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What a crazy last few days, it all starts with the PGA of America removing President Ted Bishop from office, 30 days before term limits and time would have removed Bishop anyway.

Bishop’s offense, well depending on who you talk to, there were many. The straw that broke the camel’s back was calling Ian Poulter a “Whiny Lil’ Girl” on Twitter. Wow, a tweet gone bad and Bishop goes bye-bye.

Bishop was wrong here, and if he had axe to grind with Poulter, Twitter was not the way to do it. Bishop offended his share of women, and men too with his “tweet”. In these days of having so many that get offended so quickly, the need to apologize was there. But the ouster and the erasing of his PGA presidency. Is that getting carried away, likely so.

The PGA compounds a mistake by making a bigger one, and called more attention to the issue in the way they handled it. The NCAA does silly things like this, when some player in the pro ranks, says his school cheated years ago. So current regimes get penalized, who have done nothing wrong. The NCAA takes away championships and awards from years ago, and tries to act like they never happened. Funny thing is that the NCAA doesn’t return any money to the TV networks that showed those games, that didn’t happen.

Yeah some school really didn’t win that national championship, oh and Reggie Bush didn’t win that Heisman Trophy either, yeah right. Many fans recall watching those events, but somehow they never happened.


See Green Lake Wisconsin. Not too late for a 36 hole getaway, and stay and play.

I’m not sure the PGA could not have tolerated Bishop for another year, or even six months. But for 30 days. You have an apology read, and tell him to keep his mouth closed for a month and stay off of social media, or else.

Some will say that social media has claimed another victim, that might be true. Social media does seem to have ways of getting people into trouble. Which is why some people just stay off of it in the first place.

The thing about firing people who make a mistake, is that it fuels the fire for more of such firings in the future. It would sure be interesting to have many of the same people who call for such firings, to have to live by the same standards in their life. It makes you wonder if the outcry would be so loud. After all humans make mistakes, and you have to wonder if those who over-react and do the firings, are really human themselves.

It’s been a rough year for the PGA of America. Ryder Cup issues, president issues, members getting dismissed by sporting goods chains, the game itself under fire. Is it too late to form a committee. Here’s to a better 2015 for the PGA of America. With venues like the Philadelphia Cricket Club for the PPNC, French Lick Resort for the Sr. PGA Championship, and Whistling Straits for the PGA Championship, we know the golf will be great. Here’s hoping everything else lives up to par or better.

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Last week I took a 2 1/2 hour tour of the Mt. Prospect Golf Club under renovation, with Director of Golf Operations Brett Barcel.

Like with all renovations the parts of the golf course where the work first started is starting to take shape already. Some of the holes still have plenty of work to be done.

The great weather over the weekend allowed the crews to do some catch up, and you can bet with temps headed into the Mid-70’s today, they will spend as many hours out there as they can. The heavy rains of a few weeks ago, didn’t help the fall time table.

I’ll have a full report coming up later this week on Mt. Prospect and how things are progressing on the renovation. It is taking shape.

THE FINAL STRETCH RUN for the 2014 outdoor season is going on now. The weather is starting to turn, and the best days for fall golf might be behind us. But there should be a few more remaining so take advantage while you can.

The Golf Domes, like White Pines, Links and Tee’s, Buffalo Grove, MCQ’s and others will be opening soon. How about a round at Mistwood and then over to MCQ’s to pound the ponies on Breeders Cup day, you can’t beat that.

Most clubs have fall specials on green fees, pro shop merchandise and more. Pick up the phone or visit the websites to find out, who what and where you can save the $$$, and have some fun doing it.

Plenty of golf news coming your way this week right here. Stay clicked in. RS








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