DSC05850 MCQ's ariel 1 DSDSC03493 Ready to rock DSDSC05809 McWethy's dining room 1 DS MCQ’s Dome in Bolingbrook on Rt.53, Golf, Sports Bar and OTB, meet up with everyone over the holidays at MCQ’s open daily at 8 AM. McQ’ Please call (630)-739-1592 for the bar and grill, (630)-739-7600 for the golf dome. LINKS & TEE’S golf dome in Addison is ready to help you with you game all winter long. Located at 880 West Lake Avenue, come for lessons, ladies night for the gals and more. For the full schedule of everything happening at Links & Tee’s a year round golf facility, please see, or call (630)-233-7275. Mistwood Golf Club is closed for the season, but inside the new Mistwood Clubhouse the new McWethy’s Tavern is open year-round, check out McWethy’s Tavern open daily at 11 AM, a new full-sized menu will help anyone find something they love. Don’t wait until golf season to try McWethy’s, beat the rush and get your table overlooking the golf course, or by the tree and fireplace. Call McWethy’s at (815)-254-7001 or Renwick Road in Romeoville.   ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05786 Rory by Fire place DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy in McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club.

The holidays are here and yet it almost doesn’t seem like holiday season, I’m guessing that between slightly higher than warmer temps, and a lack of snow has made this holiday season feel a little different.

Some golf courses are still open, and with a few 50+ days this week, and some folks off for the rest of year, I’m thinking I’ll see a few folks on the course this week, hitting the ball in place that still have the pins in.

A few other clubs at least have the pro shops open, so they can sell some gift cards, memberships, or a few shirts, caps and balls. Not a bad idea. If your shopping still for your favorite golfer, let me say this.

DSC03646 Links and tees dome DS

See for hours and special events.

DO NOT go buy somebody clubs, unless you know exactly what they want, and their specs. Or it could be a waste of time and money.

DO NOT just go buy clubs right off the rack, and DO BE careful about gift cards too.

Your favorite golfer might already have a place where they want to get that new set of clubs, or a pro in mind to take those lessons from. A gift card from a golf retail store locks you into that location or that chain. Make sure the golfer makes the choice of were to buy from.

BEFORE you buy a gift card from a course, make sure it’s course your favorite golfer wants to play. Being in the Chicago area we have a lot of choices, so make sure your choice is a good one. If you not sure, don’t guess, do ask someone your favorite golfer golfs with if you can. It’s the smart play.

THE GOG BLOG, will have a few more posts this week, but I’m slowing down for the holidays myself. I’ll have a few more columns, year end specials, a recap of 2015, and a preview of 2016. I have visited a few nice clubs and there will be some great golf on a cold specials, and fall classics as well.

If you have some time off this week and next, do go out and play or over to the dome and hit some balls, then chip and putt a little. The Gog Blog recommends Links & Tee’s in Addison, MCQ’s in Bolingbrook and the Buffalo Grove Dome as places to go hit.

IF YOUR THINKING of heading south this spring to avoid some of our cold weather and you have some time this week, make your plans now. This way you get your rooms and tee times before the last minute rush on the courses you wish to play. Florida gets very crowded, and Arizona around the Phoenix area is jammed during spring training for baseball once that starts.

OPTIONS.. In Arizona try Tucson since baseball no longer has any teams there, but still has some great courses. Las Vegas is great if your not there around the Super Bowl or during March madness. Down south, Florida especially around Orlando/ Disney is packed when the kids are on spring break. Visits for golf in the Florida Pan-handle or Mississippi and Alabama are great options. The Carolina’s are always a great option too.

HOPE YOUR FEELING BETTER goes out to Ellie Day, wife of PGA and BMW Championship Champion Jason Day. Ellie got crushed when Lebron James landed on her this past week at a Cavaliers NBA game, she was taken from the arena on a stretcher in a neck brace and held overnight for observation before heading home with concussion like symptoms.

JORDAN SPIETH gets kudo’s for his shot on Twitter at NY Giants WR Odell Beckham who was acting like he wanted to get kicked out of the Giants game with undefeated Carolina on Sunday. Spieth who was at the game, had a good view of what was happening on the field.

The Gog Blog Returns tomorrow. RS


DSC05850 MCQ's ariel 1 DSDSC05824 MCQ's Dome range DS  MCQ’s Dome on Rt.53 in Bolingbrook is your one stop place to enjoy all of the days sporting events, bet the horses, and hit some golf balls in the dome. Open daily at 8 AM, and right now with a $50 gift card purchase get a free MCQ’s Glass. For more information call (630)-739-7600 or online visit Official Blackhawks bar. ______________________________________________________________________

DSC00019Roryputting Bandon Dunes 4 DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. Putting on Bandon Dunes.

The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando is still over a month away, but the Batavia Illinois based Tour Edge Golf Company isn’t waiting for the show to let you know about all of the additions to their club line.

New drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons have all joined the Tour Edge line and are ready to help improve your game, each time you take it to the golf course.

Tour Edge has a line of putters and other golf accessories like golf bags.


EX9_Driver1 DS

Tour Edge EX9 Driver

Tour Edge has created two new drivers, the Exotics EX9 and the EX9 Tour Drivers.

A new full-speed impact design, creates what Tour Edge calls maximum club head through a sloped crown and a subtle sole design that optimizes the weight distribution.

EX9 drivers do come in four different club heads, with options to adjust loft, lie angles, in addition to a sole weight that is interchangeable. Which in turn gives the golfer a better sound at impact, along with more control and distance.

“On the new EX9 models we moved the center of gravity much deeper in the head for super high MOI numbers,” said David Glod, president and founder of Tour Edge Golf. “This translates into our lowest spinning drivers to date and a greatly increased sweet zone for longer drives from all areas of the face.”

The EX9 standard driver has a 460cc draw enhancing clubhead available in 10 or 12 degrees designed to give, high-flying drives. The Tour model is a pear-shaped 430cc head with a deeper face to release Exotics low-spin power with a faster ball speed. The Tour driver comes in 9 or 10 degree heads. Adjustable weight screws can be purchased as one kit, with 3-9-11 gram weights. Suggested retail EX9 $299.99 and EX9 Tour Driver is $399.99 comes in a variety of shafts.

EX9_Fairway_Tour3 DS

EX9 Fariway Tour Wood

Tour Edge continues with new additions in fairway woods with the EX9 fairway wood, and the EX9 Tour model fairway wood.

Features Tour Edge calls a sloped crown and Slip Stream sole, should maximize club head speed. The heal weight like on the driver is interchangeable. Tour Edge says the gentle sloped crown reduces drag for added club head speed at impact for better distance.

The sole design has “waves” from front to back that is expected to reduce turf contact, for a more powerful impact.

Suggested retail on the EX9 fairway wood is $229.99 and the club is now available. The EX9 Tour fairway wood has a smaller head than the EX9 which is done for less spin. Both fairway woods come in a gloss black, but have different loft ranges and those are adjustable. The EX9 Tour fairway wood is $299.99 but has more options on grips and shafts.

EXOTICS EX9 HYBRID  The new EX9 Hybrid comes with improved forgiveness than previous models. A heavier sole produces a lower center of gravity that is intended to help golfers be able to better launch a shot from any turf condtion.

The shafts are a UST Mamiya Recoil shaft. With the 450 and 460 shafts designed for players needing a lightweight option to improve club head speed and obtain a higher ball flight and maximum distance. The 670 and 680 shafts are for golfers needing to increase club head speed with a lightweight option, with a ball flight of mid-high, and more distance.

EX9 Hybrid is 2 (17o), 3 (19o), 4 (22o), 5 (25o), 6 (28o). Suggested price is $159.99.


EXi Tour Edge Irons

The new Tour Edge Exotics Irons come in three lines, an EXd, Exi, and CB PRO Tungsten. Each of the lines Tour Edge says are designed with technology to make your golf game better.

EXd Irons feature a free standing face, and a (VFT) Variable Face Thickness design that gives a greater spring effect for more forgiveness. The Long irons 3-6 have stronger lofts and a low center of gravity. Suggested retail $599.99 (4-AW) Tour 90 steel shafts $699.99, (4-AW) UST Mamiya Recoil Graphite, $799.99 2×6 Combo (3-4hyrbids 5-PW) KBS Tour 90 steel add $100 for graphite on this combo.

The EXi Irons are a more traditional shape, and with less offset, designed with more feel and control with added distance. The sole behind the face is thinner. Which Tour Edge says leaves a softer feel at impact. Pricing same as above per steel and graphite.

CB PRO Tungsten irons Tour Edge says are their most technologically designed Exotic Irons ever. The technology mixes a hollow construction with progressive tungsten sole weighting for players that must have forgiveness, control and distance. Long Iorns are available individually.

Each CB PRO Tungsten Iron 2-AW. is hollow from the top line down to the sole to produce a more active face. Exotics hollow Irons expand the sweet spot so it feels like a purely struck shot on every swing.

Suggested retail is $799.99, (3-PW) KBS Tour 90 steel. $899.99 for UST Mamiya Graphite. Individuals irons $99 steel or $119 for graphite.

ALL TOUR EDGE CLUBS come with a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day play guarantee. For more information on all Tour Edge Products, call (800)-515-3343 or you can visit


linksandteeslogoDSC01756 Links and Tee's Dome lower level DSDSC03493 Ready to rock DS LINKS & TEE’S one of the few Year Round Chicagoland Golf Facilities. Located at 880 West Lake Avenue in Addison, Links and Tee’s is ready for the winter golf season. So as the time finally is here to bring your game inside this winter, bring it to Links and Tee’s. For more information and more visit, or call (630)-233-7275.     ______________________________________________________________________

DSC03771 Rory and Maui Jim 1 DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy at the Maui Jim booth at the PGA Show in Orlando Jan. 2015.

The Antigua Group has announced it’s men’s Spring of 2016 Outerwear Collection. Antigua’s outerwear from lightweight to heavyweight jackets is now accounting for 35% of the companies revenue.

The new fabrics Antigua is now using, are providing both warmth, and protection without encumbering the golfer.

“Designed to be multi-functional, our spring of ’16 outerwear styles can be worn to accommodate the season and the temperature,” said Sean Gregg, Vice President of Product and Development and Marketing Support. “Whether a style is worn over a polo or under windwear, it will accomplish the level of comfort desired.”

d3fbc1ec-f43a-4b5b-8efe-498054bddb12 Antigua

Antigua 2016 men’s outerwear, See

Antigua is announcing four styles for 2016.

Circulate is part of this season’s fashion look of mixed heather patterns dyed in this palette. The Circulate style is wear that can fit in anywhere. Circulate is described as a mid-weight knit outerwear garment.

Spirit is a jersey/spandex type fabric that has been created for Antigua’s self collar polo style Edge, with more weight for long-sleeve knit outerwear.

Horizon has it’s own style with a color blocking and mesh-inspired silicone print partial stripes. Place just below the chest seam and back seam horizon lines, silicone print is where the color is added to embellish the style’s neutrality.

The fourth style for the Antigua 2016 collection is Ally. A multi-yarn fabric was developed as a three dimensional jersey faced fleece. The full-zip cardigan expands Ally’s versatility. Hip placement zip pockets aspire to the style’s jacket sensibility while the fleece’s lightweight breathability helps it wear as comfortable as a sweatshirt.

For more information on Antigua lines, please visit or to purchase Antigua products see You can follow Antigua on Facebook and Twitter.


DSC05850 MCQ's ariel 1 DSDSC05824 MCQ's Dome range DS  THE HOLIDAY SALE AT MCQ’S DOME coming tomorrow Saturday morning. Doors open at 8 AM. Don’t forget while you shop for golf goodies, Blackhawks at Noon, #88 returns to Buffalo. $50 MCQ’s Gift Card get MCQ’s glasswear, $50 gift card at McWethy’s Tavern, get McWethy’s glasswear. MCQ’s Dome on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook between Boughton and 75th Street See MCQ’ (630)-739-7600. This holiday sale includes items such as certain clubs for up to 70% off, by top name club makers and for those who need apparel items and shoes MCQ’s has them on sale as well.          _____________________________________________________________________

DSC05787 Rory at bar 1 DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. At the bar in McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Bay Hill                         Arnold Palmer “The King” and his staff have made things even better for when you make your next visit to the Bay Hill Club in Orlando Florida.

In the spring the Bay Hill Club shut down it’s famous golf course and home of the Arnold Palmer Invitational sponsored by Mastercard, and redid the greens along with a couple of minor tweeks to the course.

The course and the greens are expected to be fine by tournament time and in better shape when the PGA Tour pro’s arrive.

Adding the resort and what it offers was another award presented by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO).

“When we received the news that this honor had been bestowed upon Bay Hill, we couldn’t have been more proud,” said Ray Easler, Vice President, Hospitality & Operations. “It is our goal to provide our members and guests with the best service that is second to none, and by merit of this award, we are gratified to know our goal has been realized.”

The golf course at Bay Hill was renovated with new TifEagle bermudagrass was sprigged on the greens, while Celebration bermudagrass was put in the fairways and on the tee boxes for all 18 holes.

“The response for our members and everyone who has played the golf course since it’s reopening has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Easler. “We are anticipating truly exceptional course conditions for the tour event in March of 2016.”

Bay Hill is located just minutes from the downtown Orlando along the Butler Chain of Lakes, the property has 70 overnight rooms and 27 holes of golf, along with the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and a full service spa and fitness center, and Olympic size swimming pool, and three dining locations, and three lounges.

For reservations call (888)-422-9445 or (407)-876-2429, you can follow Bay Hill on both Facebook and Twitter.


DSC05764 McWethy's entrance DSDSC05781 McWethy's bar DSDSC05809 McWethy's dining room 1 DS  MCWETHY’S TAVERN we are open, where are you. Mistwood Golf Club is closed for the season, but there is another new reason to visit Mistwood. With Phase 3 of the Mistwood renovation complete the new clubhouse is open. So enjoy Mistwood or at least views of the course from McWethy’s Tavern, one of the best 19th holes in the Chicagoland area. check out daily for current holiday specials.     ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05786 Rory by Fire place DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s No.1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears. Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. By the fireplace at McWethy’s Tavern. At Mistwood GC in Romeoville.

Is it finally getting to cold to play golf outside in the Chicago area. Well if so, it’s time to golf away.

One of the great places to go play golf especially during the winter months is in Florida.

Some golfers like the East Coast, others the West Coast, then again some prefer to play in central Florida like around Orlando especially if your planning on a stop at Disney World.

Well whether you like one part of the state, or like to jump around the state a little bit while your down south, Salamander Resorts has a resort for you with nine courses in Florida. Salamander has now added a property in Middleburg Virginia as well (more on that later) but for those of you headed to the sunshine state in the next couple of months, Salamander has a destination for you.

DSC03793 Innisbrook DS

Innisbrook Resort just north of Tampa, is home to the PGA Tour Valspar event, and the recently renovated Copperhead Course.

INNISBROOK RESORT West Coast of Flordia.

Innisbrook was a big name resort, long before many other resorts even existed. Golf is at the heart of this property with four courses, and the Copperhead Course is the crown jewel of them all.

The PGA tour stops by in March during the Florida swing for the Valspar Championship. recent winners of the Valspar Championship include Jordan Spieth, Kevin Streelman and Luke Donald. The course just underwent a seven month restoration and has recently reopened for play on December 8th. (BIG 3 Partner Len Ziehm was there for reopening and has a full story at The Gog Blog will visit after the PGA show in January and file a full review at that time. See

REUNION RESORT in Orlando. The Gog Blog has not been there yet to stay or play, but has been on the property and it looks outstanding. It’s the only resort in the world that has signature course designs by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. It is home to the Annika Sorenstam golf academy.

DSC03859 The Ocean Course Par 3, 17th hole DSDSC03804 OH Resort front view DS The Par 3 17th hole on the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach Resort (L) the main entrance to the resort (R).

HAMMOCK BEACH RESORT Palm Coast there is an outstanding resort right on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean. They have two courses a Jack Nicklaus designed Ocean Course and the Tom Watson designed Conservatory, that has just redone it’s greens.

In VIRGINIA the Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg. The resort now has access to a Jack Nicklaus design called Creighton Farms about 15 minutes away. See


DSC03646 Links and tees dome DSDSC03493 Ready to rock DS  LINKS AND TEE’S is one of the few Chicago area golf facilities that stays open year round, right now the golf dome is in full swing for the winter golf season ahead. For more details visit  or call (630)-233-7275. Located at 880 W. Lake St.  _____________________________________________________________________

DSC05257 Roger and Rory 1 DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With club designer Roger Cleveland at Cog Hill in the 2-4 Building.

It is called Cog Hill Golf and Country Club for a reason, and now Cog Hill the area’s largest public golf facility, is taking on members.

Would you like to be a member at a Top 100 golf course. Well now you can, with your very own Dubsdread membership.

For only $4,900 you can have unlimited golf and cart on Course 4, Dubsdread.

Dubs has been host to 20 PGA Tour events and 4 USGA championships.

Some of the perks of your membership include, being able to bring your guests for a discounted rated of only $130 ( A $25 discount) on any week day, or after 12 noon on weekends. Access to course No.1-2 or 3 for a cart fee of $16.

One permanent tee time on Sat. or Sun.with time of your choice. 20% off of all golf merchandise that is not on sale. You receive an engraved Cog Hill bag tag. Reduced Cog Hill Golf Association membership fee of $100 (CDGA handicap included). A 10% discount off Cog Hill junior memberships for your children.

There are two payment plans for the membership full payment or the 50-50 plan.

For more information please contact David ( or Chris ( Payment for the Dubsdread membership plan must be paid in full by March 1st. or call (866)-Cog-Hill.


DSC05759 Mistwood entrance 1 DSDSC05785 Jim McWethy with coat of arms page DS   McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville is open for business. Owner Jim McWethy shows off the new menu and his families “Coat of Arms” and the story behind the name McWethy’s. For more information call (815)-254-3333 or go online to Don’t forget MCQ’s Dome in Bolingbrook on Rt.53, hit some balls, get fitted for new clubs, play the ponies at the OTB, try the BBQ in the sports bar. MCQ’d Dome is a Blackhawks bar, and your place to watch all on the action on the ice with the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions, visit MCQ’ or follow MCQ’s on Facebook.       ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05786 Rory by Fire place DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. By the fireplace at McWethy’s Tavern in Romeoville at Mistwood Golf Club.

If your ready to start the 2016 golf season with some new clubs, then it’s time to check out the members of the club line at Cleveland/Srixon.

Cleveland Golf has introduced a new line of TFi putters and Smart Sole Wedges. Srixon is announcing a new line of of Woods and Irons the Z-355 series.

These clubs are used by PGA Tour professionals Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Hidecki Matsuyama.

Clevelands TFi (True Feel Innovation) line of putters, is pleased to introduce it’s newest members.

tfi smart sqaure cleveland

The new Cleveland TFi putter

The new TFi 2135-putters and the TFi Smart Square-putters Clevenad says are the most advanced putters that Cleveland has ever produced.

The concept is a new tour-inspired copper-infused face, that has a cap over copolymer insert, for better feel and consistency. The mixture of these materials, allow for the golfer to receive feedback by the sound and feel after hitting the ball. The new putter still has the Smart Square alignment technology.

The new TFi 2135 blade putters carry a (MAP) of $129.99 and a (MAP) of $169.99 for a counter balanced designed putter. the TFi mallet putters are $159.00 or $199.99 for the counter balanced model.

Cleveland Smart Sole 2.0 C Wedge

The Cleveland Sole 2.0 wedge.

Cleveland well known as among the best in the equipment industry in wedge design for four decades, has introduced two new game changing wedges.

The Smart-Sole 2.0 C wedge and the Smart-Sole 2.0 S wedge. Both wedges have a wider wedge sole, that has been designed for smoother turf interaction, that in turn gives more consistency around the green.

Smart-Sole 2.0 C helps stop the chunked wedge around the green, with a more crisp contact, for better launch and distance. The Smart-Sole 2.0 S wedge will help eliminate getting stuck in a bunker. A more forgiving sole with added loft to promote better contact and an easier loft.

The new Smart-Sole 2.0 wedges are only offered in a premium Black Satin finish, that reduces glare and reflection.

Cost for the Smart-Sole 2.0 wedges is listed for $109.99 (steel shaft) and $119.99 (graphite shaft). the wedges are now available for purchase at your golf store or pro shop.


The Srixon Z-355 Driver.

Srixon has introduced a new line of both woods and irons.

What separates the Z 355 is that every club has been designed to maximize a golfers swing consistency, and the key technology that promotes this performance is Action-Mass.

The Z 355 driver has been created for maximum distance by adding a greater head weight (211 grams) with an ultra-high balance point. the driver carries a 450cc head. The driver is available in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12.0 for a (MAP) of $349.99.

The same theory’s apply to the fairway woods (MAP $229.99) and hybrids (MAP $199.99).

Srixon Z 355 Irons, have the action mass technology to increase distance and accuracy, they come complete with higher head weights, and one of two premium ultra-high balance points shaft options. The Tour V.T. Sole has been enhanced for the Z 355 series and offers a more consistent turf interaction.

Available for men and women and have a MAP of ($899.99 8pc graphite) and a ($799.99 8pc for steel).

For more information on the putters, wedges, irons or woods please see. and or


DSC01759 Links & Tees chipping green DSlinksandteeslogoDSC03493 Ready to rock DS Links & Tee’s is one of the few Year-Round Golf Facilities in the Chicagoland Area, Located at 880 West Lake Ave. in Addison, Links and Tee’s offers a dome long enough and high enough to see good ball flight from your shots. Besides the double-decker hitting deck, that keeps from getting the wait line to long, Links & Tee’s offers a putting green and chipping green, lessons,special event nights and more. For more information on Links & Tee’s, please see or call (630)-233-7275.Golf-Year-Round ______________________________________________________________________

DSC05786 Rory by Fire place DS

The Gog Blog, Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter #GogBlogGuy. By the Fireplace and Christmas tree at the new McWethy’s Tavern at Mistwood GC in Romeoville.

Normally this time of year I would be snuggled up by a fire place, and warming up after doing some snow shoveling. The TV would be on and it would be time to be watching football and hockey.

Maybe some golf from warm weather destinations, as the PGA Tour pro’s are raking in cash, playing in events from the silly season. Yes it’s still the silly season and I still do call it that. The only thing missing in the last few weeks has been a big money skins game.

But lately I’m driving the road and past golf courses that still have pins in the greens, and cars in the parking lots. Those cars are bringing golfers with a bag over their shoulder, not just wife’s or girl friends thinking they need to buy their husband or boyfriend a new golf shirt at a year-end close out sale. The same goes for men who are trying to buy their wife’s or girl friends something in a Pink or Yellow,to wear on the course or by the pool next summer.

Temp greens are not the order of the day, and the range is still open. People are calling pro shops and ordering gift cards. Yes it’s busy times in our local pro shops. The pro’s and General Managers are smiling too, there is income from the golf course and not just the holiday parties in the banquet room. Teaching pro’s are still giving lessons, and for golfers who bought equipment at year end sales, those clubs are being tested right now, outside and on the golf course.

Granted, not all the courses are open. Those that aren’t, are not making up lost revenue from that cool and way too rainy spring, that produced in empty tee sheets and few dollars.

Rounds are up in 2015 from the major public courses in the area that I have talked to, and no it’s not just because of the extend fall outdoor golf season. More on that in the days ahead.

The spin-off from all of this is that the golf domes that are normally busy in December are off to a bit of a slow start. Their business should pick up in the next week and after Christmas.

CONGRATS TO RORY MCILROY & ERICA STOLL on their engagement, this time I hope it sticks for the Irishman. Good things should happen for people named Rory. Yeah I know, I’m a little partial there.


IT WAS great to hear about the new USGA and ASGCA program to help golf courses upgrade their courses. I’m thrilled that the first course to be selected for the program is Canal Shores in Evanston (formerly known as Peter Jans).

I am going to try and follow this story even more as it develops. This a good story for golf in the Chicago area, now if the USGA could bring some tournaments here as well. The USGA should now look toward developing another public course in the way they did Bethpage Black on Long Island in New York.The Black Course went on to host two U.S Opens and has a PGA Championship and a Ryder Cup in the years ahead.

BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS ARRIVE I will have more stories on new equipment including Cleveland/Srixon and from our local area Tour Edge in the next few days.

The same goes on the travel front for those of you who want to get away for when the real winter does arrive in Chicago. The Salamander Resort Chain, that includes places like Innisbrook near Tampa, Reunion in Orlando, Hammock Beach in Palm City Florida and others are great places to visit. Some other great places the Gog Blog saw in this past year, like Biloxi Mississippi and Pinehurst in North Carolina should be on your hit list as well. When the weather clears put the French Lick Resort on your list too. If you wish to go north and enjoy winter activities or comfort inside, the American Club in Kohler Wisconsin is a must visit.

IF YOU STILL NEED a gift for your favorite golfer, I made some visits to some of the local golf retails stores, there are some good deals to be had on golf balls, shoes, and clothes. Check them out.

AFTER ATTENDING the tee if off press conference for the Rust-Oleum tournament to played at Ivanhoe next June, I must say it sounds like it should be a good event, and I’m hoping the patrons come out and support it. Lake County with the Rust-Oleum tournament, the LPGA International Crown at Merit Club, the Western Amateur at Knollwood, the Illinois Open at Royal Melbourne and Hawthorn Woods. Will make Lake County the hot-bed of tournament golf in the area during 2016.

With that, go out and enjoy that final outdoor round of golf for the 2015 season, outdoor golf in December, it doesn’t come around every year. RS.


DSC03646 Links and tees dome DSDSC03493 Ready to rock DS  LINKS & TEE’S GOLF one of the few Year-Round golf facilities in the Chicagoland area has the golf dome open for approaching winter golf season. So as you work on your game in the cold months, why not visit Links & Tee’s at 880 W. Lake Avenue, Addison. Online go to or call (630)-233-7275. Links & Tee’s golf all year round. ______________________________________________________________________

DSC03739 Scotty Cameron and Rory DS

The Gog Blog Chicago’s #1 Online Golf News Source by Rory Spears, Editor and Director of Content. Follow Rory on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter @GogBlogGuy. With Titleist Putter Designer Scotty Cameron at the 2015 PGA Show

The master has returned with yet two more custom putter design creations. Just when you thought the Futura could not get any better, Scotty Cameron announces his latest addition to the stock of Scotty Cameron custom putters the Futura X7 and the Futura X7M.

Cameron and Titleist are excited to announce these new members of the family.

Futura X7 and X7M use a innovative face-sole core technology, with advanced perimeter weighting to increase stability and forgiveness throughout the stroke, while providing easy alignment and a soft but sure feel. The new X7 and X7M are the next wave of evolution from Cameron’s Futura line, that is a putter with proven contours that give the players high-MOI performance, with a resistance to twisting during the stroke, because of the top level perimeter weighting.

Laydown_FX-7M_DB DS

The new Scotty Cameron Futura X7M

“The motivation behind the new Futura X has always been to help the golfer make a more stable, more balanced, more consistent, and more confident stroke,” Cameron said. “Now we’ve enhanced those benefits in X7 and X7M through larger, multi-material constructions that make alignment simple. For the golfer, that translates into higher MOI for stability, a bigger sweet spot for forgiveness, easier alignment for a confident set up, and a better softer feel.”

Futura X7 is a larger wingback mallet (that’s almost 10% larger that Futura X5) with a horizontal and vertical sight lines, while Futura X7M comes with a unique pop-through bar-back mallet design for an additional MOI and stability. (The M in X7M stands for MOI).  Futura X7M Dual balance combines the X7M head design with tour proven Dual-Balance technology for maximum stability in a non-anchored stroke.

Back_FX-7 DS

The new Scotty Cameron X7 back view.

Each Futura X7 model features an aluminum  face-sole core that is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. This multi-material construction allows for an improved MOI for stability and forgiveness, while producing the softness sound and feel in the Futura family.

“The key feature is the two materials,” said Cameron. “Basically there are two constructions involved here. The feel and the sound of the lightweight section are married together with the heavier surrounding heel,toe and back to be-more forgiving for better performance.”

The Futura putters are now inn the bags of the PGA Tour players like PGA Champion Jason Dufner and Brendon de Jonge.

Playing_Position_FX-7 DS

Futura X7 top view, more information see

The new technology in the Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura putters, features larger club heads, with multi-material construction. The new Face-Sole core milled from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum.

In the Dual-balanced model, a 50 gram heavier head (400 grams total) and a 50 gram counter weight in the butt of the shaft. This configuration helps players who have the shaft remaining pointed at the mid-section.

The standard shaft length on the Dual-Balanced X7 is 38 inches, with 15 inch grips to help players grip the club below the counter weight for a more stable stroke.

The larger,mallet head designs of the Futura X7 and X7M, work together with the 10-inch Matador Mid Red Midsize grip. The grip weighing in at 77 grams, feels great and produces a more stable stroke.

All additions to the Futura Scotty Cameron family are now available from your local pro shop and golf retail stores.

Prices ar Futura X5 and X5R $375.00, Futura X7 and X7M are $410.00, and the Dual-Balance Futura putters are $425.00.

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DSC03493 Ready to rock DSDSC01756 Links and Tee's Dome lower level DS  LINKS & TEE’S GOLF DOME now ready for the winter indoor golf season, that will actually arrive in town shortly. 880 W. Lake Avenue. (630)-233-7275.  _____________________________________________________________________

DSC03207 golf house and me DS

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The USGA is back in Illinois, no it’s not because they have announced a U.S. Open coming to town in the years ahead.

But the United States Golf Association and the American Society of Golf Course architects, have teamed up to launch a new program to help public golf courses improve their design and maintenance of their facilities. The end result is expected to bring a better experience for golfers.

The two organizations will combine forces to provide the following. The member architects of the ASGCA, will work with the USGA agronomists, scientists and researchers. This program provides pro bono consulting services to facilities that need help in improving their facilities more enjoyable, while reducing costs. Canal Shores of Evanston (formerly Peter Jans) is the first course that’s been selected for the program.

USGA-United-States-Golf-Association-logo DSSenior Director, Rules & Competitionslogo-asgca The United States Golf Association, Mike Davis is the Executive Director of the USGA, the logo of the American Society Golf Course Architects, founded in 1946.

” Course design and maintenance form the foundation of a golf facility’s operations,” said Mike Davis, USGA executive director. “With the knowledge that the ASGCA and USGA can offer, more publicly accessible facilities will be able will be able to strengthen this base, while promoting resource efficiency, a better golf experience and a stringer connection to the local community.”

Since December 8th, courses can submit an application for the program. Services that courses receive are an on-site evaluation, professional analysis and a report outlining recommendations for improvement. Those recommendations can cover course design, agronomy, environmental stewardship and golf course operations, with the goal of lowering costs while also improving the overall golf experience.

” The ASGCA, along with the ASGCA Foundation led by John LaFoy, is pleased to partner with the USGA on this initiative,” said Steve Smyers, president of the ASGCA. “Golf facilities have long benefited from the efforts of ASGCA members and USGA agronomists. Collaboration between our experts will have a positive impact on the facilities we support. ASGCA members are excited and proud to bring their expertise to this program.”


Links and Tee’s is open year round.

The Canal Shores Golf Course, is a community owned and operated golf facility in Evanston.

“This has been an incredible opportunity,” said Jason Way, of the Canal Shores planning committee. ” We have some great ideas about how to improve the course, but the assistance from the USGA and the ASGCA allows us to get past the initial planning process, so we can move forward with our vision for making Canal Shores a multi-use community green space that the maximum number of people can enjoy.”

Courses that are must express a willingness to carry out the recommendations from the USGA and the ASGCA. The facilities selected, must track and report the effectiveness of their improvements based on specific metrics.