THE MISTWOOD GOLF FITTING TEAM- Eric Russell (L) and Matt Carter (R) have the Mistwood club fitting operation ranked Top 100 in the country by a national publication. So with spring approaching now it’s time to get your clubs ready. New clubs, club repair, new grips. See Eric and Matt and visit or call (630)-739-7600.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. Swinging a Paradym Iron in the Mistwood Golf Dome.


When the golf equipment keeps getting better, there is reason to keep upgrading what’s in your bag.

***Last Week I underwent a club testing at the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook-under the eye of Mistwood fitter Matt Carter. One of my golf group Ryan Krebs of Chicago joined me in the fitting session, to under-go his own fitting of the Callaway Paradym golf clubs.

The story below is the results of what we found during that session, in the Mistwood Golf Dome located on Rt 53 in Bolingbrook.

(L) Matt Carter breaks down the numbers for me. (R) Ryan Krebs tests a new Callaway Paradym club.

In 2022 I got new clubs over the course of the year. I upgraded from my Callaway Mavericks, to the new Callaway Rogue ST’s. The process started with the Rogue ST driver and irons in March. Then I added Rogue ST fairways woods, that arrived in October.

I had held off getting fairway woods because the 5 year old Callaway Steelheads were still as good, or better than the new product Callaway was coming out with. Plus for me, from a visual standpoint, the higher-faced surface on the Steelheads, gave me more confidence giving the ball a real rip when hitting. But additionally, Trackman was still showing strong numbers for me with the Steelheads.

The new Callaway Paradym driver might be the best driver I have ever hit.

Finally that changed last year, when late in the summer, I decided to test my Steelheads against the Rogue ST fairway woods.

This time after wins against the Callaway Rogue’s-Epic Flashes, and the Mavericks, the Steelheads got beat. In fact pounded by Rogue ST fairway woods. I was surprised. So I made the switch.

My new Rogue ST fairway woods arrived in Mid-October just in time for a fall team event at Heritage Oaks in Northbrook. So after hitting a few range balls I put them in play. The results were mixed, the 5-Wood was really good, and the 3-Wood had mixed results. Which was probably due to my swing more than anything else. But I did head out that week to the recently renovated Settlers Hill in Batavia, where my two new fairway woods performed much better.

Ryan Krebs studies the numbers on the Trackman board, after hitting Callaway Paradym fairway woods.

The Rogue ST’s played even better in a early December round at Pine Meadow Golf Club in Mundelein.

Then during my winter golf trip around the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show. My Rogue’s were more effective, especially in 75-85 degree weather.

But all that being said, ever since I first saw and hit the Paradym’s. There was an interest in seeing if they worked for me. I was able to hit them before they were released, then again at a Callaway Day recently in the Mistwood Golf Dome. So I set up a testing time to see if their was much of a difference from the ST’s.

  vs        CLUB FITTING-some golfers hear the word “fitting” and think it means they have to buy new clubs. But you don’t. Even though some locations give you a better price on new clubs, if you purchase that day. Never be afraid to see how much more the new equipment gives you, over what’s currently in your bag.

My feeling is to look at it this way. Test your current clubs against what’s new before you buy. Because maybe it’s a case of just needing new grips. To get that feel you like back with a certain club.

But if the Trackman numbers tell you the latest and greatest on the market, is so much better than what you have. Then it’s time to make the change. Because ask yourself this question. Do you want to keep losing the bets, the club matches, having to buy the post round drinks. Watch the rest of your foursome get better, while your game stands still.

To the best of Carter’s memory, I was the first to come in with the 2022 version of Callaway Golf, maybe looking to upgrade to the 2023 Paradym’s.

CALLAWAY GOLF CEO CHIP BREWER tells me, he will not let Callaway release anything new. Until it’s a significant upgrade from what is currently out on the market. So I decided to put that theory to the test.

CARTER IMMEDIATELY found improvements to my numbers in distance. Both carry and roll-out. My dispersal patterns were even better, on the Paradym driver, fairway woods and irons. I do realize that everyone’s golf budget doesn’t allow for new clubs every year. But even if you bought last year, it might not be a bad idea to upgrade at least part of your bag, in 2023. I found Paradym to have a great new feel, while standing over the ball and getting ready to swing. They feel really good during the swing and-at impact.

My average gain was 10 yards of carry, with about 6 more yards of roll-out with Paradym. Likely in part due to a reduced spin rate. Plus I’m using range balls, that have been hit all winter in the dome. So a new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball, on a warm day, will add even better numbers.

Questions answered. New Paradym’s are ordered and will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Which is Callaway’s current turn around time for new orders. That’s not bad if you want new equipment for when the courses open around April 1.

CLICK HERE to hear the full interview with Mistwood Golf Club fitter & IPGA professional Matt Carter, and Ryan Krebs of Chicago on his Mistwood Golf and Callaway Paradym club fitting process.

RYAN’s numbers with Paradym were eye-popping. His current woods were the Callaway Epic Flash series, a few years old. So this summer he is looking forward to hitting it longer and straighter, with his new Paradym driver and 5-wood.

When it comes to Callaway Golf and the new Paradym equipment-what a difference a year makes.

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