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Rich Harvest Farms owner Jerry Rich talks about the 2016 UL International Crown, don’t miss out as Women’s Golf comes to Chicago in 2016 in a big way.

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Rich Harvest Farms Owner Jerry Rich (L) with Gog Blog Editor and Director of Content Rory Spears (R) at Rich Harvest Farms. Click on above to hear Jerry Rich talk about the UL International Crown.

Every once in a while the stars don’t align just right, and all sorts of crazy things happen. Yesterday seemed to be one of those type days in the world of golf.

It came as a shock in the golf world that the Southern Methodist University (SMU) mens golf team got dragged into a scandal with the men’s basketball team and Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown. But then again the NCAA isn’t always one of the brightest or fairest organizations. Their lack of thinking struck again, when they hammered SMU with a series of penalties. While it does appear some of this was justified, and not just because years ago the football team got what’s known as the death penalty in college sports.

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Bryson DeChambeau won the 2015 U.S. Amateur at Olympia Fields in August, last May he won the NCAA National Championship.

It seems yet again, that a current team in college sports is being penalized for something that was done before they even entered that schools program.

The biggest issue for SMU is that they are not allowed into post season play in 2016, which means current SMU golfer Bryson DeChambeau will not be allowed to go defend his national championship he won earlier this year. That is a pure shame, unless something can be worked out with the NCAA.

However one thing that would have to be examined, is whether some of the illegal contacts that were made by the previous coach, included DeChambeau. Was his recruitment within NCAA guidelines, if not the entire golf ball of wax changes. For now it seems that when it comes to SMU there are more questions than answers.

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The other two names that are in the news are Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson, and on a day that the Ryder Cup was in the news, their names are not linked this time.

Watson was first up on the tee when he was invited by current PGA President Derek Sprague to be in the PGA Hall of Fame, located in Port St. Lucie Florida.

While Watson was flattered, he informed Sprague he would take a pass, because of the organizations treatment of his friend former PGA Presdient Ted Bishop who was pushed out of office with a month left in term, for something he posted on Twitter.

The PGA of America might have to rethink about it’s quick reactions to various issues, between the Bishop situation and it’s response in pulling the Grand Slam of Golf away from a Donald Trump course in California, because of comments Trump has made in his campaign for president. Trying to appease the PC audience, isn’t always as PC or popular as some might think.

PHIL MICKELSON who has had his say on Torrey Pines Golf Club in San Diego, and renovation work done on the South Course by architect Rees Jones, was part of a group that was bidding to do renovation work on the clubs North Course.

Mickelson in effort to shape one course the way he would like it, and the way he feels most public and amateur golfers would like to see it, has pulled out of the bidding process to land the job. While it appears the group that would have been working with Mickelson will still have a bid, but Mickelson’s name will not be attached.

Mickelson got fed up with the bid process and decided to walk away from the project all-together. Meanwhile the process to start renovation work on the North Course, will drag on, and on, and on.

UP IN OREGON..the news wasn’t good either for a proposed new golf project that would involve Bandon Dunes Resort owner Mike Keiser, so stay clicked in that report coming up later right here on the Gog Blog.

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