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IF SOMEONE has ever told you to “Get A Grip” maybe they knew you are a golfer.

Because getting a grip, the proper and right fitting and feeling grip on your clubs, is almost as important as what clubs you play.

Getting fit for the right clubs has become very important in today’s golf world. Another part of the fitting process has become grips, and the shape, size and feel on the clubs you use can make a serious difference in your game.

Lamkin Square Top Grip

Lamkin is expanding it’s offering in it’s Grip Fitting System, and is introducing new changes in the Deep V STD & Mid Product line.

DEEP V features include, Accentuated pistol V shape to serve as a guide for consistent hand placement.

A thin Genesis rubber sleeve providing feel, traction and durability of rubber with the lightweight characteristic of polyurethane grips. Two new shapes called PistolClaw and SquareTop will compliment previous similar models. PistolClaw was created with the help of Justin Rose, who was one of the first in the early use of “claw putting and gripping style.”

Square Top has parallel sides and a square top, these grips add “down-the-line” stroke control. MAP at $24.99

The Lamkin Pistol Claw grip.

The Lamkin interactive Putter Grip Fitting System displays were delayed in 2020 due to the pandemic. As a result hundreds of units will be shipped into the US and Canada in early 2021.

At these locations golfers can switch a “click-on-grip”, that will allow players to test their styles on the spot.

Calibrate Sonar+Tour MAP ( $9.49) with Wrap Calibrate at ($8.49).

Lamkin will expand the Crossline series with a 360 Genesis Material Full Cord. This line was first created in partnership with Taylor Made, but is added as a Lamkin product in 2021.

The grip is made for players that want a smoother feel than cord grips, but like a higher level of surface traction.

Calibrate includes a ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate (MAP $10.49), ST, or Smooth Tack, which offers a smooth tacky surface, and a dual zone performance in a half cord grip design.

You can learn more about all of Lamkin’s ( company founded in Chicago) grips by visiting

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