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THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. At the Drumlin putting Course at Erin Hills in Wisconsin. Photo by Rich Tock.


Along with par-3 courses, short courses, its that massive putting green, that’s now at some clubs or destination properties.

Erin Hills in Erin Wisconsin is no stranger to championship golf. They have hosted three USGA championships (including the 2017 U.S. Open won by Brooks Koepka), and will host two more, including the 2025 U.S. Women’s Open.

But the latest addition to Erin Hills other than some really neat beverages, is the Drumlin putting green.

The drumlin is a big putting green in fact it’s over 63,000 square feet. So big that tee boxes on the first hole were moved, to give the Drumlin all the space required.

But while the Drumlin is a putting green, it’s really more than that. It’s a green that allows golfers to have games between one another. The Drumlin is not a par-3 course. But plenty of golf can be played when you have a need for speed.

Erin Hills PGA Ambassador Rich Tock created much of what is the Drumlin, including the tee markers and cup flags.

There are plenty of humps and bumps in the Drumlin.

But the challenge for good putters, is to use a little more creativity on just how to attack every hole.

Because the holes move around, there is no regular distance for holes on any day. The scorecard comes with places to write in your score. But there are no regular score of par for any hole. Feel free to make up your own par for any routing you play.

The Drumlin putting course at Erin Hills.

The Drumlin is a big putting green, about 2 acres.

But it is a short course that allows golfers to create a short round, or fast round of golf.

So when you arrive at Erin Hills later in the day, with a tee time for the next day. The Drumlin is a great way to be ready for one of the six U.S. Open courses in the country that anyone can play. Erin Hills has created a few beverages of it’s own that are great to enjoy while playing the Drumlin. Yes it’s Wisconsin, and while in the Dairyland State, you must a have a beer.

GOOD NEWS is that’s not too early to start planning ahead for 2022, Visit and schedule your visit for next year. Where you take on the Drumlin, and enjoy another quick and fun putting round of golf.

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