DSC04688 MP Clubhouse with water DSDSC04736 the par 3 7th hole DS  The Mt. Prospect Golf Club has reopened from renovation, and architect David Esler has brought the classic golf style of the 1920’s to the public golfer. Come play a course that resembles what the great architects of the 1920’s could have created today if they were still in business. Mt. Prospect where “What’s old is New” call the pro shop at (847)-259-4200 and make your tee time today. Above pictured the clubhouse and the Par 3, Hole No.7.                                                                                                                _____________________________________________________________________

DSC05200 Rory at GP DS

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor & Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With the new Typhoon Jacket by Sunice, See for details, Cap from Mike Keiser’s Sand Valley, now under construction in Central Wisconsin, at the recently reopened Glen View Park District Golf Club in Glenview.

The following review was done mostly at, the recently reopened from renovation, Glen View Park District Golf Club. BY: RORY SPEARS

The Sunice Company has created a new 2015 Pro Sport and Sports Layers collection. The new line is focused on providing golfers the best collection of outerwear on the market.

Sunice addressed the needs of the golfer everywhere, and allow’s them better playing performance while enjoying the comfort they provide.

During a recent round of golf, I took the opportunity to research two items from the new line of outerwear by Sunice, the “Typhoon Jacket” and a new item from the Sunice pullover line, called “Sport” (pictured below).

DSC05191 Rory in Sunice half sleeve pullover DS

Gog Blog Editor Rory Spears in the new “Sport” Pullover by Sunice, see more at Photo by David Schuster at the recently reopened Glenview Park District Golf Club.

Due to the weather I encountered that day, both pieces of outerwear came in handy. The round started Mid-Morning and was on the cool side (60’s) and then warmed up into the 70’s.

But an approaching weather front cooled things down again, before my partner and I finished all 18 holes.

I switched back and forth between both pieces, and found both of them to be extremely comfortable, especially the Typhoon Jacket, which for a long sleeve piece of outerwear, still left me comfortable and was flexible when I hit the ball with every club, from Driver to Putter.

DSC05196 Rory and Sunice on 17 GP DS

Putting is easy while wearing the new Sunice “Sport” Pullover, on the 17th green at the Glenview Park District Golf Course

I’m glad the rain never fell while I was playing my round of golf that day, but I’ll wear one or both pieces the next time I run into a drizzle on the course, and need my Sunice Outerwear to keep me dry while I’m still out in the rain playing.

There are a variety of colors to pick from and different styles as well. I admit that the straight black Typhoon Jacket is more my style than the louder colored Sport Pullover was, but different strokes, or in this case colors, for different folks. But at least while wearing the bright green Sport pullover, I knew if the skies darkened anymore, any golfer rushing behind me to get in the clubhouse in case rain fell, wouldn’t have any trouble spotting me anywhere on the golf course.

DSC05187 Rory on 1st tee with Sunice typhoon jacket DS

Pulling the big stick while wearing the Typhoon jacket, on the 1st tee at the Glenview Park District Golf Course. See for more details on Sunice products,made for all golfers.

In the men’s collections Sunice is exploring a newness in demand for brighter colours. Whether it’s the neon-green or vibrant blue, there is now more to pick from than the older traditional colors of Black, Blue or White.

Ladies, Sunice has not forgotten about you either.

While the idea with the new colors is to embrace your femininity, the colors have been enriched to have a bolder look to them. Neon pinks with a classic white grounded with a charcoal flavor, give you a look that’s new and bold at the same time.

S77000 - ALLENDALE - 1102 - FRONTS64500 - CANDY - 71DT - FRONT                            The Blue Burbank (L) and the Candy (R) are more samples of the styles made by Sunice.

Sunice calls the new lines the “Sports Layers” Collection. Need to wear one or more pieces of outerwear on a given day. Sunice designs allow you to do that, while still having comfort and flexibility to hit the golf ball.

I know as I head into the fall golf season and the temperatures dip, my Sunice Golf outerwear will be kept in the bag or in the cart for that part of the season. So when you visit your pro shop or local golf store, and want to have the right look, feel, or comfort on the golf course in a variety of conditions or at the 19th hole. Ask for Sunice.

See the entire Sunice lines of outerwear at

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