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When a very successful 2004 PGA Championship ended, CEO Herb Kohler, and Kohler Company made an incredible deal with the PGA of America.

It included adding two more PGA Championships in 2010, and 2015, besides the Ryder Cup in 2020.

So when Ryder Cup Captains, Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington got together earlier this week, Kohler Company President David Kohler was present for the press conference.

Kohler Company President David Kohler at Whistling Straits.

After the press conference Kohler spoke with several media outlets, including Golfers on Golf.

Kohler made it clear, that the Kohler family is every excited about hosting next years Ryder Cup.

They have worked with the PGA of America, on getting the golf course ready for large galleries, and for some exciting golf.

Because, there are only four groups on the course at most times. And with thousands of fans trying to watch the action, things on just a few holes can get crowded.

Another topic David Kohler spoke to, was that of the PGA Championship returning to Whistling Straits in the future. Because it’s been speculated on, that the PGA Championship might not be able to return to a northern location like Haven Wisconsin, because of it’s new May dates.

But Kohler didn’t exactly rule out a May PGA Championship returning to the Straits Course at some point in the future. Hear the interview below, and hear Kohler’s thoughts on the Ryder Cup, and the possibility of another PGA Championship.

Click here to listen to the interview with Kohler CEO David Kohler.

For more details on golf at the American Club this fall or next year, you can visit destinationkohler.com. Remember fall is a pretty time to visit Kohler Wisconsin, and enjoy the colors on the four golf courses.

Kohler says that work is continuing with the State of Wisconsin, and various state agencies to move forward with the building of a 5th golf course. That course would be located south of Whistling Straits, and several holes would have views of Lake Michigan. So stay tuned for updates.


THE SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB (L) has 18 renovated holes open for play until the end of the outdoor golf season. Then it will be time to enjoy the updated simulators on the lower level. Stay clicked in for details on fall golf for the Schuamburg Golf Club at 401 N. Roselle Road (847)-885-9000. IRONS & WOODS is opening this fall in Long Grove IL. on Rt. 53 North of Lake Cook Road. HDGolf simulators, and much more fun.   _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS. Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, or Linkedin and Facebook. At Whistling Straits.

RYDER CUP 2020 at Whistling Straits in Haven Wisconsin, is now less than a year away. I hope you applied for your tickets, before the deadline passed.

This past Tuesday Ryder Cup Captains Padraig Harrington Team Europe, and Steve Stricker Team USA, met on the site of the matches for a media session.

So what’s already happening for both sides, as the playing of the 2020 Ryder Cup is now 11 months away.

Because there is so much involved, besides looking at the point standings, the captains have been busy getting all the off course preperations pulled together. But it was also refreshing to hear how the teams will come together, after a year of study by both sides.

Click here to listen to Part 2, of the 2020 Ryder Cup press conference this past Tuesday at Whistling Straits.

Steve Stricker Team USA (L) and Padraig Harrington Team Europe (R).

Stricker gave some insight on his plans for his captains picks, and he did not seem to rule out anyone.

The door on Team USA is open for the young players, and it’s not at all closed on players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

So the PGA Tour schedule ahead, will have all the best players going all out to make the team. On the European side, it would not be surprising to see Harrington go with a line-up of players who brought home the cup from Paris last year. So regardless of who plays for either team, the Ryder Cup of 2020 should provide plenty of excitement.

Part 3 of Ryder Cup 2020, will run next here on the site. Our interview with Kohler Company President David Kohler, on the Ryder Cup and tournaments going forward on Kohler golf courses. Kohler did not rule out future PGA Championships in May, on the Whistling Straits links.

The Ryder Cup website is now up and running, and you can keep track of the point totals for both teams, at Rydercup.com


  IRONS & WOODS opening this fall in Long Grove IL. on Rt.53 North of Lake Cook Road. HDGolf simulators will now bring golf all year round. Slots, games, fun and more.  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Linkedin and Facebook. At Whistling Straits.

AS OCTOBER rolled in to Whistling Straits in Haven Wisconsin, a suburb of Kohler. The wind and rain came with it.

Fortunately by this time next year, the Ryder Cup will have left town, and only the Packers will still be playing in these parts of the state.

The Ryder Cup will be played from September 25 to  27. So the question is, will Steve Stricker’s Team USA leave town with the cup, or will the visiting Team Europe lead by Captain Padraig Harrington take the ryder Cup back to Europe for 2 more years. Currently it’s less than 1 year out until the matches begin on Pete Dye’s diabolical design on the coast of Lake Michigan.

The captains Stricker (L) and Harrington (R), hold the cup near the 10th tee box on Whistling Straits.

But as Stricker and Harrington both admitted to, the first 8 or 9 months of their captaincy has been doing the paperwork, and not picking the players.

So far it’s all about designing golf bags, picking out shirts, pants, caps and rainsuits.

The captains are checking out the players rooms, and making sure the team room is just how it needs to be.

Who is the special guest motivational speaker, and do the wives and girlfriends have outfits that wear-well with the what the team is wearing.

The capatains can still share a laugh, at least for now.

So what is the real challenge for the captains going forward, other than watching the point standings.

It’s starting to figure out who can play well with who. Can there be three rookies or only two.

Can all the guys who were near misses to make the 2018 team, is it their turn to make the team. Because the 2018 Paris team fell on it’s faces.

Click here to listen to Part 1, of the 2020 Ryder Cup captains press conference. Held in the barn by the clubhouse at Whistling Straits.

Stricker says he won’t count out both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson making the team, as players and not as vice-captains. It’s pointed out to Stricker that American’s are 0-3 in PGA Championships at the Straits. The fact is not lost on him. But at this time all he can say, is the set-up won’t look like what Team USA got in France. But more like what they had at Hazeltine in 2016.

Stay tuned, Ryder Cup 2020 Part 2, is here tomorrow.


IRONS & WOODS coming this fall to Long Grove IL., on Rt. 53 North of Lake-Cook Road. HDGolf Simulators, Slots and more things fun. Golf season is now all-year round  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Linkedin or Facebook. With the Bayou Rum alliagtor in Lake Charles LA.

SORRY TO HAVE BEEN AWAY so long. It wasn’t the plan.

My outstanding week in Lake Charles LA., a great growing community, with the strength of Casino’s, Golfing and more was given a bad taste with issues of getting home.

I had to connect via Dallas-Fort Worth airport, now my least favorite in America. Where I got to spend a night courtesy of American Airlines, at Gate C28. No fun at all. Neither is the DFW airport. But if you like the monorail at Disney World, you might enjoy DFW. Because everytime you switch a gate, you have to get on the skyrail and go several stops. It’s not the first time AA has messed up a flight, or given me fits getting my clubs back. And they did it again. Special thanks to the Friendly Skies of United for finally getting us home. Better late than never.

THE HIGHLIGHT was visiting Lake Charles Louisana, a really neat community that is now growing all the time. Population now over 100,000 and growing. Need gas, Shell was $2.16 a gallon, as compared to $2.89 here in Illini-taxland when I left for O’Hare.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll have much more to report on when it comes to Lake Charles in the next couple of weeks. Besides playing three great courses, much of the food is really really good as well. Toss-in some brew pubs and the Bayou Rum Distillary, and you have drinks that are cold and tasty.

THE BUILD-OUT is on at the French Lick Resort, where the LPGA Sr. Women’s Championship is coming from October 13-16. Golfers on Golf will be there to capture all the action, and post daily recap stories. Tickets and more details at Frenchlick.com.

THE WWGA holds it’s annual luncheon this week at the Glen View Club. Hall of Famer Beth Daniel is this years “Woman of Distinction” award winner, more from Daniel right here later this week.

Schaumburg Golf Club has opened 18 holes from renovation, with the final 9 holes under construction now. Find out more all fall long about the Schaumburg Golf Club all fall long. Schaumburggolf.com or call (847)-885-9000 for tee times.

TOMORROW THE PGA of America and the R&A bring the captains of next years Ryder Cup, to Whistling Straits for a 8 AM presser. Team Europe’s Padraig Harrington and Team USA’s Steve Stricker will photo op with the Ryder Cup, and take questions from folks like me. Hear more right here on the site this week.

It will be so interesting to see what players make the team. And if the USA can win the cup back, after a terrible loss last year in Paris France.

Besides Ryder Cup details, I will have more about what’s up in the world of golf at KemperSports management, from their annual invitational tomorrow at the Glen Club. The weather is great, Go Play. RS.


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THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follopw Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Linkedin and Facebook. With new Cog Hill GM Troy Newport.

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE, and for me it’s time to golf away.

I’m off to see new golf courses, always a good thing in Lake Charles Louisana.

My boss Val Russell of Chicagoland Golf will be along on the trip. BTW pick up your fall issue of Chicagoland Golf, at your favorite club or golf retail store.

I’ll have more this week from Lake Charles, and a recap of my visit last week to Cog Hill. Stay clicked in.


  IRONS & WOODS opening this fall in Long Grove IL., North of Lake Cook Road on Rt. 53. HDGolf simulators, slots, and fun. Golf season all year round at Irons and Woods.     _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Facebook, Linkedin. On the bridge at the Preserve at Oak Meadows.

IT STARTED with a fire, that ended a piece of history.

When the Oak Meadows clubhouse  burned down in 2009. Little did anyone know, what the events of that day would bring. Finally, that picture has become a little more clear.

Besides the insurance settlement that came months later, and with the help various grants. A new Oak Meadows in the Village of Addison has evolved.

So new, that even the name is different.

The Preserve at Oak Meadows, replaces Oak Meadows. And the golf course renovation by architect Greg Martin, is now mostly completed. So it’s time for the next phase to begin.

On Tuesday, the heavy equipment started moving dirt. Soon after DuPage County Forest Preserve District President Daniel Hebreard, Executive Director Ed Stevenson, and the members of the districts board of directors, turned over shovels full of dirt. And launched the construction phase for the clubhouse.

Members of the DuPage County Forest Preserve District board of commissioners, led by President Daniel Hebreard (L) start the ground breaking for the new Preserve at Oak Meaodws clubhouse.

Forest Preserve District board members, were joined by officials from the Village of Addison, and a team from Pepper Construction for the ceremony.

The clubhouse architect Daniel Wohlfeil, was present for the ceremony. Afterwards, he told Golfers on Golf during an exclusive interview. That the Preserve at Oak Meadows Golf Clubhouse, will likely be his last clubhouse design.

Wohlfeil has been doing golf course clubhouse work extensively for 11 years, and he is now ready to pursue other career interests.

Click here, to hear the interview with architect Dan Wohlfeil. On the new Preserve at Oak Meadows Clubhouse.

DuPage County Forest Preserve District Board President Daniel Hebreard, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Hebread is extremely excited about the next phase for the Preserve, and the new clubhouse.

Complimenting everyone involved, Hebreard feels the board “got it right.” With all area’s of the new clubhouse, and the golf operation at the Preserve.

The board of commissioners approved the golf cart fleet, to be solar-powered. The first of it’s kind, for any golf course in America. The renovated cart barn, will be equipped with solar panels to collect energy.

The style of windows on the clubhouse, will help lower the amount of bird strikes. That cause injury to birds, that fly into the sides of the building.

Click here, and hear the interview with Forest Preserve District board president Daniel Hebread.

  The foundation work on the clubhouse, started after the ceremony concluded (L). Clubhouse architect Dan Wohlfeil, and DuPage County Forest Preserve District Executive Director Ed Stevenson (R).

The Preserve reopened for limited preview play in 2017. And it’s first full-season was in 2018. Illinois PGA pro Jamie Nieto, became the head golf professional this spring.

Click here, to hear an interview with the Preserve’s head golf professional Jamie Nieto.

With good weather during the construction process, Hebreard is hoping the clubhouse can be open by late August of 2020. But he admits, that a September date is a more likely.

For information on the clubhouse, and golf at DuPage County golf courses, visit DuPagegolf.com. For tee times at the Preserve, call (630)-595-0071.


IRONS & WOODS opening this fall in LongGrove IL., on Rt. 53 North of Lake-Cook Road. HDGolf simulators will allow golfers to enjoy golf year round. Slot and more #fun   _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Linkedin or Facebook. In the Donald Ross Rocking Chair at the Ross House in Pinehurst NC.

ONE WOULD HAVE TO WONDER what Donald Ross would think about the new look in Pinehurst.

Besides the recent opening of the Manor Inn, there have been many other projects around the Pinehurst Resort.

So if you didn’t see our story from last Friday, about the Manor Inn, I invite you to check it out. So many good things happening in Pinehurst and at the Resort, that it’s a must visit for any golfer who loves the game. No many how times I visit, I can’t wait to get back.

You can visit now and enjoy the Donald Ross golf package starting at $1,248 per-person, or the 1 round of golf one-night bed and breakfast package in the $400 range. Call Pinehurst at (844)-465-2415 today, and set up a great fall trip.


SPEAKING OF GREAT RESORTS, there is great news coming from the French Lick Resort., in French Lick Indiana.

Sports book betting has arrived. Do you want to bet golf, or the Bears games, or maybe even some Cubs playoff games. Because now you can.

So are you getting tired of not being able to do it in Illinois. Head off to Indiana and bet at the French Lick Resort. Because you can enjoy golf on the Pete Dye and Donald Ross golf courses, then hit the casino and sports book for more gaming action. Plan your stay at Frenchlick.com. And don’t forget the Sr. LPGA Championship is coming up October 14-15-16. This tournament is fun to watch. Besides Chicago’s and Mistwood golf clubs very own Nicole Jeray, is in the field.


I’m looking forward to attending the ground breaking tomorrow, for the new clubhouse at the Preserve at Oak Meadows.

It’s been over 10 years since the fire took down the old classic clubhouse. And tomorrow, the dirt starts turning over to build the new one.

It will be next September before the new clubhouse is open for business, but Dan Wohlfiel’s design should be one that golfers will enjoy when the come out to play golf. Details at DuPagegolf.com.

More great news from DuPage Golf, the annual Rambo Scramble is now scheduled for Saturday October 12th at Maple Meadows. Challenge your game against the toughest of pin placements. Sign up today at DuPagegolf.com.

IT WAS GREAT TO HEAR over the weekend, that all the golf courses in Myrtle Beach  South Carolina have reopened from the rain water that got dumped in the area, from Hurrican Dorian. So now comes better news that the Myrtle Beach Golf World Amateur is donating over 1,000 polo-golf shirts and pullovers, to the relief efforts going on in the Bahama’s. A great gesture by the folks involved in Myrtle Beach golf.

THE FIRST COLLEGE TOURNAMENT was played at the new Sage Run Golf Course at the Island Casino in the UP of Michigan. I played there last summer And it’s a wonderful course designed by Paul Albanese, who did the original Island Casino golf course. James Piot from Michigan State won the tournament with a 9 under par score. Liberty University won the team championship by 1 shot over Purdue. Michigan State was 5th. To book your stay and play, see Islandresortandcasino.com.

THE NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Windon Memorial Invitational is underway today at Conway Farms in Lake Forest. Northwestern heads up a field of 14 schools, that includes several Big Ten teams and defending champion Marquette University. And final round play concludes on Tuesday.

THE ILLINOIS MEN’S GOLF TEAM ended up in 9th place in the Maui Jim Invitational in Arizona over the weekend. Freshman Jerry Ji in his first tournament, shot a 6 under par score for 54 holes to lead the Illini. Ji’s first round was a 7 under par 63.

IT’S ALWAYS GREAT TO HEAR A GOOD HOLE-IN-ONE STORY. And today’s story goes to Lee Welch from Burr Ridge. Welch nailed his driver on the par 4, 15th hole at Old Oak Country Club, 272 yards and into the cup for an ace. Haven’t heard many hole-in-one stories on a par 4 lately. Congratulations Lee, you now owe me a drink.

CONGRATULATIONS to 57 year old Jeff Ott for winning the Illinois State Senior Amateur Championship at Westmoreland Country Club.

GARLAND LODGE AND RESORT in Lewiston Michigan is offering a month of Birdies and Birdies. Besides Golf, you can enjoy Pheasant Hunting as part of a partnership with the nearby Bourbon Creek Ranch. Details at GarlandUSA.com or by calling (877)-442-7526.

BMW CHAMPIONSHIP winner Justin Thomas, announced on social media he too has had surgery on his leg. After Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson had knee surgery, Thomas had surgery for removing a cancerous growth out of the calf area of his leg. Best wishes on a speedy recovery JT.

THE SOLHEIM CUP…Team USA had it, then they didn’t. Give Team Europe’s Suzann Petersen credit for making the winning putt on the18th green. A captain’s pick since she had not played much recently while expecting a child. The 38 year old, announced after sinking the winning putt, she would retire.

Give USA Captain Julie Inkster credit for getting her young team close, and only falling a 1/2 point short. But Team USA only needed a 1/2 point in it’s last three matches and got nothing ZERO. Veterans Morgan Pressell, Danielle Kang and Lexi Thompson, didn’t add much over three days. But many of the young Team USA members should be tough to beat in the years ahead. Exciting TV at the end, but bad loss for Team USA.

Over 95,000 fans showed up for the week, a record for women’s golf in the UK. The 2021 Solheim Cup will be played at the Inverness Club in Toledo Ohio.

The Gog Blog returns this week. RS


GOLFERS ARE YOU READY- FOR IRONS & WOODS opening this fall in Long Grove IL. on Rt. 53 North of Lake Cook Road. HDGolf simulators and more. #yearroundgolf.    _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Linkedin and Facebook. On the North Course at Eagle Ridge in Galena IL.

IT’S BEEN A ROUGH WEEK for those courses in Lake County Illinois. So many of them this week received 5-7 inches of rain.

Because of that amount of rainfall, some courses have had to be closed, or go without carts. Golfers on Golf wishes them the best in getting reopened, and back up to full speed this week.

ILLINOIS MENS GOLF. The schedule is out. Coach Mike Small says the teams mission statement remains the same this year. “We will play against the best competition and on the most respected golf courses in America, and our fall schedule backs that up,” said Small. “Our players will have an opportunity to build a resume against the nations top golf programs.”

The Illini start the seson at the Maui Jim Invitational in Scottsdale AZ.. After Round 1 Illinois sits in 4th place, but Freshman Jerry Ji from the Netherlands, leads the championship after a first round 7 under par 63. In Round 2, Ji shot a 2 under par 68, Ji is now third place. Illinois fell back to 10th place.

Coach Small said,” the team came out flat and that does not sit well with the coach staff.” Small added he expects the team to come out strong in the final round, and finish the tournament strong.

Illinois has it’s own invitational at Olympia Fields next weekend Friday-Sunday, 11 ranked teams in the top 30 will compete. October 14-15 the Illini will compete at the Crooked Stick Intercollegiate in Carmel IN., October 20-22 is the Tavistock Collegiate in Windermere FL. The final fall event is the Cypress Point Classic in Pebble Beach Cal. on October 28-29.

PINE MEADOW GOLF CLUB in Mundelein has reopened from heavy rainfall, and has carts out. Greens have been cut and rolled, bunkers might still be washed out. For details call (847)-566-GOLF. Or visit Pinemeadowsgc.com.

The Illinois practice facility, for both men’s and women’s teams.

The University of Illinois Women’s Golf Team, will have three new events this fall says Coach Renee Slone.

“These new tournaments will certainly test the players and enable us to grow and develop,” said Slone.

#16 Illinois opens their fall season this weekend in Toldeo, at the Glass City Invitational. October 27-29 Illinois heads to Oklahoma for the Schooner Fall Classic. And October 8-9 Illinois will host it’s own invitational at Medinah Country Club, on it’s recently renovated Course No.2. Illinois closes out it’s fall schedule from October25-27 at the Landfall Tradition hosted by UNC-Wilmington. The spring has the Illini women playing in five tournaments before the Big Ten Championships at TPC River Bend in Ohio, April 24-26.

Illinois has three players that have been named, BIG TEN players to watch. They include Tristyn Nowlin, Kornkamol Sukaree, and Crystal Wang.

  CLUB CHAMPION and PXG GOLF are working together and offering FREE 0211 Iron Trials. Golfers you have 30 free minutes to test the new PXG 0211 Irons. Club trials by the nation’s largest clubfitter, builder and retailer. Golfers have access to over 200 iron shaft options, and Trackman swing analysis technology.

Club Champion has over 60 locations nationwide now including Schuamburg Illinois, located of course on Golf Road.

“A trial at Club Champion seemed like an incredibly effective way to show off the performance and feel of our brand new PXG 0211 Irons,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “Their fitting expertise and technology are an ideal combination for showcasing the outstanding new club technology we’ve created.”

The new PXG 0211 irons gives golfers the PXG high standard of quality, while delivering a price tag at under $200 per clubhead.

“Club Champion is one of the few fitters than can offer PXG to it’s customers, and we’re excited to bring the 0211’s into the mix,” said Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion. “These new irons bring the sough-after PXG craftmanship to a wider range of golfers, and this trial is a great way to demonstrate their performance.”

Hurry because the deadline is coming soon. Call Club Champion at (888)-340-7820, and ask about the new Club Champion financing program. Customers now have up to 18 months to pay.

TOPGOLF is expanding around the globe.

Dallas based Topgolf, a global sports and entertainment community, has now announced plans to expand into central Europe.

Topgolf will now open new venues in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These venues will be opening over the next several years.

It’s expected that eachvenue will add at least 350 jobs. The expnasion is part of a new agreement between Topgolf and and the Switzerland based Greenreb Ltd. Locally there is no announcement yet on the opening of the new Schaumburg IL. location, on the site of the old Motorola campus. But construction is advancing, and the site looks close to opening. More details at Topgolf.com.

GOLF360 is back on NBC Sports Chicago

GOLF360 is backwith Dave “Links” Lockhart, and former Chicago Bear Patrick Mannelly.

The current edition includes features on the City of Elgin golf courses, the Highlands of Elgin, and Bowes Creek.

Golf instruction from 2015 Illinois PGA Golfer of the Year Bill Abrams. The Kankakee Elks Golf Club and a clinic held at the BMW Championship. Upcoming viewing options include Sunday 9-15 3:30 PM, Monday 9-16 at 5 PM, and Sunday 9-22 at 4:30 PM on NBC Sports Chicago.

The new Callaway JAWS wedges by Roger Cleveland

THE NEW CALLAWAY JAWS wedge line created by designer Roger Cleveland, is now available for pre-order at Callawaygolf.com.

Cleveland who has been designing wedges for over 40 years, has created what he feels are the most aggressive grooves ever built.

They will give golfers better control and exceptional spin, which gives golfers the one-hop and stop results they look for. JAWS wedges for when your wedge shots need to spin. See more at Callawaygolf.com and watch the podcast video with Roger and Dave Neville.

Hampton Cove on the Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama.

ARE YOU READY to golf away, And golf all day ?

Besides unlimited golf all day long, with range balls and a golf cart. Because you deserve it. So if your ready for a trail full of golf, with 26 courses and over 400 golf holes.

Now is the time to book your golf trip to the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama. So pick up the phone and call (800)-949-4444 today, and make you tee times. Cost is $200 for Ross Bridge. More details at RTJGolf.com.

NEW BALANCE GOLF SHOES getting upgraded again.

NEW BALANCE has announced an upgrade to it’s line of golf shoes.

Because New Balance is bringing a higher level of comfort to all of it’s golf shoes.

First installed in it’s running shoes, Fresh Foam Technology is now been added to golf shoes. With improvement in the Midsole, and around the shoe. Golfers will expeirence a new level of comfort. Available for both men and women starting on October 21st. For more details, see newbalance.com.

The Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook.

THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME and McWethy’s Sports Bar welcomeyou to an exciting weeknd of sports.

So you want college football on Saturdays, the NFL on Sunday. Well McWethy’s Sports Bar is the place to be. It’s your home for the end of basbeall season, with food and drink specials.

So check out the Mistwood Golf Dome and McWethy’s Sports Bar for all the sports action. McWethyssportsbar.com located on Rt.53 in Bollingbrook.

THE U.S. Open Trophy at Erin Hills

THE NEXT U.S. OPEN at Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin, is six years out, so in the meantime there is plenty of time for you to enjoy the walk around Erin Hills.

So right now go make your reservations for 2020.

Besides that good news, comes the latest way for you to enjoy the range at Erin Hills.

As Toptracer has become a part of the driving range. This Topgolf technology is a great way to practice and monitor your ball flight while practicing. Call Erin hills for this year or next year at (866)-772-4769. Or email reservations@erinhills.com. The new Drumlin putting green is open for play.

GAYLORD BASED KEVIN FRISCH PR-has announced that JoAnne Miller has joined the firm. Miller has worked for years in golf PR, and formerly with Phil Kosin at Chicagoland Golf.

SOUTHEAST GOLF back up and playing. There is great news from the Daytona Beach FL., Kiawah Island Resort near Charleston SC., and from Myrtle Beach SC. All the golf courses have reopened from the heavy rain that feel during hurricain Dorian. Visit websites if you need more information, but all courses are now open for play.

OAKBROOK TERRACE based Zero Friction reminds you that, they have golf clubs with your favorite college and professional football teams logo’s on them. For more details visit zerofriction.com or (630)-317-7700.

THE WINDOW HAS CLOSED to apply for 2020 Ryder Cup tickets at Whistling Straits, good luck to all who applied. RS


  IRONS AND WOODS COMING THIS FALL TO LONG GROVE IL. on Rt. 53 North of Lake Cook Road. HDGolf simulators, interactive sports, slots and more. #golfyearround  ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, Facebook or Linkedin. Onthe 18th green at Pinehurst No.2. (R) The historic Manor Inn of Pinehurst, has now reopened. (Picture by Rory Spears, of the Manor Inn during the renovation phase in January of 2019).

  THE MANOR INN (L) inside the front door of the Inn this past January. (R) The Inn had it’s windows boarded up during the renovation earlier this year.

The Manor Inn has reopened in Pinehurst and is welcoming guests back after an extensive renovation. The Manor Inn is the youngster of the three Pinehurst Resort Hotels, because it’s only 96 years old.

The historic and “haunted” Holly Inn opened first on New Years Eve, in 1895. It was then followed by the Carolina Hotel in 1901.

THE NEW MANOR BAR (L) AND THE REMODELED MANOR LIBRARY (R). Photo’s courtesy of Alex Podlogar-Pinehurst Resort PR.

The Manor Inn is the latest of a series of project renovations at the Cradle, or Home of American Golf, the Pinehurst Resort.

There have been course improvements on Courses 1,2,3,4, and 5. Most recently on Course #4 with renovation work by Gil Hanse. Hanse and his partner Jim Wagner, along with their Caveman Construction Crew, not only renovated Course 4, but built the fun and very popular 9-hole par 3 course, “The Cradle.”

And off the course, have been the resort additions of a new swimming pool, the Deuce Bar in the main clubhouse behind the famed 18th green of Pinehurst Course No.2. There have been renovations to the Holly Inn and the Carolina Hotel, more recently has been the opening the Pinehurst Microbrewery in the Village of Pinehursts former steam plant.

“Our intention was to improve upon and modenize the guest experience while still preserving the Manor’s unique charm,” says Bob Dedman Jr., Pinehurst Resort’s Chief Executive Officer. “I think we’ve accomplished that in fine fashion.”

The renovation has transformed the Inn’s 43 guest rooms. And the interior has only 15% of the inn’s original framing still intact.

The Manor Inn came to be in 1923, when the Lexington Hotel on the inn’s current location was raised in 1922. And owner Mrs. Erma C. Bliss designed the new hotel, not common for a woman to do during that era. Her vision included new steam heat, an electric elevator, with space for table tennis and card playing, and the early 1950’s saw a TV room added. Arnold Palmer stopped at the inn during his Pinehurst visits.

A Manor Inn bedroom with a King-Sized bed. Photo from Pinehurst Resort.

Bliss’ style of gathering space, has returned as part of the inn’s renovation.

Guests can reserve a hospitality suite for the duration of their stay.

The new North & South bar opens in early December, and will feature craft beer from Pinehurst Brewing Co. in addition to an extensive whiskey selection.

New Memorabilia and photos around the bar, will display the history of the historic North & South Amateur Championship, that has been played in Pinehurst since 1901.  Because a new element of the bar’s design, will be the ceiling, that shows an illustration of the original routing of Donald Ross’ first four Pinehurst golf courses. The map is from 1922, so it coincides with the time period the inn first opened for business.

“Our mantra is simple,” says Dedman. “Always Pinehurst, but always better.”

Pinehurst is only 65 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and 90 minutes from the Charlotte-Douglass International Airport. To book tee times and resort stays or packages, visit www.Pinehurstresort.com, or call (855)-235-8507. It’s always a beautiful day in Pinehurst.


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THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on Linkedin or Facebook. On the 18th green at Sunset Valley in Highland Park.

ABOUT THIS TIME last year Sunset Valley Golf Course was reopening from a Rick Jacobson renovation.

And like most courses when they start welcoming the golfers back for play, after the architect and construction crews are done. There is still need for some grow-in time.

But one year later Sunset Valley looks like it has been back in play for 3 years. It has matured that quickly, and local golfers enjoying the benfits. Play is up and maybe by as much as over 10,000 rounds, from when Sunset Valley last had a full season of golf. General Manager Ryan Ochs says the course renovation, has received a great response from golfers.

The Par 3, 4th hole at SVGC, is considered by many to be the signature hole.

Ochs wrote this message in the 2019 Sunset Valley Golfer Guide.

“As we embark on the 2019 golf season, I would like to extend a huge thank you to our loyal Sunset Valley golfers. We are proud and excited to welcome you back to our first full season of golf at the “new” Sunset Valley. We appreciate your patience and unwavering support through the past two years.

The new course offers challenges to every level of golfer. Because each hole has it’s own unique features, that make you use your creativity as you make your way around the golf course. For your enjoyment, we encourage you to select the proper set of tee’s based on your handicap. After your round is complete, I hope you will stay for a cocktail and a bite to eat at our new 13ninety restaurant to enjoy the breathtaking views of Sunset Valley on the patio.

I look forward to seeing you on the golf course. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate, and warm days will arrive. So please remember that our “new” new course is young and maturing. We hope you will help take care of the course by repairing divots and ball marks. See you at Sunset.”

The new Sunset Valley Clubhouse, complete with outdoor patio and comfortable couch seating.

Golf architect Rick Jacobson who oversaw the renovation, was awarded with a 2018 Design Excellence Award. Which is award by the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA).

The facility itself, was honored by the Illinois Park and Recreation Association. Because it received the Outstanding Facility of the Year Award.

The award goes to only one facility from over 2,000 facilities in the state.

The Par 4, 8th hole at Sunset Valley Golf Course.

The clubs 1390 address on Sunset Road, has been used to name the 19th hole. Sunset Valley founded in 1920,  has now announced more improvements.

Ochs was proud to recently announce the club is now adding a new short-game and junior golf practice area.

Jacobson is returning to design the area, and fund-raising for the project is underway. Among the first to step up and support the project, was Illinois Golf Hall of Fame member and former British Amateur Champion Joel Hirsch.

Sunset Valley GM Ryan Ochs (L) and Operations manager Cole Sangren (R), stand by the short game area plan chart, and the fundraising board. In the clubhouse.

Sunset Valley has created special events and programs, to welcome the golfers back.

You can join the Sapphire Club for $100 and earn reward points towards green fees and merchandise for money spent.

How about this, Kids play free. Yes after 5 pm junior golfers 18 and under play free, when joined by a paid adult green fee and cart.

Golfer appreciation day is coming up on Friday September 20th. And with a paid greens fee, you get a free breakfast or lunch and the option of 20% off on pro shop merchandise.

Sunset Valley has become one of the best public courses in the area, so come see what all the enjoyment is by playing the Sunset Valley Golf Course. Located right off the Edens Expressway in Highland Park. Visit sunsetvalleygolfclub.org or call the course at (847)-432-7140.