MISTWOOD GOLF DOME located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, opens daily at 7 Am. But you need to call or book online a hitting bay in advance. Lessons and Club Fittings are available. So now you can also enjoy McWethy’s Sports Bar. For more information call the dome at (630)-739-7600 or visit online Demo days coming.  ______________________________________________________________________

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Pinehurst Report President Tom Pashley, stand tall between the pillars of the Pinehurst clubhouse.

WHEN YOU ARE THE HOME of American Golf, there is always plenty going on and plenty to do.

But somewhere in the middle of everything, much has changed at the “Cradle or Home of American Golf.”

The last decade started with changes to Pinehurst Course #2, and they haven’t stopped since.

Because it seems like than no sooner than Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw finish their restoration of the famed Donald Ross design, then architect Gil Hanse arrived to upgrade Course #4. But Hanse didn’t stop there, after the resort found Hanse a few acres to work with, an amazing new 9-hole par-3 course “The Cradle” was opened, to say it’s been a big hit with golfers would be the under-statement of the year.

But there has been more, much much more. A new swimming pool, a brew pub that fills up every night, and leaves all the patrons full by the time they leave. Renovations to the Holly Inn, the Manor Inn, have done nothing but bring more golfers into this historic resort.

The moves the resort has made are like the movie title, all the right moves. As Pinehurst has walked the line of preserving it’s historic traditions, that have brought guests and golfers for decades to the sandhills of North Carolina. They have added pieces that will attract today’s younger travelers.

But now the biggest piece is the addition of the United States Golf Association (USGA), who is moving their testing facilities and museum to Pinehurst. But it doesn’t stop there, as Pinehurst is the first “anchor site” for plenty of USGA Championships going forward. Many more than just the U.S. Open, and might host all of the USGA championships they offer, by some point in-time.

In the middle of all the planning and the progress, has been resort President Tom Pashley. Who as you might guess is pretty excited about what the Pinehurst has accomplished. Plus what it plans to do, in the years ahead.

Pashley has navigated the ship through the pandemic, and has keep things moving forward as the resort gets closer to returning to the old normal. So while some things at Pinehurst are “new”, there is still plenty of “old” for guests who love tradition.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Pashley sat down with Golfers on Golf to discuss the last 13 months since our 2020 interview, and what the next few years could look like. Which includes a 3-month shutdown of Course 8, in the summer of 2022. Changes to the Cradle, that likely includes a relocation of the famed Pinecone beverage cart. For all this and more, hear our interview with Tom Pashley below.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW with Pinehurst Resort President Tom Pashley.

For more information on the Pinehurst Resort, Covid precautions for guests, all the hotels, restaurants, and 10 golf courses, see


CLUB FITTER ERIC RUSSEL works with Chris Ioriatti as part of Mistwood Golf’s club fitting team. The Mistwood Golf Dome located on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, has lessons and fittings available. McWethy’s Sport bar in the dome is open for indoor dining. Learn more by visiting or call the dome for more at (630)-739-7600.     _____________________________________________________________________

TIGER WOODS walks Medinah #3 during the final round of the 2019 BMW Championship.

TIGER WOODS was injured in a 1 car auto accident early this morning near Los Angeles.

Woods was driving his courtesy car from last weekends Genesis Invitational.

The vehicle rolled over at least once, and suffered serious damage as it rolled down an embankment. Airbags did deploy. Woods needed help to get removed from the vehicle.

But early reports of the “Jaws of Life Being Used” being used to removed Woods, now appear to be incorrect. Police are reporting there is no sign of Woods being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.

Woods agent said Woods was in surgery for multiple injuries to his legs. During an interview last week, Woods said he was “hoping” to play in the Masters as he still rehabs from his latest back surgery. But now the Masters or golf for a long time, might be out of the question for Woods.

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SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB has opened it’s simulators, and now open for indoor dining is Chandlers Chophouse right upstairs. So why not book your simulator tee time now at (847)-885-9000, or visit The Schaumburg Golf Club is located at 401 North Roselle Road. Play all renovated 27 holes on the clubs simulators. _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or friend him on Facebook. On the tee of the 7th hole of Pinehurst #6. From the spot of my only hole in one.

THE WINTER GOLF TRIP has teed off, and after a night in Kentucky, I have made it to Southern Pines, and now Pinehurst. But the good news is that this is just the beginning.

But now it seems like the cooler temperatures and the rain are moving out, and holding off until I move out to South Carolina and Myrtle Beach on Wednesday night.

Because of the 40 degree to low 50 degree temperatures, the golf scene for the last few days has been a bit different. So courses have moved to having shotguns, teeing off at 11:30, and getting the golfers back in the clubhouse before the temperatures drop later in the afternoon.

So what have I learned about golf in Pinehurst/Southern Pines over the last few days. The Talamore/Mid South Club resort is the hidden gem of Southern Pines. Two great courses, some of the best villa’s you will find anywhere at both courses. Talamore has redone the inside of the clubhouse and the grill area looks fantastic. But the new halfway house looks really good as well, and is a welcome addition to the golf course.

But this was the first time I stayed in the Talamore Villa’s and they are good and give the outstanding villa’s at Mid South a run for their money.

Welcome to Southern Pines CC

RENOVATION WORK IS UNDERWAY at the Southern Pines Country Club, by architect Kyle Franz.

The Ross Resorts, that comprise the courses of Pine Needles and Mid Pines, and now the Southern Pines Country Club, are one of two properties with three Donald Ross golf courses.

Pine Needles that hosted three U.S. Women’s Opens, and more recently the U.S. Senior Women’s Open. Will now host it’s fourth women’s open in 2022. Some hats have arrived, as merchandise for the open is hitting the pro shop, along with the replica trophy.

The Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily at 7 Am. Call (630)-739-7600 for hitting bay reservations. Lessons and club fittings are available. McWethys Sports Bar is open at the dome for indoor dining.

PINEHURST RESORT has opened the Pinehurst Pavilion that will host outdoor events. But there could be more coming as the USGA sets up shop in Pinehurst. I’ll learn more tomorrow, after an interview with Pinehurst resort president Tom Pashley.

I DID RETURN TO PINEHURST COURSE #6 today. First time in 15 years, since I made my only hole-in-one there. My story on that comes another day.

Because tomorrow is a long day. It starts at the best breakfast in golf, the dining room in the Carolina Hotel. So I’m calling it quits for the night. RS


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB located at 401 North Roselle Road is one of the Chicago area’s year round golf operations. So now you can play all recently renovated 27 holes in the simulators on the lower level of the clubhouse. So for more details see or call the pro shop (847)-885-9000 to reserve your tee time.  _____________________________________________________________________

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THE TITLEIST PRO V1 & PRO V1x have been redone for 2021.

Titleist that calls itself the #1 ball in golf, has re-engineered the famed Pro V1 and Pro V1x for 2021.

But where does this take place. It’s called Ball Plant 3, and now Titleist is giving you a virtual tour of the Massachusetts facility at

So what the virtual tour brings the viewer, is the tour that visitors get when they visit Ball Plant 3. Titleist plans on resuming the in person plant tours as soon as it’s safe again to do so.

“Since we began giving tours, we’ve had golfers from around the world come to see how Pro V1 and Pro V1x are made,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “So while we look forward to the day that we can safely welcome back visitors to Ball Plant 3, we’re excited that golfers everywhere now have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of our process, learn how their golf ball is made from core to cover, and see everything our R&D and Operations teams are doing to earn their trust on every single shot.”

Several top players on staff with Titleist have gone to visit the plant and take a tour.

They include Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson.

But while all of the players shared different thoughts on what they took away from the tour. What amazed them the most was the process and commitment that Titleist commits to when making the golf ball. Because the process that started in the 1930’s when avid golfer Phil Young decided to build the best golf ball possible, has become the standard that Titleist lives by today.

So in the meantime, Titleist invites you to enjoy the tour, virtual style. But learn more about Titleist products at


  SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB 401 North Roselle Road. The simulators are open and now so is Chandlers restaurant in the clubhouse, daily at 3 Pm. To book a simulator time and play the recently renovated 27 holes at Schaumburg Golf Club, or some Top 100 rated golf courses, call the pro shop at (847)-885-9000 or      _____________________________________________________________________

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Cozy (Co) McArthur

Cozy (Co) McArthur a long time major part of the Women’s Western Golf Association, has passed away at age 106. Just 3 months shy of her 107th birthday.

McArthur started as the WWGA secretary as the organization started on it’s own in 1971, until at age 99 she decided it was time to turn over the reigns to the next in line.

She had been attending the annual WWGA meeting and Woman of Distinction ceremony until just 2 years ago.

McArthur had many talents. But her distinct penmanship had her keeping the scoreboard for years at WWGA championships.

But even past the age of 100, she made all the seating place-cards for those attending the WWGA annual meeting. McArthur loved golf and curling, and enjoyed baking cookies and other treats for WWGA board meetings.

She was a die-hard cubs fan for 100 years. Cozy will be missed by all her knew her. So the next time your driving through Northbrook the road Pfingston, was named after her family. A memorial service will be held at a later date, when it’s safer to do so.


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily at 7 Am. Lessons and club fittings are available. But you must reserve a hitting bay in advance. Indoor dining has now returned at McWethy’s Sports Bar in the dome. Call (630)-739-7600 or learn more by visiting Equipment Demo Days are coming soon. ______________________________________________________________________

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Golftini-Women’s Golf Apparel-for now.

GOLFTINI OWNER SUSAN HESS will tell you that creating her company name was simple.

“I just took two things I like to enjoy, golf, and drinks with the name ‘tini’ in them. So I put the two of them together.”

You might think the rest is history, but in all honesty, much of the history Golftini will create, lies on the road ahead.

Golftini owner and lead designer Susan Hess is seeing her work rack-up and stack-up sales in women’s golf apparel.

Golftini started in New Jersey, before Hess packed up the company and brought it to Prospect Heights Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago in 2019.

But before she even arrived in Illinois, Hess had the Golftini name becoming well known in the women’s golf apparel world.

Hess admits the first time she went to the annual PGA Merchandise Show, her booth was the simple 10×10 size. But that’s no longer the case.

When Hess first walked into the Orange County Convention Center, and walked past the displays of the major apparel companies, that “wow” moment kicked in. One day later Hess landed her first big order, and then scrambled to have it ready on-time.

But those days are well behind her. Because if you ask her clients, one of things they like the most about working with Golftini, is how quickly they receive their orders after placing them. Chicago area clubs often receive orders within 24-48 hours.

Golftini owner and designer Susan Hess with her 2021 line.

Golftini likes to name their Skorts collection every year. So now it’s time  for you to review both the “Ice cream collection” and “Dance Party” coming out this summer.

But regardless of the collection, the mixture of styles and colors show that Hess has an eye for mixing the right colors together. Checkered, solid, dark colors, light colors, or stripes, the patterns and styles just stand out.

Golftini solids, short and long sleeve.

But with success comes requests for more, and, what’s next ?

Hess is hard at work preparing the next level of options for Golftini.

Recently on a cold day in Prospect Heights, Hess is sporting a jacket that wasn’t part of the line, one-year ago.

One of the other area’s of expansion that lies ahead for Golftini is, Golftini for Men. Hess says her three boys have been vocal, saying Mom, what about “Golftini for Men” joining the line. The good news is that some limited options for men could be coming out at some point in 2021.


Golftini owner and apparel designer Susan Hess shows the new Golftini hooded windbreaker jacket. $150.00.

On Golftini’s website, you can see video’s with Hess explaining the various pieces and styles of the new Golftini line.

No matter what shirts and or Skort’s Hess matches up, it seems like all the combinations drive it right down the center of the fairway.

Another part of Golftini that works, is the Golftini logo that’s strategically located on all Golftini apparel.

The ‘tini glass’ logo was one of things that caught the eye, of many of the first PGA show attendee’s Hess met.

One person who liked the logo asked Hess if she had it trademarked. But that was something Hess had not done. So it was one of the first things she did when getting home from the show. Now it’s a logo that identifies a piece of Golftini wear, even before people see the tag on the collar.

Hess says she started Golftini because she couldn’t find what she liked when shopping for golf apparel. Now plenty of women golfers or non-golfers are finding what they like to wear, thanks to Hess and Golftini. Who are providing the colors and combinations that look great on or off the golf course. See more at or follow Golftini on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


MISTWOOD GOLF DOME and MCWETHY’s TAVERN at Mistwood Golf Club. The golf dome in Bolingbrook, the golf club in Romeoville, either way Mistwood has you covered year round. McWethy’s Sports bar has reopened at the dome for indoor dining. So enjoy Mistwood golf properties, learn more at or or call (630)-739-7600. Lessons and club fittings are available-demo days are coming up.  ______________________________________________________________________

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TOUR EDGE C721 Exotics Irons-available March 10th.


Tour Edge announces the other side of the C721 Exotic series, the C721 and the E 721 irons.

So what’s new. Just some ground breaking technology that moves the Exotic’s to a new level of performance.

Because when you see the power and enjoy the feel of the new Diamond Face 2.0 and VIBRCOR technology, you will know you have a club that delivers on impact.

“This next level Exotics,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod. “It’s a brand-new direction for Exotics, not only with ground-breaking new tech, but with virtually every aspect of the design.”

Because you demanded more, and now Tour Edge has delivered.

“VIBRCOR is a new technology that enhances speed and feel in a major way,” said Glod. “With the dual placement of VIBRCOR inside the hollow-body pocket of the C721 and the undercut pocket of the E721, we’re able to provide the best of both worlds. Which includes perimeter weighted forgiveness and distance with the feel of a forged muscle-back.”

But now something Tour Edge had done with it’s metals, now joins the it’s family of irons. Diamond face technology is now part of the 721 iron family. Because the iron face is covered with up to a 100 diamond shapes behind the face, of the thinnest iron face ever produced.  But the hollow body C721 series iron offers the best in perimeter weighting, and increased face flex.

Tour Edge Exotic irons, the 721 series is here.

THE EXOTICS C721 Iron (Player’s Distance) will retail for $142.99 per iron in graphite and $129.99 in steel, while the Exotics E721 Iron (Extreme game Improvement) will retail at $114.99 per iron in graphite and $99.99 in steel.

So are you ready for an iron that is a more classic shape, with more traditional lofts, but a thinner topline that should play right into the hands of a wide range of golfers. Because if so, the C721 iron is right for you.

The extreme distance E721 iron with a bigger footprint and wider sole, provides you with more options to this type of player. Tour Edge has Speed tested shafts for getting you a match to your swing speed. 85 MPH or less the KBS TGI. 85-95 HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX, or the True Temper Elevate 95 VSS. 95 or faster, HZRDUS Smoke Black-95 gram. For grips the Lampkin Crossline 360 Gray, in Undersize, Standard and Midsize.

So for more on Tour Edge Golf products see Club fitting at over 850 locations, with 48 hour delivery service to most locations. C721 series drivers, metal woods and hybrids are now available for purchase.


IT’S INDOOR GOLF SEASON. In the dome and in the simulators as the temperatures have plunged into the artic. If your ready for one or the other check out the Mistwood Golf Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook open daily at 7 Am. Call the dome (630)-739-7600 to book a hitting bay. PLUS McWethy’s Sports Bar has reopened for indoor dining. THE SCHAUMBURG has it’s simulators open and yes you can play the recently renovated 27 holes at the Schaumburg Golf Club, book a time in the simulator at (847)-885-9000.   _____________________________________________________________________

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So for those who aren’t familiar with the term, when it’s time to launch you turn it into the wind.

For those of us who come from a Navy family, it’s easy to know what aircraft carriers do when it’s take off time.

Because it’s always import to get a little more lift when your plane takes off. I am ready for a lift out of our cold weather.

Currently I’m getting too many texts from friends in warm places, who keep asking why I’m still here freezing in Illinois. That comes to an end this week when I head south. I will visit some of the usual places, and likely a few new ones. But Pinehurst is first on the tee. So I’ll be checking in from all over, do stay clicked in. Len Ziehm and I will be podcasting from the Sunshine State, and promise to send some warmth back to our golf friends up north.

THE ILLINOIS PGA has put out it’s official schedule now for 2021. Three of the four majors will making their debuts at new courses this year. So there will be some changes on the schedule. There is over 40 IPGA section events, and 4 Open Championships.

Bull Valley returns for the first time since 2018 to host the IPGA Match Play. Stonebridge Country Club that recently added about 300 yards, will host the Illinois Open. So you might recall Stonebridge was supposed to be the second course last year, but due to changes from the pandemic, was dropped when the IO became a 1 course event.

There are seven qualifiers for the state open, good luck to those who will be trying to qualify. Ivanhoe Club hosts the IPGA Section Championship, where 10 players will qualify for the 2022 National PGA Championship (club professional championship).

The Illinois PGA Players Championship heads to Knollwood for the first time, in late September. This year the IPGA will host six Pro-Ams, including the Meyer Brown Invitational in the Pinehurst area, dates and time’s are TBD.

But more good news comes in the form of team matches returning, after a year off from the pandemic. The 59th Radix Cup returns to Oak Park Country Club on June 17. The Thompson Cup matches will be hosted by Ridge Country Club on June 3rd. Royal Cup matches between the IPGA and Wisconsin PGA assistant professionals will be held on October 1st at a site TBD.

I think the new changes and locations will be great for the majors this year, and Kudo’s to the IPGA staff in putting them together. There is some exciting golf ahead. But one of the great events of the year returns on September 7th at River Forest Country Club. The fund-raising Birdies for Charity. In 2020 IPGA pro’s raised over 2 million dollars for several area charities.

Bernhard Langer has joined Tour Edge Golf.

West Suburban Batavia based Tour Edge Golf has added Bernhard Langer 63, to it’s professional staff.

What a great addition for Tour Edge. Bernhard Langer is game changer for Tour Edge, even at 63, he is still playing much younger.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining the Tour Edge staff, they have been incredible to work with as I start updating my equipment,” said Langer. “I have been playing many of the clubs in my bag for a long time and when I started working with Tour Edge out on the PGA Tour Champions, I realized that they were the best option to get me exactly what I needed to continue to perform at the highest level.”

Langer will now carry a Tour Edge Exotics staff bag and Tour Edge logo on his right sleeve.

“It’s going to be fun working with this team on maximizing performance and getting into some of their really innovative technology. But also to help promote the brand with other players on Team Tour Edge. By bringing their message to the masses in a series of new television spots,” added Langer.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW WITH TOUR EDGE VP OF MARKETING JON CLAFFEY-on the new C721 series line and the signing of PGA Tour Champions legend Bernhard Langer as a Tour Edge staff player.

Langer will make his Tour Edge debut at the Cologuard Classic in Tucson on Feb. 25th.

“To be able to sign this awe-inspiring icon to our professional staff is a crowning achievement in our 35 years as a golf brand,” said Tour Edge President and founder David Glod. “He’s one of the very best players to ever play the game. So to have him trust Tour Edge to keep him at the top is something we are extremely proud of.”

Langer has won the Masters twice, along with 45 wins on the PGA Tour and European Tour. He has 41 wins on the PGA Tour Champions, that includes 11 senior majors. Langer was part of 10 Ryder Cup teams and the winning captain in 2004. With only 5 professionals on their staff, over 100 PGA Tour players have used over 1,000 Tour Edge clubs in the last three years.  More on the new Tour Edge irons coming up this week.

Galvin Green announces the Game Day Collection for 2021.

THE STYLISH GALVIN GREEN has released it’s ‘Game Day’ collection for 2021.

This outstanding line of apparel that features all-weather garments, can help you enjoy your round of golf even when the weather is not the best.

Because after 30 years in the industry, the Galvin Green experience has allowed them to produce some of the most advanced fabric technologies from around the world. So explore the at least 14 Gore-Tex options in the waterproof range for men. Galvin Green offers styles for on and off the golf course, for men, women, and junior golfers. So in addition to jackets, learn more about Galvin Green and their world of sweaters, shirts, trousers and more. Learn more at


SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB at 401 North Roselle Road, has programmed into it’s simulators all 27 of it’s recently renovated holes. So don’t wait until April to play The Schaumburg Golf Club, or this weekends PGA Tour stop-Pebble Beach Golf Links. See more at or call the pro shop for a tee time at (847)-885-9000.        _____________________________________________________________________

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SO DO YOU NEED to get fitted for clubs ?

Because now you can. So all you need to do is book a time next Sunday with Sean Miller at the Highlands Clubhouse at Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena.

But you must register by calling (815)-776-5250, or at

Next Sunday from 8 Am to 4 Pm, and get your fitting for new clubs done for free.

Frontline Putters by Cleveland Golf

CLEVELAND GOLF has announced the release of it’s Frontline putters. They are now available.

So if you like straight putts, you should like the frontline putter with weights have been shifted forward to help your putts online to the cup. Even when you don’t catch the sweet-spot.

“The Cleveland Frontline putters have changed how we think about weighting in putters,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. “Because having weight as close as possible to the face surface, maximizes the MOI and provides the straightest putts on miss-hits ever measured.”

Cost for the new line of putters are $199.99, several different styles are available. For more information see

Topgolf announces two more new locations in America, this time in the LA area.

DALLAS BASED Topgolf will be opening two new locations, based here in America.

The Los Angeles suburban area will be getting both new locations.

So look for new homes for Topgolf in Ontario California, and in El Segundo. These two new locations will bring the amount of Topgolf entertainment centers in California to 4. But these locations are the first in Southern California, the other two locations are in Northern California. More at

The Club Champion store on Rt. 83 in Willowbrook Illinois.

CLUB CHAMPION has raised the limits to over 50,000, hittable combinations.

Last year in March, Club Champion reached the 45,000 combinations mark.

“We’re excited to up the ante this year,” said Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion. “By continuing to bring in new options, we’re able to provide such a deep well of fitting solutions so we can continue to provide Tour-level service for any an every golfer.”

Club Champion is now offering new options from PRGR clubs and Edel Golf. For more information see

SO ARE YOU IN NEED of a great spring golf package. See The Grand Strand area in South Carolina is home to over 90 golf courses. The World’s Largest Amateur is again on for August, with the World’s Largest 19th hole expected to return. So visit Myrtle Beach, your home for a spring break golf trip.

The new XXIO Prime Woods

XXIO has announced it’s latest line of lightweight golf equipment.

NOW AVAILABLE are the XXIO Prime Woods.

“It’s safe to say the new XXIO Prime Woods are the most advanced set of clubs ever developed for moderate-to-slow swing speed players,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development. “Because the woods have been engineered to add distance and accuracy, especially for players that have lost yardage in recent years.” Details at

The new Mizuno ST Drivers

MIZUNO will release this month the new ST-X and ST-Z drivers built for speed. The cost will be $400.00. ST fairway woods will be $300.00 per club.

Mizuno undertook a three year project to develop the new drivers, with plenty of feedback from professional players.

Because players were looking for better sound at impact, and feel.

Mizuno also announced the release of the forged and precision milled M.Craft Putters at $300.00 per putter and now available. The putters come in three colors, white satin, bold blue and intense black. There will be a weight kit that comes with the putter. So learn more about the drivers, fairway metals and the putters at

The Gog Blog returns on Monday. RS


THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on RT. 53 in Bolingbrook is open daily at 7 Am. Golfers can come and enjoy the new shell, with the golf ball drop, the sunroof top. Lessons from professionals like Dan Phillips (L) and club fittings by Eric Russell (R) are available. For more details visit or call (630)-739-7600. #McWethysSB is open ______________________________________________________________________

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Welcome to Silver Lake Country Club in Orland Park.

SILVER LAKE COUNTRY CLUB that has been family owned for years, is now for sale.

Golf on the clubs 45 holes could be coming to an end, with the demand for suburban housing soaring as residents are fleeing the city of Chicago.

The 300 acre club located at 14700 S. 82nd Avenue in Orland Park, is listed on the Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) real estate website. But an invitation is required to view the property through JLL.

But even if the club’s sale moved forward quickly. It’s expected that it could be two years before any redevelopment could take place. Amy Coghill whose family own’s the club, spoke with the Orland Park Patch saying,” it was just time,” and the family is open to all possibilities moving forward. But Coghill expects golf to continue through at least 2021 and 2022.

But industry experts say that a developer could pay over $10 million for the entire property. Because of it’s location and the current home values in Orland Park.

Currently Silver Lake has 45 holes. Two 18 hole courses (North course and South course) with a shorter nine hole course. Silver Lake for years has been popular with groups looking to hold golf outings. But the club has been a popular site for weddings and other social gatherings.