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THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content, in the newest all-weather outerwear by Cross Golf. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

Every once and while there is a story that comes out about golf, that is so far off base, that I can’t help but respond.

A friend of mine sent me a story written in the UK (United Kingdom), on why someone should never date a serious golfer. With my work in the golf business, and the fact I’m single, my friend thought maybe I should see this story.

The author came up with 11 reasons why not to date a serious golfer. Well just to even up the slate, I provide 11 reasons why dating a serious golfer isn’t a half bad idea. Now the suggestions seem to based on that serious golfer being a male, but this can go either way because more and more women are playing golf all the time.

My reasons in some cases contradict the reasons that are listed in the above mentioned story

  1. Golfers don’t have enough free time. Really, yes they do. If they can schedule time to play, they are smart enough to find time for you. Even if it’s on the course. Besides golf is really played in the daytime, you have your favorite golfer all night long.
  2. Golfers talk about golf all day long. Not true, but even if they did. They are talking about something. Personally I don’t like dates where you have nothing to say to the person that you are with, other than how’s your food, did you like the movie, and how’s work going.
  3. Golfers spend all day thinking about how to try and fix their swing. Which is fine, but by night they are thinking about something else. Like how they are going to fix something at your place, your car, or your dinner if they cook. If they can fix their swing, they can fix your problems as well.
  4. Golfers have set routines, so they do nothing different. They can but it’s beneficial for you. You like a restaurant, you will get taken back there again. You like roses, plan on getting more than a dozen just one time. You have sexy or hot-looking evening or swimwear. You will get gift cards to return to those stores to buy more on their dime.
  5. Golfers buy expensive stuff and lie about the price. Maybe, but if they do, just buy into it and tell them your glad they got that deal. It means there is more money they can spend on you.
  6. Golfers aren’t fashionable or cool. Wrong. They are probably one of the better dressed people you will meet. They spend money on clothes and shoes to look better, sure beats dragging out that person whose idea of new clothes is buying jeans that come with holes in the knees, or are still wearing a t-shirt from an out of business clothes manufacturer, or a college they spent a few years at.
  7. You can’t take golfers on a romantic walk. Now that’s really stupid. Golfers find all sorts of places to go on great walks, they find these locations while out playing golf. If anyone knows where a great place for a romantic walk is, they probably play golf.
  8. Golfers disappear for six hours at a time. Sure they do. But if they are serious about golf, they are probably at the golf course. Not in a bar getting toasted, or shacking up with someone else for a quick romantic twist. Loyalty with someone you are dating is really a good quality. Besides you don’t need to text your golfer every 20 minutes anyway. If you do, you are the problem. Not the the fact they play golf.
  9. Golfers like to hoard. Some do maybe. But clubs and golf balls don’t take up much space, compared to other things they could hoard. If they are keeping an old set or spare set laying around, well take a hint and pick up the game.
  10. Golfers like to be tucked in bed early on Saturday night. Only if you are with them, trust me on that one.
  11. Golfers are a washing machines worst nightmare. Okay I have been known to forget a few tee’s or ball markers in the slacks that end up on the bottom of my  washing machine. Okay, got me on that one.

Just a few other thoughts here. If you like to travel and visit nice places, date a golfer. Trips to nice resorts with golf yes, but great restaurants, spa’s, pools and scenic views are common. Tell your golfer, take me somewhere and they probably will.

Tired of thinking he or she looks nice, but needs to lose a few pounds. Well date a golfer, many of them are slimmer and trimmer because of the exercise they get.

Do you enjoy good food, wine, beer or other tasty things to consume. Several golfers have their name on foods, wine, ice cream, pizza and other goodies. Odd’s are your serious golfer will buy them for you to eat or drink. Some golfers have restaurants too, golfers will take you to dinner at Tiger restaurant, Phil’s grill or Sam Snead’s Restaurant.

So don’t ever discount dating a golfer, you might find the perks your other relationships have been missing. For those of you who date, or look for dates online, E-Harmony I hear says there are 15 good reasons to be dating a golfer. Hey E-harmony, it’s golf next time come up with a full 18. Good luck everyone. RS

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