MCQ’S DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, is where you can swing in for a great time, with your clubs, horsing around with the horses, enjoy the food and beverage from the new menu. Visit or call (630)-739-1592. THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB is now a year round season, this Saturday as the snow flurries fly, take your game back indoors to the simulators, and for great food in Chandlers Chop House, call now and make a tee time at (847)-885-9000, and see THE NCAA MENS and WOMENS Golf Championships are coming May 19-31 at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, come see two final fours in two weeks. NCAA.Com/Tickets.         ______________________________________________________________________

   AUSTIE ROLLINSON with Callaway, Odyssey Putters shows off the newest design in putting concepts, with the face on Odyssey Putters (L) The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content, follow Rory through the 2017 PGA Show, and to the NCAA Championships at Rich Harvest Farms from May 19-31, and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. See the NCAA Championship Trophy this weekend at the Chicago Golf Show, Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

Callaway/Odyssey has created something new in putters with the addition of the O-line Microhinge putters. If you want to see a creative face on a new line of putters, checkout the Microhinge putter through the Odyssey Putters. Or slide down to our interview with the expert on the new putters Austie Rollinson.

Click here to hear the interview with Austie Rollinson regarding the Microhinge Odyssey Putters.

While much of the news on Callaway Golf from the PGA Merchandise Show was about it’s new Great Big Bertha Epic Driver-with the jailbreak technology, Callway didn’t stop there with what it added to it’s family. It’s putter line with Odyssey and the acquisition of  the Sean Toulon Putting Company was part of the picture. It has made addtions to it’s Callaway Golf Shoe line. (More tomorrow on the Great Big Bertha-Epic Driver).

But we can’t forget the Callaway golf ball either, like Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft, and in white or bright yellow colors.

For more on the up-grades of the Callaway Golf Ball, scroll down below to our interiew Callaway Golf Ball Guy Dave Bartels.

Click here to hear our interview with Dave Bartels on the new and improved Callaway Golf Ball.

For more information on Callaway Golf please visit or visit your local proshop operated with Callaway Staff Professionals.


  MCQS GOLF DOME in Bolingbrook is your one stop place for fun, golf in the dome, bet the horses, enjoy the Blackhawks games, or food and drink from the new menu. Visit for more information. THE SCHAUMBURG Golf Club is now a year round facility, with new simulators that contain Top 100 courses, why wait until summer to enjoy the Schaumburg Golf Club at 401 N. Roselle Rd, call (847)-885-9000. NCAA MENS & WOMENS GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS are coming to Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, from May 19th to the 31st. Ticket are on sale now at NCAA.Com/Tickets. ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to Trump Doral and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy pounding a Titleist Pro V1X on the 18th hole of the Blue Monster.

The #1 ball in golf just got better, as Titleist continues to upgrade the famed Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball.

Titleist now says that the new Pro V’s are the best performing golf ball that have ever been stamped with the script Titleist name.

Titleist’s selling point is that the Pro V’s use the most sophisticated technology during the engineering process, and that this provides quallity consistency unmatched by and other ball on the market.

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball.

As a result, week after week on all the of the professionals tours and the major amateur events in golf, Titleist is the most played ball, by the players who need a top performing golf ball in competition.

Recent break-throughs in golf ball technology, have allowed Titleist to improve the Pro V’s core, and it’s aerodynamic design and dimple pattern.

The new Titleist Pro V1x and it’s core, a change to the ball in 2017.

The new core is a reengineered Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core that delivers more distance, on shots with lower long game spin, and a faster ball speed.

The new dimple pattern is a tiled 352 tetrarderal dimple design pattern that creates a penetrating trajectory and provides a more consistent ball flight.

Click here to hear the interview with Frederick Waddell, Sr. Manager of Titleist Golf Ball Product Management.

While both Pro-V models are designed to deliver distance and short game requirements, golfers will feel a difference in flight, feel and spin. Pro V1 will project lower with a penatrating tradjectory and soft feel, the Pro V1x flies higher off the club face, with a firmer feel and an increased spin on iron shots.

Titleist is on the move up again, with the new edition Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.

“Everytime we set out to develope a new Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls, our challenge is to set an even higher benchmark for golf ball performance,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “We are constantly in the field talking to golfers of all skill levels about what can do to help them shoot lower scores. At the same time, the Titleist Golf Ball R&D and Operations teams are working together to develope new golf ball technologies that deliver the performance golfer may not yet realize they need. It’s because of this ownership and commitment at every step of theprocess that we’re able to deliver meaningful performance improvements and make the best golf balls in the game even better.”

Titleist staff player Jordan Spieth had this to say regarding the new Pro V1 golfball.

“I put the new Pro V1x in play in Australia and in the first week we won. What I noticed right away, was the improved ball flight. It held it’s line in the crosswinds better.”

Titlest staff player Adam Scott called the Pro V1,” a ball I’m hitting longer than ever before, and it has the feel of the ball I grew up playing, a balata golf ball. The new Pro V1 is incredibly soft.”

For more information on the new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, please visit or contact a local Titleist staff club professional.



THE FRENCH LICK RESORT in historic French Lick Indiana, this summer celebrate the centennial at the Donald Ross Golf Course, and the Inaugural Sr. LPGA Championship this July. The French Lick Resort is the proud presenting sponsor of the 2017 Chicago Golf Show this Friday-Sunday at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. ______________________________________________________________________

THE MENS AND WOMENS NCAA GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, coming this May to Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove. THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to Rich Harvest Farms and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy

IN’S AND OUT’S..are you still inside or are you outside, during our little heat wave here in town.

I would have run outside to play the last few days, if not for the several stories I am writing for the CDGA Magazine and Chicagoland Golf April editions.

Plus I admit that I did play 12 rounds while off to the PGA Show in Orlando, and during the trip down and back. So not getting out this past weekend was not the end of the world. Plus it seemed like everyone else was out and the courses that were open were booked solid, so it would not be quick to get around. Great Job ! to the courses that did open, and I found out today more that did open on the weekend or did today. If your didn’t open for any reason, including wear and tear and the wish to be in mint condition when you do open, I can respect that as well.

One local pro told me a few years ago, that any money he made off the golf course before April 1, or after October 31st was like found money. It allowed for improvements and to reinforce other area’s of the budget. I hope the open golf courses will take the extra dollars and put in back into their product. The course, the range, the clubhouse or even the maintanence building, the caddy shack or the halfway house. Show the customers and the golfers that you care.

Pick up your edition of the Chicago Golf Show program, presented by Chicagoland Golf.

THE CHICAGO GOLF SHOW tee’s off this Friday at Noon at the DSCC in Rosemont, located on River Road. The show runs three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see you there.

On the weekend, baseball Hall of Famers Tim Raines of the White Sox and Ryne Sandberg of the Cubs will be in attendence. raines on Saturday and Sanberg on Sunday, both baseball stars are avid golfers as well.

There will be free lessons from Illinois PGA members, and plenty of booths with information on golf courses, golf products and golf destination properties. Check them all out, need new equipment, golfbags, golfshoes, you will have your selection at the show. Please visit

NEW # 1 Dustin Johnson with his win at Riviera in Los Angeles is the new World #1 golfer, passing up Jason Day. Not long ago Johnson was a guy who had reported off course issues, was trying to put his life together, and trying to stay out of the way of rules infractions. Now he is #1, how could can he be, can he win at Augusta. Is he the player to beat in 2017, Erin Hills is a course that just might set up for him.

Play the new Preserve at Oak Meadows, coming this June.

Congratulations to Ed Stevenson and the DuPage County Forest Preserve District on the name change of the Oak Meadows Golf Club, to, The Preserve at Oak Meadows. I know I’m looking forward to playing “The Preserve” this summer. Architect Greg Martin and his team have done a stellar job in renovating and restoring the property.

The name change officially will be voted on by the board in the morning, but they are expected to approve the name already out in ad form. If you have not seen the ad, pick up a copy of Chicagoland Golf at this weeks Chicago Golf Show in Rosemont.

More details visit Stay clicked in here or at DuPage golf for details on opening day. Which should be at some point in June.

BIG 3 Partner Len Ziehm is covering all the golf news from Florida and beyond, see his reports and notebook at Len’s updates include a report on 2015 Illinois Women’s Open Champion Madasyn Pettersen, and her college plans.

COMING UP THIS WEEK, Titleist, Callaway, Odyssey and more from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, stay clicked in. RS


   INSIDE AT THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB, new simulators among the best on the market, allow you to work on your game all winter long, come find out why the Schaumburg Golf Club is now a year round faciltity. 401 N. Roselle Road, for more information please visit or call for a tee time (847)-885-9000. the Schaumburg Golf Club did not elect to open it’s outdoor golf courses this weekend.

  INSIDE THE MCQ’S DOME is an opportunity to work on your game all winter long, McQ’s Dome is part of Mistwood Golf (that did not open for outdoor golf this weekend). If your local course did not open for this weekend and tomorrow, you can still work indoors everyday at McQ’s on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook. Blackhawks game tonight will on at McQ’s at 5 PM. The OTB in McQ’s is open today for horse race wagers. For information on Mcq’s Dome, please visit or you can call (630)-739-1592. #MCQS

COURSES OPEN FOR OUTDOOR PLAY from the list we have. Shepherd’s Crook in Zion, White Deer Run in Vernon Hills, Blackberry Oaks in Bristol, Cog Hill Courses 1 & 3, Village links in Glen Ellyn, Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, Tanna Farms in Geneva, Buffalo Grove Golf Course in Buffalo Grove, Sportsman’s in Northbrook, Lake Bluff Golf Club in Lake Bluff, Balmoral Woods in Crete.

  THE NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS Coming May 19-31 at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, tickets on sale now, almost 20,000 have been sold already.

  THE FRENCH LICK RESORT, visit Play the Donald Ross Course on it’s 100th Birthday all summer long, the NEW Sr. LPGA Championship coming in July. French Lick Resort is the Presenting Sponsor of the Chicago Golf Show Feb. 24-26 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, see you there.

Chicagoland Golf the Program Presenting Sponsor of the 2017 Chicago Golf Show.

PICK UP YOUR COPY of the Chicago Golf Show program presented this year by Chicagoland Golf.

The Chicago Golf Show Feb. 24-26.

Baseball Hall of Famers Tim Raines and Ryne Sandberg scheduled to appear.

The gog blog returns tomorrow with the Gog Blog Speaks Out, stay clicked in. Enjoy your February golf, insdie or outside, this weekend you do have your options. RS                 


   MCQ’S DOME is part of Mistwood Golf, and your place for golf practice, golf fun and more. Lessons, Club Fittings, short game practice. Try the new hotdog and drink bar right behind the tee line in the dome this year. The Off-Track Betting Parlor is showing the races you need to see leading into the Kentucky Derby. McQ’s is an official Chicago Blackawks bar,and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are not that far away, and a rematch with the Minnesota Wild is coming up next Tuesday at 7 PM. The new menu has all sorts of good munchies on it, so head over to MCQ’s right now. (630)-739-1592 ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to the NCAA Championship at Rich Harvest Farms, and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

Thomas Healy COO and Head Professional of SwingOIL shows off the product next to a figure of top endorser World #1 Jason Day.

YOU WANT TO PLAY GOLF at your best level, so why not give yourself a chance to do just that.

None of us get younger by the day so it’s important to give your body a chance to operate on the golf course at it’s peak level.

Do you get tired of running out of energy on the back nine. Do you get tired of getting the aches and pains of too many swings when your game is not at it’s best. Do you get tired of having no energy left when your 18 holes are done for the day. Do you get tired of not having energy or a sore and achy body when your in a tournament or on a golf trip and your playing for more than one day in a row. Do you get tired of just being tired.

SwingOIL currently comes in three great tasting flavors.

Right now more and more of the world top touring golf professionals are linking into a new golf energy supplement called SwingOIL.

Current top endorsers of SwingOIL include the sport of golfs top player world # 1 Jason Day. Day is not alone, he has been joined by current U.S. Sr. Open Champion Gene Sauers. Sauers is now one of the many Champions Tour players that have swung over to this new product.

The best news about SwingOIL is that it’s not an overload of sugar, you won’t feel your heart racing one minute-and they be ready to take a nap the next minute. SwingOIL is best used when taken before you tee off, or start your pre-round practice on the range. But it can be taken at the turn, or even after you play or round. There is not a better product now on the market for golfers that want to keep their body fresh for when they play more than 18 holes.

U.S. Sr. Open Champion Gene Sauers is among the many Champion Tour Players now using SwingOIL.

What makes SwingOIL so effective. It’s the 7 different ingredients that are part of every 3 FL. OZ serving of SwingOIL. (For a full list of the 7 ingredients please see SwingOIL’s website).

Currently SwingOIL (only 45 calories per serving) comes in three great tasting flavors.

Lemon-Lime (Jason Day’s Favorite flavor), Strawberry Banana, and Orange. Thomas Healy the COO of SwingOIL says that a fourth flavor could be on the way shortly, and that would be one of the most popular flavors especially with younger age groups and that is Grape.

Healy says that one of the gorwing popular things to do with SwingOIL is to freeze the packets, and then take them out on the golf course, and instead of drinking SwingOIL, is to eat it in popsicle form. A great idea on hot days.

Click here to hear our interview with SwingOIL COO Thomas Healy.

For more information on SwingOIL, and all the key ingredients that make this product so effective and great tasting, visit Try SwingOIL and see why more and more of the touring professionals who make their living playing golf, use SwingOIL to help them get better results in the tournament snand championships they compete in. If SwingOIL is not available in your immediate area, you can order it online and have it delivered to your home or club.


  THE MEN’S AND WOMEN’S NCAA FINAL FOURS AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP will come to Sugar Grove and Rich Harvest Farms starting May 19th and will conclude with the men’s championship on May 31st. Tickets on Sale now at    _____________________________________________________________________

GOLFERSONGOLF.COM Presents The Gog Blog, by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content, on the course in Myrtle Beach SC wearing an Antigua Golf Shirt. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

These days it has become just as important to look good in style on the golf course, as it is to have a good looking scorecard.

Golfers are demanding more from the apparel they wear while playing golf, and those concerns aren’t lost on the companies that design golf apparel.

Antigua Golf one of our nations largest golf apparel makers, is working hard to keep up with a changing industry and more wants from golfers.

Pam Miller Antigua’s Vice President of Customer Service & Operations, will tell you that her company is bringing it’s “A” game to the world of golf apparel, and that golfers are liking what they see, and what they wear, when the product carries Antigua’s “A” logo on the sleeve.

Click here to hear our interview with Pam Miller VP of the Antigua Group and Antigua Sportswear and Golf Apparel.

Pam Miller shows off a comfortable long sleeve from the new 2017 line of Antigua golf and sportswear, Antigua wear is found in top resort pro shops like Pinehurst.

Golf wear in modern times is not something one just wears on the golf course, it is something that both men and women want to wear off the golf course as well.

Whether it’s just to the mall, around the clubhouse at the golf course or country club, or even to work or dinner with friends and business associates, golf style apparel needs to fit in just about everywhere.

While style is important, comfort and performance is something else that golfers are looking for in what they wear on the golf course.

Pam Miller shows off the new line of Antigua vests, with improved flexibility, but solid enough to keep golfers warm when the temperatures dip or the wind picks up on the golf course.

Long before Antigua products reach your local pro shop or golf retail store, they are tested not only in-house at Antigua’s Peoria Arizona facilities, but with professional tour players who need the best in sportswear, so they can perform at the highest while competing in tournaments, and trying to make a living while doing so.

Miller is quick to admit the feedback that Antigua receives from professional tour players is taken into consideration as Antgiua makes it’s products, and constantly tries to improve them.

YOU WANT COLOR, ANTIGUA HAS COLOR, Pam Miller shows off a new for 2017 short sleeve, for those who want something a little more colorful.

New materials have to work on the golf course for changing conditions, they need to keep golfers dry when the rain starts.

They need to breathe when hot and sticky temperatures arrive, no sweaty golfer wants to be stuck to their golf shirt.

Flexibility is another condition that golfers require. There is nothing worse than when you want to grip it and rip it with the new driver in your golf bag, and you can’t let loose because you have restrictive clothing. When that stray shot lands in the bunker, and your greenside blast throws sand everywhere, including onto your shirt. You want something that the new white tour sand does not stick to, or brushes off easily from.

All of the above are factors that the golf apparel and sportswear industry are working to improve in, and Antigua remains among the leaders in doing just that. So when your looking for that next shirt or vest, that works on and off golf course, think Antigua Apparel, and bring your “A-Wear & A-Game” to the course everyday.

For more information on Antigua see or visit for online purchases. Social media site, Facebook.


      MCQ’S DOME RT. 53 IN BOLINGBROOK where you can hit balls, play the ponies or enjoy good food and beverages in the restaurant. New hotdog and drink bar right behind the tee line in the dome. or call (630)-739-1592, part of Mistwood Golf. THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB, open this weekend for indoor golf on the new simulators. If your not ready to go play on the wet grass outside, stop and play a Top 100 course on the lower level of the Schaumburg Golf Club 401 N. Roselle Road minutes from Woodfield Mall, call (847)-885-9000 or THE NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS, both Men and Women, see back to back Final-Fours on the grounds of Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove May 19-31, on sale now and they are moving fast. What schools will make the field, maybe your alma-mater ______________________________________________________________________


 WELCOME TO STREAMSONG BLUE–THE GOG BLOG, by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to the Streamsong Resort, and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. PART 3-Destination Florida-Streamsong Resort.

Streamsong Resort Black Course in Central Florida, Photo Courtesy of Streamsong and KemperSports

Welcome to Streamsong Black, are you ready for this.

The Streamsong Resort that opened in January of 2013 to rave-reivews with two Top 100 Golf Courses, is now almost ready for Part 3.

No, not just our story, but the next chapter in resort history. Ben Crenshaw and his partner Bill Coore were Chapter 1 with Streamsong Red, Tom Doak was Chapter 2, and now Olympic Course designer and reknown architect Gil Hanse is Chapter 3, with his creation of Streamsong Black. Expected opening date is this fall, and October could be the month.

Click here to hear our interview with Scott Wilson Director of Golf at the Streamsong Resort, who talks Streamsong Black and everything else you can do at Streamsong.

Scott Wilson Director of Golf at Streamsong stands in the Streamsong booth at the PGA Show.

Streamsong Red is a Par 72, course that can play as far back as 7,148 yards from the back tee’s.

Crenshaw and Coore created a routing that runs between the dunes, small lakes and natural waste areas.

Streamsong Blue is a Par 72, course that runs all the way back to 7,164 yards. Doak created wide fairways, with large bunkers in area’s of elevation change. Doak’s undulating greens will test the best putters.

Streamsong Resort Black Course in Central Florida, Hole #2 Photo Courtesty of Streamsong and KSM.

Streamsong Black, coming this fall is the “Latest and Greatest” by Gil Hanse, whose Black Course design will fit right in alongside of Red and Blue.

Hanse has brought to the Florida a bunkering style, that fits right in with the sand belt region of Australia.

The course has FIVE par 5’s and so the overall Par is 73 (bring your driver). The golf course is spread out over 300 acres of Streamsongs land which is part of the 16,000 acres it owns on the site of a former Phophate Mine and adjoining land in Polk County. The new Streamsong Black Clubhouse should open around the time the golf course does this fall.

Streamsong Black hole #5.

The current Streamsong Clubhouse does include 12 guests rooms that can sleep up to 16 people.

It includes over 4,500 sqaure feet of conference or meeting space, there is a themed restaurant, lounge and pro shop.

The new Black Course Clubhouse will be located on one of the higher elevation points of the property. The floor to ceiling windows will give views of the golf course, guests can enjoy food and beverage from the new Bone Valley Tavern, that will hold 32 people at it’s main bar.

Streamsong Resort Black Course in Central Florida, Hole #6

The main lodge at Streamsong, that did not open until after the the first two golf courses did, is now fully operational and has 216 guest rooms.

Around Streamsong other activities include, sporting clays, a lakeside pool, a nature trail, tennis, archery, and bass fishing with a guide.

The resorts spa is over 7,000 square feet, it gives guests the opportunity to experience many different types of treatments, and ways to energize your body. The spa is a great way to relax in between rounds of golf.

Dining at Streamsong comes in the form of four restaurants, Restaurant 59 in the main clubhouse, Sotto Terra a fine dining restaurant, P2O5 a Florida style cuisine like Key Lime Pie available all-day long. Fragmentary Blue a roof-top bar, that offers scenic views of the property, with american style pub entree’s.

For more information on Streamsong, please visit or call (863)-428-1000. More information on Streamsong can be found on Facebook and Twitter @Streamsong.


 MCQ’S DOME RT. 53 IN BOLINGBROOK, is Part of Mistwood Golf. Stop and practice your game all winter long in the dome, and right in front of the new Hotdog and drink bar right behind the teeline. Grab a lesson, get fitted for new clubs, enjoy the Blackhawks game in an official Blackhakws bar, play the ponies in the OTB and be ready for Derby day less than 90 days away. For information see or call (630)-739-1592 ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS. Editor and Director of Content, Follow Rory to the Innisbrook Resort and on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy

There are several golf resorts in the State of Florida, but when it comes to a stay and play at a destination property on the West Coast of the State, there is only one option and that’s Innisbrook, home of the Valspar Championship on the PGA Tour.

Located just north of Tampa, Innisbrook offers golfers four courses to choose from. The star course is Copperhead that has just undergone a renovation or restoration, and plays home to the Valspar Championship, and is a PGA Tour Course you can play, except during tournament week in early March. The three other courses at the resort are the Island Course, and the North Course and the South Course. All of the four courses are enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

  Welcome to Innisbrook, part of the Salamander Chain of Resorts, and one of the finest Steakhouses in Florida is Packard’s, located in the Copperhead Clubhouse, and named after the late Larry Packard who designed all four of Innisbrook’s golf courses.

The first hole on the Copperhead Course, swing away.

If your headed down to Florida, and you have not golfed in a while, the resorts professional staff can get your swing ready to play any of the resorts courses.

The resort has golf schools which are fun and especially if you are traveling as a group. If you are traveling with a group, be it a buddies trip, family trip or for business with staff or clients, contact Doug Schmidt a 14 year Innisbrook veteran who handles group sales, and corporate sales. Special family events such as weddings and birthday parties are no problem either.

  The Par 4, 14th hole on the North Course (L) and the Par 3, 15th hole on the South Course (R).

If your looking for more than just golf, there are plenty of tennis courts to play on. If your in need of some serious relaxation time, don’t hesitate to hit the spa and try out one or more of several different treatments or massages that are available. If your in Florida during when warmer temperatures are the norm, just cool off by jumping in the pool.

Accomendations are outstanding with full size rooms, and spacious balconies that are designed with side walls to break the wind or add some privacy. Many of them come with golf course views. Want to relax and just watch a movie or one of your favorite TV programs, Innisbrook rooms have a large amount of channel options, more than you will find in most hotels or resorts.

While your playing the Copperhead Course, don’t forget to have your picture taken at the entrance to the Snake Pit.

If you in the area during the week of the Valspar Championship, you won’t get to play the Copperhead Course, but you can attend the championship. Tickets are very affordable and the Copperhead Course has plenty of great places to watch all the golf action from.

So if your thinking Florida this spring why not visit Innisbrook, and be ready to golf. Innisbrook Resort, play where the pro’s play or go on line and checkout all the Salamander Resort properties. There are other locations in Florida. For more information please visit or call ( 888)-794-8627.


 THE NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS COMING TO RICH HARVEST FARMS in Sugar Grove, starting May 19th and teeing up two great weeks of golf, two final fours and national champions. Hosted by NIU-See that are moving fast.     ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to the Preserve at Oak Meadows, on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.


That is expected to be the new name of the golf course formerly known as simply Oak Meadows, or further back as The Elmhurst Country Club.

The name has been submitted to the DuPage Country Forest Preserve District Board of Directors for vote, as of this morning’s board session.

The final vote will take place next week on the 21st.

As of now, the board is expected to approve the name recommendation submitted by Interim DCFPD Executive Director Ed Stevenson. Stevenson was unavailable for comment this afternoon, but is expected to comment on the new course name in the next few days.

The entrance sign is about to change. For everything DuPage County Forest Presevre District Golf, see

Why the “Preserve” name ?

If you visit the counties website, you can learn more about it’s rules and regulations regarding the naming of Dupage County Forest Preserve District properties.

No, it can not be named after a person like what is is frequently done in Cook County.

Architect Greg Martin did oversee a team that restored the property, but there was never a chance of the golf course becoming Martin Meadows or anything close to that. In spite of the properties history with the great golf legend Ben Hogan, naming of the property as some sort of tribute to Hogan was also not possible.

Interim-DCFPD Executive Director Ed Stevenson stands on the renovated driving range at “The Preserve”.

In past interviews, Stevenson has said that the properties history will be remembered when the course reopens, which will take place this summer.

There is no official opening date set for the course at this time, but both Stevenson and other county officials are hopeful that the course can open around Memorial Day weekend. But if not at that time, then at some point in early to Mid-June. All will depend on the kind of weather the area gets, over the next 90 days.

The Preserve at Oak Meadows is expected to offer Chicago area golfers an exciting new place to golf beginning this summer.

While the final cost is not in as of yet, cost estimates for the entire project have been around the 15 million dollar range. However that is NOT 15 million dollars all spent on golf.

The golf part of the total cost, is expected to be around 1/3 rd of the final cost.

The project does show how golf can be an asset to the surrounding community in terms of storm water management, wildlife habitat enhancement, and being able to have better control over Salt Creek, that has been known to flood many area’s and neigborhoods in Cook and Dupage counties after heavy storms.

Golfers can follow, this website or Chicagoland Golf Magazine (see the Preserve at Oak-Meadows ad in the Chicago Golf Show edition) for news regarding opening day and special events at the golf course coming up later this summer.

Progress is being made in the planning phase for the construction of a clubhouse, that is currently expected to open in 2019.


 THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB & ACADEMY is now a Year-Round Golf Facility. The club located at 401 N. Roselle Road and only minutes from Woodfield Mall, now has 27 holes open in the summer months (until the renovation starts this summer in June then the number becomes 18) and during the colder months has multiple simulators open for play, practice, lessons or fittings. While there you can get lessons from head professional Jon Parsons or enjoy the food and beverage from Chandlers Chophouse. For more information visit or call (847)-885-9000.       ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG entering the Bear Trap at PGA National Resort and SPA, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. By Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content, Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

The PGA National Resort and Spa in West Palm Beach Gardens, is one of the top golf destinations in Florida. It’s why the PGA Tour will be making a stop there in one week to conduct the Honda Classic.

PGA National Resort is the home of five golf courses, most notable is the Champions Course done by Jack Nicklaus.

The Honda Classic is played on Champion, and the Bear Trap even tests the nerves of the tour’s top players. Rory McIlroy, Ernie Els and players with Illinois ties, such as Luke Donald, Todd Hamilton and Mark Wilson have all won there. Winners will tell you it’s not easy, as the stretch of holes 15-16-17 called “The Bear Trap” requires tight shots over water to pins that are normally tucked near the edges of the greens. Even the par 5 18th hole is no-gimmie birdie.

Welcome to PGA National Resort and Spa, your tee time and spa visit await you.

The good news for visiting public golfers is that Champion, is a PGA Tour course you can play.

Do you want to play “The Bear Trap”, well you can try to hit it there just like the professionals do.

Champion is a fun golf course, and it’s not overloaded which large water hazzards through out the entire golf course, like some other championship courses in the sunshine state. Yes the three Bear Trap holes have a fair amount of H2o, but don’t look for that on all of the other 15 holes.

The Par 3, 17th hole on the Champion Course, already set up for the Honda Classic.

If your headed Florida way, and want to go far enough south in the state to ensure some warm weather, then PGA National and Spa is for you. If you are there before or just after Honda Classic week, you can play the course just like pro’s.

Even if the skyboxes are not full of patrons, enjoying the course in a tournament like setting is always fun to do. Honda Classic week tee’s starting next week February 20th, with tournaments rounds from the 23rd to the 26th. Television coverage will alternate between The Golf Channel and NBC. See local listings for times and channels.

If your visit is more than one day, then check out the other four courses on the property. They include, The Palmer, The Fazio, The Squire and The Estates. Regardless of your skill level, there is at least one and likely more golf courses on property that you can enjoy.

The rooms are comfortable, with large Kingsized beds (seen here) that will help you get a good nights sleep between rounds.

The resort has a great golf history, long before the Honda Classic arrived the PGA Championship, the Sr. PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup were all contested there.

If you wish to work on your game before you play, between rounds or after you have posted some scores that don’t sit well, then arrange lessons with the resort’s PGA instructors.

Located right on property is the David Leadbetter Golf Academy and the Dave Pelz short game school, so pick either one or both schools and get your game tuned up.

THE SPA is another place where you can relax and get treated just about anyway you want. The Spa offers all of the massages you have heard of and some you haven’t, but there are no shortage of options. Ladies if your expecting a child and are more than three months along in your pregnancy, there is even a massage for you. Massages, facials, body waxing, you name it, the PGA Resort and Spa has all the treatments you and your body are looking for.

No top resort destination is complete without great choices of restaurants, and PGA National is no exception. Whether it’s Ironwood, iBAR, or Bar 91, you have choices to make, if you looking for sportsbar type eats after your round, or a full course dinner in style, be sure to review all your drinking and dinning options on the website or when you arrive in your room. Either way you can’t go wrong.

From the time you enter the property until the time you leave, you can have all of your needs taken care of, but when it comes to golf you do have to hit your own shots. Caddies are available if you need a four-caddie or a walking caddie. Which is a great way to enjoy the resorts five courses, especially the Champion Course home of the Honda Classic.

For more information see or please call (800)-863-2819.

Tune in next week to see who the 2017 Honda Classic Champion will be.  Adam Scott is the defending champion of the tournament.