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DSC05200 Rory at GP DS

The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Wearing the new Typhoon jacket from Sunice Golf Apparel, visit Sunice.com, logo’d hat from Mike Keiser’s Sand Valley under construction in Central Wisconsin, in the newly reopened 19th hole at the Glenview Park District Golf Club. Photo by David Schuster.

Have you ever complained about the pace of play at your local golf course, well who hasn’t.

Well if you are tired of that,a nd would rather get tired yourself at the pace you do play, well why not try speedgolf.

Yes, Speedgolf and the world’s best are coming to the Glen Club in Glenview this October 19th and 20th.

How fast are world’s best Speedgolfers. This past week SpeedGolf International held an event that let people see World Champion Eri Crum in action.

Crum played the par 4 16th at the Glen Club in just under 2 minutes, then he played the par 3 17th hole in just 1 minute and 7 seconds, the par 5 18th hole in just over 2 minutes. Crum played 16-17-18 in less than 5 minutes. To keep up with him, you needed a golf cart, and that wasn’t almost fast enough, especially on the 18th hole where Crum’s approach shot only left him a short birdie putt.

DSC05183 Eri Crum running DS

Crum running to his golf bag, after making a bogey on the Par 3, 17th hole at the Glen Club.

Crum played college golf at Stanford with Tiger Woods, no he hasn’t challenged Woods to a SpeedGolf game just yet, but Crum admits after all the knee surgeries Woods has had, it’s not likely Woods could keep up with him anyway.

Crum was always athletic and a runner in addition to being a golfer. So SpeedGolf made sense for him, and he started playing the sport right after he learned about it.

What SpeedGolf is, is a combination of your golf score, added to the time it takes you to get around all 18 holes. In our interview with Crum, he explains the game that is growing in popularity around the world.

Click here to hear the Interview with Eric “Eri” Crum, a national champion at SpeedGolf.

SpeedGolf golf bags are thinner, lighter and packed in a way that helps keep the weight down.

For more on how and wear to play Speedgolf, See SpeedGolfInternational.com.

Come see Eri Crum and best players in the world at the Glen Club in Mid-October.

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