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CURTIS TYRRELL IS OUT THROUGH FRONT GATEWAY OF MEDINAH, and on his way to warmer climates, such as the Naples area of Florida, and the Bonita Bay Club, of Bonita Springs.

Medinah’s Superintendent of Grounds is finally moving on, about five years after the word was out that he was moving on.

Back in 2012, when Tyrrell and his crews were working hard on getting Medinah’s famed Course #3 ready for the Ryder Cup, Mother Nature didn’t deal Tyrrell a good hand as Tyrrell’s crews worked to create a new infrastructure on the course. As a result it was a scramble to get the course in tip-top shape for 24 of the best players in the world come late September. But by the time team Europe hit the first tee ball in late September most all was back in top shape.

Curtis Tyrrell outside the Medinah Clubhouse.

In the months leading up to the Ryder Cup the rumors were that Tyrrell would be getting let go by the club, which were false. Then the rumor, apparently let out by people at NBC during the Ryder Cup was that, Tyrrell was taking the same job at Hazeltine to be the new superintendent there, and prepare the Twin-Cites area club for the 2016 Ryder Cup.

That rumor was quickly followed up with yet another rumor, that Tyrrell had accepted a job at a big time club in New Jersey, maybe even working for current President Donald Trump. A story Tyrrell denied to Golfers on Golf at the time.

What did happen was the day after the Ryder Cup ended, Tyrrell got alongside of architect Tom Doak, and started on the renovation of Medinah’s # 1 Course. A few years later he rolled up his sleeves again, and worked with Rees Jones on a restoration of Medinah’s #2 Course, that reopened this past July.

Now in Florida three of the Bonita Bay’s five courses are approved to undergo renovations and Tyrrell will be right in the middle of them. He will start there in late January and get right to work.

Curtis Tyrrell bids farewell to Medinah and speaks on what’s ahead for him at the Bonita Bay Club in Florida.

Tyrrell says he will miss a club he put a lot of hard work into and the people he worked with through three renovations, but is looking forward to Florida and that his family is as well.

One things Tyrrell has to look forward to in Florida, is that there are plenty of Medinah members who call the Bonita Bay Club home during the winter. So he will still see plenty of familiar faces at his new club.

Medinah has begun a national search for Tyrrells replacement, and the job posting is on the club’s website.

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