MISTWOOD GOLF DOME and MCWETHY’s TAVERN at Mistwood Golf Club. The golf dome in Bolingbrook, the golf club in Romeoville, either way Mistwood has you covered year round. McWethy’s Sports bar has reopened at the dome for indoor dining. So enjoy Mistwood golf properties, learn more at or or call (630)-739-7600. Lessons and club fittings are available-demo days are coming up.  ______________________________________________________________________

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TOUR EDGE C721 Exotics Irons-available March 10th.


Tour Edge announces the other side of the C721 Exotic series, the C721 and the E 721 irons.

So what’s new. Just some ground breaking technology that moves the Exotic’s to a new level of performance.

Because when you see the power and enjoy the feel of the new Diamond Face 2.0 and VIBRCOR technology, you will know you have a club that delivers on impact.

“This next level Exotics,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod. “It’s a brand-new direction for Exotics, not only with ground-breaking new tech, but with virtually every aspect of the design.”

Because you demanded more, and now Tour Edge has delivered.

“VIBRCOR is a new technology that enhances speed and feel in a major way,” said Glod. “With the dual placement of VIBRCOR inside the hollow-body pocket of the C721 and the undercut pocket of the E721, we’re able to provide the best of both worlds. Which includes perimeter weighted forgiveness and distance with the feel of a forged muscle-back.”

But now something Tour Edge had done with it’s metals, now joins the it’s family of irons. Diamond face technology is now part of the 721 iron family. Because the iron face is covered with up to a 100 diamond shapes behind the face, of the thinnest iron face ever produced.  But the hollow body C721 series iron offers the best in perimeter weighting, and increased face flex.

Tour Edge Exotic irons, the 721 series is here.

THE EXOTICS C721 Iron (Player’s Distance) will retail for $142.99 per iron in graphite and $129.99 in steel, while the Exotics E721 Iron (Extreme game Improvement) will retail at $114.99 per iron in graphite and $99.99 in steel.

So are you ready for an iron that is a more classic shape, with more traditional lofts, but a thinner topline that should play right into the hands of a wide range of golfers. Because if so, the C721 iron is right for you.

The extreme distance E721 iron with a bigger footprint and wider sole, provides you with more options to this type of player. Tour Edge has Speed tested shafts for getting you a match to your swing speed. 85 MPH or less the KBS TGI. 85-95 HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, or the True Temper Elevate 95 VSS. 95 or faster, HZRDUS Smoke Black-95 gram. For grips the Lampkin Crossline 360 Gray, in Undersize, Standard and Midsize.

So for more on Tour Edge Golf products see Club fitting at over 850 locations, with 48 hour delivery service to most locations. C721 series drivers, metal woods and hybrids are now available for purchase.


IT’S INDOOR GOLF SEASON. In the dome and in the simulators as the temperatures have plunged into the artic. If your ready for one or the other check out the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook open daily at 7 Am. Call the dome (630)-739-7600 to book a hitting bay. PLUS McWethy’s Sports Bar has reopened for indoor dining. THE SCHAUMBURG has it’s simulators open and yes you can play the recently renovated 27 holes at the Schaumburg Golf Club, book a time in the simulator at (847)-885-9000.   _____________________________________________________________________

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So for those who aren’t familiar with the term, when it’s time to launch you turn it into the wind.

For those of us who come from a Navy family, it’s easy to know what aircraft carriers do when it’s take off time.

Because it’s always import to get a little more lift when your plane takes off. I am ready for a lift out of our cold weather.

Currently I’m getting too many texts from friends in warm places, who keep asking why I’m still here freezing in Illinois. That comes to an end this week when I head south. I will visit some of the usual places, and likely a few new ones. But Pinehurst is first on the tee. So I’ll be checking in from all over, do stay clicked in. Len Ziehm and I will be podcasting from the Sunshine State, and promise to send some warmth back to our golf friends up north.

THE ILLINOIS PGA has put out it’s official schedule now for 2021. Three of the four majors will making their debuts at new courses this year. So there will be some changes on the schedule. There is over 40 IPGA section events, and 4 Open Championships.

Bull Valley returns for the first time since 2018 to host the IPGA Match Play. Stonebridge Country Club that recently added about 300 yards, will host the Illinois Open. So you might recall Stonebridge was supposed to be the second course last year, but due to changes from the pandemic, was dropped when the IO became a 1 course event.

There are seven qualifiers for the state open, good luck to those who will be trying to qualify. Ivanhoe Club hosts the IPGA Section Championship, where 10 players will qualify for the 2022 National PGA Championship (club professional championship).

The Illinois PGA Players Championship heads to Knollwood for the first time, in late September. This year the IPGA will host six Pro-Ams, including the Meyer Brown Invitational in the Pinehurst area, dates and time’s are TBD.

But more good news comes in the form of team matches returning, after a year off from the pandemic. The 59th Radix Cup returns to Oak Park Country Club on June 17. The Thompson Cup matches will be hosted by Ridge Country Club on June 3rd. Royal Cup matches between the IPGA and Wisconsin PGA assistant professionals will be held on October 1st at a site TBD.

I think the new changes and locations will be great for the majors this year, and Kudo’s to the IPGA staff in putting them together. There is some exciting golf ahead. But one of the great events of the year returns on September 7th at River Forest Country Club. The fund-raising Birdies for Charity. In 2020 IPGA pro’s raised over 2 million dollars for several area charities.

Bernhard Langer has joined Tour Edge Golf.

West Suburban Batavia based Tour Edge Golf has added Bernhard Langer 63, to it’s professional staff.

What a great addition for Tour Edge. Bernhard Langer is game changer for Tour Edge, even at 63, he is still playing much younger.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining the Tour Edge staff, they have been incredible to work with as I start updating my equipment,” said Langer. “I have been playing many of the clubs in my bag for a long time and when I started working with Tour Edge out on the PGA Tour Champions, I realized that they were the best option to get me exactly what I needed to continue to perform at the highest level.”

Langer will now carry a Tour Edge Exotics staff bag and Tour Edge logo on his right sleeve.

“It’s going to be fun working with this team on maximizing performance and getting into some of their really innovative technology. But also to help promote the brand with other players on Team Tour Edge. By bringing their message to the masses in a series of new television spots,” added Langer.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW WITH TOUR EDGE VP OF MARKETING JON CLAFFEY-on the new C721 series line and the signing of PGA Tour Champions legend Bernhard Langer as a Tour Edge staff player.

Langer will make his Tour Edge debut at the Cologuard Classic in Tucson on Feb. 25th.

“To be able to sign this awe-inspiring icon to our professional staff is a crowning achievement in our 35 years as a golf brand,” said Tour Edge President and founder David Glod. “He’s one of the very best players to ever play the game. So to have him trust Tour Edge to keep him at the top is something we are extremely proud of.”

Langer has won the Masters twice, along with 45 wins on the PGA Tour and European Tour. He has 41 wins on the PGA Tour Champions, that includes 11 senior majors. Langer was part of 10 Ryder Cup teams and the winning captain in 2004. With only 5 professionals on their staff, over 100 PGA Tour players have used over 1,000 Tour Edge clubs in the last three years.  More on the new Tour Edge irons coming up this week.

Galvin Green announces the Game Day Collection for 2021.

THE STYLISH GALVIN GREEN has released it’s ‘Game Day’ collection for 2021.

This outstanding line of apparel that features all-weather garments, can help you enjoy your round of golf even when the weather is not the best.

Because after 30 years in the industry, the Galvin Green experience has allowed them to produce some of the most advanced fabric technologies from around the world. So explore the at least 14 Gore-Tex options in the waterproof range for men. Galvin Green offers styles for on and off the golf course, for men, women, and junior golfers. So in addition to jackets, learn more about Galvin Green and their world of sweaters, shirts, trousers and more. Learn more at


SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 North Roselle Road, has programmed into it’s simulators all 27 of it’s recently renovated holes. So don’t wait until April to play The Schaumburg Golf Club, or this weekends PGA Tour stop-Pebble Beach Golf Links. See more at or call the pro shop for a tee time at (847)-885-9000.        _____________________________________________________________________

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SO DO YOU NEED to get fitted for clubs ?

Because now you can. So all you need to do is book a time next Sunday with Sean Miller at the Highlands Clubhouse at Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena.

But you must register by calling (815)-776-5250, or at

Next Sunday from 8 Am to 4 Pm, and get your fitting for new clubs done for free.

Frontline Putters by Cleveland Golf

CLEVELAND GOLF has announced the release of it’s Frontline putters. They are now available.

So if you like straight putts, you should like the frontline putter with weights have been shifted forward to help your putts online to the cup. Even when you don’t catch the sweet-spot.

“The Cleveland Frontline putters have changed how we think about weighting in putters,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. “Because having weight as close as possible to the face surface, maximizes the MOI and provides the straightest putts on miss-hits ever measured.”

Cost for the new line of putters are $199.99, several different styles are available. For more information see

Topgolf announces two more new locations in America, this time in the LA area.

DALLAS BASED Topgolf will be opening two new locations, based here in America.

The Los Angeles suburban area will be getting both new locations.

So look for new homes for Topgolf in Ontario California, and in El Segundo. These two new locations will bring the amount of Topgolf entertainment centers in California to 4. But these locations are the first in Southern California, the other two locations are in Northern California. More at

The Club Champion store on Rt. 83 in Willowbrook Illinois.

CLUB CHAMPION has raised the limits to over 50,000, hittable combinations.

Last year in March, Club Champion reached the 45,000 combinations mark.

“We’re excited to up the ante this year,” said Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion. “By continuing to bring in new options, we’re able to provide such a deep well of fitting solutions so we can continue to provide Tour-level service for any an every golfer.”

Club Champion is now offering new options from PRGR clubs and Edel Golf. For more information see

SO ARE YOU IN NEED of a great spring golf package. See The Grand Strand area in South Carolina is home to over 90 golf courses. The World’s Largest Amateur is again on for August, with the World’s Largest 19th hole expected to return. So visit Myrtle Beach, your home for a spring break golf trip.

The new XXIO Prime Woods

XXIO has announced it’s latest line of lightweight golf equipment.

NOW AVAILABLE are the XXIO Prime Woods.

“It’s safe to say the new XXIO Prime Woods are the most advanced set of clubs ever developed for moderate-to-slow swing speed players,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “Because the woods have been engineered to add distance and accuracy, especially for players that have lost yardage in recent years.” Details at

The new Mizuno ST Drivers

MIZUNO will release this month the new ST-X and ST-Z drivers built for speed. The cost will be $400.00. ST fairway woods will be $300.00 per club.

Mizuno undertook a three year project to develop the new drivers, with plenty of feedback from professional players.

Because players were looking for better sound at impact, and feel.

Mizuno also announced the release of the forged and precision milled M.Craft Putters at $300.00 per putter and now available. The putters come in three colors, white satin, bold blue and intense black. There will be a weight kit that comes with the putter. So learn more about the drivers, fairway metals and the putters at

The Gog Blog returns on Monday. RS


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on RT. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily at 7 Am. Golfers can come and enjoy the new shell, with the golf ball drop, the sunroof top. Lessons from professionals like Dan Phillips (L) and club fittings by Eric Russell (R) are available. For more details visit or call (630)-739-7600. #McWethysSB is open ______________________________________________________________________

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Welcome to Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park.

SILVER LAKE COUNTRY CLUB that has been family owned for years, is now for sale.

Golf on the clubs 45 holes could be coming to an end, with the demand for suburban housing soaring as residents are fleeing the city of Chicago.

The 300 acre club located at 14700 S. 82nd Avenue in Orland Park, is listed on the Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) real estate website. But an invitation is required to view the property through JLL.

But even if the club’s sale moved forward quickly. It’s expected that it could be two years before any redevelopment could take place. Amy Coghill whose family own’s the club, spoke with the Orland Park Patch saying,” it was just time,” and the family is open to all possibilities moving forward. But Coghill expects golf to continue through at least 2021 and 2022.

But industry experts say that a developer could pay over $10 million for the entire property. Because of it’s location and the current home values in Orland Park.

Currently Silver Lake has 45 holes. Two 18 hole courses (North course and South course) with a shorter nine hole course. Silver Lake for years has been popular with groups looking to hold golf outings. But the club has been a popular site for weddings and other social gatherings.


SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 N. Roselle Road has it’s simulators opened, and now programmed with the renovated Schaumburg Golf Club-all 27 holes. So call the pro shop and book your bay time at (847)-885-9000 or visit For a dome experience visit Chicago’s premier golf dome, the MISTWOOD GOLF Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Lessons and club fitting are now available. Call (630)-739-7600, or go online to book time in a hitting bay. For more details see   _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf, with PGA of America President Jim Richerson at the 2020 PGA Show. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

SEE BETTER, get your data quicker, play faster.

Because that’s what the PGA of America is hoping for this year, in it’s major championships.

So the use of Distance-Measuring Devices is now legal for PGA of America Championships in 2021.

Which includes the PGA Championship, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, the KitchenAid senior PGA Championship.

“We’re always interested in methods that may help improve the flow of play during our championships,” said Jim Richerson, President of the PGA of America. “The use of distance-measuring devices is already common within the game, and is now a part of the Rules of Golf. Players and caddies have long used them during practice rounds, to gather relevant yardages.”

The distance-measuring devices used by either players or caddies, will have to conform to the rules of golf. Regarding use and performance.

RULE 4.3a (1)

  • Allowed: Getting information on distance or direction (such as a distance- measuring device or compass)
  • Not Allowed: Measuring elevation changes, or interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball).

The policy will debut at the 2021 PGA Championship at the Ocean Course at the Kiawah Island Resort. Which will be played from May 17-23. For more details see


CHRIS IORIATTI & ERIC RUSSELL comprise the fitting team at the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. The dome is open daily at 7 Am. But you still need to book a hitting bay in advance, and you can do so online. McWethy’s Sports Bar is open for indoor dining. Learn more online or call (630)-739-7600.      _____________________________________________________________________

ZIEHM & SPEARS-Chicago’s most complete weekly golf news update with Len Ziehm (L) and Rory Spears (R)

ZIEHM & SPEARS is back for another edition of the Ziehm & Spears podcast series.

So click in and check out all the golf news from the Chicago area and beyond. Why wait 2-4 months to hear what’s happening here in the Windy City, because you can get caught up right now every week.

Ziehm and Spears is posted every week at, and on and on websites with sponsors.

This week Len and Rory talk the PGA Tour, and how the Chicago area golfers are making an impact. More from west suburban based Tour Edge Golf, who signed Bernhard Langer and announced a new line that includes the C721 driver, metal woods and hybrids.

Some British Open and Ireland talk, TaylorMade Golf on the selling block. How about some range finders in the PGA Championship, Golftini ready to expand into some men’s wear ?

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THIS WEEK’S EDITION of ZIEHM & SPEARS the 2021 Podcast Series-Volume 5.

Chicago’s most complete weekly golf report Ziehm & Spears. Thanks for listening, Len and Rory.


SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has become a year round golf destination. It’s simulators on the lower level of the club, give you the chance to play all 27 holes of the recently renovated Schaumburg Golf Club all year round. So sign up for your simulator time by calling the pro shop (847)-885-9000 or visit 401 N. Roselle Road. ______________________________________________________________________

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SentryWorld in Stevens Point Wisconsin will host the U.S. Senior Open-June 29 to July 2nd of 2023. The USGA has announced.

Coming off a successful 2019 U.S. Junior Girls Championship, the United States Golf Association is returning to SentryWorld in Stevens Point for 2023. So this marks the third USGA future championship scheduled for Wisconsin in the next four years.

Because Erin Hills near Milwaukee will host the 2022 Mid-Amateur Championship, before hosting the 2025 U.S. Women’s Open.

“The USGA is pleased to return to Sentry World and the state of Wisconsin. To conduct the most prestigious championship in senior golf,” said John Bodenhamer, USGA senior managing director, Championships. “We know that the region and community will enthusiastically support the U.S. Senior Open. And that Sentry World will provide a complete test for an international field competing for the Francis D. Ouimet Memorial Trophy.”

In 2013 the parkland style golf course had a renovation by Robert Trent Jones Jr., but was led by architects Bruce Charlton and Jay Blasi.

But USGA Championship golf is no stranger to SentryWorld. Because in 1986 Cindy Schreyer defeated 13 year old Vicki Goetze, 3 & 2 in the U.S. Women’s Public Links final.

Pete McPartland, Sentry chairman of the board, president and CEO, said. “Golf is part of our DNA. Because the camaraderie of play helps create the perfect environment for developing and building great relationships with our customers, business partners and the community. It’s why we built SentryWorld.”

Sentry Insurance is the sponsor of the PGA Tour’s Tournament of Champions, played in January at Kapalua’s Plantation Course in Maui, Hawaii. Sentry Insurance just renewed to sponsor the championship through the year 2030.

This will be the second U.S. Senior Open played in Wisconsin. The first was held at Whistling Straits in 2007. The home of this years Ryder Cup in September and part of the American Club operated by Kohler Company.

While a new Inn should open by SentryWorld this spring, the golf course will not. The course remained closed for all of 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But in 2021 the course will now open in mid-August. That’s when 2023 U.S. Senior Open improvements should be completed. So for more details see or visit


THE DOME or THE SIMULATOR-that is the question. But the answer is that the golf season doesn’t end here in Chicago. Because golfers can enjoy the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, see or call (630)-739-7600. In Schaumburg Golf Club 401 N. Roselle road has it’s simulators open. So please visit or call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000. Both facilities do offer lessons and club fittings. McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome is open for indoor dining.     ____________________________________________________________________

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Fresh off the announcement of adding PGA Champions Tour legend Bernhard Langer to it’s professional staff.

Batavia based Tour Edge Golf has announced yet another upgrade to it’s line of equipment. This time it’s the new Exotics 721 Metalwoods, featuring a Ridgeback Diamond Face 2.0 Technology.

So Tour Edge has upped it’s game and yours as well, to another level. Great news for golfers in a week where the temperatures are in the teens, in the northern states. The new Exotics metals will be available for purchase worldwide next Monday, on the 15th. Retail prices begin on the C721 Driver at $399.99, the Exotic C721 Fairway metal at $249.99, the Exotic C721 Hybrid at $219.99.

But for those of you looking for irons. Patience, your day is coming soon. So stay clicked in.

Tour Edge Exotics Metals 721

These upgrades to Tour Edge Exotics are built around the new Diamond Face 2.0 Technology.

But with the help of the Ridgeback support system, this system allows for more ball speed on off-center hits with a higher launch with lower spin. So when you add a perfected sound and feel, the Exotics 721 metals, delivers on all fronts.

Tour Edge founder and President David Glod says, “it’s a brand-new direction in Exotics performance, including a major emphasis on full-face power creation, sound and feel.”

The Tour Edge fairway metals and hybrids.

Glod adds, “the key was utilizing more carbon fiber than we have ever used, about 20% more on the driver and fairway.”

“We have also upgraded our Diamond Face tech to Diamond Face 2.0, which has doubled the amount of interweaving variable thickness and an extreme thinning of the face to create more power and forgiveness at the extreme perimeters.”

The top view of the Tour Edge Exotics 721 Driver.

What Tour Edge has done with this new driver, is to deliver a product with an optimized CG (Center of Gravity) with an extreme M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) properties. So this has created the most advanced driver Tour Edge has ever produced.

The Ridgeback technology is a power producer. It runs from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the clubhead.

The increased Carbon Fiber is a 19% gain over past drivers, while the CG has been lowered by 13% to increase launch, and lower spin in the process.

Part of the new look includes the Dual Carbon Wings. Engineers designed Ridgeback to place extra titanium from the crown and sole, with wrap-around Dual Carbon Wings that create weight savings that allowed for a precise and strategically placed CG location. Allowing for weight to be moved to a low-rearward position, which helped produce extreme M.O.I in the clubhead.

But to get more ball speed, Tour Edge designed the Diamond Face 2.0 Technology-with diamond shapes for variable face thickness behind the club face to act as a mini-trampoline. Creating faster ball speed and to increase the sweet spot to the outer faces.

There is an adjustable rear backweight- A 10 gram weight at the extreme rear of the clubhead to help position the perfected CG and optimize the M.O.I.. But custom individual weights of 5-15 and 18 grams for the driver will be made available for purchase.

Tour Edge is using a Beta-Titanium Face/8-1-1 Titanium Body-the high grade BTF is a higher strength Japanese metal that produces greater power. The lower-density and lighter 8-1-1 Titanium used in the body of the driver, provides faster ball speeds, making C721 the fastest driver ever designed by Tour Edge.

The adjustable Hosel creates lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5, but with a range from 7.5 to 14 degrees. Shaft recommendations based on your swing speed are available. Lampkin Crossline 360 Gray grips come in Undersized, Standard or Midsize.

The Tour Edge driver and metal options.

The C721 fairway metal comes with the same improvements as the C721 driver.

But loft availability in right handed clubs, are set at 13.5, 15, 16.5. Five woods come at 18 degrees, with a 7 wood at 21 degrees. So don’t forget to stay clicked in for more updates on Tour Edge Golf Clubs, coming soon.

2021 marked the 35th year for Tour Edge as a top-selling golf club and bag manufacturer serving the global golf market. For more information see


INSIDE OUR OUTSIDE-you can play Schaumburg Golf Club’s recently renovated 27 holes. SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB is one of the few year round Chicago area golf operations. So why not visit the simulators in the clubhouse, until the snow is gone and the temperatures warm up. or call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000 _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend him on Facebook.

THE PGA TOUR had some shots in the arm this past weekend in Phoenix.

Because some names you like to see play well, did just that.

So when you look at the list of players, playing well. It left golf fans with something to cheer about.

Winner Brooks Koepka, back in the winners circle, with 60 days to the Masters. But Koepka wasn’t alone. So how about Jordan Spieth in the mix. That was something we had not seen in a while. If Spieth is finding his game again, that included a 10 under par 61 in Round 3. It comes at a good time for golf.

Ryder Cup Captains Steve Stricker Team USA (L) and Padraig Harrington Team Europe (R).

BUT HOW ABOUT THE OLD GUYS-no it wasn’t just about Tom Brady this past weekend, Brady who joins Jack Nicklaus in the #GOAT Club played great in Tampa’s win over Kansas City.

But 51 year old Steve Stricker roared into contention in Phoenix after being a last minute entry.

Stricker with his wife on the bag, found his putting stroke, and started draining everything. So Stricker stayed in the front page of the leader board all four days.

Credit the 2020 Team USA Ryder Cup Captain, he’s still got it. AND speaking of the Ryder Cup. Stricker was paired with Team Europe Captain Padraig Harrington for the first two rounds. And the Team USA captain had the lower score both days. So maybe the score should be Team USA 2 Europe 0, even before everyone gets to Whistling Straits.

OUR LOCAL guys had a great week. Kevin Streelman made the cut in Phoenix and was well under par. Northbrook native Nick Hardy survived a crazy Monday/Tuesday qualifier to grab the last spot in the field, after winning a 2 for 1 playoff. Hardy made another cut, before cooling off on the weekend. But even with a 1 under par weekend, Hardy made a little more than 23,800 for the week. Too bad he can’t count those earnings on the Korn Ferry Tour, when that restarts in another week.

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE so take your game indoors to the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook (630)-739-7600 to reserve a hitting bay.

So as I hinted at over the last few days, the news is starting to come out from West Suburban Batavia based Tour Edge Golf.

Because this morning, just a few hours ago. Tour Edge named Bernhard Langer to it’s list of staff players.

What a major announcement for Tour Edge, to get one of the leading PGA Champions Tour players on their list of staff players.

Langer signed a multi-year deal with Tour Edge, who isn’t done making news this week. Perhaps as early as tomorrow, there is likely to be some more news about additions to the companies line of equipment. So stay tuned.

Golftini is growing. Company owner and lead designer Susan Hess in the Golftini warehouse.

Coming this week, I have another look at the Northwest Suburban Prospect Heights based Golftini.

Owner Susan Hess is seeing her business grow, in times where other companies haven’t been as successful.

Because what started out at the PGA Merchandise Show several years back with a 10×10 booth. Now takes more space to show and sell the full line of Golftini.

FOR YOU GUYS- the great news is that, Hess hints that some Golftini for Men could be coming soon. Let’s hope. So stay clicked in for more.

THE WEATHER OUTSIDE is awful. So maybe head south now,  or take your game inside while your still in Illinois. The golf domes and simulators are up and running. The Gog Blog returns tomorrow. RS


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME todays hours 7 Am to 10 Pm. OPEN for golf, open for football, open for food and beverages in McWethy’s Sports Bar. 25% off on many menu items. Game specials on beverages. or call (630)-739-7600 on Rt. 53 In Bolingbrook. check out the award winning wings.        ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter or friend him on Facebook. In the Mistwood Golf Dome.

SO WHAT are you doing before the big game.

Because if your not at the Mistwood Golf Dome, you should be watching the PGA Tour.

Northbrook native native Nick Hardy is playing well at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. But an even par third round saw him lose some ground on the field. So while Hardy and Winfield native and Wilson Golf staffer Kevin Streelman made the cut, they could use a great final round to make a few more dollars, and Fed Ex Cup points. So let’s root them on for a fantastic finish.

The Wilson D9 driver

THE WILSON D9 is back.

Back in stock that is. Because the original supply sold-out quickly.

But the good news, is that D9 is selling well. The drivers and the irons.

The new D9 driver was created in house by the design team at Wilson. But no not as part of Driver vs Driver 3. So if you enjoyed the first two Driver vs Drive shows, you did not miss the second sequel.

For more information on Wilson Golf and the new 2021 Wilson Golf line, see

The Mizuno JPX Irons

MISTWOOD GOLF CLUB has permanent tee-time openings for 2021. So you can get out early, play quickly and then enjoy the rest of your weekend. Call Mistwood now on Renwick Road in Romeoville at (815)-254-3333 or visit for all the details.


Mizuno fittings at the Mistwood Golf Dome on Friday Feb. 19th, from 10 Am to 2 pm. Cost-FREE. Sign up today by calling (630)-739-7600, or visit So go hit the Mizuno JPX Irons.

ARE YOU AN ARTIST-if so the Academy of Golf Art is accepting new members, and has just welcomed in several new members during 2020. See for more details.

VOLVIK GOLL BALLS has agreed to be a presenting sponsor for the LPGA Drive-On Championship at the Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club from March 4-7. The purse is $1.5 million dollars, and Danielle Kang won the first event back on the tour after the virus shutdown. But then a second Drive-On event was held at Reynolds-Lake Oconee in November won by Ally Ewing (McDonald). Both players will be part of the 120 player field event, televised by The Golf Channel.

TOUR EDGE GOLF home offices in Batavia Illinois.


YES more good news this week from the folks at Tour Edge Golf in Batavia Illinois.

There will be an announcement on the latest and greatest products from Tour Edge Golf, so stay clicked in right here to learn more as the week goes on.

In addition to all the great clubs that Tour Edge is producing, you can follow their PGA Champions Tour players on tour all season long. Stay tuned, the Tour Edge family on the Champions Tour might be growing in 2021.

Topgolf in Schaumburg Illinois.

THE TOPTRACER RANGE and the new 9-Shot challenge is here at Topgolf locations and online.

Gamers everywhere will enjoy the challenge of getting on to the leaderboard, with players from around the globe.

Topgolf is growing world-wide and has new ventures opening in 2021 in America. For more details on Topgolf and the 9-Shot Challenge see the Topgolf 9-Shot challenge site. Upcoming events will have tournaments at three of this years major golf venues. Kiawah Island, Royal St. Georges, and Torrey Pines. So don’t miss out.

Welcome to Sand Valley Resort in Nekoosa Wisconsin.

Great news from Sand Valley Resort in Wisconsin.

Maybe you have heard about the new course getting built this summer. The redo of the historic Lido Golf Course on Long Island N.Y.. It was first built during WWI, and thrived until WWII came along and the U.S. Navy needed the land.

And that was the end of the Lido. But now there is more. So hang on as the Lido under the watchful eyes of the Keiser family and architect Tom Doak, comes back to life. But in the meantime, you can win your major at Sand Valley in 2021. So plan for the Summer Solstice event in June, the Sand Valley Cup in July, and the Heathland Cup in September. So learn more at

MISSION INN and RESORT CLUB in Howey-In-The Hills Florida 35 minutes from Orlando has announced a multi-year agreement with the LPGA to hold Symetra Tour events in late May. So for more details on the resort on the viewing the tournaments, see Mission Inn ownership is from the north suburbs of Chicago.

JACK NICKLAUS #GOAT (There will never be another). will design a new course in Saudi Arabia, his first in the Middle East. Just 40 minutes from the Saudi Capital of Riyadh. This course will be part of a development not far from the Tuwaig mountain range. As the area attempts to be another golf destination.

SRIXON GOLF among the leaders in golf ball technology, has announced the release, of yet another generation of it’s Z-Star golf balls. The Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow. But these new golf golf balls will launch here in America, on February 26th of 2021.

Z-Star has a 0.6mm thicker cover for better spin and control around the greens. “The Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls are designed for the better players, as the ball features better technology,” said Jeff Bunski, Vice president of Research and Development. “Z-Star XV is played by some of the longest hitters on professional tours around the world. But the cost per dozen is just $42.99. So learn more at

The new SRIXON/ASICS-Gel-Course ACE tm.

SRIXON/ASICS is now introducing a new line of golf footwear, that is through the partnership of the two companies.

“The Srixon/ASICS partnership has been tremendous for both of our brands,” said Mike Powell, President of Sales and Marketing- Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO. “ASICS is a huge global success and widely recognized as a leader in performance footwear. “We’re excited to launch the new GEL-COURSE ACE.”

“This shoe will provide the legendary performance of ASICS running shoes and the waterproof protection you need on the golf when conditions are not perfect,” Powell added. Cost is $149.99. Men’s sizes 7-12 and Women’s sizes at 6-10. Colors vary for both men and women.

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