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THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and twitter @GogBlogGuy and to the French Lick Resort home of the 2017 Sr. LPGA Championship coming this July.

(French Lick Ind.)

NO IT’S NOT tournament week yet for the brand new Sr. LPGA Championship at the French Lick Resort.But the FLR is a great pace to start the winter road trip.

The trips ends up in Florida at next weeks PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and then makes the rounds in a few southern states (golf rounds that is).

French Lick Resort doesn’t have it’s golf courses open on this 48 degree day here, but with this weekend expected to be close to 60 here, the resort might have to think about opening one of them. Around the 4th of July French Lick Resort is going to be a hot spot to be. The temperatures will be warm, but the tournament action from the Symetra Tour and LPGA Legends Tour should be exciting.

 The West Baden Hotel, Indiana’s very own Pete Dye and the famed Donald Ross have all made their mark on the town of French Lick, that at one time was better known for a basketball player who went on to have NBA fame. See

The French Lick Resort has a great old time Tom Bendelow course, yes that Tom Bendelow who made his name in Chicago building courses at Medinah. There is the Donald Ross course, named for the famed architect who created the course here that held the 1924 PGA Championship.

World Golf Hall of Fame architect Pete Dye Indiana’s very own designed the course here that carries his name. The Dye Course known for it’s views of up to 40 miles on clear days, is a challenge all golfers need to enjoy at least once in their career. Many that have played it, come back for a rematch at least once.

The resort will be bringing in the media before the new championship this summer for a look, I’ll be back then to take a closer look at the courses, that are a little cold and wet today.

French Lick resort is also known for it’s casino for those of you who want to play. It can be a great place to have some fun, who knows it might even fatten your wallet enough so you can enjoy a few meals on the house. Wink-Wink.

With that it’s off to Pinehurst to see Donald Ross, Payne Stewart and a few other people who enjoy the game. It will be in the mid-60’s and the courses, all 9 of them at the resort are open. So is the new sports bar Dueces right behind the 18th hole on course No.2. See You there…RS


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Do you remember when you used to spend your fourth of July week hanging out at places like Butler National or Cog Hill. Of course you do, they were fun times that we all hoped would never end. But they did.

The PGA Tour invented something called the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs, and before golf fans in Chicago knew it, fourth of July week and the Western Open became fall golf, and at times on chilly days in September.

156 players became only 70, there was no Monday qualifier at Village Links in Glen Ellyn, there wasn’t a local club pro or top amateur getting into the field. The championship was competing with local high school sports, Bears games, the NFL in general, baseball pennant drives, even Blackhawks training camp or pre season games. Tournament volunteers, many of them teachers were now back in school and not working the championship.

Yes, the Western Open sponsored by several companies over the years, had become the BMW Championship, which in addition doubles as the third round of the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs.

By all accounts from the good folks at the Western Golf Association (WGA), they say the BMW people have been great sponsors. They have donated plenty of cash to the Evans Scholars Foundation, and put a big number of caddies into college. When a touring pro makes a hole-in-one during the championship, bingo ! some lucky caddie has just won a full ride (not in a BMW) but to a college of his or her choosing. In spite of this, there are people at the WGA headquarters who miss the Western Open in July, and who can blame them.

I like BMW week here in September, when it’s actually here in September, which is every other year. (The out of town locations have been really good…but they are not here) This year the BMW Championship will drive into Lake Forest and Conway Farms (maybe for the last time) come mid-September. Next year it’s off to Philadelphia and then back in town to Medinah in 2019.

BUT NOW ALONG comes new PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, and he is doing some thinking about the PGA Tour schedule.

First up could be some tinkering with The Players Championship. The tournament was held in March for years, and has been recently moved to May. Now the debate is on about moving it back to March, so the PGA Championship has a window to move up from August to May. In my books this is a split decision.

I like the idea of having The Players back in March, at TPC Sawgrass while the tour is making it’s swing through Florida. It makes the players tune up their game before they go hunting for a green jacket at Augusta. The island green on 17 makes for good drama while some of us are still in the house keeping warm and looking out the windows at snow.

When the PGA Championship moved up last year to July because of the olympics, fans didn’t really like the idea of having the majors all done before August. Imagine now if the PGA goes to May, the idea of all the majors done by mid-July and all the majors on American soil in the books by Fathers Day, that just doesn’t work for me. Memo to Monahan, work with the PGA of America and keep the PGA in August.

SECOND MEMO to Monahan, bring back the Western Open.

Monahan says he and the tour are thinking about making the playoffs a three-event series instead of four. Okay if so, which event do you drop, or move. How about this.

You take BMW and move it and it’s smaller field to the Greenbrier Resort and let the players stay on the East Coast for the duration of the playoffs. New York-West Virginia and Atlanta, with Boston getting dropped. Or Boston- The Greenbrier and then the Tour Championship with the over used New York market missing the cut.

Chicago gets dropped from golf’s edition of the fall classics, and takes the Greenbrier dates at the 4th of July, so Greenbrier owner Jim Justice can fill up his resort in July with guests on holiday.

The Western Open returns with a new sponsor, and Chicago plays “pack-the-place” at courses than can hold 40-50,000 a day like Cog Hill, Olympia Fields, Medinah or Kemper Lakes. Those four clubs would make quite a rotation. Conway Farms is always a possibility, if they are not hosting a few other championships that could come their way.

EVEN BETTER, the players then have the option of driving right down Rt.88 to the John Deere Classic the following week. What an idea, pork-chop sandwiches for everyone.

IF THE PGA TOUR is going to drop a playoff tournament, or move things around. Why not let Chicago get the Western Open back during 4th of July week, those were the days. RS


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*****PRODUCT REVIEW*****                      By Editor Rory Spears

How many times have you played golf and run out of energy on the golf course, or had tired muscles that are sore after you play.

Well it’s time to put an end to that, and don’t let a tired and achy body stop you from playing two days in a row.

LOCK & LUBE with SwingOIL, used by Jason Day, and U.S. Sr. Open Champion Gene Sauers and many other players on various professional golf tours.

What is SwingOIL, it’s a supplement that can help golfers no matter when you take it. Before, during or after the round, you can drink SwingOIL and your body will feel the difference.

2015 PGA Champion Jason Day drinks a Lemon-Lime supply of SwingOIL.

I have had the pleasure of trying SwingOIL and it makes a difference. Now living up north and being in the middle of winter, I have not tried SwingOIL on the golf course yet, but that day is coming as I head towards the PGA Merchandise Show next week in Florida.

But I have drank SwingOIL on days where I was doing activites that can take a toll on your body, so I have to believe that SwingOIL makes a difference on the golf course.

I know I feel tired and sometimes sore after shoveling show, this year I drank SwingOIL before heading out to shovel and I still felt great long after being done and back inside my home. The extreme cold can wear you out. While doing work around my housing complex, that kept me outside for almost 30 minutes on a 6 degree day. I was able to come back inside, not feeling out of gas after drinking SwingOIL before I headed outside into the cold.

SwingOIL comes in three flavors, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Strawberry-Banana.

I’m sure there have been times where you eat or drink things because they are supposed to be healthy or good for you.

The problem is when those good things are not very good tasting, and you then have to weigh the benefits while dealing with an awful taste or after-taste in your mouth.

That is not a problem with SwingOIL, that currently comes in three flavors. All three flavors Lemon-lime, Strawberry Banana and Orange taste great. The 3 Ounce packages are easy to open and drink. The product tastes so good that you wish you were getting more than 3 Ounces. SwingOIL is only 45 calories.

When my test samples were delivered it was on a 10 degree day, the driver of the delivery service just left them on my front step and did not ring the the doorbell. About 30 minutes later I went online to track my order, and it read my package had been delivered. After walking out the front door I found the box and it took it inside. It was then I found out SwingOIL tastes great cold.

U.S. Sr. Open Champion Gene Sauers uses SwingOIL

From my taste testing I enjoyed Lemon-Lime the best, followed by Strawberry-Banana and then Orange, but Orange was also very good. I am hoping that SwingOIL comes out with more flavors in the months ahead.

Top rated golfer Jason Day makes SwingOIL part of his daily routine. This product will help your flexibility and your focus, there is no sudden energy crash a few hours after taking it.

If your energy is running low on the backnine, pass on the beer or soda and try SwingOIL. What makes SwingOIL so good. 1. Glucosamine 100mg and 2. Chondroitin 50mg, this is like getting an oil change for your body. 3. Turmeric 40mg. helps keep inflamtion under control. 4. Taurine 100mg when you need a sugar free pick me upon the back nine. 5. Citrulline Malate 100mg for when you want or need to play the next day. 6.Ginseng Extract 100mg for when you have to keep your focus. 7. Rhodiola Rosea Extract 50mg. helps leave the stress, back in the clubhouse.

Make your body and swing feel better, which in turn makes it easier to shoot the number your looking for. Enjoy the game, and enjoy it more often, by using SwingOIL. You will be glad you did. Visit for more details, or follow SwingOil on Facebook, and Twitter. Trusted for use on tour by Jason Day product ambassador and players on various golf tours, and by amateurs who just love to play golf.


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THE GOG BLOG, by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to the PGA Merchandsie Show in Orlando, on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

IT SHOULD BE AN AMAZING WEEK, it starts Wednesday as I make my way towards the French Lick Resort on Day 1 of the Florida and PGA Show trip.

I’ll be in Pinehurst by Thursday and I’m looking forward to Friday and a day with the President on Inuaguration Day.

No I’m not headed to Washington DC, but I’ll have some details on this coming up in the days ahead. By next week I’ll reunite with Flordia guy and BIG 3 partner Len Ziehm, who has settled into his new digs in sunny Port St. Lucie on the east coast of Florida, before heading to Orlando and the big show.

The Northern Illinois Golf Show this past weekend in Grayslake.

A SMALLER SHOW got off the ground this past weekend in Grayslake. The Northern Illinois Golf Show had a slow start but looks like it has potential to be something as the word spreads.

Joe Copeland and Gregg Tengerstrom who have been running the Tinley Park Golf Expo for 6 years, have brought the northern burbs a golf show like they produce in the south burbs.

Copeland explained to me that his team did 9 months of work in 9 weeks to get the show launched. With a full year to put together next years show, I think the NIGS can give the attendees more to look at. It was nice to see clubs like Kemper Lakes there already promoting the 2018 KPMG at Kemper Lakes (this year KPMG is played at Olympia Fields on the southside) I think this years KPMG will be promoted at the Tinley Park show.

THE CUBS are at the Whitehouse today with President Barack Obama, and President-Elect Donald Trump moves in on Friday. While they are on opposite sides of the fence from a political standpoint, one thing both men agree on is playing golf. That is a good thing for golf I believe.

What President Obama will do in golf after he leaves office will be interesting. Will he continue to try and pull together a proposed course on the Chicago lakefront, or just enjoy the finer clubs he can gain access to, mostly in California. Time will tell.

SOON TO BE President Donald Trump will not be actively running the golf properties that he owns while in office, his family will be over-seeing them. The Greatest Golfer of All-time Jack Nicklaus will attend the inauguration of President Trump on Friday, nice to see the A-List celebs coming out to launch Trumps 4 years in office.

According to new PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan, the Tour is already working with Trump Doral officials and sponsors about moving the tour back to Miami where it should be. The quick-knee jerk reaction to leave Miami last year came back to bite the tour on the backside, hopefully this mistake is soon corrected. There is nothing wrong with having a tour event in Mexico, but the tour should be back in Miami and at Doral regardless of who the owner is.

Tee markers on the Loop Course at Forest Dunes in Roscommon Michigan.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE courses in Michigan is Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon Michigan, about an hour southeast of Gaylord.

Forest Dunes continues to grow under owner Lew Thompson, and now the clubs second and third courses are open.

The second course called the LOOP, is really two courses in one. The Black routing runs clockwise and the Red routing is counter-clockwise. The club opens the course for play in one direction one day, and switches it the other direction the next day. I played both directions only two days after the course opened last June, I’d to try it again this year with it being grown in a little more. The Loop should be on your hit list for 2017, go play Forest Dunes and the Loop. A well deserved congratulations to Thompson and everyone at Forest Dune on getting named Best New Course You can Play by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

Chicagoland Golf Booth at the Chicago Golf Show

A tip of the cap or golf visor to Publisher Val Russell on getting Chicagoland Golf as the new program for this years Chicago Golf Show in Rosemont Feb. 24-26.

Unlike other editions of Chicagoland Golf this issue will not be a newspaper like edition but a full glossy edition to start the year.

I’m looking forward to the feedback from golfers and seeing if they would like to see Chicagoland Golf printed this way more in the future. I’m also hoping for more courses to support this issue and Chicagoland Golf as the year goes forward. There will plenty of great content and yes I am biased since I write for the publication. I have a full feature with Rich Harvest Farms owner Jerry Rich in the show edition about the NCAA Championships coming to Rich Harvest Farms this May.

This May at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove.

So if you have always wanted a final four here in the Chicago area, you will get three of them this year.

Sorry no hoops, but in hockey at the United Center in April, and then in golf for both the men and the women in May at RHF.

The NCAA Championships will be a great way to tee off tournament season here in the Chicago area, with  all the tournaments that are in town, and the U.S. Open up in Wisconsin. A rare Midwest visit, and only one in the next 10 years.

The Gog Blog returns tomorrow, with information on a new golf energy supplement that you really need to try. RS.


  MCQ’S DOME IN BOLINGBROOK is your place for indoor golf, horse racing and great food and drink. It’s also a Blackhawks Bar, see tonights game there vs the Minnesota Wild at 6 PM. McQ’s Dome is part of Mistwood Golf and McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood, see or call (630)-739-1592. The Schuamburg golf Club is now open for year round golf, try the simulators downstairs from the pro shop and Chandlers Chop House, or call (847)-885-9000 to make your tee time. Get your swing oiled by SwingOIL a golf energy supplement, used by Jason Day and many other top professional including U.S. Sr. Open Champion Gene Sauers, visit     ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to Forest Dunes and Around The Loop, on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy.

EDITOR’S NOTE*** For more information on the Loop and the Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon Michigan, visit BIG 3 Partner Len Ziehm at and read his story posted today.

I played the Loop courses in both directions, Red and Black as they just opened for business in late June. I was a bigger fan of the Black Course and found it to be more playable than the Red Course. From what I learned, I was not alone in my feelings, but with a little touch up by architect Tom Doak and his associates there is no reason that the Red Course can’t be as stellar as the Black routing is. Site lines and approach shots on the Black Course were both better in the courses opening days. That will change if it hasn’t already.

Welcome to Forest Dunes one of Michigan’s best golf facilities.

Forest Dunes already has a Top 100 golf course from it’s first design, done by Tom Weiskopf,

The clubhouse and lodge are fantastic and the new cottages are made for golfers just wanting to relax between rounds. Forest Dunes is what a golf destination should be.

Last summer rounds were restricted as the grass was still growing in, this year that should no longer be a problem. The Loop winning the Best new course honors from Golf Digest and Golf Magazine is very well deserved. RS

The 18th green on the Loop, serves as the 18th green for both courses.

Golf Digest and Golf Magazine have named the 18-hole reversible course designed by Tom Doak as the Best New Public Course You Can Play.

“This truly an honor to be recongnized by both of golf’s leading publications,” Forest Dunes owner Lew Thompson said.

“When we decided to build our next golf course, I wanted something industry changing, and yet fun for everyone. Tom Doak delivered by providing us some of his best work, and feedback by our guests has been tremendous. The genius of the concept is how it looks and plays completely different when you play the other direction.”

The only thing that is the same on the Black or Red design, is the Loop’s tee markers.

” I could just drive over from Traverse City in the morning and tinker with two different greens the same day, and still get home to sleep in my own bed,” smiled Doak. “So it all came together a lot faster than having to go to New Zealand and back. Even though we had to think two approach shots for every green.”

The Loop course is 36 holes built into 18, with it playing one direction one day, and the reverse way the next day. So golfers play the course as Black-clockwise and Red counter-clockwise.

“Tom’s reversible course concept changed our business model from a simple stop on the way to a single golf course, to a leading golf destination with a three-course experience different from anything else in the world right now,” said Thompson.

The Loop with it’s reversible design is walking only course and caddies are always an option. The course direction flips every day to the other direction.

Forest Dunes 3 courses, clubhouse, lodge and cottages are snuggled into over 1300 acres that make up part of the Huron National Forest. Chad Maveus who hails from the west suburban Chicago area and played college golf at Northern Illinois University is the properties general manager.

It’s believed that the Loop Course will not be the last course built at Forest Dunes, stay tuned for details on this emerging golf destination. Visit or follow Forest Dunes on Twitter @forestdunesgolf.


  BRENDAN SWEENEY in the French Lick Resort booth. French Lick Resort is the presenting sponsor for this years Chicago Golf Show Feb. 24-26 in Rosemont. This year Chicagoland Golf is the official show program for the Chicago Golf Show, it will come in a glossy issue, with story’s on golf news in Chicago for the year ahead. #2017. ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy With Paul Armitage GM at Le Golf National, in France.

THE PGA of America has named 2003 U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk the 2018 Captain of the Ryder Cup Team.

This announcement was made PGA President Paul Levy. The 2018 Ryder Cup matches will be contested from September 28-30, 2018 at the Le Golf National in Guyancourt, France. That is located near Paris France.

Furyk becomes the 28th U.S. Captain since the Ryder Cup began it’s competition in 1927.

The Ryder Cup

“For more than two decades, Jim Furyk has stood proud and tall on the American gold stage and we are thrilled to have him as our Ryder Cup Captain,” said Levy. “His accomplishments as a player are well known.”

Furyk 46, has now played on nine consecutive Ryder Cup teams, on the U.S. side only Phil Mickelson has played in more with 11.

“I am anxious to get started and recapture the momentum we enjoyed at Hazletine, both in the team room and on the golf course,” Furyk said. “It’s been a long time since we’ve won in Europe and I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Jim Furyk holds up his 59 scorecard at Conway Farms, Furyk has since shot a 58 on the PGA Tour and has now been named 2018 Team USA Ryder Cup Captain.

Thomas Bjorn 45, of Denmark was named 2018 Ryder Cup Captain for Team Europe in December.

Furyk has been a part of three winning Ryder Cup efforts as part of Team USA, in 2016 as a Vice Captain.

Furyk has won 17 times on the PGA Tour, and has played in seven Presidents Cups, and was a Captain’s Assistant in 2015.

Furyk went on to thank 2012 and 2016 USA Captain Davis Love III and the PGA Ryder Cup committee for having faith in him to lead the 2018 team. Furyk’s first act as Captain was to name Love III as one of his Vice Captains.

“I’ve said many times that the Ryder Cup is part of my DNA, so this opportunity was a privilege and honor to accept. This is a special moment for my family,” said Furyk.

***Enjoy indoor golf McQ’s Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, operated in conjunction with Mistwood Golf, see *** Golf Year Round at the Schaumburg Golf Club 401 N. Roselle Road in Schaumburg in the new simulators. ***


    THE LONG PUTT CONTEST is back. So is the main stage. The Chicago Golf Show presented by the French Lick Resort hosting the new Sr. LPGA Championship coming this July. ( Feb. 24-26 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center is the dates for your tee time at the Chicago Golf Show, mark it down right now #golfshow.       ______________________________________________________________________


   The Illinois PGA Free Lesson area, get some tips from the pro’s. During the show stop and visit the McQ’s and Mistwood both, McQ’s Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, online see

  CHICAGOLAND GOLF MAGAZINE the booth at the Chicago Golf Show (L), Brendan Sweeney at the French Lick Resort booth, this years Chicago Golf Show’s presenting sponsor.

CHICAGOLAND GOLF MAGAZINE and the 2017 Chicago Golf Show are introducing a new 4-color glossy magazine-style show program, this presented by Chicagoland Golf the area’s most popular local golf publication.

This new program will have several articles about the upcomihg Chicago area golf season, including the U.S. Open, the Women’s PGA Championship, BMW Championship, the Rust-Oleum Championship and the Western Amateur.

“The Chicago Golf Show is excited to collaborate with Chicagoland Golf to produce a high-quality show program aimed at giving attendees, exhibitors and other advertisers an opportunity to get together in print the way they do on the Golf Show exhibit floor,” said show operator Tom Corcoran. “Chicagoland Golf has been producing an excellent publication since 1989 and we know it will do a great job with our show issue.”

This special editon is available by mail, or picking it up on the show floor during show. It will be found at golf retailers and golf courses in the spring according to publisher Val Russell.

“We are going to produce 40,000 high-end glossy magazines with 40 percent editoral content that will be valuable to golfers and golf advertisers,” Russell said. “On the editorial side, it will be produced by the same great editors and writers who are responsible for our publication during the heart of golf season.”

Anyone wishing to advertise in this edition or other editions through out 2017 should contact Val Russell at (847)-683-4770 or

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory to the Schuamburg Golf Club and it’s new simulators, or on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy

The publication wil include an exhibitor show map that will be handy for show attendees. Over the last five years the show has drawn over 15,000 people to the convention center.

In some recent years, the show has drawn at least 20,000 people with most of them being avid golfers.

French Lick Resort the show’s presenting sponsor, was just ranked among the “Best Resorts” in the America’s by Golf Digest Magazine.

In each edition of Chicagoland Golf look for the “Spears on Golf” column. In the CGS edition, see our story on the NCAA Championships coming this May to Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove.


           THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Follow Rory to McQ’s Dome in Bolingbrook on Rt. 53 or to Schaumburg Golf Club on Roselle Road in Schaumburg. McQ’s Dome is full size golf dome, complete with a full restaurant and bar in the front, and an OTB to play the horses on the side. McQ’s is an official Blackhawks bar so watch tonight’s Redwings Blackhawks game at McQ’s puck drop is 7:30, see or call McQs at (630)-739-1592. SCHAUMBURG GOLF CLUB is now a year round golf faciltiy, no your not outside during the winter months, but indoors with new state of the art simulators. Play as a single, with a group on Top 100 courses, get a lesson or a fitting, while enjoying food from Chandlers Chop House. or (847)-885-9000.  The GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter #GogBlogGuy, and to Chicago’s winter golf shows.     _____________________________________________________________________

Gary Planos, the Mayor of Maui and the man who coined the phrase, what can I do for you, was remembered at Kapalua this past week.

As someone who made about 8 or 9 trips to Kapalua Maui, it was sad to hear last year of the passing of Gary Planos, the Evanston native and U of I grad and Evans Scholar who was one of those guys who was fun to be around.

His common phrase of what can I do for you, will never be forgotten. Sometimes in life you think back at times that you think of as the “good old days”, I know my trips to Maui were those good old days.

A solid week away from Chicago winter weather and the warmth of golf, the beach, the pool, open air restaurants and more. 85 degree weather, while Chicago was cold and snowy. It wasn’t hard to see why Planos after he went to Hawaii, stayed there for the rest of his life. One that did not last long enough.

The PGA Tour made sure he was not forgotten as Gary’s golf bag was beside the practice tee and the first tee during the Tournament of Champions this past week at Kapalua, a place that Planos put on the map. Odd’s are if you were from Chicago and were wearing the Kapalua butterfly logo around, you knew Planos. At times it seemed like everyone did. Hawaii of Kapalua does not seem the same without him.

Justin Thomas won the championship and earned a return to Kapalua in 2018, Thomas defeated Hideki Matsuyama by three shots. The two golfers have won six straight tournaments around the world.

Mike Jones at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington PA.

KAPALUA has had a second departure, Mike Jones the former IPGA professional who had stints at Stonebridge CC, Steeplechase, Golf Club of Illinois, Thunderhawk and Cantigny before heading to Maui for 8 years, is now back on the mainland. Jones has landed at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the mountains south of Pittsburgh, in a town called Farmington PA.

This summer the resort will expand to 36 holes with the opening of Shepherd’s Rock another Pete Dye designed golf course. Look for it to open around July 1st, for more details see

GOLF SHOW..the first Chicago indoor golf show of the year will be this weekend at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake. Doors open on Friday at noon for $5. This new Lake County Show is brought to you by the Tinley Park show ownership group. No word yet on how big it will be in terms of vendors and golf course turnout.

MORE NEXT WEEK on the inauguration of the president, our new president and golf course owner. Many in the industry wondering what his impact as president will have on the golf industry. The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus has announced he will attend the inuaguration for President-Elect Donald Trump.

WEDDING’S in 2017 for Rory McIlroy to Erica Stoll coming up right after the Masters, and to Sergio Garcia and former Golf Channel reporter Angela Akins, date 2017 TBA.

Jim Furyk holds up his 59 scorecard at Conway Farms

JIM FURYK is expected to be named the captain of the 2018 Team USA Ryder Cup team.

Thomas Bjorn is expected to be named captain of the 2018 European Ryder Cup team.

The matches will be contested near Paris France at the Le Golf National golf links. The course has been designed with the Ryder Cup in mind and has been created with stadium like seating to hold the large crowds that area expected. The course is part of a resort and is open for public play. The 2020 Ryder Cup is at Whistling Straits in Haven/Kohler Wisconsin and the 2024 Ryder Cup will be held at Bethpage Black on Long Island in New York, both of those courses are open for public play.

The barn on the range at Cog Hill.

THE ESKIMO OPEN was played at Cog Hill this past Sunday, on a sunny day with the temperatures in the mid-20’s.

92 players turned out in the cold to play in the 54th Eskimo Open. The Gross winner on Course #1 was Ajay Singh with a 75.

The Gross winner on Course #3 was Bob Doe with a 78 in a playoff. The Net Division with courses 1 & 3 combined was Bill Bush. Well done by all the golfers who turned out to play.

THE American Society Golf Course Architects will honor Alice Dye, wife of Pete Dye with the 2017 Donald Ross Award at it’s annual meetin in May, in Jupiter Florida.

ADIDAS has become the official supplier of shoe and apparel for the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), as Nike continues to fade from golf.

THE NEW PGA TOUR COMMISSIONER JAY MONAHAN held court with the media at Kapalua, discussing the PGA Tour as moves forward under Monahan. He brought up moving the Players Championship at TPC Sawgras back to March, and reducing the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs to three events, if so who loses out… Chicago. If so can we bring back the Western Open, and let’s play in July again.

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 SwingOIL, it’s an energy supplement used by Jason Day and many PGA Tour and Champions Tour members, it’s available in three great tasting flavors, for more on how SwingOIL can help you, see McQ’s Chicago’s premier golf dome has you covered for the winter indoor golf season. Golf, OTB and fine food and drink in the restaurant or the new drink and hotdog bar in the dome by the tee-line. ______________________________________________________________________

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THE GOLF SHOW SEASON in the Chicago area is now less than a week away.

That’s because the first-eve Northern Illinois Golf Expo will tee off on Friday January 13 and run the 14th and 15th as well.

The show is sponsored by the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and 97.1 the Drive. The show will have courses, resorts and plenty of golf equipment on hand.

“This new event allows for golfers in the north and northwest suburbs to get a break from the dreary winter and get a head start on the season, a chance to upgrade equipment and start tuning up their golf swings,” said Joe Copeland and Gregg Tengerstrom, co-owners of the Tenco Events, that also operates the six-year old Tinley Park Golf Show in the sothwest suburbs in February.”

There will be specials and expo-only discounts on equipment, and golf at local and regional courses and resorts. There is free one-on-one golf instruction will be available for attendees of all ages. Kids will have a skills challenge put on by the First Tee of Greater Chicago.

Show patrons will be offered chances to participate in giveaways and contests. Once you enter the show, patrons receive $25 golf vouchers for use on by the PGA Tour. The grand prize of the show will be a ProX Plus indoor golf simulator from P3 ProSwing. There will be giveaways for free golf, equipment and more.

If your looking for contests the will be Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, and Long Putt Contests to win golf equipment from Callaway Golf.

Show hours are Noon to 7 PM on Friday the 13th, 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturday the 14th, and Sunday Jan. 15th from 9 AM to 4 PM. Admission tickets can be purchased at the Lake County Fairgrounds on all three show days for $5 on Friday, or $10 dollars on Saturday or Sunday.

Before the event online at Children under 12 with a paid adult are Free, active military are free and parking is Free.


  The Schaumburg Golf Club and Chandlers Chop House in the clubhouse is the place to be now, all year round. Complete with the newest in golf simulators the SGC is ready to take your game to the next level, and fun off the course as well. or you can call (847)-885-9000. By Rory Spears Editor and Director of Content for Golfers on Golf, follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy in the simulator at Schaumburg GC, with Titleist 917 Driver. Schaumburg Golf Club 401 N. Roselle Rd.   ______________________________________________________________________

  THE SENTIO PUTTER prepares for 2017 and will have a booth at the upcoming PGA show in Orlando. Booth #2088

“After the tremendous response we received last year with our prototypes, we devoted much of 2016 to perfecting the manufacturing process that makes our patented technology possible,” says Jim Varney, Sentio Golf President. “Now with the recent launch in September of our Sierra 101 and Century Edition lines, we are excited to be back here in front of thousands of golf professionals, club fitters and buyers with the ability to fulfill orders immediately.”

The Sentio Putter has a patented floating face construction that seperates a metal face and body with an insert-molded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) polymer core. The Sierra 101 line of blade putters come in Soft, Medium and Firm models, that allows golfers to play a club to their feel in the conditions they face.

Sentio Golf Putters have earned high reviews through out the industry in the previous year. will have more on Sentio Putters from the PGA Merchandise Show. later this month.