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Tour Edge Hot Launch 522 series is here.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf.

GIVE YOUR GOLF GAME an Edge, with the new Tour Edge 522 Series, with Diamond Face 2.0, VIBCOR and HOUNDINI Technologies.

The new Tour Edge 522 series is now available as of October 1st. So what is 522 ?

The series is designed to work in Super-Game-Improvement, and Game Improvement club categories. Driver, fairway, hybrid, iron and wedge designs.

The “E” Series and the “C” Series come with new technology, created to help the amateur golfer enhance their golf game.

“This new approach that we first launched with Hot Launch 521 has led us to be one of the market leaders in Game-Improvement clubs,” said David Glod, President-Founder and Lead Designer of Tour Edge. “But the unbelievable demand and success of the 521 Series, let us know that we are headed down the correct path. By catering to the two player preferences in the ever-growing G.I. and S.G.I. segment of the market.”

The new Tour Edge C522 Driver.

The 522 series is the 6th version of the best-selling Hot Launch line. Because each version has increased the level of excellence, standard for the current release were extremely high.

HOT LAUNCH 522 adds improved technologies for the tour-preferred Exotics brand. Because the mix of Diamond Face 2.0, VIBRCOR, and the Houdini Sole, the 522 Series brings even more punch than the 521 series.

“This is a running upgrade over the 521 series,” says Glod.”We’re bringing as much technology to this line-up from Exotics that we can. This extends performance benefits to every golfer type, while satisfying demand for Game-Improvement clubs in the marketplace.”

The Tour Edge 522 Series Iron.

BECAUSE THE E-RANGE is a Spec-Super-Game-Improvement club, it features an extremely low Center of Gravity. So super-shallow faces, and offset designs with shorter shafts, help golfers get the ball in the air.

BUT THE C-RANGE with Spec Game-Improvement designs, bring a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI). These classic style shaped clubs sit square at address. They bring forgiveness, and power across the clubface.

A 522 Tour Edge Series wedge.

This new Hot Launch series, offers some of the best pricing to performance golf. But is also designed to be a leader price point golf equipment.

But more good news, is that the new Hot Launch 522 Series will be available in over 1,000 fitting locations.

RETAIL PRICES are $249.99 for both the E and C drivers. $159.99 for both the E and C fairway metals. $139.99 for the E and C hybrids. But while the C522 Irons will sell for $79.99 per iron, the E522 Irons retail at $99.99 per iron. E and C wedges are both prices at $89.99 per wedge.

But for more information, on lofts, grips, shafts and more. Please visit

Tour Edge Golf has become a major sponsor on the PGA Tour Champions. The new Tour Edge ad’s are running during champions tour events on the Golf Channel. The amount of players on the PGA Champions Tour using Tour Edge clubs are growing every month. Watch the best players over 50 in the world play Tour Edge, they are giving themselves are chance to win, why shouldn’t you give your game an edge.

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