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FLIP-FLOP yet another change of position by Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) on the state of golf in Illinois.

It’s the fourth change in 8 days. Now golfers and golf course owners are just as confused as Springfield.

Golf industry experts say one of the safest places you can be while outdoors is on a golf course right now. That is likely true.

There is some thought that all the beach front-lake front party-goers in the city yesterday, ruined it for everyone.

As a result of so many people out biking, running, or gathering in groups, having a picnic or just hanging out in big groups, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said “enough” and closed the Chicago lakefront down T,he police were there today, enjoying the best duty they have ever had. Standing around on the beach and lakefront telling those that showed up, “were closed”.

What golf courses everywhere in Illinois must do now.

So as of now golfers and everyone else are shut out of places they would like to be, and at times that includes work.

Another note in the golf world, was the date change of the Indianapolis 500. Which will now be raced on August 23rd, which coincides with the final round of the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields.

The NBC network is supposed to show both events. The Golf Channel is an option for the PGA Tour, or maybe the race ends early enough so the last 10-12 holes at the BMW, can get shifted back to NBC. Who knows.

As for me in case you were wondering. I have not played since the PGA Show trip, but was thinking about going out this week. Then after almost 4-5 inches of snow was in my backyard on Monday, I decided not to play. Yes the snow is gone, but the water from it is not.

Wet fairways, closed clubhouses, halfway houses, bathrooms, driving ranges, elevated cups, not touching the flag sticks, no ranks in bunkers, no tee markers on some courses, doesn’t seem much like golf. Unless your just testing a new club for a few holes. If courses were open, I’d have some short loops set-up like maybe 3 or 6 holes.

What I do sense is that Governor Pritzker better let some sort of re-opening happen come April 8th, or he will face a full revolt that goes well beyond the golf industry in Illinois. I’m sure if he needs a few more days after the 8th, like until the following Monday, people will suck-it-up and give it to him. But on the 13th or 14th of April, we should be ready to start swinging again, even if it comes in small steps, with restrictions.

I like the fact that President  Donald Trump (R) is hopeful to have some sense of normal by Easter on April 12th. But I’m not sure that is optimistic, and the president says he will listen to the medical experts. Let’s hope they are right. It would be real sad if by mid-summer we can look back on the Cornona-Virus days, as the big threat that turned into a big hoax.

So lets give the state another 11 days, and keep putting in the living room or the office and basement. I will, and lets hope our short games are all better when the courses reopen for good. Most of us could use some improvement on our short games.

RORY SPEARS-Director of Content and Creation/Golfers on Golf. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or Facebook and Linkedin.

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