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   THE U.S. OPEN TROPHY and the U.S. SR. WOMEN’S OPEN TROPHY are two of the four trophies that will have a new playoff format to decide who wins them in case of a tie at the end of 72 holes starting this year 2018. The USGA announced this move Monday ______________________________________________________________________

Welcome to the home of the USGA, now known at Liberty Corner, New Jersey

Yesterday the USGA made it official that changes are coming to the playoff formats, of their four U.S. Open Championships.

The four championships, the U.S. Open, the U.S. Women’s Open, the Sr. Open and the new U.S. Sr. Women’s Open will have a new playoff format in case of a tie after four rounds and 72 holes of contested play.

The new format calls for a two hole aggregate playoff system.

USGA CEO-Executive Director Mike Davis (Middle) with BIG 3 media members Rory Spears (L) and Tim Cronin of the Illinois Golfer (R)

“We know how important it is to everyone in the golf world to see play conclude on the Sunday of a major championship and to award the trophy to the champion,” said USAG CEO/Executive Director Mike Davis, who made the announcement prior to online player registration for each U.S. Open Championship, which opens next week. “After receiving input from a variety of constituents, including players, fans, volunteers, officials and our broadcast partners, it clearly came across as something that everyone valued, and would benefit from.”

Davis also added these thoughts.

“There is no right way or wrong way to determine a winner in stroke play, but we’ve seen over the years how the aggregate playoff has served us well in both the U.S. Women’s Open and the U.S. Sr. Open,” Davis said. “Two holes will allow a player to recover from any single mistake, and at the same time, provide a memorable, and perhaps dramatic, experience for all involved.”

If the players, two or more are still tied after two holes the playoff will then switch over to the sudden-death format until a champion is determined.

In the 117 year history of the U.S. Open there have been 33 playoffs, and they have used the 18 or 36 hole formats. There have been 12 playoff’s in Women’s Open history, and in 2011 the three-hole playoff format was used for the first time. The three-hole format was first used in the Sr. Open Championship in 2002, and has held six playoffs in it’s championship history.

FROM RORY SPEARS… I was not a big fan of the 18 hole Monday playoff for a U.S. Open, but the one I experienced in person at the 1998 U.S Women’s Open in Kohler was exciting, and it went on for 20 holes.

I am not sure I agree with two holes, maybe is better. It would be great of the playoff could encompass a par 3, a par 4, and a par 5 hole. The real problem that playoffs have is running out of daylight. That at majors is caused by the golf bodies allowing the TV networks to send the leaders off way to late in the day. U.S Opens have had the leaders teeing off at 3 PM (CST). Which is no way to start the final round of an open. The USGA simply needed to get the final group out at least one hour sooner, and tell the networks no twilight golf. RS.

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