaded with advanced tech in a classic shape that is still extremely easy to launch, but in a design that suits the eye, the ear of the discerning golfer,” says Glod.

The innovation story of the hybrids is the same as the Driver and Fairway metals. The weighting, shallow face, offset designs, mixed with the Houdini Sole. The Hybrids come with the super-light Mitsubishi Fubuki Shafts.

Hybrids will retail for $129.99 and come with the Tour Edge industry leading lifetime warranty of manufacturer defects.

Lofts for Right-Handed #3/19 degree, #4/22 degree, #5-degree, and #6/28-degree. Lofts for Left-Handed are same as above. Shafts and grips remain the same.

The C-Series and E-Series Tour Edge Hot Launch Fairway Woods and Hybrids are Pound-for-Pound in a category of their own. More details at TourEdge.com.


THE NEW TOUR EDGE HOT LAUNCH C & E 521 SERIES CLUBS-TOUREDGE.COM _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend him on Facebook or LinkedIn. Wearing the new Sqairz Golf Shoes.

THIS WEEKS CRAZY SCHEDULE for the Illinois PGA Senior professionals leaves some questions to answer.

The week started with the Illinois PGA Senior Players Championship at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove on Monday and Tuesday, won by Black Sheep Club’s Kevin Healy.

Healy was the only player under par, and played great golf in windy conditions, in a round that was delayed by a frost delay.

Yes, it’s that time of year here in Illinois, and sad to say that Mother Nature is starting to close the door on a wild-ride golf season. Here’s hoping for some warm days through late October and November.

But back to our Illinois PGA Senior Professionals, who got a tough schedule handed to them, in what is a big week.

When the dust settled, or wind finally died-down yesterday, only Blackberry Oaks professional Roy Biancalana was left standing.

Biancalana who ended up as the 2020 Illinois PGA Senior Player of the Year-runner up, to Kishwaukee Country Club’s David Paeglow, came up 2 shots short of making it to Tulsa Oklahoma in May of 2021, to play in the Kitchen-Aid Senior PGA Championship.

MAYBE-JUST MAYBE if Biancalana had an easier week, he could have punched a ticket to Tulsa.

I’m not sure anybody is at fault here, but making the Illinois senior pro’s have to play 2 competitive rounds of golf on Monday and Tuesday. Race from Twin Orchard to O’Hare on Tuesday afternoon, arrive in Florida close to Midnight, then race to the PGA Golf Club on Wednesday morning for crazy Covid testing, might be asking a little too much.

In fact the PGA of America after testing the pro’s playing the Senior PGA Club Professional Championship on Wednesday morning, told the Illinois PGA pro’s they could not practice on the course or use the practice area’s until the results of their Covid tests could be proved as negative. Those results came in about 7 PM that night, too late to get a practice round or a bucket of balls in before teeing off in the CPC on Thursday morning. Extremely UNFAIR.

After no practice in Florida, the Illinois PGA professionals had to start the championship on Thursday, and try to play well enough to last 4 straight days. Play 6 rounds in 7 days and in between, fly close to a 1,000 miles, and deal with the 1 hour time change. In spite of all this the 10 IPGA senior professionals played pretty good, even if they missed the 36 hole or 54 hole cut. On Saturday afternoon in very windy conditions, Paeglow was at even par and only 10 holes from making the 54 hole cut, and being in position to earn a spot in Tulsa. Then he made a Quadruple-bogey on his 9th hole, and the last nine holes were a struggle as well. With that, Paeglow was done on Saturday night after missing the 54-hole cut.

University of Illinois golf coach Mike Small knew he could not catch Paeglow for Player of the Year, so he pulled out of the IPGA Sr. Players Championship and flew to Florida early. He got his Covid-testing done on Tuesday and practiced at the PGA Golf Club in Florida on Wednesday.

Round 1 on Thursday Small opened Eagle-Birdie and was 3 under through 2. A start every golfer would love to have. But he made only birdie the last 16 holes and finished at 1 under par. Small was T-27 after Round 1. Before Round 2, Small had to WD from the championship. Small got sick from what’s believed to be food poisoning, ending his week in Port St. Lucie earlier than he planned on.

Biancalana didn’t have it easy either. The airlines lost his laptop computer, and his rental car broke down after leaving the airport, forcing him to call-in for a different car, and at last word Biancalana is still trying to get his laptop back. Biancalana finally got to sleep well after Midnight, before dragging himself to Covid testing first thing on Wednesday morning.

I know it was tough to schedule the events that were played this year, a lot of people worked very hard to make them happen. Just next year I hope all of the local PGA professionals get dealt a better schedule heading into the Senior PGA Club professional Championship. All the players in the field, deserve an equally fair chance to compete.

I’ll HAVE more this week in fact all 3 parts of the Tour Edge Hot Launch Series 521 club rollout, stay clicked in.

This week, a quick visit to the Wisconsin Dells is on tap. Stay tuned for our story on the area. During my golf rounds there, I’ll be checking out the new heavy traction Sqairz Golf Shoes.

The weather is changing, get out and play while you still can. Don’t forget to listen on the Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series, that was posted on Saturday.

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS


TOUR EDGE GOLF and the Hot Launch. Add magic to your game with the Houdini Sole. The C-Series or is the E-Series right for your game. Learn more at TourEdge.com _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Crushing the 5-Iron at Firestone Country Club in Akron Ohio.

GOOD SUNDAY MORNING Golfers, another week has passed us by, and it gets closer to the end fall golf season each day. Go play while you still can.

THE BOLINGBROOK GOLF CLUB has been named a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses. The clubs superintendent Jeff Gerdes, completed the effort to obtain the designation on the course. Bolingbrook becomes one of 900 courses world-wide to hold the designation.

“Bolingbrook Golf Club has shown a strong commitment to it’s environment program. They are to be commended for their efforts to provide a sanctuary for wildlife on the golf course property,” said Christine Kane CEO at Audubon International. The Village Bolingbrook Golf Club for their efforts in water conversation, protecting nature wildlife and increasing native acreage on the property, Bolingbrook Golf Club is a community asset for all residents to enjoy.”

“To reach certification, a course must demonstrate that they are maintaining a high degree of environmental quality in a number of areas,” said Kane. These categories include: Environmental Planning, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Chemical Use Reduction and ,Safety, Water Conservation, and Water Quality Management.

Bolingbrook Golf Club accomplishments include: Extensive native acreage on the property. Reducing irrigated areas to conserve water. Establishing buffers around bodies of water. Conducting outreach & education activities. For more details see Auduboninternational.org or visit the Bolingbrook Golf Club’s website.

WELCOME TO ERIN HILLS in Erin Wisconsin. Home of the 2025 U.S. Women’s Open

Erin Hills golf club in Erin Wisconsin is closing for the season today.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead for the 2021 golf season.

If your ready to book your Play & Stay for May or June of 2021, you can do it now.

If never hurts to visit Erin Hills when the daylight is at it’s peak, and colors hit full stride. The massive Drumlin putting green is rolling at top speed, and the Erin Hills Pale Ale and the Fescue Rescue is tasting better than ever. Erin Hill 2021 is ready for you, see ErinHills.com.

The Copperhead Course at Innisbrook-are you ready for a Fall Play and Stay?

IF YOUR READY FOR a fall trip to Florida, Innisbrook resort is the place to go.

Innisbrook Resort is a Salamander Property, and offers four golf courses, including the Copperhead Golf Course that is home ot the PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship.

Currently when you book a stay, you can get a third night free, with divided billing for the three night stay. For more details and a chance for warmer fall temperatures, please visit InnisbrookResort.com Play where the pro’s and the PGA Tour Plays, Innisbrook.

LAB GOLF Putters-Lie Angle Balance

LAB GOLF PUTTERS, Lie Angle Balance.

One of the hottest and fastest growing putters in the world, LAB Golf putters is expanding in a way where you can find an easier way to put one in your bag.

You can now go the nations largest club fitter, Club Champion and get fitted for a LAB Putter in selected Club Champion locations.

Check out LABGOLF.com or visit Clubchampion.com for fitting locations for LAB Putters.

Lydia Ko will play in the night time version of the Omega Moonlight Classic in Dubai.

FROM NOVEMBER 4-6 under the lights in Dubai. LPGA and LET players will compete at night as part of the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic.

The tournament will be played on the Faldo Course at Emirates Golf Club, redesigned by Sir Nick Faldo himself. Players like Minjee Lee, Georgia Hall and Lydia Ko will participate. The televised broadcast will reach at least 60 countries around the world.

THE BEN HOGAN equipment company has announced an online fitting alliance with FairwayJockey.com or visit BenHoganGolf.com for more details.

TOPGOLF has announced that AngryBirds a popular video game is now part of Topgolf and at locations across the country. The AngryBirds Game can be played at both Schaumburg and Naperville locations. Details at Topgolf.com.

Golf Ball Tender-Save the Cup.

If your tired of seeing the edges of the cups on the holes of your golf course, why not consider, Golf Ball Tender.

Golf Ball Tender is a pliable disk that attaches to the flagstick, and it rests on the bottom of the hole.

Players can simply lift the flagstick to retrieve the golf ball, and it helps keep from damaging greens from the flagstick being dropped on the green after it’s pulled from the hole.

Two satisfied customers include Maintenance Chair Bob Williams at TPC Treviso Bay in Naples Florida, and General Manager Steve Greene at Timacuan Golf and Country Club in Lake Mary Florida. Golf Ball Tender comes in custom colors. A set of 18 starts at $215.00 For more details see Golfballtender.com or call (800)-471-1345.

V1 Sports is on the rise with Video Golf Lessons, are you connected to a V1 App, is your teaching professional. Learn more about taking your lessons on line, through the phone, and it’s helpful when your on the road or during that next golf trip. See V1sports.com and learn more by visiting V1’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

THE CDGA CONCLUDED it’s 2020 Championship season with the Senior Amateur Four-Ball at the Aurora Country Club.

Tim Sheppard-Pekin CC and Tom Kearfott El Paso CC advanced to the championship match for the third time in the five year history of the championship. The third title came as a result of defeating Mike Karney-Crystal Lake CC and Mike Mcloone-Chicago GC by a 2 & 1 score.

Karney and Mcloone had a 1 Up lead at the turn, but Sheppard and Kearfott squared the match on the 12th with a par. Then back-to-back birdies on 13 and 14 sealed the deal, after holes 15-16-17 produced no changes to the matches totals.

Sun Mountain-push cart designed golf bag. Details at Sunmountain.com

The Sun Mountain Sync golf bag has been created with the idea that, it fits well with most current styles of push carts.

With the pandemic in full-force this year, and riding cart rules being what they are, more golfers were walking during their round this summer.

As a result the Sync-Bag, that comes complete with a shape that fits into the upper and lower wraps, and leaves all pockets accessible during the practice session or round.

There are “slots” to divide your irons and woods. The bag comes in men’s and women’s styles and sells for a suggested retail price of $229.99. More details at SunMountain.com or call (800)-227-9224.

The new Callaway CB and Apex Irons

The equipment product rollout at Callaway Golf Continues.

Now available are both the latest in the Callaway Iron line.

New options include both the CB and the Apex Irons.

For more information on both sets of irons and the Callaway fitting process, see Callawaygolf.com.

Galway Bay rainwear stylish and dry on and off the golf course.

Galway Bay rainwear is perfect for the fall season, as temperatures drop, and rainy days mixed in with cooler temperatures, make for a rough day on the golf course.

Galway Bay comes in a lightweight, breathable fabrics, that allow golfers a full range of motion when they swing, while keeping players both warm and dry.

The Galway Bay Hydro-Flex 32 fabric is known to be the most breathable waterproof technology in the industry, while blocking out wind and rain. There are several colors available and the zippers are waterproof. While looking at the jackets, check out the matching pants, complete with belt loops, and deep pockets. Which can be ordered to a golfers exact waist and style. For more information see GalwayBayGolf.com

Chip Beck a member of the 59 club on the PGA Tour, shows off teaching with the Perfect Motion APP

Former PGA Tour and PGA Champions Tour player, and member of the 59 club on the PGA Tour, Chip Beck has turned his efforts into teaching.

Beck 64, might have retired from tournament golf, but he willing to help your game, even in a virtual mode.

Beck after years of working with long time teaching professional to the professionals Dr. Jim Suttie, is now working with the Perfect Motion APP. See PerfectMotion.IO or to book lessons go to ChipBeck59.com.

EAGLE RIDGE RESORT in Galena has announced that it’s fall golf rates begin tomorrow October 19th. See EagleRidge.com for rates and information.

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  THE NEW E & C SERIES 521 HOT LAUNCH FORM TOUR EDGE-Coming Nov. 1st.      ______________________________________________________________________

LEN ZIEHM and RORY SPEARS have teamed up to bring you Chicago’s most complete weekly golf wrap-up. Check out Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 31 below.

CLICK HERE to hear Ziehm and Spears Podcast Series 2020-Volume 31.

This week Len and Rory review IPGA-Senior Players Championship Golf, and the PGA Senior Club Professional Championship at PGA Golf Club in Port. St. Lucie Florida.

The new equipment rollout from Batavia based Tour Edge Golf. Another Women’s professional major is won by a South Korean Player.

What’s happening in Wisconsin, multiple renovation projects on-going and closer to home, Stonebridge is adding yardage to the championship tees. Check it out, and thanks for listening Len and Rory.