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THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation for Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Rory on the Gauntlet putting green at Streamsong Black.



So if you haven’t been to the Streamsong Resort in a while, or if you have never been at all. This year would be a great time to go.

Because the big news at Streamsong for 2021, is that the entire resort in now under new management.

So out with the old, and in with the new. Well kind of new actually. Northbrook Illinois based KemperSports Management, that has been running Streamsong’s golf since day-one, about 8 years ago. Is now doing more than that. KSM is now running the entire resort, which is a sign of improvement and a better guest experience going forward.

Because under the leadership of new General Manager Kevin Kennedy, who is already building a check-list of improvements. Guests will be enjoying their stay and play, even more in the weeks and months ahead. But more on that is in Part 1- of this feature.

HERE IN PART 2 is a recap on Streamsong Golf. Which is three championship golf courses, and one fun 7-hole short course called the Round-a-Bout. So do experience them all, they are quite worth it.

But while Streamsong offers 62 great holes of golf, one of the biggest questions is always, when is the next course getting built ? So for more details on that, do listen in on our interview with Director of Golf Scott Wilson (below).

But unless you have a physical handicap, you will be walking all of these links style courses. Because walking only is what they are, and fast and firm is the style of the of the day.

THE BBQ SHACK at the turn on the Red Course. Outstanding BBQ, that must be enjoyed. Do stop at the turn.

ONE OF THE THINGS that is really good about all of Streamsong’s courses, is the recently added halfway houses.

Because if you have not been on the Streamsong courses in a while. When you do return, you will enjoy these new places to eat, or to grab a cold beverage on a hot day.

ON THE RED COURSE. The BBQ Shack, is a really tops. You would think that course designers Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw that have a little Texas in them, probably handed over the inside track on how to make good barbeque. Pork sandwich, brisket or other, you can’t go wrong.

ON THE BLACK COURSE, the halfway house comes up quickly. After holes 2 and 9. It’s a more traditional place to eat, with hot dogs and wraps. I must admit the hot dog I had was pretty good. THE TACO SHACK, on the Blue Course is at the turn, and your choices are pretty darn good. But while there are plenty of options, it won’t hurt to just stay with the taco’s. I give them a 2-thumbs up.



While all of the resorts courses are very good, and debates have golfers ranking all the courses in different order. Tom Doak’s Blue Course, was the one that I enjoyed the most.

But some golfers have been more critical about the Blue, especially on the ratings of Doak’s greens. I didn’t find them too humpy and bumpy, but it helps to be on the right side of the hole.

Doak’s par 3 7th hole, might be one of the most photographed holes on the entire property. A great tee shot is needed, from an elevated tee box (recently expanded) over water. Because there is not much room to miss in any direction. A 3 is a good score here, take it and move on. Fairways are plenty wide, and the 18th hole is great to play as the sun sets behind you and reflects off the clubhouse behind the green. From a walking standpoint, it might be the easiest walk of the three championship courses.

THE BLACK COURSE by Gil Hanse (second favorite) is the most recently built course, of the three major courses at Streamsong. There is no shortage of sand, and, some will say that the Black Course has the most generous fairways. Because the first hole does allow golfers to spray it almost anywhere, and still have a great lie for a second shot.

The Par 5, 18th hole on the Black Course.

So birdie or par is never out of the question on the 1st hole of the Black Course.

The second hole probably has the trickiest green on the golf course. Because it’s elevated, it’s wide and it’s narrow. The green comes complete with a bit of false front, and a backside that runs balls off the surface.

But the collection area behind the second green, allows for an easy putt back onto the green near the flag. One of the most fun greens you will see anywhere, is the punchbowl 9th. Simply hit the green, and you likely will end up somewhere near the cup. At first the windmill behind the second and ninth green, looks like something you would find in Texas or Oklahoma. But it really fits the area where it stands. Smart golfers and caddies find ways to use it to their advantage. You should too, because the Black Course sits up higher on the resorts property, and on windy days you will feel it.

Red Course, Par 3 16th hole.

THE RED COURSE (Third Choice). This Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw design seems to have more water than on many of their other designs. Which can be good or bad.

But what the Red Course does have, is the best set of Par 3’s on the property. Because one thing that Bill and Ben do best, is the short par-3. So on the Red Course that hole is the 8th. Where the tips play at 145 yards. Most golfers play it at a less yardage than that, and a wedge will suffice on most days.

But once your on the back nine, golfers will enjoy both the par 3, 14th and 16th holes that are holes that look just great from the tee box. The challenge on Red is surviving the first three holes. So if you can do that, it does get better the rest of the way.

I do recommend taking a caddie, it allows you to enjoy the walk or stroll a little better. If you wish to pick your caddies, don’t be afraid to ask for ‘Big Country’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ both of them did me well and gave me enough information on every shot, which helped take guessing out of the equation.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW with Streamsong Director of Golf Scott Wilson.

THE FOURTH COURSE is the 7-hole short course called the Round-A-Bout. So perfect for when you want a quick round when time is limited.

Currently Streamsong is in a total upgrade program, courtesy of KemperSports. As 2021 progresses, expect the day-to-day operation to improve. All the way from arrival to departure. Then both on and off the golf course as well.

So when your ready to travel again, add Streamsong Resort to your bucket list, whether you have been there or not. Visit

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