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Mike Johnson (L) and Mike Stachura (R) from Golf Digest Magazine at demo day.

ON A DAY that was very cold, and very windy, two guys in charge of a “Hot-List” made the rounds of the PGA Show Demo Day at the Orange County Golf Center near Orlando Florida.

Mike and Mike in the afternoon will never be confused with an old ESPN radio show, because they have the attention of golfers and golf equipment makers everywhere.

In fact their interview with Golfers on Golf was delayed, because of the immediate outpouring their “Hot List” in Golf Digest Magazine receives.

What’s amazing is that when a list comes out and someone doesn’t make it, or doesn’t get the rating they expect, they start complaining, whether it’s justified or not. It just goes with the territory. So it took the “Mike’s” some extra time to work through the reaction as they made the rounds of talking about the 2020 the list with the media.

But Golf Digest Equipment Editors Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura know what to expect by now when the “Hot List” hits the streets. Especially when that list comes out during the PGA Merchandise Show, and equipment companies are getting their scores and ratings, as they sit in the middle of expensive exhibit in the Orange County Convention Center.

Our session with them, was not to discuss the ratings, specific companies, and the scores, but to learn more about the process, and what trends they are seeing in the industry. During our interview below, not edited, is what the Mike’s are seeing in the equipment world. It was their option to mention companies by name when needed.

Click here to hear the interview with Golf Digest Equipment Editors Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura.

Stachura calls the Hot List maybe the most important thing the magazine does all year, and the biggest service it gives the subscribers and golfers who read Golf Digest.

Based on our observations, on what golf companies are doing, and spending to build better golf clubs, golf balls, and golf products in general, Stachura might be right on how important to golfers everywhere, this issue of Golf Digest really is. Go pick up a copy while it’s “hot”.


THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW RETURNS-FEB. 7-8-9. Doors open at Noon on the 7th, Friday admission is only $5.00, weekend days $10.00. Buy your tickets now online at Contests, prizes and more.

THE 2020 PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW IS UNDERWAY, and Demo Day was loaded with new hot clubs, on a cold and windy day.

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy and Linkedin, Facebook and now Instagram.

(Reporting from Orlando)

Demo Day was a cold day, as the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show got off to a chili start. With temperatures in the 50’s, and a very cold wind blowing hard, some demo day goers didn’t last very long.

It was no doubt a tough break for companies showing off their products, especially new ones. For those on the ring-of-range, driving range that is if your product needed some media attention, hopefully you have a booth the next three days in the convention center.

The wind was so strong that if you had a tail wind at your end of the range, you could brag about how far your clubs hit the golf ball. For Chicago based Wilson Golf, your space had people hitting your product right into the teeth of the wind. A yardage loser no doubt.

Wilson Golf President and GM Tim Clarke (L) visited in studio with Golfers on Golf in studio last June.

A yardage gainer is the new and improved Wilson DUO golf ball, that is a low-compression golf ball.

Wilson is making at serious effort to debunk a media story from 2019, that said Wilson’s DUO ball didn’t go very far, because of it’s low compression.

So Clarke and Wilson set out to prove that story wrong. The DUO ball challenge had golfers hitting 3-Titleist Pro-V1’s, and then hitting 3-DUO balls to see which ball went further. I took the test, and my three DUO’s hit with a Wilson D7-7 Iron, went on average, just over 1 yard further than a Pro-V1. Clarke admits the DUO won’t win every time, but it will at times beat out the No.1 ball in golf. I spoke with Clarke about the DUO golf ball and everything else Wilson Golf, and below is our interview from today at demo day.

Click here to hear our interview with Wilson Golf President and GM Tim Clarke.

Clarke has been kind enough to commit to a return visit in studio with Golfers on Golf this summer, and will try to recruit some of his staff players to join us. Stay clicked in for the details on when that will happen.

AFTER WILSON my travels took me to Callaway, then Titleist, followed by Tour Edge, and past the Ping booth, that had a John Deere tractor with a 355 pound Ping putter attached to the front end. Show attendees had a chance to sink the same putt, I made last summer at TPC Deere Run.

AT CALLAWAY the lines were long to hit the new Mavrik Driver, Mavrik Fairway Woods, Mavrik Irons. Callaway appears to have hit another home run with it’s new equipment. I have now hit the Mavrik twice. Once at St. Andrews in 28 degree weather, today in 53 degree weather, with a strong cross wind. The club felt good, and the results of both distance and ball flight were even better.

The new Callaway Jaws wedges by Roger Cleveland are really good. They are a little thinner and sleeker than the Mack-Daddy wedges. The groove patterns are really precise, offering up better spin so your shots around the cup, stay there.

TITLEIST is working hard to get me time tomorrow with Bob Vokey to discuss his new SM8 wedges, I’ll offer more on them after my interview with Vokey.

THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME in Bolingbrook, is your winter home for golf in the Chicago area. It’s also home to Toptracer and McWethy’s Sportsbar. Enjoy it all today, call (630)-739-7600 for more information. Keep your golf season going all year round at the Mistwood Golf Dome.

BATAVIA BASED Tour Edge Golf had a long line of folks visiting their piece of the range, and not just because they gave away a glass of free beer. There wasn’t many in the beer line, with temperatures where they were, not everyone needed a cold one. But the Tour Edge Exotics are hot, and the new Wingman putter is very good. I watched a few folks who were trying out Wingman, make putt-after-putt on the practice green.

THE GOLF DIGEST HOT LIST for golf clubs and technology came out today. The two “Mikes” were making the interview rounds, so I caught up with Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura. My interview with them on their views of the equipment industry, and who got the Gold Medals and who didn’t will be along shortly.

IT’S back to the Orange County Convention Center tomorrow, and warmer surroundings. RS


   THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW IS BACK IN 2020, Feb. 7-8-9 at the Tinley Park Convention Center. Friday admission is only $5.00 and the doors open at Noon. The weekend admission is $10.00. There will be contests, prizes and the 19th hole bar, where you can watch the PGA Tour action from Pebble Beach. You can order your tickets now at THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME is your home for golf in the Chicago area’s winter months. It’s the home of Toptracer and you can enjoy great food and beverage in McWethy’s Sports Bar. It’s located on Rt.53 in Bolingbrook. McWethy’s is also a Blackhawks Bar, so watch the return of former Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville tomorrow night. (630)-739-7600 for more details.    ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. At the Arnold Palmer designed Mid-South Club in Southern Pines NC.

(Reporting from Southern Pines NC.)

Stop #2, on the winter golf road trip, that revolves around this weeks PGA Merchandise show, was the famed Pinehurst/Southern Pines area.

It’s always great to spend time here and if your in the golf media business, and you don’t talk about Pinehurst at least one day a year, you need a new job.

I’ll have more in the days ahead, about our five days here. Including a look at the renovated Pinehurst Resort Hotels the Holly Inn, and now the Manor Inn, now getting ready to open in full. I will have a close up story on the Cradle, Pinehurst’s nine hole par 3 course, that is 789 yards of pure fun. Our close-up on the Cradle runs later this coming week.

Pinehurst is about golf, and it’s here everywhere you look. While the Pinehurst Resort is the biggest one in town there are others. Including the late Peggy Kirk-Bell’s Pine Needles and Mid-Pines resort. That has been two courses, and now apparently three courses. The word is that the resort is acquiring the Southern Pines Country Club with the papers getting signed on February 1st. That would give the resort a third Donald Ross golf course. Pretty special. Details are now unfolding. Stay clicked in.

I DID KNOCK OFF the first course on my list of 20 courses to play in 2020, when I tee’d it up on Pinehurst #5. I have now played all 10 of the Pinehurst resort courses, and that alone is pretty special. If you enjoy golf, that’s a challenge you should take, and like they say in baseball after you hit a home run, touch’em all. It’s really fun to do. Pinehurst #2 gets most the attention and rightfully so, but Pinehurst has 9 other good golf courses. See

IT’S SHOW TIME and the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando gets things rolling for the year ahead. The section professionals are here in force, the equipment companies are too, along with anyone who is someone that makes golf products. It starts at demo day on the range on Tuesday, where this year it’s only expected to be 57 degrees UGH. But it gets nice outside the next couple of days, when everyone goes inside to the Orange County Convention Center.

I’ll be posting as much as I can from the show, so stay clicked in. Finally there is an expected announcement as early as today, about an event coming to the Chicago area, and a golf club that has past history in hosting both the BMW Championship and the Western Open. I’m back tomorrow. RS


  THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook is open and ready to keep you golfing all winter long. Mistwood Golf Dome is the home of Toptracer and McWethy’s Sports bar, come check out all the action at McWethy’s all winter long (630)-739-7600.  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

(Reporting from Pinehurst North Carolina.)

Batavia based Tour Edge Golf has announced the latest member of it’s new equipment line for 2020.

After the release of the EXS 220 Exotics fairway metals, now comes what every golfer needs at least once in a while, a wing man.

The new Tour Edge Putter is called the Wingman, and it’s an M.O.I. mini-mallet design, that keeps the face square to the swing path for a more purely balanced true roll on your putts. The weighted wings of Wingman are the key to this new putter design. The multi-material putter has a high resistance to twisting.

The NEW Tour Edge Wingman putter.

Wingman’s Lock-On Alignment Technology, allows golfers to be able to sink more putts, and still be accurate on ones that don’t go in the hole.

Wingman has interchangeable weights that come in a kit with both 8-gram and 15-gram weights, so golfers can set the putter to their preferred feel, in the heel and the toe. Allowing for the perfect feel on both faster and slower greens.

The Wingman comes with a head weight of 355 grams, with 3-gram weights. When the weight kit is used, there can be 9 different weight combinations are possible, and six different headweights can be created. The maximum head weight for the Wingman is 379 grams.

The face view of the new Tour Edge Wingman putter.

More heel weight helps those golfers who lag putts, and leave the toe open during their stroke. Golfers who pull putts will benefit with more toe weight.

Lock-On Contrast Alignment is a contrast alignment that allows for the lie angle to be perfectly square at address, helping with alignment.

Wingman has Three Hosel Options. They are Wingman-01 Toe Hang, Wingman-02 Face-Balanced, and Wingman-03 Center Shafted.

The new face of Wingman is complete with a Micro-Groove Face, that gives a pure-feel at contact, and with horizontal MicroGrooves that improve the roll by reducing skidding. The over sized Wingman grip is a Sink Fit Straight grip from Lamkin that has a new exclusive Fingerprint Technology. Sink Fit Straight allows for lighter grip pressure and a more relaxing putting stroke.

Loft and Lies are 3 Degrees loft, 71 Degrees Lie, and comes in lengths of 33-34-35 inches. Currently Wingman is available in right handed styles only. More details at

DON’T FORGET TO SEE THE WINGMAN at the Tour Edge Booth at the Tinley Park Golf Show Feb. 7-8-9 in the Tinley Park Convention Center. Doors open at Noon on Friday and admission is only $5.00 dollars on Friday. $10.00 on the weekends. You can purchase tickets now at


  THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW is back this year from Feb. 7-8-9 at the Tinley Park Convention Center. Doors open on Friday at Noon, Friday admission is only $5.00, you can purchase tickets now at Weekend admission $10.  _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. GRIFFIN GATE Marriott Resort in Lexington Kentucky (L) and the third green on the resorts golf course, with the Marriott Hotel in the background of this 18 hole course.

Located right off of Interstate 64 Griffin Gate Marriott Resort, is right in the heart of Blue Grass Country in Kentucky. Just a short distance from one of America’s great horse racing oval’s Keeneland Race Course, the Griffin Gate resort is heading towards an exciting finish of it’s own at the wire.

Colin Gooch is Griffin Gate’s Director of Golf.

The long history of Griffin Gate is changing in the month’s ahead, as the resort has been sold, and new owners are coming in, and plan to make some serious improvements.

They will spend some serious money as ownership plans to improve the hotel, the spa and the golf course. While the hotel’s aging charm was starting to fade, Griffin Gate is still a comfortable place to relax and have some fun. If your a Marriott fan or rewards member, Griffin Gate is right near the highway and perfect place to pull over and spend a night, before getting back on the road the next day.

One of the several bridges located on the Griffin Gate Golf Club

Griffin Gate is a Rees Jones design, and Jones was back several years ago as part of a bunker renovation project.

As Gooch will tell you, Griffin Gate is a good course for golfers of all skill levels, but it also challenges all golfers regardless of ability.

The first hole is a par 5, that has some good elevation change after hitting from an elevated tee box. It’s not a long hole, under 500 yards from the back tees. But it’s not an easy starter for birdies and pars. If a bogey gets you on the first hole, a mid-range par 3 follows that gives the player another chance for par.

Click here to hear the interview with Griffin Gate golf professional Colin Gooch.

The third hole is a dogleg left, with the Marriott Hotel as the back drop. A good tee shot and second shot, puts the golfer in place with only a short iron needed to set up a birdie. The front nine has three par 3’s, three par 4’s, and three par 5’s. The par 3, 8th hole, has the golfer hitting from an elevated tee box, to an elevated green, from the fairway down below.

The back nine opens with a dogleg left par 5, that offers a risk-reward approach for the longer hitters, who want to go for the green over the water in two shots. While the back nine has a few more holes with homes off to the side, the houses sit back far enough where they stay out of play.

Multiple bunkers that surround the 18th green, test players wanting to finish with a good score. After your round is complete, there are comfortable indoor and outdoor 19th hole options. The pro shop sits behind the historic Griffin House, that is a great place for larger groups to meet. Griffin Gate does have a putting green, and nets for a pre-round warm up, but a not a full range. The fully stocked pro shop has everything golfers will need.

THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME the Chicago area’s best choice for golf dome practice in the winter season. Located on Rt.53 in Bolingbrook See

So if your in Lexington for the horse racing, University of Kentucky events, check out the Griffin Gate Resort, currently part of Marriott, but that too will change in the months ahead. The golf is good, and the food and beverages are even better. Don’t leave town without trying the Kentucky Butter Cake, with a Bourbon Sauce that is really good. That hits the spot after any round of golf.

For more details on Griffin Gate Resort see or


  THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW RETURNS FEB. 7-8-9 with the doors opening at Noon on Friday, when admission is just $5.00. $10.00 on the weekend, there will be contests, prizes and more, purchase tickets now at THE MISTWOOD GOLF DOME on Rt. 53 in Bolingbrook, and the “Dome Home” of Toptracer is open daily. With the outdoor weather now in the winter mode, take your game indoors to the Mistwood Golf Dome, more details at         _____________________________________________________________________

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(Reporting from Pinehurst NC.)

All of us at Golfers on Golf were saddened to learn this morning of the passing of golf professional Marty “Longball” Joyce. Marty earned the nickname “Longball” after winning the National Long Drive Championship.

Joyce’s fight against cancer had been going on for a few years. Joyce gave lessons for years at the Fresh Meadow Driving Range in Hillside.

Services will be held at the Salerno Funeral Home, who is handling the arrangements. Visit their website for more details.


THE GOG BLOG by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy LinkedIn and Facebook. The Tinley Park Golf Show is back Feb. 7-8-9, doors open at Noon on the 7th, Friday admission is just $5, $10 on the weekend. Tickets can be purchased at

BY:Rory Spears, writing from the home office for the last time, for a few weeks.

IT SHOULD BE an exciting time for golfers as the 2020 season has reached the first green.

The PGA Merchandise Show is next week and I will  turn it into the wind today, and head south towards Orlando Florida.

Yesterday didn’t start out so well. First in the world of golf, I got notified that my run of 10 years at Chicagoland Golf is over. Publisher Val Russell informed me that he is closing the doors on the publication he took over from the late Phil Kosin in 2010.

A lack of advertising and support from local courses, resorts, organizations and tournaments was the reason why. Nobody was ready to see Chicagoland Golf get shut down when Kosin passed away, I feel that’s still the case. But the dollars and cents have spoken. I appreciate Val’s efforts over the last decade, and the opportunity to write stories for the golfers of the area in Chicagoland Golf.

Then the news broke from the radio world. Apparently Ed Sherman and Steve Olken who have done the “Scorecard” on Saturday Mornings at my former station WSCR-Am 670, have pulled the plug on that show. I have not spoke to either Ed or Steve about the factors involved, but getting up at 3:30 Am every Saturday morning for the entire summer does get old. I remember recommending a golf show when I was at WSCR-AM 820 in the 1990’s, but then boss Ron Gleason didn’t  buy into the idea until after I left the station. Phil Kosin came over to the Score from AM-1000 WMVP after the format change, and the Score has had golf ever since.

SPEAKING OF SPORTS RADIO, I was sad to hear about the passing of Amy Williams a few days back. I’ve known Williams a sports producer for several years, but more recently she was known as the driver, of the car from the accident that killed broadcaster Chet Coppeck last year. How she died is still a bit of a question, but likely there was some sort of complications from the accident. RIP Amy.

I KNEW IT WAS COMING but it was still sad to hear about the passing of Pete Dye, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s in recent years. The 94 year old architect was a staple in the industry, and always said what he thought, no matter who might not like it. He was always refreshing to speak with. I hope tournaments on Dye Courses this year take a moment to remember Pete, I sure will.

A BIG GOLF EVENT is coming to Chicago soon, the details are supposed to be coming out early next week. I’ll write more as soon as I can, but stay clicked in.

WITH THAT the January winter golf trip has started, I’m on my way. Stay with us for all the details. Off to Lexington Kentucky for day 1. RS


  THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW IS BACK. Coming to the Tinley Park Convention Center on Feb. 7-8-9. Doors open on Friday at Noon, with admission at only $5.00. Admission is $10.00 on the weekend. Tickets now at _____________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG-by RORY SPEARS, Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy or LinkedIn and Facebook. Reporting from Batavia IL., home of Tour Edge Golf.

Welcome to the home of Tour Edge Golf, in Batavia IL.

THE YEAR 2020 is underway and it has already reached the first green.

The PGA Merchandise show in Orlando Florida is next week, and from demo day to the convention center, golf news and all the new golf products are ready to be unveiled.

But Golfers on Golf was fortunate to get a sneak peak at what’s coming from one of our hometown golf companies, Batavia based Tour Edge Golf. Tour Edge and it’s company founder and product designer David Glod, have created a new line of clubs, they feel is their best effort to date.

While some of the new line of Tour Edge’s clubs for 2020 are already known, one club is not. But there will be news coming out soon on Tour Edge’s new putter, stay clicked in for details.

               The EXS 220 Driver

Starting with the driver, Tour Edge feels they have hit a home run with the new EXS 220.

“Of the hundreds of drivers we’ve designed, the EXS 220 driver is a substantial leap forward in design innovation.”

DAVID GLOD-President, Founder and Master Club Designer.

The advancements that are part of the EXS 220 driver don’t stop there. Golfers will find them in the new Tour Edge fairway metals and hybrids.

EXS 220 fairway metals by Tour Edge Golf.

“Talk about a ‘wow factor! Just a couple of swings with the EXS 220 will prove why we are an industry leader in fairway metals.”, Glod said.

Tour Edge has made the new line of EXS 220 14% lighter than it’s previous models by using a new Hyper-Steel. This allows for the weight to be positioned in the center of the sole, and the rear of the clubhead, and create a dual-concentric weighting that produces a combination of ease of launch and low spin.

The champions of the PGA Champions Tour, have all returned for another year with Tour Edge. 

The EXS 220 has introduced the Diamond Face technology, that is a 44 thick and thin pattern of diamond shapes behind the face of the club, that allows for a much larger sweet spot.

EXS 220 has a MAX M.O.I design, that allows for more forgiveness off the face of the club, and a better accuracy with an adjustable 6-gram back weight.

EXS 220 has a Slipstream Sole that has wider and improved speed channels that allow for faster club speed, created by a smoother turf interaction.

Click here to hear our interview with Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey, on what’s new at Tour Edge Golf for 2020.

Stay clicked in with Golfers on Golf for more on the new Tour Edge putter coming later this week, and other Tour Edge clubs after the Tour Edge media day next week in Orlando. More details at


        THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW IS BACK-FEB 7,8,9 at the Tinley Park Convention Center. Doors open on Friday at Noon and the Friday admission is only $5.00, $10.00 on the weekends. Details on exhibitors and tickets see  ______________________________________________________________________

  THE 18TH HOLE and green at the Pete Dye designed Whistling Straits on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Haven Wisconsin. Part of Destination Kohler and home of this years 2020 Ryder Cup (L). The Pete and Alice Dye statue at the Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel Indiana.

HERB KOHLER, Kohler Company Executive Chairman released the following statement on the passing or architect Pete Dye. Dye designed all four courses that make up the Destination Kohler, known as Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits.

“Pete Dye transcended golf course design as we know it today. I am honored to have had the extraordinary opportunity to be a business colleague and personal friend of both Pete and Alice the last 30 years. We will miss them both dearly.

Pete’s greatest contribution to growing the game of golf was that he considered golfers of all age and skill levels. Alice served as Pete’s bedrock, and was an accomplished golfer and decorated architect in her own right.

While Pete designed to torment the most accomplished professional, his forward tees allowed the most inexperienced to play. He would challenge the professional both physically and mentally, while remarkably accommodating the raw amateur who was learning the game.

I loved this simple man and artist extraordinaire who built Kohler, without a computer, four of America’s top-rated public courses that have hosted six of golf’s majors for men, women, and seniors and will host golf’s most renowned tournament the Ryder Cup in 2020.

He was a genius at his craft so recognized by his peers, a loveable gentleman by everyone he encountered, who enjoyed putting you off with a twinkle and a white lie. He will forever have a prominent chapter in our company’s history.”

Herbert Kohler on architect Pete Dye who designed the River and Meadow Valley Course at Blackwolf Run, along with Whistling Straits and the Irish Course at Whistling Straits. All part of Destination Kohler, in Wisconsin.


  THE TINLEY PARK GOLF SHOW IS BACK FEB. 7-8-9, Doors Open Friday Feb. 7th at Noon, and admission on Friday is just $5.00. Major equipment manufacturers, booths of golf courses, golf resorts, contests & more. Tickets at The French Lick Resort has opened it’s Valley Tower with the new suite rooms that are attached to the casino and New sportsbook. Bet games, more details at  ______________________________________________________________________

THE GOG BLOG, by Rory Spears-Director of Content and Creation. Follow Rory on Twitter @GogBlogGuy, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kevin Buggy (green jacket) is the new WGA Chairman

KEVIN BUGGY has been elected to serve as the new Chairman for the Western Golf Association (WGA), by the Board of Directors, in a vote taken at the December, 2019 meeting.

Buggy will be the WGA’s 68th Chairman, and he succeeds Frank Morely of Glenview. Buggy has been the vice chairman for the last two years.

Buggy is a member at the Park Ridge Country Club, where he is a Seven-time club champion. Buggy is a graduate of Villanova University.

“I’m honored to lead the WGA, an organization that has left an unmistakable mark on the game of golf and the lives of countless young men and women,” Buggy said. “Our prestigious championships are second to none, and I’ve seen firsthand how the work of the Evans Scholars Foundation has made a life-changing difference for thousands of caddies and their families.”

Since becoming a director for the WGA in 2008, Buggy has served in several area’s, including three years as the co-chair of the scholarship committee. Buggy’s term as WGA Chairman will run two years.

During this time Buggy hopes to continue the Evans Scholars Foundation growth from coast-to-coast, as the WGA and the Evans Scholarship hopes to reach more caddies and young people than before.

“The generosity shown by our Alumni and supporters of the Evans scholars Program has been overwhelming,” Buggy said. “With the cost of college tuition still rising, we have a responsibility to sustain the momentum of the last few years and continue to meet the needs of the Evans Scholarship.”

“Kevin’s passion for our championships and his deep knowledge of the Evans Scholars Program make him the perfect choice to guide the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation at this critical time,” said Western Golf Association CEO John Kaczkowski. ” We feel fortunate to have someone so engaged in our mission leading our organization.”

Buggy and his wife Linda, have two children and reside in Park Ridge.