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The last several weeks viewers have enjoyed watching the Driver vs Driver program on The Golf Channel.

This golf reality show pitted several teams against one another to design a new driver for the Chicago based Wilson Sporting Goods company, with the winning team or person taking home a cool $500,000 dollars.

The winner was named in the sixth and final episode on Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. This done with the intent of having the winning driver, named Triton in the stores, the pro shops and ready to be purchased last week on Black Friday.


The new Wilson Triton Driver, with adjustable settings.

But as Triton hit the shelf’s and Wilson Golf hit the floor running last Friday, one problem immediately popped up.

The word came out that the United States Golf Association (USGA) had not yet ruled the driver to be a conforming and legal to put in play driver.

As a result some stores and pro shops took Triton off the floor and announced they will not sell the driver until the USGA issues a favorable ruling.

While it seems that the USGA will eventually rule in favor of Wilson and the Triton driver, the question is when ? Everyday during the holiday season that Triton sits on the sidelines, benched by the USGA, are turning into costly days for Wilson Golf, pro shops and golf retail stores. Not to mention frustrated golfers wanting to purchase the newest hot driver on the market.

DSC03715 Tim Clarke with the DUO ball DSDSC03204 Usga entrance DS  WILSON GOLF GM Tim Clarke (L) is working with the USGA to move the process along as quickly as possible. (R) Welcome to Far Hills New Jersey home of the USGA and it’s research testing facility.

DSC03222 USGA R&T Center DSDSC03224 new testing machine DS The outside of the USGA testing facility, with the newest version of the Iron Byron testing machine (R). One of the machines that will test out the new Triton Driver.

DSC03223 USGA R&T Center lab DSDSC03225 testing machine in front of the range DS  The USGA testing lab, where conforming tests are run (L), along with another hitting bay to test hit clubs. The doors can be opened so long shots fly out on to the USGA range.

After the story broke on the weekend that Triton was still not yet conforming, Golfers on Golf contacted both the USGA and Tim Clarke for statements regarding the situation and requesting comment.

USGA-United-States-Golf-Association-logo DS

Visit USGA.org to learn more about the United States Golf Association

As of now, the USGA is currently not making USGA Managing Director of Club Testing John Spitzer available for comment, but might do so in the future if the situation requires it.

Through a spokesman the USGA did issue the following statement in regards to the new Wilson Triton Driver.

“Wilson has submitted the club for conformance testing and it is going through the standard review process. Since the testing process is confidential and it is still underway, we would not be able to provide anyone (Spitzer) to discuss the Triton Driver.”

Tim Clarke told Golfers on Golf he will leave tomorrow (Wednesday) and head to Far Hills and USGA headquarters for meetings with the USGA about Triton. As of press time on this story, he plans further comment on Thursday.

The Gog Blog will continue to follow developments regarding the USGA making the Triton Driver a conforming golf club.

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