16-NCAA-0909_Flyer 1_7x5ppa_footer-ds GET YOUR TICKETS NOW for the 2017 NCAA Championships at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove. Two great weeks of golf as both the Men and Women battle for the national title, visit If your putting needs work, why not try the best putting aid on the market, the Perfect Putting Aid by Chad Johansen. It’s used by over 100 PGA Tour players including the reigning open champions.    _____________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy with the new Titleist 917 Driver at the Schaumburg Golf Club.

Each year there are new products on the market for golfers to try, the USGA receives many requests to approve new clubs, balls and shoes. These products have to fit USGA standards before they get approval to be on the market.

One of the latest products to get approval and hit the golf market is the new Sentio Putters.

If you haven’t heard of Sentio you soon will as their popularity spreads across the country. Sentio is making a name quickly and they have only been on the market a few months this year. The company is just starting to ramp up their promotion of the putter line.


Sentio Putters come in different colors depending the firmness you want.

Launched on September 20th Sentio Putters are catching the eyes of golfers everywhere.

It’s catching the eye of those in the golf media and those running various club contests.

President and CEO Jim Varney is very pleased with the initial response the putters have received.

The patented “Dynamic Response” technology isolates the entire face with a dampening polymer core, providing intuitive distance control and exceptional feel. Where does the exceptional feel come from, besides the insert in the middle of the putter that creates a new kind of feel though the putting stroke.

According to Varney and Sentio it comes from the different styles of putters Sentio has created, and the different styles are color coded. (See picture above).


Sentio Putters front-back and side.

The color coding is so golfers get the fit and feel they personally want. There is no one size, one weight, one length fits all plan with Sentio.

The new Sierra 101 is made in three different models, this allows golfers to color code their putter to the type of courses that they play most often.

GREEN/SOFT, this design is made with a Buttery-soft core, it’s a natural for those who are used to playing with a putter that has an insert, or putt on fast greens.

RED/MEDIUM a middle-feel design for playing greens that are not to fast and or not to slow or too soft.

BLUE/FIRM is designed for golfers who play slow greens on a regular basis, and require a more solid feel.

Click here to hear our interview with Sentio Golf CEO Jim Varney.

Golfers on Golf will have more on Sentio Putters after our hands on review is complete. For more information see

Golfers on Golf will have more on Chicago area locations that sell Sentio Putters when this become available, Sentio hopes to have some local Chicago area partners in the short future.


kohler-ornament-bwr-logoDSC07246 Nemacolin DS HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS of Kohler Golf by Cassy Tully see The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort will be opening it’s second Pete Dye Designed Golf Course on July 1 of 2017. 36 holes open for play, see Farmington PA. _____________________________________________________________________

DSC06570 Rory at BWR 3 DS

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. At the Blackwolf Run Clubhouse.

The PGA of America recent held it’s 100th PGA Annual Meeting in New York.

During those meetings Paul Levy of Indian Wells, California was elected the 40th President of the PGA of America.

Prior to being president he served as vice president and secretary. Levy is the CEO and General Manager of the Toscana Country Club.

Suzy Whaley moved up from secretary to vice president. Whaley is the Director of Suzy Whaley Golf in Cromwell Connecticut.

Entering the chain of officers in the secretary position is Jim Richerson the General Manager and Group Director  of Golf At Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run in Wisconsin. Richerson has previously served on the PGA Board of Directors.


Jim Richerson heads up the golf team at Kohler Company.

Richerson manages the day-to-day golf business for Kohler Company.

As a previous member of the PGA’s Board of Directors, he was part of the PGA Budget Committee, Investment Committee and as Chair of the Golf Properties Committee.

In 2013 and 2016 Richerson was named the Wisconsin PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year. In other years Richerson was named the PGA of Wisconsin Sections Horton Smith and Bill Strausbaugh awards.

Richerson’s career has moved him around the country, and he has worked with top PGA professionals in nine sections. He will oversee Kohler’s preparation’s for the 2020 Ryder Cup matches that will be contested at Whistling Straits.

For more information on the PGA and it’s officers and board of directors visit

All of us at Golfers on Golf congratulate Jim Richerson on his appointment as National Secretary of the PGA of America. Golf is in better place as a result.


2016tickets_altdesign-1-oakmont-dsmentix-2014-pinehurst-ds  WHO NEEDS 2, or more tickets for the U.S. Open. The 2017 U.S. Open makes a rare Midwest appearance at Erin Hills in Wisconsin. The U.S. Open will NOT be back in the Midwest area for at least 10 years. To purchase tickets today see       ______________________________________________________________________

DSC04422 Rory with Sweet 16 trophy DS

THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With the Western Amateur Sweet 16 trophy at Rich Harvest Farms

The national championships of the NCAA and the Final Four are coming to Sugar Grove and to Jerry Rich’s, Rich Harvest Farms in 2017.

This is your chance to see the best golf teams in the county battle it out for the national championship.

Have you ever seen a final four in person, well here is your chance and there is plenty of tickets available right now. But don’t wait until the last minute and take a chance of the event selling out.

Golfers from both the men and the women’s championships will likely play on the PGA and LPGA tours in just a few years, see some of them in their days as an amateur player. Currently the University of Illinois Men’s team is #1 in the country and the Northwestern Women’s team is highly ranked as well.

Some of the other top schools expected to be in the championships are USC, Texas, California, Arizona State, Duke, Oklahoma State, Oregon and Stanford.

Click here to hear the interview with Rich Harvest Farms owner Jerry Rich on hosting the NCAA National Championships.

The dates of the two championships are May 19-24 for the Women, and May 26-31 for the Men.

Applications are being accepted for volunteers, and for tickets please visit the championship is hosted by Northern Illinois University.

img_1371-ncaa-trophy-2-ds16-NCAA-0909_Flyer 1_7x5             The NCAA national championship trophy (L) and ticket information for both weeks (R).    Hosted by NIU at Rich Harvest Farms.


kohler-ornament-ws-logowp-logo-stacked-bk-hr-ds Golf Ornaments with a Kohler theme via artist Cassy Tully while they last, see for details and information. White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville has 36 holes, still open and a fun 37th. Book your holiday parties now at    ______________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on facebook, linkedin and twitter @gogblogguy. On the 7th green at Mt. Prospect Golf Club.

It’s Mid-November so it’s that time of year, holiday shopping will be coming on Black Friday in less than two weeks.

Some people will start before then to beat the rush, and will be ordering online.

Based on popular demand, I have decided to write again about shopping for yourself, or for the golfer or golfers in your life.

If your shopping for the members of your regular foursome, you probably have them figured out. Player A losses a lot fo golf balls, so get him or her some. Player B needs something other than his 2002 Western Open golf shirt to wear every weekend. Player C can’t make a putt inside of two feet and really needs a new putter. Player D needs a gift card for a free round of golf because they are always complaining about how much it costs to play.

But if your golf gift ideas don’t come that easy, here is the way to do it. Save yourself some time or money now and get it right the first time.


Kohler Golf holiday ornaments created by Artist Cassy Tully, see

When it comes to golf there are plenty of ways to go. There are options in golf clubs, balls, bags, towels, head covers, bag tags, pull or push carts, ball retriever, practice alignment sticks, the famous Perfect Putting Aid by Chad Johansen, golf lessons, golf outerwear in terms of jackets, pullovers, shorts, shirts, hats, caps, gloves, socks, slacks, rounds of golf, or credit toward that golf getaway or golf trip of a life time.

Even that gift card for the Friday night Fish Fry at the club is not a bad deal.

Many of the above products are or will be available with Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions logo’s on them. The perfect way to get two things with one gift out of the way. One thing you get now for next year, that likely you could not get for the World Series is tickets.


The NCAA trophy

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s national championships will be contested next May in 2017 at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove in back to back weeks.

Tickets to go all week or just one day, or to wait until it’s down to the Final Four, are on sale NOW on line at

If you attend this event you will have so much fun that you will then want to attend the 2017 US Open at Erin Hills. Yes the U.S. Open makes a rare Midwest appearance next June at Erin Hills. Tickets at

Tickets will soon be on sale for other area tournaments such as the KPMG/PGA/LPGA championship at Olympia Fields for late June. In July tickets for the John Deere Classic, in September the BMW Championship returns to Conway Farms in Lake Forest.

NEXT WEEK on The Golf Channel the winner of the Wilson Sporting Goods contest of Driver vs Driver will be announced, the winning driver will be on sale as of black Friday. Wilson rep and PGA Tour player Kevin Streelman will have one in his bag when he starts play on the PGA Tour in 2017.

WAY TO SHOP… DO NOT just go buy clubs off the rack and give them to someone, especially an established regular player. Make sure they are properly fitting for the club before buying them, it will help them hit the ball longer and straighter. Golfers might prefer to play only a certain brand. Getting your golfer fitted before buying clubs, is like going to the tailor before you buy the suit.


The NEW Titleist 917 Driver, now in the pro shops and retail stores.

It doesn’t matter what kind of clubs you are buying, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Hybrids, or Putters, get fitted first.

A few of the major companies now have ball fittings as well. Golfers can be fussy about what type of ball they play, but them the right brand and type, you will be glad you did. How to know what they play, look in their bag, odds are it’s the type you see several off in the ball pocket.

As far as golf bags go, it can be the same thing as golf wear products. Some people need a certain size to carry or travel with, some want a certain company or golf course or resort logo on the product. try to find out where he or she likes to play.


The Perfect Putting Aid, by Chad Johansen.

Putting or swing aids are another option, as most but not all golfers do like to practice.

The best putting aid I have seen in over 30 years in the golf business is the Perfect Putting Aid by Chad Johansen, the head professional and GM at Blackberry Oaks in west suburban Bristol. The PPA is used by over 100 PGA Tour players, that should tell you something right there. Johansen has also created the Guide for Golf, a way to take the lesson you need, when you need it, see or

Clothes, just check on sizes and go from there. Some brands are better than others, and make sure you get something they can wear while trying to swing, on hot, cold, rainy or windy days.

Does your golfer need to getaway, for a destination trip. Gift card or book the trip, if you don’t play make sure that gift card to the golf resort, includes a shopping spree or spa visit for you.

Pictures, posters or golf paintings is another option. For example golf artist Cassy Tully in Wisconsin has golf art from Kohler and some other name golf properties. See

Some golfers can enjoy food and beverage before during or after golf. Make sure he or she has her favorite golf wine, beer, cigars, a can of Arnold Palmer (iced tea/lemonade), or Jack Nicklaus ice cream now in 14 flavors.

Golf books are out on the market in numbers, getting your golfer the right book is a good idea, if you order soon enough sometimes you can get them autographed by the author.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS on how to shop for yourself or your favorite golfer, contact me via Rory Spears on Facebook, Linkedin and or Twitter @gogblogguy. Make your favorite golfer or golfers holiday one to remember. RS


447829_v2-titleist-917-driverswp-logo-stacked-bk-hr-ds  THE NEW TITLEIST 917 DRIVER Now on the market and in the pro shops and retail golf stores, see White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville 36 holes on the course and a 37th in the clubhouse, see Book Holiday Parties Now ______________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on facebook, linkedin and twitter @GogBlogGuy. With Artist Cassy Tully at the Ryder Cup.

THE GOG BLOG’S Sunday Morning Short Game is back for November.

Keeping up with golf news as we towards the end of the outdoor golf season, and prepare to go into the domes, and other places to play some indoor golf.

Are you ready for new equipment, where there is some on the market, and some coming soon. Like the new driver by Wilson Sports, that be released on Black Friday. The new driver will be the winner of the Driver vs Driver contest being shown on the Golf Channel.

Now on the market is the new Titleist 917 Driver that is getting rave reviews for it’s distance and control, go hit a new 917 before you purchase any driver in this off season.

If your starting to think holidays there are plenty of options out there for you, and I encourage you to pass around the proper shopping instructions to friends ans family so they don’t waste time buying you the wrong things, so you end up returning them after the holidays. Our column holiday shopping comes out tomorrow.

kohler-ornament-bwr-logokohler-ornament-ws-clubhousekohler-ornament-ws-logo  NEED HOLIDAY GOLF ORNAMENTS well Kohler area artist Cassy Tully has created her 2016 line of golf ornaments, if you enjoy Kohler and the four championship Pete Dye courses, see her holiday designs at Several options to pick from.

ILLINOIS MEN’S GOLF continues on a roll. Mike Small’s team recently competed in the East Lake Cup Challenge, shown live on The Golf Channel. After knocking off Texas, Illinois beat Oregon for the title, these wins should put Illinois back at #1 after falling to #2 in a couple of polls.

RECRUITING FRONT, Small has landed a couple of Blue Chippers to add to his team in 2017. First up is Brendan O’Reilly who plays his high school golf at Hinsdale Central, where he just won the 3A Individual title and helped his team to their fourth straight team title. Varun Chopra from Urbana High School will also join the Illini in 2017, after a fourth place finish in 2016 at the 1A high school level. Varun was second in state in 2015.

0319-headerLinks Captial Advisors

Links Capital Advisors and Principal Chris Charnas are ready to help you sell or purchase your current or next golf property.

LCA is now announcing that the Antioch Golf Club is on the market, with an asking price of high six figures. In California the Pacific Golf Centers in Santa Cruz are for sale for a low six-figure number. Contact Chris on these two golf properties at (847)-866-7192.

DSC04507 the deere and me pic 2 DS

Standing at the Deer of the TPC Deere Run Golf Links, home of the John Deere Classic.

The 2016 John Deere Classic has raised a record amount of of money for charity, through it’s Birdie for Charity program.

This year the championship raised a record $10.5 million dollars, that will benefit 491 local charities in the Quad Cities area.

This amount breaks the previous record set in 2015, that was a figure of $8.73 million.

“Everyone associated with the John Deere Classic is extremely proud and appreciative that individual donors, companies and family foundations stepped up in a big way to make this year’s charitable contribution by far the largest in tournament history,” said JDC tournament director Clair Peterson.

This amount brought the all time total raised to $81.3 million dollars.

Jim Richerson with Derek Sprague PGA

Former PGA President Derek Sprague presents an award to Kohlers Jim Richerson for the 2015 PGA Championship.

Kohler Company’s Director of Golf Jim Richerson was named the new national secretary of the of the PGA of America, at the annual meeting of the association in New York City on Friday afternoon.

Richerson will then start moving up the chain of officers and will be the President of the PGA of America in just a couple of years.

Richerson with the support of the Kohler family and Kohler Company has made the resort one of the top golf destinations in the world. Whistling Straits will hold the 2020 Ryder Cup matches as the resorts next major golf event. For more information on the American Club and Kohler golf, see It’s not to late to cuddle up in Kohler for 2016.

The Gog Blog Returns on Monday. RS


DSC06644 trump national 2017 DSdsc07703-sgc-simulators-ds  2017 Senior PGA Championship to be played at Trump National D.C., The new simulators at the Schaumburg Golf Club, see (847)-885-9000.       _____________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With former U..S and British Open Champion Johnny Miller at the WGA Black Tie dinner.

When Donald Trump won the United States Presidential election to become the 45th president of the United States, golf and politics ended up on the same path and bridge together.


I can not prove it has never happened before, but it’s believed when Donald Trump takes the oath of President on Jan. 20th, 2017, he will become the first golf course owner to also be our president.

A very interesting concept. It’s said that if you really want to get to know somebody, spend four hours with them on a golf course. Mr. President, got a spare four hours anytime soon, let’s go play. Meet you in Miami at Trump National Doral, I always enjoy a day on the Blue Monster (picture below).


Hitting it Long and Far on the Blue Monster’s 18th hole.

In recent years as businessman Donald Trump bought up more golf courses, the sport of golf and Trump have been joined at the hip.

Trump has wasted little time improving the golf properties he has acquired. That being said, he has improved the green fees to rates that many golfers don’t appreciate. Big clubhouses, flashy bunkers and waterfalls behind greens. Some of this is not really needed

Those rates are not ones that keep golfers coming back, over and over again. It would be nice to think that in honor of his election win, that his courses could have a day where green fees are only $20.16. Maybe one day next year in honor of the year he takes office, there could be a green fee day of just $20.17 per round.

My experience on the Blue Monster at Doral was good, Trump picked a great architect in Gil Hanse to redo the course, and Trump added a caddie program for those who wanted to walk the monster, and to create jobs at his resort.

While at Doral I learned Trump has been on the property that day before, the day before that I saw him at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. I wish he would talk again this year, but it appears he will be a little busy that week. At Doral the day before I arrived he was busy checking out the renovations that were on-going. Running around looking at the new villa’s, restaurant, pool and clubhouse. He had an investment there and he was paying strong attention to detail. I’ll hope that continues.

Trump courses had been scheduled to host three major tournaments in 2017. Now it’s two. First up the PGA Tour should be embarrassed for taking a tournament out of the USA and moving it to Mexico, that should never happen regardless of what the sponsor in this case Cadillac does. The car company now has some egg on it’s face, as it’s most popular demographic turned out in force for the president elect. Now the Blue Monster at Doral will not have a PGA Tour event next March for the first time in decades. That is sad.

Better news is on tap for the PGA of America and the Unites States Golf Association (USGA). Neither organization bowed to some misguided pressure to move tournaments away from Trump courses.

Those events will now be among the biggest on the calendar in 2017, with fans and players wondering if the president himself will show up. The Sr. PGA Championship will be played at Trump National DC in May, and the USGA U.S. Women’s Open at Trump National at Bedminster in New Jersey come July.

Trumps courses and other businesses will be run by his children according to those close to him, while he serves as president.

What remains to be seen is, can Trump use golf and his courses to help bring a divided country together, can he help grow the game. Can he bring the sport to minorities and others who don’t play or have a history of playing. Can the golf industry benefit from him being in office. Will he play as frequently as President Barack Obama does while in office, will he spend time at his courses or other courses with foreign leaders. I’d love to see him run a junior clinic with kids and another with women, not so sure the secret service will go for that.

All of this remains to be seen. But for all of us who love golf, we hope that as Trump tries to heal the country, he tries to do some of it through the great sport of golf. RS


ws-my-prov1-email-tall-retina446605_v2 scotty 2 ds  TITLEIST  Announces special edition PRO V1’s celebrating the Chicago Cubs World Series Championship, for more information. The latest and greatest from the world of Scotty Cameron putters, Cameron & Crown, see          _____________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With the new Titleist 917 Driver in the Schaumburg Golf Club’s new simulator bays.

They are here, and new from Titleist is the 917 Driver that offers maximum distance and more forgiveness with precise adjustability, that is expected to help golfers of all skill levels.

The new 917D2 and 917D3 models, provide an Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and SureFit CG technology, that is part of a design strategy by the Titleist R&D to develop the most comprehensive and efficient driver design.

Titleist staff players on the PGA Tour that are already using the 917 Driver include Adam Scott, Bill Haas and Jimmy Walker. Walker used his 917 D2 8.5 driver to win his first major the 2016 PGA Championship.


The Titleist 917 Drivers

“When we talk to golfers about driver performance, distance and forgiveness are always paramount. But they aren’t the only attributes that players look for in a driver. They also want to find a repeatable trajectory, a shot shape they can count on for better accuracy. And they need it to look and sound great,” said Dan Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club R&D. “The meticulous nature of our R&D process guarantees that any new innovation ultimately complements the overall package, and we’re confident that 917 delivers on golfers’ each and every requirement. There may be other adjustable drivers in the market, but none are able to maximize the total driving performance for golfers of all abilities like the 917.”


The Titleist 917 family.

The 917 is now available in your local pro shops and golf retail stores.

The success of the 917 comes from the following technologies.

Active Recoil Channel (ARC) 2.0 which is a long, wide, deep sole channel, that actively flexes and recoils at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin for more distance.

Radial Speed Face 2.0, a high speed forged face insert. A precise High-MOI Design, with a low and deep center of gravity location. The 16-setting SureFit Hosel and new SureFit CG weight system that delivers the ultimate in precision fitting for every player.

The 917 D2 is a large 460cc full pear profile, and offers a higher tradjectory with more spin than the D3. Available in the 8.5-9.5-10.5 and 12 degree lofts.

The 917 D3 is the more tour inspired 440cc pear profile, it offers a more workable style and less spin than the D3. Available in 8.8-9.5 and 10.5 lofts.

Price is $499.00 MAP and $550.00 MSRP. For more information see








The White Pines Golf Club has 36 holes (still open) and the 37th hole for all of your food and beverage needs.

White Pines is also the perfect banquet facility for your special event, golf outings and more.

There are a still a few dates remaining for holiday parties and or New Years events.

Call White Pines (630)-766-0304 to make your holiday plans today.

CHAD JOHANSEN the GM and golf professional at Blackberry Oaks, has invented yet another great golf instruction aid.

Some years back Johansen created the Perfect Putting Aid, that isnow used by over 100 members of the PGA Tour, including one reigning major champion. For all that Chad has invented, plus his golf academy and Blackberry Oaks, see his website at or Where junior golf and kids rule.                     ______________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogblogGuy. With Johnny Miller at the WGA Black Tie dinner.

The Western Golf Association recently held it’s Black Tie fundraiser in Chicago.

The guest speaker this year was two-time major champion and NBC golf commentator Johnny Miller. Along with Johnny that night to help emcee the event was NBC and Golf Channel reporter mark Rolfing.

Before the night started Golfers on Golf caught up with Miller and spoke with him about caddies, the WGA, golf in general and his association with the Oak Brook based Zero Friction that is designing golf gloves and is moving up the ranks in the golf world on the glove market. What he thinks for 2017 and more.

Miller was open, honest and more as always in his answers.

Click hear to hear the interview with NBC’s Johnny Miller. The sessions lasts just over 9 minutes in length.

The Gog Blog returns over the weekend, with more golf news. So stay clicked in.


mentix-2014-pinehurst-dsdsc07339-ron-whitten-michael-hurdzan-and-dana-fry-trophy-ds   NEED 2, How about U.S. Open tickets for the 2017 U.S. at Erin Hills coming in June, see Ron Whitten-Michael Hurdzan-Dana Fry with US Open Trophy.       ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05594 Rory on No8 DSDSC05546 Donald Ross portrait DS  THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy and on the 18th of Pinehurst #8. At Right, Donald Ross would be pleased with the renovations to his work in Pinehurst.        _____________________________________________________________________

DSC05540 Pinehurst Carolina DS RIGHT NOW you can escape to Pinehurst for only $199.00

You would have to think that Donald Ross would be happy with the new plan to redesign his course #4 at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

The renovation of course #4 is just part of the master plan that’s in place for the next few years in Pinehurst.

Pinehurst is running strong with the opening of “Deuces” the sports bar behind the 18th green of course #2 and a new big time pool. But the work didn’t stop there as announced today by the resort. The #4 course last renovated over 10 years ago by Tom Fazio, this time will be done by Olympic Course and Trump Doral Blue Monster architect Gil Hanse.

In addition to course #4 work, will be the addition of a short course that will run over 10 acres of property, with some of that land coming from holes on courses # 3 & 5. The plan includes restoring some original Ross characteristics on courses #1 and #3, and then improving features of Maniac Hill and Thistle Dhu.

“There’s unique character at Pinehurst because of the landscape Donald Ross found when he arrived in 1900,” said Bob Dedman, Pinehurst Owner and CEO. “Back then, he may have been a minimalist by necessity, but were making a choice to present our historic golf courses in a natural state similar to that era.”

This vision follows the plan brought to the famed Pinehurst #2 and the success it has had in the last five years since 2011. “The overwhelming positive feedback we have received on the work on Pinehurst 2 encouraged us to continue options that are a continuation of that effort,” said Dedman. “We think Gil Hanse with his timeless and natural design philosophy, is the right person for the project.”

DSC02165 Tom Pashley pic2 DS

Tom Pashley is the resort President at Pinehurst.

The course #4 plan by Hanse will start in fall of 2017, and reopen 1 year later in fall of 2018.

The core of his master plan centers around a landscape that will resemble Pinehurst #2, and will be complete with exposed sand and native wire grass, wider fairways and a natural topography.

“We think this approach will create a more authentic, visually interesting golf course and one that feels in tune with it’s unique surrounds,” said Hanse. “A playable artfully shaped and conceived golf course that derives it’s character and appearance from the traditional golf flavor of this region is what we aspire for our approach to Pinehurst #4.”

“Fun and skill development are the most important concepts behind the short course,” says Tom Pashley, Pinehurst Resort President and COO. ” Whether you’re an avid amateur, a beginning golfer, or on an outing with golf buddies or family, the short course will offer an experience that can be enjoyed by all.”

The changes to Maniac Hill the resorts driving range include adding natural elements that are seen on Pinehurst 2. Thistle Dhu the putting course will be moved and expanded.

For more information see or call (855)-235-8507. Pinehurst, where it’s always a beautiful day.


dsc07703-sgc-simulators-dsdsc07697-jonathan-parsons-ds THE NEW SIMULATOR area in the clubhouse of the Schaumburg Golf Club, General Manager Jonathan Parsons shows off the place to enjoy golf all winter long. the Schaumburg golf club is located on Roselle Road in Schuamburg. (847)-885-9000.        _____________________________________________________________________


THE GOG BLOG by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on facebook, linkedin and twitter @gogblogguy. In the simulator at the Schaumburg golf club holding the new Titleist 917 Driver.

The Gog Blog is trying to enjoy the final few days of the fall golf season, I hope you are as well.

Yesterday, David Schuster of WSCR and I went out and enjoyed a round of golf at Pine Meadow in Mundelein. I must say that the greens (especially) and tees were in great shape, for any point of the season, much less in early November.

Afterwards I spoke with general manager Dennis Johnsen who says improved course conditions are the reason business and rounds are up at the Jemsek Golf run property for the second straight year. Johnsen says last year in 2015 rounds were up 10+%, this year you can add another over 8% increase. So much for the stories about nobody playing golf anymore.

Dennis Johnsen Pine Meadow

Pine Meadow GM Dennis Johnsen.

I would also like to applaud Johnsen who will be honored this week at the PGA of America’s national meetings in New York.

Johnsen will receive the award for contributions of growing the game and and to junior golf. In spite of Johnsen’s hard work and dedication to junior programs since 1975, he was surprised when he got the call earlier this year and was told he was the winner.

“The process starts with a candidate from all 41 PGA sections across the country,” said Johnsen. “Then it gets narrowed to four finalists, then a winner is selected.”

The panel agreed that Johnsen’s approach to enjoyment and fun , coming before winning was very important. Johnsen says the quote used in the Pine Meadow programs is from Grantland Rice that reads, “when you meet the big scorekeeper in the sky, it won’t matter how much you have won or lost, but it’s how you played the game.”

Well said Dennis, and congratulations on your award, well deserved.


Schaumburg Golf Club general manager of golf operations Jon Parsons, shows of the golf simulator area in the basement of the clubhouse.

It was great to see what’s happening at the Schaumburg Golf Club. The new indoor golf area in the basement is really well done.

In fact all the recent changes there look good, including the expanded pro shop, the restaurant and the banquet area.

It appears that golfers in the area have noticed this as well, because the club will be doing around 55,000+ rounds again this year. So much for all those stories about nobody playing golf anymore.

There will be more to say shortly, but the Schaumburg Golf Club will be renovating all three nines over the next three years, starting in June of 2017 when work begins on one of the nine’s. Which nine is still yet to be determined, until the permitting process is concluded.

I enjoyed trying out the aboutGolf Simulators that are highly rated, they have a much realistic approach on the putting part of the round. Parson’s was kind enough to let try things out with the new Titleist 917 Driver, that is quite a club. In the meantime when it gets to cold to play outside call Schaumburg GC and set up some simulator time, call the course at the number at the top or visit or follow the course on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


The Western Golf Association (WGA) held it’s annual Black Tie dinner last Friday night in Chicago. A full story on that will be posted here in the short future as well.

The guest speaker was Johnny Miller with the emcee being golf reporter Mark Rolfing.

I will post my Miller interview soon, but below is my interview with Rolfing, who talks in depth about his involvement in a project to rebuild a new course in the Chicago south shore area, by connecting two current courses on the lake. The project will be part of a proposed location that will include the presidential library for current president Barack Obama.

Click here to hear the interview with Mark Rolfing.

While various names are being in conjunction with the project, Golfers on Golf has learned that Jerry Rich, owner of Rich Harvest Farms will be lending his support to the project. In what ways is still unclear, but financial involvement would be probable. Mike Keiser is also expected to be involved, along with the Chicago Park District and the First Tee Program of the Greater Chicagoland Area. It still remains unclear what President Obama’s role might be in the golf course, after he leaves office in January.

More golf news coming along week, so stay clicked in. RS