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ANGELA MOSER-Tom Doak’s lead design associate for the Pinehurst 10 project, spoke with Golfers on Golf in her first interview, six days after arriving on site, about the newest course under construction at “The Home of American Golf.”

Angela Moser drives all the equipment needed for golf course building or renovation work. Photo

TOM DOAK has been tapped to design the 10th course at Pinehurst.

But then Doak selected Angela Moser to be his top design associate for the project.

Moser is a rising name in the golf design business, who’s star will get brighter once the 10th Course at Pinehurst opens.

Born in Germany where she took up the game of golf at age 10. Moser soon found herself traveling to amateur tournaments as her game improved. While practicing at her local club, all Moser had to do was look a few spots down the line at the range to see a great definition of work ethic. Bernhard Langer who Moser calls “a really nice guy”, would be hitting balls and getting his game tournament ready.

Moser’s play in amateur tournaments had her both trying to shoot a low score and win, but studying the golf courses she was playing. Why greens rolled a certain way or had the break they did. How golf courses were built.

(L-R) Kevin Robinson Pinehurst GCM Operations Manager, Oscar Lazaro LaBar Golf Construction, Angela Moser, and Bob Farren Director of Grounds and Golf Courses for Pinehurst Resort & Country Club on the Pinehurst 10 site.

There is an old saying about golf course architects, which is that they like to play in the sand. So a German media outlet that ran a story on Moser, spun the title of “Enter Sandwoman” off the Metallica song “Enter Sandman”. Working in the sandhills country of Pinehurst, Moser will have plenty of sand to play with.

As Moser’s interest in golf course design grew, she sent an email to Doak asking how to get started in course design.

Doak gave her an internship on his reversible design called “The Loop” at Forest Dunes in Michigan, and things expanded from there.

Moser has had a few idols besides Doak to look up to in golf course design, Marion Hollins and Alice Dye. But with so few women working in the industry, Moser charts a career path, that some have recommended her against. But that just makes Moser work harder and keep pushing forward. There was a time when Moser sat in the office working on drawings, but there was always a desire to get out in the field. Now she is on site, driving around all the heavy equipment and shaping golf holes.

Moser says she is having so much fun in her current job. That she’s not even thinking what her work on Pinehurst 10, will do for her “career-wise” going forward. But the stars are aligning in her corner.

Wherever Moser goes, there is usually a dozer not far away. Rory Spears (L) and Angela Moser (R).

Moser has a growing fan club that includes all the right people within the golf course design industry.

Tom Doak, Gil Hanse and now Bill Coore. When Moser met Coore for the first time, she added his cell number to her speed dial list. She admits she was pretty excited about that.

But currently she really appreciates the opportunity Doak has given her on the Pinehurst 10 project. “Everyone in the golf course architecture field knows Donald Ross,” says Moser when asked what she knew about Ross before coming to Pinehurst. “When I played Pinehurst No. 2 for the first time, it was a very cold day in January or February. The only thing missing was snow. But the course was so good, I would have gone back out again.”

Moser says the land on the Pinehurst 10 site is really good, and the terrain makes for a lot of options. Moser wants the course to have it’s own identity.

“People have been asking Tom and myself, will it look like Tom’s other designs at places like Streamsong, Bandon Dunes, or Sand Valley.”

A new golf hole has been cleared next to where old Pit Course holes had been built.

“The plan is not to make this course look like any others. But to give this course it’s own style,” says Moser.

Moser says that Doak and the team will take what the land gives them, and work with that.

So while the land is great to work with, there are other pieces that come into play.

Moser says with Pinehurst wanting the course done before the June of 2024 U.S. Open, “there is some pressure.” But she adds that with a confident sound of it’s nothing that she, Doak and the team can’t handle.

When asked if she has a message for the golfers who will anxiously follow the build-out of the project, Moser says,” I hope they will come play the course, and enjoy what we have built.”

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Pinehurst 10 associate course designer Angela Moser.

But for more details on the Pinehurst 10 project. See Golfers on Golf’s upcoming story about the Pinehurst 10 project to be posted later this week or

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