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Do you wear glasses when you putt.

A German firm called Viewlicity thinks that you should and has created a set of special glasses to help you read the greens.

When your playing golf, golfers that wear PuttView Glasses can see the line and pace of a putt before they hit the ball, with the help of a computer-generated display that is overlaid transparently into the real golf world.

Golfers on the European PGA Tour tested it on the putting green.

Hinrich Arkenau tests out the PuttView Glasses.

“PuttView is an awesome practice tool. Visualising the ball starting off the right line gives the feedback you need to develop a consistent swing path and face angle throughout the stroke. It is impressive new golf technology, and I can see myself using it to practice my own putting.” said Hinrich Arkenau.

Tour Player Max Kieffer had this to say about the PuttView Glasses. “I tested PuttView both indoors and outdoors, and I’m excited about it’s potential. It gives constant, optimal feedback-literally at your fingertips-on green-reading,direction and pace control.

The PuttView immersive putting practice can be experienced in two products, the glasses for outdoor use, and an indoor version that is suitable for golf academies and private golf installations. Instead of using Augmented Reality Glasses, the indoor version projects animated light path directly onto the putting surface, enabling students to see the line and pace of a breaking putt.

For more information on PuttView visit puttview.com or email Lukas Posniak at posniak@puttview.com.

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