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The Gog Blog by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content, Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Wearing the new Imperial Coolcore hat by Imperial Headwear on U.S. Amateur Day at Olympia Fields Country Club.

Do you get tired of hats that feel to heavy on your head, that weigh too much on a hot day. That don’t handle rain or the sweat dripping from your head during a hot steamy day on the golf course.

Well I have found a brand that covers all of those area’s and more.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Coolcore hat by Imperial Headwear, and Amercian Company that’s celebrating it’s 100th anniversary in 2016.

I broke it in during a two-day event for the upcoming U.S. Amateur at Olympia Fields Country Club this month. During those two days, I faced a variety of elements from the weather.

DSC04878 Coolcore DS

The new Coolcore Hat by Imperial, See Imperialsports.com

Day 1 was a hot one, with temps in the upper 80’s. The lightweight Coolcore hat I was wearing sure did it’s job. The hat remained dry and helped keep my head cool. I never had that sweaty feeling on my head before, during, and or after the round when I took the hat off.

While the hat is thin enough and very lightweight, it does a great job of keeping the suns UV rays from burning the top of your head.

DSC05009 Deere hat DS

Imperial Hats with your logo like on this hat that I received at the John Deere Classic.

Day 2 of my event at Olympia Fields was different from the first day. No sooner than our group was headed out to the golf course, the rain started to come down. After the first hole the rain picked up, and came down pretty good on us for four holes until it stopped. Since I was walking and had (of course) forgotten my umbrella in the car, the Coolcore hat was the only thing I had to keep the rain off of my head, and the glasses I wear while golfing. It did a great job. By our fifth hole the rain stopped, but the humidity became a factor. But I have no complaints about the results from the Coolcore hat, it handled both conditions without a problem.

I must say, it’s one of the most comfortable hats I have ever worn. It does a great job handling a variety of conditions like I experienced while golfing at my two-day event at Olympia Fields. I can’t help but recommend to golfers and or even non-golfers. That the new Coolcore hats are great for everyday use, and can handle the wide variety of conditions that golfers will encounter will being out on the golf course.

When I travel to top clubs and or resorts where I will buy hats for future rounds of golf, my first choice will be to look for hats by Imperial. I feel it’s a product that golfers can trust and rely on.

Coolcore was launched at the PGA Show in Orlando Florida this past January.

“The most anticipated golf headwear of the season is now available at the better golf shops across the country,” says David Shaffer, Director of Marketing at Imperial Headwear. “Cooling fabrics are definitely the next trend in performance fabrics and Imperial is excited to be the first company to bring this industry-leading Coolcore technology to the golf market.”

Coolcore provides a cooling solution that extends beyond traditional moisture-managementfabrics or evaporative cooling technologies that rely on chemicals. It’s 100% free of chemicals, polymers, gels, crystals or phase changing materials, ensuring all Coolcare benefits never wash out or degrade. Coolcore fabrics deliver three distinct functions, including moisture wicking, moisture transportation an accelerate drying, and regulated evaporation for a cooling effect. The end result is 30% lower surface temperatures, drier garments that don’t cling or saturate, healthier chemical-free usage, and zero degradation of the cooling effect over time or washing. Coolcore is the only company globally to receive the “Cooling Power” award from the Hohenstein Institute.

“Imperial’s new cooling technology has the potential to change the headwear business,” said Laura Robinson, Director of Retail at the Pinehurst Resort.

Need more. For those cool days check out Imperials “Keep Warm Knit” category, that includes “The Centennial” that pays tribute the companies 100 year history. Want less, for those who like to play with a visor, see ” The Lafayette” style design.

For more information on Imperial Headwear, visit imperialsports.com or call toll free to (800)-950-1916 and you can place an order. When you visit your club or go to buy your next piece of headwear, ask for Imperial Headwear. You will be glad you did.

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