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BOMBS AWAY-here comes the USGA and the R & A. Roll back the ball-is it the answer.


Which goes longer. As the golf ball companies try and make the golf ball go further, the golf course architects say they have to build the courses longer.

So with that, the battle goes on and on, and back and forth.

What’s not clear is if the governing bodies are tired of watching players hit, Driver-7-Iron into 575-yard par 5’s. But maybe the issue is 20 under par scores at courses like TPC Sawgrass or U.S. Open venues.

USGA CEO Michael Whan and R & A CEO Martin Slumbers announced the two organizations are working together, while still listening to feedback from within the industry. Which it appears both organizations will do for several months. So no immediate action will be taken. There is currently no time table to install any roll back of the distance the golf ball could fly.

So please do remember, this is for “upper level” event only. These possible new restrictions would not affect normal play by amateur golfers. But the question remains-where would the cut off be. Could Illinois based golf organizations such as the Chicago District Golf Associations (CDGA), the Illinois PGA (IPGA) and the Western Golf Association (WGA) bring these rule changes to their events. It’s said that some of the longest hitters in golf, are college aged players, most of them still being players with amateur status.

“Golf is an aspirational sport, and we believe at it’s very best when equipment and playing regulations are unified. Golf’s health an vibrancy are at historically high levels,” said David Maher, President and CEO, of Acushnet Company (Titleist). “As we see it, existing golf ball regulations for Overall Distance and initial Velocity are highly effective. During the past two decades, PGA Tour average course playing length has increased by less than 100 yards. While scoring average has remained virtually flat. Average PGA Tour clubhead speed of 114.6 mph in 2022, was well below the 120 mph and proposed 127 mph testing conditions. The proposal of golf ball bifurcation is in many respects a solution in search of a problem.”

THE RESPONSE SO FAR-from the PGA of America is that they are still looking for more information. But don’t seem on board with the proposal so far. The PGA Tour has been quiet, with no official statement. The LPGA does not feel that distance has become a problem so far on it’s tour.

BRIDGESTONE GOLF-makers of the Bridgestone Golf ball have basically sided with the comments made by Titleist-Acushnet. CALLAWAY GOLF: offered no comment at this time, until they study the proposal further.

PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS both Justin Thomas on the PGA Tour and Bryson DeChambeau on the LIV Golf Tour both came out against changes that would hinder golf ball flight. Thomas speaking at the Valspar Championship at the Innisbrook Resort just North of Tampa. LIV Golf is playing out in Tucson Arizona.

ONE question remaining is who would make the golf ball. Because current major golf ball companies would have to spend money building a ball they could not sell. Why waste R&D time building a ball they would give free to their tour players.

So might the USGA and the R&A have to contract a company to make the new ball. So in the end, somebody is going to a get a bill for producing a ball they don’t want to make, and nobody is going to buy.

IT’S BEEN SUGGESTED that the golf ball companies “say no.” Then refuse to make any restricted ball. So if players can’t get a RFB (restricted flight ball) how could a tournament be played, unless the USGA and R&A gave the players the golf balls at the start of tournament week. Fan polls today-showed 70% of golf fans don’t want the players restricted.

***FROM RORY SPEARS** My view is that limiting the flight of a golf ball some 10-15 only forces the pro’s or top amateurs to hit one more club. Not really a big deal. Then the cost of building a new golf ball for limited use in certain events, is not worth the start up costs.

But it would be good to see the USGA and R&A produce a nice logoed championship golf ball, with the players favorite number on the ball. So here’s six dozen for the week, go play. It would be funny or not, to see local muni’s run a 4-man restricted flight ball scramble.

THE DEBATE here is first starting-let’s see how long it runs-RS.

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