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The Gog Blog Chicago’s No.1 Golf News Source by Rory Spears Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @GogBlogGuy At the premier of the golf movie The Squeeze.

Is it time for you to squeeze out some holiday gift ideas. Well if you are shopping for your favorite golfer or golfers, let me give you some ideas on how to get it done the right way.

First off if you like movies, there is a fun movie that you can purchase, and watch it at home. It’s “The Squeeze” and it’s a funny and suspenseful movie based around a golf theme. You like to gamble around the golf course or of the course, you will enjoy this movie that concludes on a golf course in Las Vegas.

If your shopping for the golfer, whether it’s today on “Cyber-Monday” or not, you need to do it the right way.

First up there are so many ways to shop for a golfer, in fact it’s how you might shop for almost anyone else. Golfers come in all ages, juniors, seniors, teenagers, adults, athletic, not very athletic. Golfers are both men and women, they come in different races, religions, and from many countries.

So how do you shop for them ? Well like anyone you would shop for, it’s good if you know a little bit about them, and how serious they are about their game. Do they need lessons, new clubs, could use a refill on golf balls, a new glove or two, are they dying to play that really good course. A local public course, or a top resort course. Maybe it’s a golf course that host’s a PGA Tour event, or a major championship like the U.S. Open.

Are they in need of new golf clothes, hats, shoes, socks, slacks, shirts, vest’s, sun glasses, rain wear, umbrella’s, wind jackets, head covers for clubs or golf bags, a metal medallion bag tag with their name on it, books, videos or a travel bag for clubs. Some top courses sell glass wear with logo’s on them from tournaments or famous courses. There are tournaments in the Chicago area that your golfer might wish to attend next summer, some events have holiday ticket specials.

There are courses that will give you holiday deals. If your golfer is one that wants to play certain course, by them a pass now that might give them five rounds of golf at that course, where if they paid for it next summer, the same amount of money might only pay for three rounds.

LESSONS, the golfer needs to be comfortable with a teacher they entrust to give them lessons, so if you buy lessons from a “pro”, make sure it’s a pro they would want to go to, and make sure they don’t have a teacher already. Odds are they won’t switch if you buy them lessons with someone else.

CLUBS, don’t guess by just buying any old clubs off the rack at the store. Even if you buy the right brand, it could be the wrong model and anything from the shafts, to the grips, club head size, or weight, lie angle, kick point or other technical specs could be off causing your golfer not to be able to hit those clubs very well. Let them get properly fitted for new clubs before purchase, even if it means ruining the surprise.

There are fittings at the area golf domes all winter long by the equipment companies with more of them happening after the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando in late January. At the show, many of the newest products get unveiled, and reps can sell you the latest and hottest gear as soon as the show ends. Even golf balls, make sure you buy the right golf balls before just buying a dozen balls.

While men might like or enjoy a new golf hat, or shirt, ladies might enjoy the opportunity to shop for a larger variety of golf apparel, from golf visors all the way down to a new pair of shoes.

IF YOUR FAVORITE GOLF PARTNER is your husband, wife, boy friend or girl friend, why not think of a getaway for the two of you at a nice resort. Go enjoy a relaxing few days playing golf, enjoying the spa, or some great food and beverage in scenic locations. It’s always a great idea even if one person doesn’t play golf.

IF YOU don’t know exactly what to buy, don’t guess and regret it later. Yes it’s the thought that counts, but save yourself the post holiday problem of having to return all the wrong merchandise that you shopped for online or standing in line.

THERE IS plenty to pick from when it comes to shopping for your favorite golfer, just make sure you go about it the right way. Happy Holidays. RS.

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