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Well the fall golf season is over, or is it. Yes it is, now it’s more like the winter golf season or dome golf season. But for today and tomorrow the chance to play outdoor golf does exist.

It was over 60 degrees today based on some reports, and will be close to that tomorrow. Outdoors I go, in case it’s the last chance to play before the snow lands.

I’ll bomb away with the new Callaway Woods, that have lowered my handicap down 3 strokes this summer, and see if I can finish on high note, that means a low score. Bottom line it’s outdoor golf, always a good thing. even though I love our area golf domes. Now if the wind can stay low and rain holds off, that would be great.

GOLFING WITH THE PRESIDENT, it still amazes me that people get upset when the President of the United States goes golfing, seriously folks get a life. If you don’t like President Trump that’s fine, or president’s Obama, Bush or Clinton to name a few.

It doesn’t matter what party you support, but show a little respect. Presidents are people too and they deserve every right to get a little exercise and some fresh air where ever they can get it.

It was surprising, or maybe it wasn’t to hear the outcry from the cry babies about President Trump golfing with Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and a day later the greatest golfer of all time Jack Nicklaus.

Seriously folks get over it, and I’m glad that every president since Dwight Eisenhower except Jimmy Carter has been a golfer, with the late John F. Kennedy maybe the best of them all. If VIP’s or PGA Tour professionals are golfing with President Trump, deal with it and let them enjoy the great sport that it is.

RIP RJ HARPER, the long time head golf professional at Pebble Beach passed away at age 61 from cancer after a battle of over one year. I met Harper on my visit to Pebble Beach and he could not have been nicer. Golf lost a true ambassador in Mr. Harper. My condolences to his family and friends.

OUTGOING CEO Wally Uihlein of Titleist sent a letter to the Wall Street Journal regarding a story about rolling back the golf ball. That has been a topic for a while as golf courses get longer because the ball goes further. Well of course it goes further but that alone has not made courses easier for the average amateur golfer. The average handicap is not dropping in big numbers. If the PGA Tour or USGA wants to do something for it’s events, fine. But let the amateurs have the opportunity to get better, and at times hit a drive long and far like the professionals do.

KUDO’s to my Arlington Heights neighbor Doug Ghim on being selected to the Global Golf Post’s Top World’s Amateur 1st team. U of I players Northbrook’s Nick Hardy (2nd team) and Dylan Meyer Honorable Mention were also named. On the Women’s side Northwestern’s Hannah Kim was named to the second team as well.

There is still a few hours left on Cyber Monday, great golf deals are everywhere. Do go take advantage where you can. The Gog Blog will return this week. RS

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