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The Gog Blog by Editor and Director of Content, Rory Spears. In the simulator bay at the Schaumburg Golf Club. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

FALL GOLF, it just raced by too fast this year, and while winter might not officially be here yet, but it sure seems like it as Thanksgiving comes to our tables later this week.

What Thanksgiving brings besides some turkey, football and family, is the start of golf dome season.

This Friday the McQ’s Dome in Bolingbrook will tee off the holiday season with a 8 Am Black Friday Sale, that will have plenty of goodies from Mistwood Golf Club. Get there early while the picken’s are good.

The dome is up and running at Links and Tee’s in Addison and also over White Pines in Bensenville. While I have been a visitor to all three domes over the years, you really can’t beat McQ’s, where there is a real triple play.

THE Dome at McQ’s, hit the target.

When owner Jim McWethy bought the former Ditka Dome in Bolingbrook, it was losing money and going in the wrong direction.

McWethy however changed all that by first off creating a top notch indoor golf facility, and bringing his highly respected professional staff over to McQ’s from Mistwood for the winter.

Once the golf dome was up and running, McQ’s Bar and Grill was as well. With plenty of TV’s to catch all the golf and sports action, and a BBQ menu that left nobody hungry, McQ’s has it going. Then you bring an OTB and an opportunity to play the ponies, win a few dollars and have your golf and BBQ on the house and it’s a successful day. When it comes to MCQ’s, it’s a Winner, the Place to be, and it’s a show all year long.

I LOVE Links and Tee’s as well. Charles Sims and his staff at the Addison Park District do a wonderful job, and every year there is something new. New Mats, new range balls, or targets to shoot at. If your in the Addison area, stop at Links and Tee’s on Lake Avenue.

IF YOUR IN BENSENVILLE on your way to the Green Street Grille where you will find former White Pines Golf Dome owner Mike Munro, Munro’s old stomping grounds is yet another place to hit the golf ball during the winter golf season. 37’s the clubs 19th hole is usually open for food and drink.

THERE ARE SOME other domes around, and more clubs are importing simulators to keep their customers on property when the snow is piled up and the cold is lurking outside. The best simulator set up I have seen is at Schaumburg Golf Club, where most of the basement has been redone. Toss in the food from Chandlers Steakhouse upstairs and it’s a winter must eat and play. Schaumburg GC on Roselle where the first phase of the renovation on the club’s 27 holes, is a little grow in time from being done.

If your thinking about new equipment or a winter golf trip, it’s time to get the changes made, or the warm up in before heading south.

Dome Season, yeah it’s here. But I’m still hoping for one more outdoor round of golf in 2017. The Gog Blog returns this week. RS

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