BY: RORY SPEARS
    This Friday April 18th from 1-4 PM
is the inaugural Junior Jamboree at Cog
Hill Golf & Country Club. Junior golfers
are from ages 5-17 years old.
There will be fun games to play, putting
contests, and free range balls. Juniors 
can demo clubs and get fit by U.S. Kids
This FREE event is open to all junior
golfers and their parents. Meet the pro’s
and you can learn more about Cog Hill’s
summer instruction programs, and also
more about playing opportunities that
are available for junior golfers.
Call (866)-COG-HILL or visit online
ON SATURDAY..April 26th Chicago’s
biggest outdoor demo day at the Cog Hill
Range from 9 AM until 3 PM. This event
was previously listed until only 2 pm, but
it is now 3 PM.
Free range balls to test clubs from all of
the major golf manufacturers. If you buy
clubs that day, there MIGHT be discounts
from the club makers. Inquire before you
make a purchase.
              THE PAR 4, 18TH HOLE ON COG 4 DUBSDREAD
Cog Hill course number 4 (Dubsdread) is
now open for the 2014 golf season.
Come enjoy all four courses at Cog Hill
now open for the season.


          Buying, selling golf or boating properties Call (847)-866-7192
                             Call Chris Charnas and Cy Oelerich
                BY: RORY SPEARS
  The Boys Are Back This Sunday at 9 AM.
Chicago’s longest running Golf Radio Show,
Golfers on Golf Radio returns this Sunday
at 9 AM. Happy Easter, and we will have
you off the first tee, and around the course
and into the family 10:30 Easter brunch on 
time. No slow play accepted here.
While Mother Nature has launched the 2014
golf season on the slow side (including the
latest snow dump of over an inch last night),
we play to heat things up in a hurry.
Big Jon Vic returns to spin the dials in the
master(s) control studio’s of the WSBC AM
1240 and WCFJ AM 1470. WSBC is more
of a northern signal, that takes us into south
east Wisconsin, you can follow us on WCFJ
into NW Indiana and SW Michigan.
This year we moved up our first tee time to
get launched earlier in the the season, it’s a
21 hole or week round this year. We will
putt out for the season Labor Day weekend
in September. Our closing earlier has to do 
with the fact we have no big pro September
tournaments in town this year.
It’s our plan to take the show on the road this
year, in the last month or two at least four
golf courses have asked us to bring it live to
their 19th hole. We will have details as they
The guest lineup should be a great one, we
will continue to have some of your favorites
from around town. While bringing in some
of the bigger names around the country.
We love for our fellow golfers to join us
each Sunday morning while we are on live.
But we do give Mulligans if you are out on
the golf course, or the practice range when
the show is on the air. 
The show gets posted on this site, as soon
as possible after we putt out on 18. So most
of the time, later in the day on Sunday or by
some point on Monday it’s up for a re-listen
if you missed us the first time.
If your curious about our show’s lineup for
any given Sunday, the Gog Blog’s Sunday
Morning Short Game Column returns every
Sunday morning for all 21 weeks. Usually
by the 7:30 AM tee time the lineup for that
days show is posted.
We do welcome calls, and our call in line
will be posted next week. But if you wish
do sit back and just enjoy the show. We do
have one favor to ask.
Go support our sponsors. They offer great
golf experiences, on and off the golf course.
So if you can go tee it up at a few of them,
or stop and hit a bucket or two, maybe visit
the 19th hole if there is not time for golf on
that day. We ask that you please do so.
All of us at Golfers on Golf wish to Thank
the following sponsors.
Golfers on Golf Radio WSBC AM 1240 & WCFJ AM 1470,
returning this Sunday. Tee-Time is 9 AM. See you there.
Thanks for listening, Mike Munro, Ed Stevenson, Bill Berger,
and Rory Spears. 


    Links & Tee’s open inside and out. Kinderlou Forest Valdosta GA.
                BY: RORY SPEARS
     The first major of the 2014 golf season
is in the books. The U.S. Open or in this
case the U.S. Opens are next. Pinehurst
has them both, in about 60 days the state
of North Carolina will be the center of 
In the last few weeks the USGA and it’s
builders have started setting up the posts,
fences and the tents. Putterboy is polishing
up everything important, it should be two
great weeks of open golf.
Click here to hear comments from Masters
Champion Bubba Watson, runner up Jordan
Spieth and Matt Kuchar.
Congratulations to Bubba Watson on winning
green jacket No.2, well played and very well
As for Jordan Spieth the John Deere Classic
Champion, don’t worry your time will come 
and maybe even next year.
I know Bubba has popped off a few times on
his caddie, right or wrong it seems like a few
folks used it to complain about the Two-Time
green jacket winner. Calling him the two-time
green jacket whiner, or worse. I can tell who
did not have Bubba in their pool. My Vegas
bets all drowned in Rae’s Creek or were last
seen hitting out Azalea bushes. (Rory)
Adam Scott and Brandt Snedeker hello ?, Okay
I’ll suck it up and try and do better at Pinehurst.
Hello Phil !!!
BESIDES BUBBA..other winner this weekend,
golf fans everywhere. Did you miss him, of
course you didn’t. As expected, No Tiger no
IT HAS BEEN, so refreshing to hear all of 
the comments about the Masters and how 
much the fans enjoyed it, and not having to 
hear about Tiger Woods all the time. 
That seemed to be one of the big highlights 
of the last week, that in spite of a lack of 
“back nine” on Sunday drama. The entire 
no Woods presence had such a great effect 
on the fans and masses. One person I know
who works the tournament, told me the total
number of patrons for the week was as big
or bigger than any year Woods has played 
there. No surprise there.
With Woods expected out for the U.S. Open
at Pinehurst, who will be favorite there, with
several top guns missing the cut at Augusta.
Maybe all of those top guns are not exactly
top guns anymore. We will see.
TV COVERAGE. I didn’t see as much of it
as I wanted to, but it seems there were a lot
more compliments about online coverage of
certain groups, and certain holes. Than what
I heard about the Thursday-Friday ESPN
coverage, or the weekend CBS coverage.
OUR LOCAL HERO’s, Kevin Streelman was
okay until the front nine on Sunday. When he 
started backing up and finished outside of the
top 15 that he was in when the day started.
Steve Stricker played steady but could not
mount any kind of a charge. His lack of TV
time did not sit well with the Steve Stricker
Facebook page fan club.
Luke Donald missed the cut and had to take
a 2-shot penalty for touching his club in the
sand, after not getting out in his first attempt
in round 1.
Finally on the Masters front, can Watson 
win another major this year. I think his 
best shot is the PGA at Valhalla, do stay 
tuned in.
I KNOW we are being tested again by the 
bad weather, it should be gone in 48 hours 
and we will back outside on the course and 
playing golf again. In the meantime relax, 
or go hit one of the domes. They are still 
REMINDER GOG RADIO returns, Yes this
Sunday at 9 AM. Details as the week moves
along. RS


               Cog Hill Outdoor Demo Day Saturday April 26th. 9- 2 PM
               BY: RORY SPEARS
NOTE* This is Part 2 of three segments of
going back to one’s roots in the game of golf.
For me, it started at the Rob Roy Golf Club
in Prospect Heights. Rob Roy will be Part
3 that is coming soon.
After my first few rounds at Rob Roy I went
with friends to play Mt. Prospect. Soon after
it was a trip to Chevy Chase in Wheeling. A
segment that ran last fall.
As part of a grow the game segment, I have
heard many a golfer talk about how fun it
was to play golf at some course or another
as a child. Remembering the course they
grew up on that their mom or dad took them
Maybe this is the year you go back and enjoy
your roots, bring dad or mom along. Maybe
it’s time to take your kids or grandchildren 
out to where you learned the game. Try it
you’ll like it. It might not be a high school
reunion, but golf reunions are fun as well.
Not long ago I returned for a round of 18
holes at Mt. Prospect. The course will be
undergoing a major renovation starting in
June, headed up by architect David Esler.
If you would like to play Mt. Prospect this 
summer, you need to do so by U.S. Open
weekend or you will need to wait a full
                 Welcome to the Mt. Prospect Golf Club
It was only my third or fourth round of
real golf back in the day. After getting 
a little better at the Rob Roy short nine,
a group of my friends and I wanted to
play the big 18 hole course. After the
trip up to the clubhouse, we found out
and outing had the course full. At the
suggestion of our pro Bob McDonald,
we headed over to Mt. Prospect, and 
to this day I’m glad we did.
It started a long term respect, for the
classic style course than ran between
some nice homes in Mt. Prospect. On
two occasions it almost became where
my first hole-in-one was made. But
that finally happened in 2005 down in
Former Mt. Prospect head professional Emil
Esposito helped one of my friends out who
was a dollar short on our first visit there. At
that point Mt. Prospect became a second 
home when I wasn’t at Rob Roy.
Esposito found a sign on the tree when he 
was first the pro at Mt. Prospect, no kids 
on the putting green before noon. Esposito 
wasted no time taking that sign down, he 
knew he wanted the kids on his side and 
for doing things like that he got them.
                        THE PAR 3, 12TH AT MT. PROSPECT
Heading back to play the courses that
helped you get hooked on the game in
the first place, is a walk down memory
lane. With the renovation coming this
summer, it was nice to get a final walk
around the course. I’m anxious to see
how the course will turn out.
The maintenance facility will be moved
and redone, the practice facilities will 
get improved. That can not happen fast
enough for current pro Brett Barcel and
his staff.
Barcel and his group of assistant pro’s
run one of the best junior programs in
the entire Chicagoland area. In fact the
course is home to the golf teams of the
local Prospect High School. Prospect’s
girls team won the Illinois state golf
championship last fall.
Many of the idea’s we hear about today
to grow the game, are things that have
been happening at the Mt. Prospect golf
club for a while now.
If Mt. Prospect is part of your past or
if you just enjoy the course, get out 
and play it before it closes down in 
My visit back in time for me was great,
but I’m anxious to see what will the 
next chapter of Mt. Prospect be like. 
BRETT BARCEL CLICK HERE:                         
For more information on the Mt. Prospect
Golf Club visit, or you can
call (847)-632-9500.


                             LINKS CAPITAL ADVISORS & CHRIS CHARNAS
                 *NEW-Marina Capital Advisors- with Chris and Cy Oelerich
                BY: RORY SPEARS
     April 15th is more than just tax day in 
the Quad Cities, it’s opening day for the
Fyre Lake National Golf Club.
Fyre Lake did get off to a rough start a 
few years back. When the course was 
about ready to open, things changed and 
the opening was pushed back.
But all of that is behind the club now, 
and new owner Todd Raufeisen’s plan, 
has the club going in the right direction.
From no rounds played in 2012, the club 
reopened last year and saw over 16,000
played. Raufeisen expects even more this
Raufeisen, who just wrapped up a nine
year run on the board of directors of the
John Deere Classic, started this year’s
preparations last fall.
The course closed early last season in 
the fall so work could begin on multiple
phases of the golf course.
The golfers made their feelings known
on the condition of the greens and the
bunkers. Those issues have already
started being addressed. The greens
were worked on last fall, and covered
for the winter. Which might have been
a great move considering the harsh 
that ran through the Midwest.
Raufeisen has spoken with the Jack
Nicklaus group, that designed the golf
course. Their expertise will used to
look at the course, on what needs to
be corrected. They will be consulted
on the master plan, that still includes
issues like the permanent location of
the main clubhouse.
The course was not opened sooner 
this year so the greens would be ready 
when the course did open. It did give 
the club a chance to be properly ready 
when it does. 
Expect the tee’s and fairway’s to be in 
better shape as the season starts and
moves along.
What the long term plan for Fyre Lake,
some of that is still in the works, that
according to Raufeisen who has a new
vision for what Fyre Lake can be.
In addition to a clubhouse getting built,
there is restaurant that needs to come 
on line. Golfers can expect one that 
will take full advantage of the lake. 
For more information on Fyre Lake, 
hear the recent interview with Todd 
Raufeisen below.               
Fyre Lake National Golf Club is in
the town of Sherrard, not far from the
Quad Cities Airport.
The golf course is 6,505 yards long 
and plays to a par of 70. The driving 
range is already open. If your coming 
down to play TPC Deere Run, or to 
attend the John Deere Classic. Fyre 
Lake is only minutes away.
Fyre Lake has now put together deals 
with some area hotels and casino’s, 
do inquire if you are looking for a
stay and play visit.
For tee-times call (309)-644-4575 or
on line see 


                                  GOLFWEEK MODERN LIST # 198
                            GOLFWEEK RESIDENTIAL COURSE #85
                                         VISIT KINDERLOU.COM
               BY: RORY SPEARS
with today’s column. To listen click here
    A tradition unlike any other. Yes it is. This
year AGAIN unlike the last 10 years has the
race for a green jacket wide open and up for
Tiger won’t be here (no loss), and several 
other top names enter with nagging injuries.
They include Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose,
Jason Day and maybe a few others.
Mickelson (back), Rose (shoulder/elbow),
Day (thumb)., are all probable, Woods with
(back) is out.
What I find amazing is writers who suggest
that this years Masters is now “up for grabs”
because Woods is out. Woods hasn’t won a
green jacket since 2005. And surgery or not,
he wasn’t going to win this year either.
It’s also a surprise that some folks think the
ratings will go way down without Woods.
News to those folks, they didn’t go down
when Jack and Arnie quit playing and they
won’t go down this year either. If they some
how do, I’d be very suspicious about that
number, and where it came from. There are
many guys who “move the needle” and they
are playing this week.
With the winter that most America just went
through, there are millions of TV’s that are
waiting to see some of Augusta Nationals 
look of paradise. Since their own courses
won’t look that way for two months yet.
CBS will not cry about Woods not playing,
they are not NBC or the Golf Channel. They
will address the situation and move on to
what is important, showing golf at one of the
best courses on the planet. Then showing us
a green jacket ceremony, after an exciting
back nine on Sunday. So turn off the Tiger
Trackers and enjoy.
The Masters a “Tradition” unlike any other
is just that. It’s about Magnolia Drive, that
stately clubhouse. It’s about the Pimento
sandwiches. It’s about bridges over Rae’s
Creek, those Azalea flowers and the first
rite of spring. It’s about the Big 3 hitting
the ceremonial drives, and remembering
the guys who won, and the guys who let 
it get away. 
It’s about the birthplace of the Champions
Dinner, having a past champion put the
jacket on the shoulders on the current one.
It’s about a Butler Cabin, and memories of
Bobby Jones, the one and only real Grand
Slam winner. It’s about Pinkerton’s and
acting like human being’s while on sacred
grounds. No sky boxes, just lawn chairs
with Masters logo’s encircling the greens.
Caddies in big white jump suits, and a Par
3 tournament that some players just want to
win. Players getting crystal for making an
eagle or an ace. Theme music that just says,
“The Masters.”
For you folks at home, the NCAA is over
but pools are happening everywhere. There
is much better odds of winning a Masters
pool than your local lottery.
This year there are no controversies about 
who the members are, or aren’t.
So far this week rain has been frequent and
the grounds are wet. The last time it was like
this, John Deere’s very own Zach Johnson
came home with the green jacket. I would
not be surprised if he won again, or if Adam
Scott repeated.
In the meantime, it’s the Masters. Sit back
and enjoy, golf season is really here. Finally.
BIG 3 Partner Len Ziehm has posted his own
column on Georgia Golf, see what he has to 
say on Summer Grove. The Jemsek Golf club
just southwest of Atlanta. Ziehm has more on
Kinderlou Golf Club in Valdosta Georgia.
See these stories at


                           16 MILES FROM FLORIDA-KINDERLOU.COM
                            WEB.COM TOUR COMING APRIL 28-MAY 4
                BY: RORY SPEARS
      The teams are set, and the United States
with a late charge will head into this years
inaugural International Crown as the No.1
seed. What, your were thinking it would be
Jerry Rich whose idea as far back to when
his golf course Rich Harvest Links hosted
the 2009 Solheim Cup, is seeing the years
of work come together.
The trophy is designed, the course is getting
ready, and the eight countries have been
selected. They will compete at Caves Valley
Golf Club in Owings Mills Md. from July
        CAVES VALLEY GC JULY 24-27
          RICH HARVEST FARMS 2016
The teams are now as follows.
World ranking numbers posted by players
#1 USA
3-Stacy Lewis
8-Paula Creamer
9-Lexi Thompson
12-Christie Kerr
#4 Thailand
30- Pornanong Phatlum
34-Ariya Jutanugarn
80- Moriya Jutanugarn
86- Onnarin Sattayabanphot
#5 Spain
19-Azahara Munoz
23-Beatriz Recari
45-Carlotta Ciganda
149-Belen Mozo
#8 Australia
5-Karrie Webb
110-Minjee Lee
115-Katherine Kirk
130 Lindsey Wright
#2 South Korea
1-Inbee Park
6-So Yeon Ryu
11-Na Yeon Choi
15 I.K. Kim
#3 Japan
27-Mika Miyazato
31- Ai Miyazato
36-Rikako Morita
37-Sakura Yokomine
#6 Sweden
10-Anna Nordqvist
24- Caroline Hedwall
112- Pernilla Lindberg
172- Mikaela Parmlid
#7 Chinese Taipei
46- Yani Tseng
48-Teresa Lu
97-Candie Kung
160- Hsuan-Yu Yao
For more information please visit online,
The top country from each pool and one
wild card will advance to Sunday’s finals
to determine the overall champion.
Progress is already moving forward in 
Kane County as Rich Harvest Farms does
prepare for the 2016 International Crown.
For more on 2014, and progress for 2016,
click on our interview with Jerry Rich.
The LPGA International Crown is expected
to be seen in 171 Countries and Territories.


                            OUTDOOR DEMO DAY RETURNS SAT. APRIL 26TH
                                        AT THE COG HILL DRIVING RANGE
                                                        9 AM to 3 PM
                                               VISIT COGHILLGOLF.COM
                BY: RORY SPEARS
    The invitation came out of nowhere, in
fact the plane ticket had me getting on a
plane on April Fools Day (No Joke). But
I boarded the flight anyway, and what I
found in New Jersey is no joke either. It’s
great golf.
There are some 18 courses that are within
20 minutes of the main hotels, casino’s and
the boardwalk of Atlantic City. They are
some very good courses. I know Atlantic
City really doesn’t sound like a great golf 
destination, well guess what. It is now.
First off Chicago golfers, the days of having
to fly into Philadelphia first and drive 70+
miles to AC are over. So are the days of the
flight to Newark, and then the over 100 mile 
drive to AC.
As of April 1st. Atlantic City and United have
partnered up to for a Non-Stop flight from
O’hare, to the Atlantic City Airport. If you
hate spending the first day of trip just to get
somewhere, fear not if Atlantic City is your
The flight leaves at 8:10 AM from O’Hare,
and your on the ground in AC with the time
change included to EST time, at 11:00 AM.
Since AC is not the biggest airport, you do
get your bags quickly, and your on your way.
You can be on the first tee at Atlantic City’s
flagship property the classic 1897 Atlantic
City Country Club, that is open to the public.
If you have wanted to play an old classic
course, that has the feel of a Chicago Golf,
Shore Acres or Old Elm. Well now you can.
You can also be on the tee by noon after 
you arrive at 11 AM at the AC-Airport.
There are great views of the city, the harbor
and you can hear the ocean in the distance.
Several architects have worked on the
course over the years since John Reid
started in 1897. Willie Park 1915,
William S. Flynn with Howard Toomey
in 1925, Tom Doak came along in 1999.
The history of the club is well captured
inside the clubhouse. You can use the
lockers the rich and famous used during
their visits. I had Billy Casper’s, but
did miss out on Arnold Palmer’s. The
GM is Charles Fahy, who does a great
job and will make sure your visit is one
to remember.The Atlantic City Country 
Club is a former Top 100 Classic Club
by Golfweek Magazine, now it sits in
the top 140.
I then made a visit to Ballamor GC, that
was a private club and now public. The
course is spread out and not really very
walkable, but the holes are solid and a
test of golf you will enjoy. It’s rated by
Golfweek Magazine as one of the best
public courses in state.
A few miles up the street from Ballamor,
is the Galloway National Golf Club, that
is a private course but VIP’s of certain
hotels and casino’s can get access. If 
your staying at one of the main hotels, 
it does not hurt to ask for access.
Galloway is a Tom Fazio course, that has
a bit of a Pine Valley feel to it. Hey we
are talking about New Jersey golf here.
The club is Top 45 on the Modern 100 list
by Golfweek Magazine.
While in AC there are several great hotels,
resorts and casino’s to stay at. When I was
in town I stayed at the Borgata, there will
be no complaints from me on that hotel.
Great casino (okay I won a little $$$),
very nice room with a great ocean view.
There are shops, a spa and restaurants 
like Wolf Gang Puck and more.
While in town if you need transportation,
I fully recommend Ceasar Limousine Inc.,
Jerome Ceasar is the boss and he will get
you where you need to be, when you need
to be there, or more likely a little early.
See Tell Jerome
I sent you, he likes golfers.
As for Atlantic City itself, this is not your
fathers AC. So much for the rumors of it
being dirty, unsafe or other. I’ll take my
chances in AC, before many parts of our
own Chicago.
Every year the improvements continue, 
the streets get redone, the new houses 
and the renovations continue. Plenty
more things on the table to be done,
that will be done.
The area connected to the Tropicana is
called “The Quarter.” It’s like an indoor 
mall that resembles the French Quarter 
down in New Orleans with restaurants, 
shops, bars and more. Fun, fun and more
I dined in both the Palms Restaurant that 
was outstanding for steaks and seafood. 
If you like Italian (who doesn’t) you must
hit Carmine’s. You will be stuffed when 
you leave. Manager Randy True is first 
rate, tell him I sent you. Make sure you 
try the meatballs, a must.
When the time comes to leave you will 
enjoy the flight home. The plane does 
not leave until noon-time (11:52 AM) 
and it will have you back into O’hare 
by 1:08 Chicago time. That gets you 
out of O’Hare before rush hour hits. 
My only regret was my that visit wasn’t 
long enough, and I only saw three courses. 
Before long I plan to go back and hit a few
Atlantic City is slightly south of Chicago,
so their weather add’s about 3 weeks of
golf season to spring and fall we don’t 
have here.
I’ll have more coming up this week on the
Atlantic City Golf experience. If you can’t
wait for my next story, go visit the website Atlantic City, it’s now a
golf destination you can’t pass up.
Where you can gamble on or off the golf
I’ll have a Masters Column, more from
Rich Harvest Farms owner Jerry Rich on
the LPGA International Crown, and more
details on Atlantic City coming up all this
week. Stay clicked in and Go Play. RS