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Architect Greg Martin driving, with Rory Spears in front and Len Ziehm in back-take the tour of Settlers Hill. Photo by Joy Sarver.


BUT YES the renovation by architect Greg Martin is still on-going. Because even though work started last fall, as Martin would say, “this project has a lot of moving parts.”

Martin is correct about that. Because when Settlers Hill reopens, likely in July of 2022, this golf facility will have plenty of new looks, and views. Much higher views.

Because while much of Kane County is somewhat flat terrain, the landfill that is Settlers Hill has plenty of elevation change. In fact over 150 feet of elevation change. Which is something golfers will notice once the course opens for play next year.

Welcome to Settlers Hill in Batavia.

Elevation isn’t the only thing that change when the course reopens. First on the tee is a new tee, that will be part of the new driving range. Since there was no range previously, this will be a great new addition.

But even more than the range, will be a new clubhouse. Because the course will open before the clubhouse is finished, expect things to reopen with check-in being in a temporary trailer.

The new driving range at Settlers Hill.

The current clubhouse, or barn, will remain. But it will be come more of a banquet area, or a place for junior golf, when the bad weather comes calling.

The new clubhouse won’t be large, but it will be strategically located between the range and the new first tee box.

What else is new. A few things. Martin has created a four hole short course, that will be a great practice area, and the home of junior golf on the property. This is located next to the current main entrance.

The sixth hole is a new par 3.

During the renovation Martin has created two new holes, both par 3’s.

The holes have been renumbered during the renovation, with the former second hole, now the first hole and so forth around the course. Because the former 1st hole, is now the 18th.

The new sixth hole is the first new par 3. Martin took the short downhill par 3, and moved it right off the old tee, and into the woods that have a creek running through it. This new scenic hole is one that golfers should enjoy. The 15th hole, is now a new par 3, that sits up high on the hill. The former par 3 16th hole, down the hill is gone. In it’s place is the new 16th, and it’s the old par 5 17th hole. But complete with some amazing new tee boxes up on top of Settlers Hill.

The par 5, 16th hole has new elevated tee’s from the highest elevation point in Kane County. 150 feet up from the entrance to the property.

As Martin continues to bring all the parts together over the next 10 months, and golfers see what the new Settlers Hill has become.

Expect demand to be high from golfers wanting to get out and play this old but new destination golf property.

Martin says that tree and brush removal has opened up views that golfers have not previously had at Settlers Hill.

But another thing that golfers will like, is the new playability they will have. Because some of the fairways that were as wide as bowling alley’s, have been widened by as much as 10 yards, on each side of the fairway.

CLICK HERE to hear the interview with Greg Martin, with Len Ziehm and Rory Spears.

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Greg Martin appears live on Golfers on Golf Radio this Saturday at 4:10-WCPT 820 Am.

When Settlers Hill reopens in 2022, and golfers can settle-in on Kane County’s biggest hill, they are going to enjoy this newly refurbished public golf course. Complete with some real elevation.

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