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Bettinardi Queen B Putters are here.

The 2023-24 line of Queen B putters is here from Tinley Park Illinois based Bettinardi Golf.

You can pre-order the Queen B’s now.

But better yet, is that Bettinardi has introduced a line of new wedges (back to wedges in a bit), in addition to the NEW Studio B Reserve, and a special 100th win edition putter.

So much to pick from-so little time with the holidays approaching.

Bettinardi Studio B Reserve


The Studio B Reserve is a special production of a collection of putters taken to a higher level.

The group off putters will be released by Bettinardi in small batches. There will be altered face millings, finishes, necks, colors schemes and more.

Bettinardi calls it’s INOVAI 6.5 the headliner of the group that has flown the hive. Visit the website and see Long Neck BB1, a soft carbon QB8, and SS28 with a Flymill face milling.

HAPPY 100-Fred Couple won the SAS Championship on the PGA Tour Champions recently giving Bettinari it’s 100th win on tour.

The special edition 100th win putter.

WITH FRED COUPLES winning the SAS, it gave Bettinardi it’s 100th win.

So Bettinardi responded with a special edition small release (available now) batch of SS28 putters, done in a Gold Flame Finish.

The SS28 has a Welded Flow neck and a Floating FIT over Flymill face.

This special release also includes a commemorative blade headcover, that features 100-T-Hives stitched in golf thread on midnight black leather.

The 100th win custom head cover.

THE QUEEN B is ready to fly the hive.

Bettinardi calls the new Queen B Series something that pushes the boundaries in both beauty and craftsmanship. saying the companies most popular line of putters is continuing to evolve.

But the line is favored by golfers who want a fantastic finish, sharp contours, and heavier head weight.

The timeless 303 Stainless Steel line includes four models that have an all-new Caramel Copper PVD finish and a Mini-Honeycomb face milling. The 2023 Queen B line is Queen B 6-Queen B 11-Queen B 14- Queen B 15. But you can learn more at

The Bettinardi 5.0 HLX Forged Wedges.

ROBERT J. BETTINARDI has taken his line of wedges to a new level of splashing out of the sand, and getting some stoppage and lift in getting out of the rough.

THE NEW HLX 5.0 Wedges are not only here, but are ready to help the golfer succeed in any conditions.

Forged from Carbon Steel, the HLX 5.0 provides a softer feel wedge. Then add the High Helix Cut Grooves, and you have the softest forged wedge face to date.

The milling technique allows for more weight on the flange, this raises the center of gravity and helps allow for a lower trajectory flight of the ball. So this shot can improve your golf game.

Bettinardi products are of course-Made in the USA. Visit to learn more, and see the Bettinardi holiday gift guide. But orders need to be in by December 8th.

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