DSC03646 Links and tees dome DSDSC03493 Ready to rock DSDSC01756 Links and Tee's Dome lower level DS LINKS & TEE’S GOLF is one of the few year round facilities in the Chicago area, the outdoor range, executive course, and mini-golf in the summer, and one of the top rated indoor golf domes in the country for the winter. This winter season includes Co-Ed golf lessons in 4-session classes next class starts this Saturday Jan. 2., ladies night is this Wednesday the 30th from 7-9 PM. The annual demo day will be Saturday Feb. 6th from 10 Am to 1 Pm, hosted by Steve Kashul of the Golf Scene. For more information on the Links & Tee’s Golf Dome visit, or call (630)-233-7275 Ext 4.                  _____________________________________________________________________

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ARE YOU READY, yes are you ready for golf in 2016.

There is no reason to wait until April 1st to pull out the bag, and realize all you have is 3 or 4 low-mileage balls left 2015, your glove is still wet and rolled up from that last round of 5-6 months ago.

Your golf shoes have holes in them and that head cover is still torn, and your towel is full of mud and grass stains.

Do you have a few days off this week for New Years, how about heading to the golf retail store or pro shop and grabbing up some new items for the year ahead. If your buying new clubs you could start looking at what’s available, and swinging a few of them to get a handle on how they feel. Steel shafts or graphite on new clubs, you do have to decide, not today but soon.

There will be plenty of demo days in the area here, after the PGA Merchandise Show wraps up on Jan. 29th. The sales reps will be back in town, with all the new clubs to show you, and let you hit them. The golf shows here in town are another place to look, Tinley Park and Rosemont will have clubs on sale and local pros and reps to talk to.

Do you have that gift card to burn from Christmas, well it’s not to early to get some golf balls, or a glove now and start getting that bag together. Need a new golf bag, now is the time to find a year end sale at the retail stores or in the pro shops. use some of your off time this week to put your bag in order. It’s much better than doing it on the first tee or next to putting green on opening day.

DSC02440 Cog Hill Barn DS or call (866)-Cog-Hill

ARE YOU READY TO PLAY THIS WEEK. It’s one of the great Chicago traditions, the Eskimo Open. To be played this Sunday at Cog Hill on Courses 1 & 3, with tee-times starting at 7 AM.

You will be in eating lunch and enjoying a beverage before the Bears kick off at Noon (if anyone still cares about them this year) if you tee it early.

The weather expected for Sunday as of now is about 40 degrees and Sunny, no snow and no rain. Keep your fingers crossed. Call Cog Hill and sign up.

DSC01925 entrance sign DSDSC00314Me on Red 6 DS   HEADING SOMEWHERE WARM TO PLAY SOON !

Make those reservations and tee-times now. Florida might be warm this time of year but it still gets dark early there like it does here. There are many more golfers and only so many tee times. Places like the Streamsong Resort in between Orlando and Tampa fill up quickly, so does Innisbrook, Reunion, Bay Hill, Hammock Beach and Doral.

If your headed west like Arizona about the time spring training starts, those courses fill up quickly and so does Hawaii especially when all the tours descend for their events.

DSC03603 it is dome season DS

In the mean time. Our golf domes are open, do go out and hit some balls. Work on the putting and chipping as well.

Get a handle on when the demo days are coming and or other special events.

All of the domes have targets on the floor or hanging from the roofs, great time to work with those wedges. It’s great to be hitting it close all summer when you are out about 50 to 125 yards from the green or the stick.

More of the Gog Blog’s fall classics coming up this week. RS

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