ppa_footer-dsarcadia-clubhouse The Perfect putting Aid by Chad Johansen, see The Clubhouse at Arcadia Bluffs, where architect Dana Fry is building a second course to open in 2018.

DSC07345 trophy on 15 3 DSDSC07246 Nemacolin DS   Tickets for the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills in Wisconsin on sale at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington PA.  A new Pete Dye Course July 1, 2017. Former Illinois PGA Professional Mike Jones is the new Director of Golf at Nemacolin.    _____________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears. Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on facebook, linkedin and twitter @GogBlogGuy. On the 18th hole at the new DuPage County Forest Preserve District Course.

The new phase of the golf course formerly known as Oak Meadows is about to begin.

Oak Meadows is gone, the signs are down with the name. Director of Golf Operations Ed Stevenson hopes the confusion will be too.

Confusion ? Well when you have two courses both with the name of Meadows in it, and one course is on Addison Road in Wood Dale, and the other on Wood Dale Road in Addison you kind of get the idea.

New ERA, new name. As you might guess many folks are submitting their idea for what the new name should be. But the DCFPD board will go forward and find a name that works within the bylaws of the district. I even entered my two-cents worth and tossed this out for discussion.

The Links at Preservation Point, that runs alongside of Corridor Creek. You see the newly redone Salt Creek looks like a beautiful corridor through nature, and who needs “anything salt” running through a newly designed Greg Martin golf course. Save the salt for your fries and wings on the deck of the new clubhouse that should open in 2019.


The tree removal plan has opened up a nice corridor of nature along the restored creek area.

As for the name Preservation Point. What the DCFPD has done is to preserve a piece of property that was at a point where something really had to be done to stop the reoccurring flooding issues that plagued the golf course and the surrounding area.

The preserve is located at a point between multiple communities, and the DCFPD had reached a point where they grew tired of spending public money to constantly clean up the mess left behind by all the floods.

I’m not sure what the name will be when the naming decision is finally made, but I’m sure it will be something that both the general public and golfers will like, or at least most of them anyway. Doesn’t seem like you can please 100% of everyone on anything these days.

I spoke with architect Greg Martin this weekend who joked his work is done after 6 years. But it really isn’t, as he will be checking on things as play begins, and then it will be determined if any tweek’s to the course are necessary.

It’s all about the grow-in process now, golfers should keep their fingers crossed for as many warms days as possible between now and the end of the year. That will speed up when the course opens in 2017. Stevenson is hopeful for Memorial Day weekend, but it could be a few weeks later if Mother Nature delivers a harsh winter.

I think along with Cog 4, Mistwood, Highlands of Elgin, Pine Meadow, Cantigny, Mt. Prospect, Arrowhead and a few others that have made recent improvements, that this new course will be among the best public courses in the Chicago area.

In the meantime keep it here for more on the new DuPage County golf course, formerly known as Oak Meadows as it develops.

A NEW COURSE in the city by South Shore. I won’t say it won’t happen, but it’s hard to believe that this will just roll forward without issues. The Chi-Tribune keeps pumping this, but there are many obstacles to overcome. Hey if George Lucas and Star Wars can be run out of the city, so can a golf course.

It doesn’t matter if Obama, Tiger Woods and other people you have heard of get involved. There will be many political obstacles, and all the usual suspects will have their hands out, and be wondering what’s in it for me. The Mayor has NOT signed off on this yet and he might never sign off on it. Of course unless there is something in it……

Where would the money come from to pay someone like Woods who would have his hand out for big check, we will hear rumors that he will do it for free..don’t bet on it. The early feedback on courses with his name on it, are at this point nothing special. But that doesn’t mean that can’t change.

LAST WEEK, I went North to Wisconsin to see Wild Rock by Dana Fry and Dr. Michael Hurdzan, stay clicked on for my story on that. Titleist has launched a new Driver called the 917, I hear great things, more to come on that soon.

TWO of the FOUR PARTS of Wilson’s Driver vs Driver have been shown on the golf channel, it’s a good watch if you haven’t seen it. I can’t wait to see what the winning driver will look like, and how Wilson Staff player Kevin Streelman will use it on the PGA Tour next year. This winning driver goes on sale to you starting on Black Friday next month, in time for the holidays.

Fall golf season is winding down, so Go Play and of course Go Cubs. It could be quite a week. RS

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